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If you are passionate about all things humanitarian and you are looking for new answers, you will enjoy listening to Trumanitarian's smart, honest conversations

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If you are passionate about all things humanitarian and you are looking for new answers, you will enjoy listening to Trumanitarian's smart, honest conversations

    82 Cognitive Dissonance

    82 Cognitive Dissonance

    Kuldeep Bandhu Ayral, co-lead of BRAC's Social Innovation Lab wants humanitarian innovators to hurry, slowly, to reap the benefits of co-designing interventions with end users.
    He and host Lars Peter Nissen discuss the journey and impact of the BRAC, one of the world's largest NGOs originating from the Global South, and the design-based thinking of its Social Innovation Lab. They examine the limits of most localization practices and the challenges of integrating innovation in humanitarian aid. Kuldeep also shares insights from BRAC's 'failure reports', why humanitarian interventions must aspire beyond meeting basic needs, and why the phrase "lessons learned" needs to be ejected from the sector.

    • 44 min
    81. The Struggle

    81. The Struggle

    Meet Sean Lowrie and Christina Bennett – the dynamic former and current CEOs of the START Network, which unites over 90 different-sized NGOs globally for local-led humanitarian action.
    With host Lars Peter Nissen, they explore how Sean and Christina's leadership styles influence growth and the transition from a startup to a larger organisation. They debate whether creation of a change organisation is done best by allying with system incumbents or by working stealthily, and whether a vision of system change can be pitched transparently to system incumbents.
    Check out START here

    • 42 min
    80. Civilians!

    80. Civilians!

    Nick Parker and Paul Taylor from REACT has shown up in their civilian outfits to discuss how they’ve repurposed from military careers to humanitarian action. REACT leverages discipline, structure, and skills of volunteering veterans and civilians to respond rapidly to crises. 
    In the second part of the conversation, Nick, Paul and host Lars Peter Nissen discuss their experience from Afghanistan and try to figure out how humanitarians and the military interact when they are present in the same theater.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    79. Three Socks

    79. Three Socks

    Colin Rogers is the CEO of MapAction. MapAction is a lean, mean, mapping machine that turns complex data into clear, actionable maps to support frontline workers and decision-makers during crises. With about 100 volunteers, some of whom have been with the organisation for two decades, MapAction shows a unique, geeky charm. They work closely with partners like the UNDAC to alleviate the pressure on those calling the shots in crisis situations.
    Tune in to hear how MapAction translates complex humanitarian data into the language of action, supplementing the gut feelings of decision makers.

    • 41 min
    Best of: Clear the Forest

    Best of: Clear the Forest

    The challenges of the humanitarian sector have been identified over and over again but some problems seem to be unsolvable. In this first episode Marc DuBois and Lars Peter Nissen discuss whether there is a need to disrupt the sector and how to "clear the forest" so new solutions can be grown.
    This episode was first published in September 2020.

    • 52 min
    78. Broccoli Brownies

    78. Broccoli Brownies

    EqualReach connects displaced individuals on the move to tech gigs. In this conversation with host Lars Peter Nissen, the founder Giselle Gonzales uncovers the invisible barriers for that prevent skilled individuals on the move from working and accessing freelance opportunities. And how Equal Reach is breaking them down one project at a time.
    Just like hiding your kid’s broccoli in a brownie, Giselle kickstarted Equal Reach by using her corporate wisdom to align her social impact project with the KPIs of a Fortune 500 company. Tune in for a blend of reluctant entrepreneurship and impact. 

    • 33 min

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

nick van praag ,

Important topic, serious consideration

Lars Peter Nissen has the perfect credentials to understand and probe the good, the bad and the ugly of humanitarian action. A must-listen for all those interested in his critical take on what’s up in the humanitarian space.

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