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Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy™ Life. We are committed to bringing you the very best research, hacks and world-renowned experts in money, health, and happiness. We want to change the world. Our intention is to create a movement that wakes you up to something more…to help you create extraordinary wealth and health…to live the Good Life.

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Welcome to the Wealthy Wellthy™ Life. We are committed to bringing you the very best research, hacks and world-renowned experts in money, health, and happiness. We want to change the world. Our intention is to create a movement that wakes you up to something more…to help you create extraordinary wealth and health…to live the Good Life.

    #264 Relationship Alchemy W/Marie-Elizabeth Mali

    #264 Relationship Alchemy W/Marie-Elizabeth Mali

    This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I speak with poet, underwater photographer, dancer, two-time TEDx Speaker, AND relationship coach, Marie Elizabeth. 
    While that intro might make you think I spoke with a group of interesting people, it’s just one dynamic, powerhouse of a woman….Marie-Elizabeth Mali. 
    Drawing on her Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine, Marie-Elizabeth teaches people how to show up as authentic leaders in their relationships instead of twisting themselves to fit in. Her work is featured in Thrive Global, SWAAY, and Forbes. 
    Marie-Elizabeth was introduced to me by a Wise Money client who just knew we would hit it off. She was right! From the first time we met, it was obvious we would be fast friends. 
    Though married to “the perfect guy” and leading “the perfect life,” Marie-Elizabeth felt like she was dying inside. 
    Thinking the dissatisfaction in the marriage was his fault, she made the tough choice and divorced.  
    Feeling alone and deeply depressed post divorce, she chose to study the art and science of relationships. This work forced her to look within to discover that she was the cause of her relationship dissatisfaction.
    So that she could create the self and the partnership she wanted, she dedicated herself to the study of romantic relationships for three years. Marie-Elizabeth learned the elements that must be combined to create a healthy, fulfilling relationship. 
    She calls this: Relationship Alchemy.
    In this episode, Marie-Elizabeth shares her story of discovery and the method she uses to help people transform their relationships into a loving and harmonious partnership.   
    Anyone who has ever felt “there should be more to this relationship,” or who simply wants to learn to build more intimate and meaningful relationships will want to listen in!
    Marie-Elizabeth’s Contacts
    Get to Know Marie-Elizabeth:
    Relationship Alchemy Assessment for Singles: https://relationshipalchemysinglesassessment.com/0
    Relationship Alchemy Assessment for Couples: https://relationshipalchemyassessment.com/0
    Private Coaching for Women: https://www.relationshipalchemy.com/coaching/

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    #263 Unlocking Your Human Potential with Human Design W/Miranda Mitchell

    #263 Unlocking Your Human Potential with Human Design W/Miranda Mitchell

    This week on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, I chat with Energetic Alignment Coach & Human Design Specialist Miranda Mitchell. 
    I met Miranda through a booking service. As you can imagine, booking services tend to send a lot of guest recommendations, and they’re not always a good fit. But when I saw Miranda’s interests and expertise, I knew I had to meet her! She did not disappoint! You will hear her passion and knowledge throughout our conversation about Human Design, a topic about which I have been curious for some time. 
    Miranda uses Human Design and Energetic Alignment Coaching to move people, especially entrepreneurs and business owners, to achieve greater creativity and efficacy by tapping into their unique energy blueprint. 
    While this sounds ambitious and even dubious, Miranda really helps me understand myself better. She teaches me how to use my Human Design Chart to align my actions to my nature. 
    For example, I have always learned best through experience, as do most entrepreneurs. While I did well in school, it was never the most effective way for me to learn. For those of us who learn by experience it can be hard, because we mostly learn by failing. There have been times that I have wondered why I have to learn this way and not from books, lectures, or PowerPoints. Miranda helps me understand that this form of learning is a result of the unique profile, which shows that I learn from trial and error, or experimentation. Does this sound similar to you? 
    Seeing this on my chart not only resonated with me, it comforted me to know that based on Human Design I have no reason to question why I learn from experience. I just need to continue experimenting to continue learning.  


    We begin the episode discussing the fundamentals of Human Design, including its origins, influences, and uses. Then, we delve deeper into the five different energy types into which all people fall. 

    Manifesting Generator (here to do the work! To be of service in the physical form) Generator (the responder)  Manifestor (making things happen, initiate things, be seen/heard) Projector (The overseer. They see other people’s energies, more so than their own) Reflector (they are the mirror to their environment)

    We transition to how profiles determine so much about a person. 

    And, no conversation would be complete without discussing money, so we discuss how even money can be seen in one’s chart.  

    In the end, Miranda reviews my Human Design Chart to show me how to better align my decisions and actions with my nature. 

    It’s a fascinating episode that I guarantee will open your eyes and your mind to a world of opportunity and personal growth.  


    In this episode you will learn:
    Human design is a system that combines astrology, Chinese philosophy, and the chakras to help people understand their energy and make better decisions. It has five energy types and nine profiles that represent different ways of experiencing life.
    Understanding one's chart in human design can lead to alignment with one's vision, mission, strengths, and goals, making business and personal relationships more harmonious.
    Money can also be understood through one's chart in human design, and Mitchell believes that collaboration, knowing strengths, and supporting others are key to success.
    Mitchell found her purpose in human design and became a human design professional, which has helped her and others achieve alignment and success.
    Human design offers a unique approach to personal and professional development that emphasizes self-awareness and using one's energy in a way that is most aligned with their strengths and goals.

    Here are some of my favorite quotes:
    "When you learn about yourself, your lines, and your energy type, and you start to trust the process of waiting for things to show up, then business becomes easier." 

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    #262 Skills for a Relational Life w/Kristy and Jerry

    #262 Skills for a Relational Life w/Kristy and Jerry

    This week on the WW podcast I interviewed Jerry Sanders and Kristy Gainsford.  

    Jerry and Kristy Gainsford are both Licensed couples therapists who specialize in a distinct and effective form of couples therapy called Relational Life Therapy.     

    Relational Life Therapy, or RLT as it is referred to, is a form of couples counseling that helps couples reduce conflict by focusing on communication, personal responsibility, and placing the relationship first.

    Jerry and Kristy each have their own RLT counseling practice, hers in Salt Lake City and his in New York City, yet they co-host RLT workshops throughout the year. 

    Their shared commitment to RLT and their years of partnership make this an episode you (and your adaptive child) will definitely want to hear! You’ll learn more about your adaptive child when you listen!

    Questions I asked Christy and Jerry:

    How much does our childhood play into our adult romantic relationships?  Tell us about the "Timeout" What is the Adaptive Child you refer to?  Is there a skill to Repair after conflict?  What percentage of relationships do you think are healthy?  What do you see most often that’s the big issue in a relationship?
    How is Relational Life Therapy different from traditional couples counseling?


    Relational life therapy places the relationship at the center, that the health of the relationship is a focus, and it acknowledges that the work is less about the relationship or the other partner, but the work is on oneself. Each person’s job is to work on their own self esteem and learn how to deal with issues they carry from childhood.


    In RLT, we take sides. We speak the truth. We don’t believe that every problem is 50/50. One partner may be causing 90% of the problems and the 10% the other partner causes is because they're still there and are putting up with it. We will call this out by lovingly telling the truth. We will tell one partner this is what you are doing that’s damaging the relationship. I don’t blame you, but if you don’t stop, you are going to lose the relationship. And we not only tell them what looks wrong, but also how they could do it better.

    How to get in touch with Kristy and Jerry:

    Relationship Workshop

    Kristy & Jerry's Website

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    #261 Money Wellness w/LaShawne Holland

    #261 Money Wellness w/LaShawne Holland

    This week on the  Wealth Wellthy Podcast, I interview “The Queen of Green,” LaShawne Holland. My good friend Monica Ledell introduced me to LaShawne. And, what a great introduction. It didn't take us more than 5 minutes to start finishing each other's sentences. 

    Having known LaShawne for years now, I have enjoyed watching her success (and wealth) grow. She is a woman who walks her talk! 

    In this episode, we discuss wealth-building. LaShawne is really passionate about family wealth so she discusses the important role of money in her marriage and family. 

    LaShawne explains how from an early age she knew she “didn’t want to be broke.” With that understanding, LaShawne sought advice from people she knew and respected. Following some great advice, she turned a $3 thousand bonus check into a half-million dollars. With that profit, LaShawne was on her way to building wealth!

    Throughout our conversation, LaShawne weaves really helpful examples of how to raise children with a strong money mindset and strategies for sending children to college without accruing any debt. 

    This is a great episode for parents and for anyone looking for realistic strategies for building wealth. 

    In this episode you will learn:

    The importance of working as a couple to build wealth, sharing dreams, visions, and plans about how to manage money and invest as a couple.  Realistic strategies for avoiding debt and helping your children avoid student loan debt.  How a growth mindset allowed her and her husband to overcome tremendous challenges and obstacles on their way to achieving their personal and financial goals.  What a poverty mindset is and how it keeps people in poverty.  The biggest financial mistakes people are making right now.

    Connect with LaShawne Holland:


    LaShawne's Book

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    #260 Get Your Health Right w/Wendie Pett

    #260 Get Your Health Right w/Wendie Pett

    This week on the Wealthy Wellthy podcast, I interview Wendie Pett. 
    Wendie was introduced to me by my good friend Mike Koenigs. Everyone who Mike introduces me to is amazing, and Wendie definitely fits the bill! 
    Wendie and I discuss a topic that is very important to me: wellness. Wendie is a health-industry expert with an emphasis on naturopathic medicine, who has dedicated many years to helping people become their best self. She approaches wellness from a mind-body-spirit perspective, which shines through in our conversation. Coincidentally, Wendie and I both came to understand and appreciate this holistic approach to wellness due to our own experiences with injury and illness.
    With a weekly fitness television show, a popular health and nutrition program, and her own health and fitness coaching business, Wendie brings a ton of experience and knowledge to our inspiring conversation about wellness.  
    In this episode, you will learn: 
    Chronic inflammation, caused by processed foods, disrupts the endocrine system and causes foggy brain, which can be treated with whole food based lifestyle and exercise.
    Forgiveness is essential for releasing unhealthy emotions attached to unhealthy weight, which can lead to weight loss.
    Emotions and physical body are interconnected, and reprogramming your body's habits can be emotionally painful but rewarding.
    Operating in a higher vibrational frequency of emotions can improve one's health, and it is necessary to address emotional health to achieve physical health.

    Click here for more information on Wendie’s Visibly Fit 7-week Get Healthy program
    Wendie’s Blog
    Wendie's Facebook
    Wendie's Instagram
    Wendie's Twitter
    Wendie's LinkdedIn

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    #259 Civility Rules w/ Shelby Scarbrough

    #259 Civility Rules w/ Shelby Scarbrough

    This week on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast, I interviewed Shelby Scarbrough. 
    Shelby and I met through one of my favorite podcast guests, Justin Breen. Justin is a master at connecting the two people who need to know each other. He hit the nail on the head with this one – Shelby and I are cut from the same cloth. She has an amazing story from traveling the world with presidents and dignitaries to becoming a successful entrepreneur who owns an accredited MBA school for entrepreneurship. 
    In this episode, we discuss Shelby’s experiences working with the most powerful leaders in the world. She tells me what traits these leaders share that make them so successful, traits from which everyone can benefit. 
    Shelby gives us her take on the importance of restoring civility to personal and public discourse, a topic about which she wrote a book titled, Civility Rules. She explains that civility is a personal responsibility and that once people adopt civility in their personal lives, it will return to politics. 
    Finally, we dive deep into my favorite topic, entrepreneurism. Shelby was raised by entrepreneurs, working in her parents Burger King franchises from an early age. She maintained that entrepreneurial spirit even when she worked in the US Department of State, eventually combining her commitment to public service with her business acumen by opening the Global School of Entrepreneurship. 
    In this episode, you will learn: 
    Traits of effective leadership
    Ins and outs of working with world leaders
    Effects that a disconnected society has on civility
    The difference between entrepreneurship and self-employment
    Here are some of my favorite Shelby quotes: 
    What did you learn from being up close and personal to the President? 
    “For sure, it taught me the meaning of excellence and professionalism, because everything mattered, and I had to learn how to adjust if I was not perfect, but it was a hard lesson at first and a valuable one long term.”
    What traits or practices do world leaders share that make them effective? 
    “The top leaders in the world think differently, act differently, and show grace to other people.” 
    How can we use technology to bring us together?
    “When you look at all the things that we see in this world of technology, the best use of it is to create better connection. So the ability to look at each other right now (on Zoom) makes for a better discussion in my mind.”
    Where do you think entrepreneurs go wrong, and what's the difference between those entrepreneurs and business owners that succeed and those that just can't ever quite make it work?
    “When it's time to pivot, it's nice to have a term for it, but when it's time to stay the course, it's really difficult. There's something that I've worked on a little bit, and it's recognizing when to say, enough's enough, and to do it differently. I first look inward, versus looking outward, and I ask myself what I am doing or can do that will help me achieve whatever my goal is.”
    Shelby’s Myth Bust...
    “Entrepreneurship is more than a practitioner doing this thing for yourself. It's about building a great business that affects people's lives.” 
    To learn more about Shelby’s MBA School for Global Entrepreneurship, click here.  
    To purchase Shelby’s book, Civility Rules!, on Amazon click here.

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4.9 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

Matt Fagioli ,

Good Stuff Here

Krisstina is a genuine rockstar in life and business. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I recently rediscovered her podcast and I’m just loving each episode. You definitely want to follow this one

Duo Learner ,

I love this podcast…

The Wealthy Wellthy podcast is about the only podcast to which I listen regularly. Not only are the topics tremendously varied and interesting, but Krisstina manages to succinctly interpret her guests’ information in a manner that is insightful and relevant. She puts herself out there as a way to illustrate what her guests are saying and to engage her listeners without making it all about her. I highly recommend this podcast.

Niikki Burla ,

A must listen

Krisstina hits the podcast trifecta…she’s a phenomenal host, brings in incredible guests, and covers great topics that are relevant to her listeners. I’d highly recommend!

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