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A Good Podcast About Bad Relationships

Trashy Divorces Hemlock Creatives

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A Good Podcast About Bad Relationships

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
478 Ratings

478 Ratings

Firebrat1229 ,

I am addicted!

This podcast is great! They’re very well suited and balance each other out so well.

The topics are very well researched; mostly irreverent but respectful when warranted. Always entertaining. Just the right touch of snark, humor and gravitas.

Even topics I had previously not appreciated like Astrology - I’m there for! I’ve become a Patreon and I’m more than happy to support.

Keep up the great work. Love you both!

Jill457 ,

Not actually that trashy

This is a pretty well-made podcast. The research is usually good (I’ve caught a few mistakes but nothing catastrophic) and they’re surprisingly fair toward the men involved — some deserve to be ripped a new one, but others are the victims and the hosts are good about acknowledging that. They also don’t go in on kids, which is a good policy, although I wish they would at least mention some basic, neutral-or-positive stuff like kids’ names (they do sometimes) and, if the kids are adults now, what they’re up to.

The only thing holding TD back is that Alicia needs to take a breath sometimes and let Stacie finish her point. She’s kind of a know-it-all and a bit psycho when it comes to dropping spoilers for Stacie’s stories and then being all, “OOPSIE was that a spoiler?!” It seems like Alicia is so proud of being more knowledgeable about pop culture that she can’t handle it when Stacie knows something she doesn’t. Stacie is far more patient with Alicia than I would be. I also couldn’t care less about the astrology stuff but I guess some people like it so whatever.

For the most part, this is a podcast I’d recommend for anyone who wants to review or learn about celebrity relationships and Zeitgeists (Zeitgeisten?) of previous eras. It’s not hard-hitting journalism but it doesn’t claim to be. Makes for a nice way to keep entertained while cleaning or working on projects that don’t require too much focus.

shellrae ,

I’m impressed!

Just found this p cast. when I heard it was two women hosting I expected feminist man- bashing comments (I’m female) but not at all! These ladies are fair and give both sides of the story. They’re entertaining but not over the top or like a lot of 2 lady p casts just trying too hard. I’m in the full out binge right now so far it’s 5 stars all the way! Thank you girls!!!

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