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Join Marty Jencius and Eric Bolden on 'Vision ProFiles,' a podcast featuring a rotating cast and special guests as we explore Apple Vision Pro. Each episode features user stories, VisionOS updates, top apps, and discussions with developers about their creative processes and productivity enhancements. The Vision ProFiles podcast delivers concise, engaging content to keep you updated on Apple Vision Pro in a fun, accessible format.

Vision ProFiles Marty Jencius and Eric Bolden

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Join Marty Jencius and Eric Bolden on 'Vision ProFiles,' a podcast featuring a rotating cast and special guests as we explore Apple Vision Pro. Each episode features user stories, VisionOS updates, top apps, and discussions with developers about their creative processes and productivity enhancements. The Vision ProFiles podcast delivers concise, engaging content to keep you updated on Apple Vision Pro in a fun, accessible format.

    Macstock meets Vision Pro

    Macstock meets Vision Pro

    Marty and Eric record this episode while at Macstock sharing a shortened episode of doing Apple Vision Pro demos for interested attendees.




    Apple expands Vision Pro to more countries outside the U.S.

    Apple Vision Pro Deutschlandstart - Wir waren in Berlin

    Apple Vision Pro Germany launch - We were in Berlin

    Erste Zeiss Inserts für Apple Vision Pro kommen an - Werte weichen ab

    First Zeiss inserts for Apple Vision Pro arrive – values ​​differ

    General Interest

    New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch

    Apple confirms visionOS 2 will not be available in public beta

    Tim Cook explains what he thinks Vision Pro is good for



    • 27 min
    Nelson Taruc and designing apps for enterprise

    Nelson Taruc and designing apps for enterprise

    In this episode, Marty and Eric speak with Nelson Taruc of Lextech about designing enterprise applications for Apple Vision Pro.


    Developer Vision 2.0 Beta 3 released

    Apple Seeds Third visionOS 2 Beta to Developers

    visionOS 2 Beta 3 Release Notes

    Patent hints at Apple Vision Pro getting new head gestures in the future

    Apple is 'formally' working on next year's OS updates: Here are the code names

    Right to repair compliance checks rate iPhone 15 an A, Vision Pro an F

    Apple says Vision Pro will allow alternate payment methods in the EU

    General Interest

    What Apple Vision Pro really means for Mac users

    The Apple Vision Pro accessory you shouldn't overlook

    Future Apple Vision: What to expect from Apple's next headsets


    Meta Quest now supports up to six windows in a bid to compete with Vision Pro


    Vision Hack hackathon wants to help expand the Apple Vision Pro's tiny app library

    Apps for Developers








    Real Puzzler

    Cityscapes: Sim Builder

    Beat Punch Game


    To learn more about Lextech, visit https://www.lextech.com/apple-vision-pro. There, you can learn how they develop great spatial computing experiences for the enterprise.

    To connect with Nelson Taruc, follow him on Twitter (@ntfromchicago) or LinkedIn, especially if you design experiences for Apple Vision Pro!



    • 1 hr 2 min
    Daniel Burkholder and Vision SE rumors

    Daniel Burkholder and Vision SE rumors

    Marty, Eric, and Daniel Burkholder capture this week's Apple Vision Pro news, including the rumors about tethered Vision SE models in the future.


    visionOS 2 Beta 2 Release Notes

    Apple Releases Second Beta of visionOS 1.3 to Developers

    New in-store demo changes

    Apple Vision Pro is a flop... just like the iPod

    Here's why newer iPhones and Vision Pro can't run Apple Intelligence

    Apple wants to help you open real-world locks just by looking at them

    Apple patent explains how Vision Pro comfort could be improved

    Apple Vision Pro Supply Chain Diversification Efforts Being Attempted For Entry-Level Models, Samsung, LG Were Reportedly Sent An Information Request

    The road to Apple AR Glasses is paved with Vision Pro headsets

    Seven upgrades Apple Vision Pro needs to succeed in business

    Apple Intelligence said to be coming to Vision Pro, but not HomePod

    Apple Intelligence might get a paid tier one day

    Vision Pro lite?

    Apple's struggles to cut price of Vision Pro successor could bring key feature cuts

    Cheaper Apple Vision Pro Headset May Have One Key Drawback

    Cheaper Apple Vision Pro leak reveals cost cuts could come from significantly nerfed display

    Is an Apple Vision SE the key to spatial computing's success?

    Three reasons a tethered Apple Vision headset would be an acceptable compromise for me

    Apple working out how to use Mac in parallel with iPhone or iPad to process big jobs

    Low-Cost Apple Vision Pro Has Been A Work In Progress For Many Years, But Company Struggling To Keep Price Down While Retaining Critical Features

    International News

    Apple's Vision Pro goes on sale outside the US for the first time

    Vision Pro arrives in Asia; preorders start in Europe, elsewhere

    Apple Vision Pro costs 18% more in China than in America

    Apple's Vision Pro starts deliveries at a higher price in China than in the U.S.

    The Competitors

    Meta Quest headsets testing Vision Pro-style freeform window placement

    Play For Dream MR Is An Android Spatial Computing Headset In Vision Pro Mold

    Meta tests Vision Pro-like freeform virtual screen placement for Quest headsets

    Meta Quest 3's next update steals the Vision Pro's best productivity feature... kinda

    Meta looks to knock off Apple Vision Pro-like freeform virtual screen placement for Quest headsets

    App News

    'Juno' YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro gets major update with 360-degree video support




    XR Trick Shot


    OnShape Vision




    • 1 hr 10 min
    Matthew Waller: The Passage app and Vision Pro Environments

    Matthew Waller: The Passage app and Vision Pro Environments

    Marty and Eric are joined by Matthew Waller, one of the co-developers of the Passage app, to speak about Vision Pro news and apps


    Post WWDC reviews

    visionOS 2 is a promising update with tons of new features - Appleinsider

    How Sandwich streamed The Talk Show Live in 3D on Vision Pro - Six Colors

    Cheaper Vision Pro?

    Apple's Vision Pro team is reportedly focused on building a cheaper headset - The Verge

    Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Vision Pro 2 - Macrumors

    Apple Vision Pro is a cumbersome, bulky, expensive, but ultimately groundbreaking developer kit - Mac Daily News

    Will Apple's vision for a cheaper headset pay off? (The CultCast] - Cult of Mac

    Cheaper Apple Vision Headset Might Require a Tethered iPhone or Mac - Macrumors

    Other news

    One of the best Vision Pro environments is now available as a wallpaper - 9to5 Mac

    Vision Pro bug fixed; websites can no longer fill your room with bats - 9to5 Mac

    Apple Arcade launches two hit games on Apple Vision Pro

    Gaming on Vision Pro grows with two new spatial titles in Apple Arcade - 9to5 Mac


    Passage App






    • 1 hr 5 min
    Andy Hall and Starship SE Corps app

    Andy Hall and Starship SE Corps app

    Marty and Eric spoke with Andy Hall, developer of the Starship SE Corps app, about leftovers from WWDC and other Apple Vision Pro news.


    How to download the visionOS 2 developer betavisionOS 2 tidbits: keyboard occlusion, Home View upgrades, more - 9to5mac

    New visionOS 2 updates are more significant than Apple initially implied - Appleinsider

    No, your Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro aren't getting Apple Intelligence - Apple Insider

    Cameras for Vision Pro Content

    Canon's RF-S dual fisheye lens will help produce Apple Vision Pro video - Apple Insider (EOS R7 only right now) - Appleinsider

    Blackmagic Design Unveils Spatial Video Camera for Shooting Apple Vision Pro Content - Macrumors


    Vision Pro Demos at Apple Stores in UK, Canada, and More Begin July 12 - Macrumors

    Other News

    visionOS 2: Spatial Personas Can Touch Fingers, High Five, Fist Bump Each Other With Visual and Audio Feedback - Macrumors

    You can't mirror your iPhone while mirroring your Mac on Apple Vision Pro - EngadgetApple starts testing first visionOS 1.3 beta

    How to create 8K 360 videos for Apple Vision Pro with Insta360 X4 - 9to5macStarship SE Corps app Andy Hall



    Beautiful Things: 3D Palette



    Macstock Conference and Expo


    Website: Visionprofiles.info

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Everything VisionOS 2.0 from WWDC

    Everything VisionOS 2.0 from WWDC

    Marty and Eric do a late-night episode recording to cover the WWDC VisionOS announcements. 

    WWDC Keynote

    Highlighted apps: NBA, What if.., Unextinct, Blackbox, Thrasher, Runaways,  Game Room, Kung Fu Panda, SAP, MyMako

    Cannon EOS R7 has a new spatial lens

    International roll-out

    What’s new in VisionOS 2.0

    Create spatial photos from your 2D images 

    SharePlay for Photos

    A redesigned Photos app

    Trim any video at an epic scale

    Edit spatial videos with Final Cut Pro (Later this year)

    New gestures for easy navigation

    Panoramic productivity with Mac Virtual Display (Later this year)

    New Environments

    Keyboard visibility - MacBook or Magic Keyboard

    Watching videos in Safari gets more cinematic

    New Vendor equipment for creating spatial videos

    New accessories compatibility

    AVP will remember your last  Guest User

    Catch multiple games at once on the Apple TV app

    Persona enhancements

    Look to Dictate Messages

    AirPlay Receiver

    Travel mode train support

    Mindfulness breath sync

    Content Safety

    Contact us at VisionProfilesPodcast@gmail.com with questions or comments or to join us as a guest. VisionProFiles.Info

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

See_joy2802 ,

Wonderful show

Marty and Eric are wonderful hosts. I enjoy the breadth of firsthand experience they have, as in they try out a ton of apps and accessories themselves, and it’s really honest insight.

Brian8944 ,

Great start!

I just finished listening to the first episode and am so excited to hear future episodes.
Eric and Marty bring a lot of knowledge to share about their experiences using the AVP, and do so in an inviting way for listeners no matter what their levels are in familiarity of using AVP.

cen3 ,

2 stars for the guy that owns his / 0 for the other.

I don’t know how you can try and establish yourselves as names in the space when one of you only has their Vision Pro 1/3rd of the time - the minute I heard that I said forget it / this guy is going to have the device less than me so what makes him useful?

The guy that is the diehard Apple guy (sorry I forget names) the guy that actually laid out the cash to buy his / I’ll give him a lot of credit / he’s willing to spend to experiment and for that I tip my hat. It’s only mistake was picking the other guy as his co-partner in this endeavor when the other guy doesn’t even have the unit most of the time.

If you want to build an audience / to the point where you can be sponsored / ad supported - you’ve got to establish yourselves as experts with this technology, which means you BOTH have to be hands-on with it every day.

This isn’t the sort of device you share with people outside of your family that lives with you. Treat it like a phone.

It’s just my two cents. Best of luck

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