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Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy™ Life. We are committed to bringing you the very best research, hacks and world-renowned experts in money, health, and happiness. We want to change the world. Our intention is to create a movement that wakes you up to something more…to help you create extraordinary wealth and health…to live the Good Life.

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Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy™ Life. We are committed to bringing you the very best research, hacks and world-renowned experts in money, health, and happiness. We want to change the world. Our intention is to create a movement that wakes you up to something more…to help you create extraordinary wealth and health…to live the Good Life.

    Everything is an Adventure w/Ron Macklin

    Everything is an Adventure w/Ron Macklin

    My guest this week is Ron Macklin. Ron is a friend I have known for about 15 years and counting! Ron realized early in his engineering career that he had a passion for building and leading teams. And he realized that to succeed, he needed to build a deep network of support. He needed to learn why people connect and how they create results together. This realization led him on a 30-year journey that culminated in the creation of the 7-step Macklin Method and the launch of MacklinConnection.

    What You Will Learn:
    You will only learn when you go out and do it! Make mistakes and learn from that. It is okay to not understand something at first.  A skill Ron had to build was to discover his space and create his own world… and then to celebrate that!   Vulnerability is powerful. Drop your shield, be vulnerable, and connect!   Finding your “Mood” is crucial in making the best of each moment.   The more successful people are, ironically, the more open they are to talk about their fears.  When we talk about our fears, we take the power away from them!!  Know what your vision is… what is it? Once you tackle this, then you know who you want around you. You attract those people! Also remember that people are human and they will mess up from time to time. Remain flexible. Remain open. And learn.  Believe in everyone. 
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    Desire is the Fuel for Action w/Leonard Perlmutter

    Desire is the Fuel for Action w/Leonard Perlmutter

    Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev) is the founder of The American Meditation Institute and originator of National Conscience Month. Mr. Perlmutter’s first book, The Heart and Science of Yoga® was endorsed by Dean Ornish MD, Dr. Oz, and Bernie Siegel MD. Over the past 26 years, he has served on the faculties of the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts and the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association in Calgary, Canada. He has taught workshops on the benefits of the conscience, meditation and Yoga Science at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and more. 
    Topics Discussed:
    What, exactly, is the conscience? Why is it so hard to follow its advice? Where does the conscience get its wisdom? What are the “Four Functions of the Mind?” Where does this framework come from? Do you have to believe in God to trust your conscience? What is the law of karma, and why are thoughts so important to it? You say there are only two kinds of thoughts – can you describe them? Does the conscience really always know the difference? What kinds of problems can be solved by relying on the conscience? Can you give us an easy example of an experiment we can try? How about an experiment that might be a little more challenging? What does one-pointed attention mean? Isn’t it exhausting to rely on the conscience all the time? But what would you tell someone who wants to let loose and have fun? What does “ahimsa” mean? What is the Bridge of Yoga? Why should people listen to what you are saying? How does meditation fit into all of this? How can people learn more about your teaching? Links:
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    The Breakdown Before The (multi-million $) Breakthrough w/Michael Chu

    The Breakdown Before The (multi-million $) Breakthrough w/Michael Chu

    My guest this week is Michael Chu.
    I was recently introduced to Michael and can’t believe I’ve gone so much of life without knowing him. He’s what I call “good people” and he just so happens to be a biz genius.
    That’s why I knew I needed to get him on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast.
    To put it simply, Michael helps 6-7 fig businesses find an extra $250k-1M+ in backend revenue with their LTV Method. He is the creator and founder of Champion Development Inc., the premier coaching and support program for executives, fit pros, and entrepreneurs .
    There's honestly nothing simple about that!
    The Questions...
    1. How can I learn from someone who is making good money, keeping in good shape, and being actually happy?
    2. Do you feel like you want to give up? —> Get clear on what that feeling is and let it become your biggest teacher!
    3. What is a good life?
    4. What is a “win” for you, specifically?
    5. Do successful people become happy or do happy people become successful?
    6. What am I ACTUALLY committed to?

    What You Will Learn:
    - Go after what you really love and enjoy
    - Learn how to love the process — always focus on being a little bit better everyday
    - Often times are biggest complaint is our biggest mission
    - Knowing when enough is enough
    - The most successful people learn to ask themselves “and” questions— not “or” questions
    - The “Remember When” Exercises:
    Ask yourself, ‘remember when…’ and then speak of the PRESENT as if it were the PAST.
    Example: “remember when I was nervous about these new clients?
    —> the frame of “remember when” as if you’ve already worked through it allows your nervous system to lighten up and breathe!
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    Success Habits of the World's Top CEO's w/Mark Enlow

    Success Habits of the World's Top CEO's w/Mark Enlow

    My guest this week is Mark Enlow. As the President and CEO of Mark Enlow Inc. / Enlow & Associates, Mark Enlow has guided the most forward-thinking companies to global success. His focus is cultivating strong partnerships with small, mid-sized, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 clients across the industrial, technology, consumer, and service sectors.
    The foundation of his career was demonstrated by his ability to source unexpected talent, provide deep insights to solve recruitment challenges while repeatedly placing strong performers in roles where they could deliver impact, contribute to organizational growth, and enjoy individual advancement.
    The Questions...
    What makes you different from everyone else?  What do I need to resolve?  What do I want my life to look like? What habits are serving me? What habits are not? What You Will Learn: 
    You GET to decide what your life looks like today What are you committing to yourself today?  How you can use your pain to be fuel for motivation  Success is based off of who you are — not what you have  It's your habits that will make you sales; it’s your habits that will make you great Links: Mark's LinkedIn
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    Volatility in the Market - How to Handle It w/James Wallace

    Volatility in the Market - How to Handle It w/James Wallace

    My guest this week is James Wallace. James co-created DIGTL to help innovators find the capital necessary to build their solutions and empower investors to intelligently invest in technology companies. 
    He thinks social impact companies are the best catalyst for positive global change. 
    James and I met in Mexico. 
    Then we got injected together— I think it’s safe to say we’re bonded! 
    My Questions...
    What are some manipulations that are going on in the Crypto Market?
    What's the GAIN of these manipulators? What is their strategy?
    What You Will Learn: 
    - Financial inclusion
    - Financial corruption
    - Peer-to-peer exchange (defi, web3)
    - Crypto, digital securities and blockchain
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    Have You Made It Yet? Focusing on Your Future w/Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco

    Have You Made It Yet? Focusing on Your Future w/Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco

    My guest this week is Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco., and he is the Co-Founder of the innovative tech platform blooprinted, the powerhouse behind the "What Are You Made Of?" podcast, and the best-selling author of ROCKET FUEL Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable.
    He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, tech visionary and thought leader.
    He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build unstoppable people. He is consumed with the passion to help people break free from the confines of complacency and propel to untapped levels of success.
    Mike is a perfect example of creating beauty out of destruction. 
    From his rough childhood (or, “broken”, as he says it) Mike was surrounded by chaos and disruption. Yet, he did not let this become him. In fact, even at the young age of 8, he already understood that there is a different path in life and he was determined to take the path of LIFE, and not death…literally. 
    Mike sets such a valuable example for not only his kids, but for everyone around him, and what an honor it was to get to share his light on this platform for you to hear for yourself. 
    You know it’s going to be a life-changing episode when it starts off with: “A lot of people do a lot of thinking first, and then they plan a lot. And showing up and taking action gets you to failure faster. We need failure!” Stated by the one and only, Mike “C-Roc”. 
    Mike asked me a question I’ve never been asked before… he asked: Do you feel like you’ve “made it” yet?
    So, now I will ask you the same. Do you feel like YOU’VE made it yet?
    Next big Q…
    Which direction are you going? 
    First, realize this: We have 3 keepers: fear, ego, judgment 
    These are put into our life to help us survive— but don’t let them run your show! When they run the show, they hold you back.  What's your mission? —> if you don’t have a mission, you subconsciously go back to your keepers! 
    Are you in a condition, or a “mood” you don’t like? You can fix it! You can cause a NEW one! It’s a shift in perspective. This is self-awareness on a new level. 
    Dive into this episode to rediscover yourself. You will feel totally unstoppable. 
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4.9 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

Niikki Burla ,

A must listen

Krisstina hits the podcast trifecta…she’s a phenomenal host, brings in incredible guests, and covers great topics that are relevant to her listeners. I’d highly recommend!

oliviabaker13 ,

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If you’re looking for tips on how to handle your money, aspiring toward greater health and wealth, or looking for lessons in impactful money stories - hit the subscribe button! Wealthy Wellthy has a great lineup of guests and each episode features actionable tips and invaluable insights. Krisstina is an excellent host who engages her guests in really interesting conversations. Definitely recommend listening and subscribing to this empowering podcast!

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Wonderful Information!

The Wealthy Wellthy Podcast by Krisstina Wise never disappoints! There never seems to be a moment when I’m not learning with Krisstina and her podcast. For those of you who are scrolling by—or have heard about Krisstina’s program—and implore that you give her a listen.

Great stuff Krisstina, and excited for the next one—as always!

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