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4.7 out of 5
65 Ratings

65 Ratings

rxr ,

Concise Interviews of People with Important Ideas

Just listened to my third episode on "Truth Decay"... Excellent!

DonkeyHotey ,

Always Worth the Listen

I enjoy the WhoWhatWhy podcast with Jeff Schectman and the new Russcast with Russ Baker. The WhoWhatWhy podcast is not too long, but manages to cover topics that interest me in dept and with great guests. The Russcast is still new, but I enjoy listening to conversations about the news of the week.

Rorak11GGD ,

Love the show!!

I had a thought this morning while listening to your podcast (really enjoying it by the way.) A few ex-Muslim Twitter users that I follow often post videos of how citizens of Muslim majority countries treat apostates. It's generally a mob of unruly people who end up either killing or maiming the person they're attacking. Your episode on how propanganda hijacks our brains and your mention of Sam Harris' fMRI studies got me thinking about this. If humans gets such a dopamine rush from having their religious views confirmed in one way or another, how much confirmation is there in the act of murdering an apostate? A large group of similar religions gather together to take a life entirely based on their own notions of right and wrong. Regardless of how those people went into that situation, I'm fairly certain most of them would come out at the end feeling good about what they did, as it fed right into their own beliefs and in fact confirmed them on a life and death scale. It even gives fodder for the next death, as those who watched but did not participate now know that murder in Allah's eyes for the crime of apostasy is acceptable. Maybe the last group of watchers becomes the next group of murderer in this context? And it's because they're still chasing that high; this time, the biggest kind.

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