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Wisconsin Music Podcast delivers you great music from Wisconsin musicians and great information from Wisconsin businesses and organizations.

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Wisconsin Music Podcast delivers you great music from Wisconsin musicians and great information from Wisconsin businesses and organizations.

    WMP #141: Exploring the Musical Landscape: MD McNally's Journey from 'The Marvelous' to 'Crimes

    WMP #141: Exploring the Musical Landscape: MD McNally's Journey from 'The Marvelous' to 'Crimes

    WISCONSIN MUSIC PODCASTWMP Linktree: https://linktr.ee/WI_Music_Podcast
    AMPLFYING WISCONSIN MUSICMichael "MD" McNallyhttps://linktr.ee/MDMcNally
    EPISODE 141
    Join us on this episode as we delve deep into the musical journey of MD McNally, tracing his evolution from the soft, psychedelic ballads of 'The Marvelous' to the dynamic fusion of folk and blues in his latest EP, 'Crimes'. Discover the creative process behind his captivating sound, the influence of his heartland roots, and the confidence he brings to his songwriting. Tune in for an insightful exploration of an artist finding his voice and pushing musical boundaries.
    Spotfiy: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0bL9Y6Emizni0weq9IuRn3?si=3-IMwVblQlmz3SOXmYYe4w
    Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/md-mcnally/1569957544
    Soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/7sS8b
    Bandcamp: https://mdmcnally.bandcamp.com/

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    WMP#140: Nuke Plant Chickens: All Originals and No Concessions

    WMP#140: Nuke Plant Chickens: All Originals and No Concessions

    WISCONSIN MUSIC PODCASTWMP Linktree: https://linktr.ee/WI_Music_Podcast
    AMPLFYING WISCONSIN MUSICNuke Plant Chickenshttps://linktr.ee/nukeplantchickens
    EPISODE 140
    Welcome to a stirring episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast featuring the distinct sounds of Kenosha-based band, Nuke Plant Chickens. Born in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, these young music enthusiasts have grown into a seasoned band with a powerful synthesis of various music genres, offering a unique, homegrown energy with every performance.
    The diverse group shares their exceptional journey, discussing their music inspirations, from King Gizzard and his Lizard Wizards to Black Sabbath. They reveal their band philosophy, revolving around enjoyment rather than strict professionalism, and the exploration of a wide variety music genres.
    They delve into the challenges and triumphs of forging a path in the bustling music scenes of Chicago and Milwaukee. Get a peek into the band’s DIY recording process: a journey centered on raw, authentic music creation and problem-solving equipment issues, song selection, and balancing gig schedules.
    Nukeplant Chickens not only discuss the release of their four finished singles, but also offer a glimpse into the stories imbedded in their music. They candidly share their experiences of attending influential performances and their appreciation of their supportive community. Above all, they light the beacon on their ambitious future plans.
    We invite fans, fellow musicians, or those simply curious about the eclectic music scene to immerse themselves in this compelling episode. Join us as we reveal all this and more about Nuke Plant Chickens, the band that’s lighting up Wisconsin's music scene.
    100:00:00,000 --> 00:00:11,600Music.
    200:00:11,994 --> 00:00:14,654Ladies and gentlemen, music enthusiasts and podcast listeners,
    300:00:14,754 --> 00:00:18,314welcome to A Sonic Journey Like No Other on the Wisconsin Music Podcast.
    400:00:18,554 --> 00:00:22,194I'm your host, Zach Fell, and we're here to amplify Wisconsin music.
    500:00:22,294 --> 00:00:26,254In this episode, we're diving into the eclectic and electrifying world of Nukeplant
    600:00:26,254 --> 00:00:29,694Chickens, a band hailing from the charming town of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
    700:00:30,214 --> 00:00:34,574Prizing a remarkable ensemble of talent, Nukeplant Chicken weaves a mesmerizing
    800:00:34,574 --> 00:00:39,094tapestry of sound, leaving no genre untouched. Get ready to immerse yourself
    900:00:39,094 --> 00:00:42,834in the music of Newt Plant Chickens, where every note is an adventure,
    1000:00:43,054 --> 00:00:44,214every rhythm is a heartbeat.
    1100:00:44,394 --> 00:00:48,374Join us in exploring the sonic landscapes crafted by this extraordinary band
    1200:00:48,374 --> 00:00:53,414as we unravel their musical journey in this special podcast episode on the Wisconsin Music Podcast.
    1300:00:53,794 --> 00:00:56,554Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining me here on the podcast.
    1400:00:57,214 --> 00:01:04,994Thank you. So why don't we get a quick synopsis of each one of your music origins story.
    1500:01:05,014 --> 00:01:07,734How did you get started? it i'm jeff i'm the
    1600:01:07,734 --> 00:01:11,014singer and i i started
    1700:01:11,014 --> 00:01:13,794taking piano lessons when i was seven and i'm
    1800:01:13,794 --> 00:01:17,53423 now so that's 16 years ago and
    1900:01:17,534 --> 00:01:24,534yeah i i can't remember why i started doing piano lessons but yeah okay i really
    2000:01:24,534 --> 00:01:33,094liked guitar hero as a 12 year old so who are you oh my name is uh my name is
    2100:01:33,094 --> 00:01:35,054ethan i'm I'm a guitar player sometimes.
    2200:01:35,494 --> 00:01:39,854Awesome. Yeah, I really liked playing Guitar Hero, and that stuff is,
    2300:01:39,894 --> 00:01:44,414like, the first stuff I learned, so that's a working stor

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    WMP #139: A Deep Dive into the World of Elysian Stew on Wisconsin Music Podcast

    WMP #139: A Deep Dive into the World of Elysian Stew on Wisconsin Music Podcast

    Dive into the vibrant world of Wisconsin’s music scene with host Zach Fell on the Wisconsin Music Podcast. In this episode, Zach sits down with the immensely talented Elysian Stew, a solo artist whose music transcends boundaries and resonates deeply with listeners. From his roots in Milwaukee to the vast landscapes of Wisconsin that inspire his creativity, Elysian Stew shares personal stories and influences that have shaped his musical journey. Join them as they explore the intricacies of his latest compositions, the magic of capturing moments through music, and the profound connection between artistry and community. Tune in for a captivating conversation filled with insights, inspiration, and the raw honesty of music.

    • 35 min
    WMP #138: The Melodic Odyssey of Dak Dubois

    WMP #138: The Melodic Odyssey of Dak Dubois

    WMP Linktree: https://linktr.ee/WI_Music_Podcast
    dak duBois
    EPISODE 138
    Embark on a rhythmic journey with Milwaukee's own Dak Dubois on this latest episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast, hosted by Zach Felt. Known for his eclectic mix of indie pop, 70s funk, soul, and snippets of 60s and 70s psychedelia, Dubois has been creating exciting ripples in the music scene.
    In this illuminating podcast episode, delve deep into the musical world of Dubois as he shares the stories behind his acclaimed self-titled album and dynamic performances with 'Doc Dubois and Company'. Gain insights into his creative process, musical roots, on-stage energy and the magic that unfolds with each performance.
    Uncover the man behind popular anthems like 'Seaside' and 'Portland'. From harmonious soundscapes to Dak's shift to focusing full time on music, explore everything from his multicultural musical influences to the pivotal role of books in shaping his career. This episode promises a melodious adventure through the upbeat world of Dak Dubois that you simply can't afford to skip.
    Landscape through the retro-modern universe of tunes Dak Dubois crafts, colored with classic rock and roll inspirations from The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and a psychedelic zest inspired by The Grateful Dead. Gain a unique perspective on Dak's journey, gigging experiences, industry transformations over the years and inspiring words for emerging artists.
    Immerse yourself in the enlightening world of Dak Dubois, an inspiring figure in music balancing life's nuances while striking an engaging note with listeners. Join this melodious sporting adventure with Dak by tuning in to the Wisconsin Music Podcast and following him @DakDubois on Instagram for the latest updates on his musical journey.
    100:00:00.000 --> 00:00:10.800Music.
    200:00:10.643 --> 00:00:14.683Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another exciting episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast.
    300:00:14.783 --> 00:00:18.043I'm your host, Zach Felt, and today we have a special treat for you,
    400:00:18.083 --> 00:00:20.603for all you music enthusiasts out there.
    500:00:20.743 --> 00:00:26.323And before I continue, hopefully I will say your name correctly. Is it Dak Dubois?
    600:00:27.523 --> 00:00:31.003Dak Dubois. Dak Dubois. Okay. Dubois, yeah.
    700:00:31.703 --> 00:00:36.003Just like Marge Simpson's last name. Sure, yeah. Okay.
    800:00:36.823 --> 00:00:40.863Our guest on the show today is none other than Dak Dubois, The Milwaukee-based
    900:00:40.863 --> 00:00:44.223artist who's been making waves with his unique blend of modern indie pop,
    1000:00:44.483 --> 00:00:47.94370s funk and soul, and a touch of 60s and 70s psychedella.
    1100:00:48.043 --> 00:00:51.483His self-titled album, a testament to his multifaceted talents,
    1200:00:51.763 --> 00:00:54.023was entirely crafted in the comfort
    1300:00:54.023 --> 00:00:58.663of his own apartment-turned-studio and was released in April of 23.
    1400:00:59.123 --> 00:01:05.463What makes Doc truly exceptional is his live performances. He's not alone on stage.
    1500:01:05.643 --> 00:01:09.323He's joined by a rotating cast of talented local musicians, collectively known
    1600:01:09.323 --> 00:01:11.943as Doc Dubois and Company.
    1700:01:12.183 --> 00:01:17.123Their shows are a fusion of funk-driven, jammy vibes and captivating crowd engagement,
    1800:01:17.323 --> 00:01:19.343promising an unforgettable experience.
    1900:01:19.823 --> 00:01:24.103One of his standout singles, Portland, even premiered on Radio Milwaukee,
    2000:01:24.343 --> 00:01:30.203and his album has been lauded as an imaginative, colorful exercise by Milwaukee breaking and entering.
    2100:01:30.203 --> 00:01:34.003If you're eager to dive into his world of music, you'll be delighted to know
    2200:01:34.003 -->

    • 33 min
    WMP #137 Rhythmic Reveries: The Wisconsin Rockabilly Universe Explored with Bruce Humphries" 🚀🎵 🎸

    WMP #137 Rhythmic Reveries: The Wisconsin Rockabilly Universe Explored with Bruce Humphries" 🚀🎵 🎸

    WMP Linktree: https://linktr.ee/WI_Music_Podcast
    Bruce Humphriesand the Rockabilly Rebels
    EPISODE 137
    Join us in the latest episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast as we unravel the musical journey of the incredible Bruce Humphreys, frontman of the Rockabilly sensation,
    Bruce Humphreys and the Rockabilly Rebels!
    🎸 Known for his distinctive blend of hillbilly and rock and roll, Bruce has conquered the rockabilly scene, from high school drumming days to headlining major festivals and opening for big-name artists.
    🔥 Dive deep into Bruce's experiences as an original artist, exploring the highs and lows of the music industry and the band's innovative marketing strategies.
    🚀 Discover their unique approach to music releases, featuring multi-sensory physical albums with 3D artwork and custom-made glasses.
    😢 The episode takes an emotional turn as Bruce pays a heartfelt tribute to John Steffes, the band's bass player, who recently lost his battle with cancer.
    🌟 Bruce's passion for vinyl records adds a nostalgic touch, providing a fascinating dimension to the conversation.
    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Get a glimpse into Bruce's personal life and how he balances family, work, and his musical passion.
    🎧 The episode features tracks from his recent album, each with a unique narrative.
    🌟 Wrap up the experience with Bruce as he shares remarkable gig experiences, from witnessing The Stray Cats live to the thrill of opening for Setzer.
    🤘 These memories unveil his influences and profound love for music.
    🎉 Tune in and Amplify Wisconsin Music! 🎶 #WisconsinMusicPodcast #AmplifyWisconsinMusic
    100:00:00.000 --> 00:00:11.760Music.
    200:00:11.777 --> 00:00:16.797Welcome to the Wisconsin Music Podcast. This week we have Bruce Humphreys,
    300:00:16.817 --> 00:00:18.877and he belongs to the group.
    400:00:18.917 --> 00:00:22.417Bruce Humphreys and the Rockabilly Rebels. He has opened for major acts like
    500:00:22.417 --> 00:00:28.697the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Hazel Atkins, Hank Thompson, Rosie Flores, and much, much more.
    600:00:28.997 --> 00:00:33.457He has sold music worldwide and has played some major rockabilly festivals like
    700:00:33.457 --> 00:00:37.777the Coney Island Rockabilly Fest in Brooklyn, Franklin, Uno Go-Go in Chicago,
    800:00:37.997 --> 00:00:43.577Illinois, and Wisconsin's own S-Y-M-C-O, Simcoe, and Northern Roundup.
    900:00:43.697 --> 00:00:45.717Bruce, welcome to the Wisconsin Music Podcast.
    1000:00:46.177 --> 00:00:48.337Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Glad to be here.
    1100:00:48.817 --> 00:00:52.737So, for the listeners, why don't you kind of give them your music origin story.
    1200:00:52.837 --> 00:00:56.317How did you get started in the music and kind of how it got you to where you are today?
    1300:00:57.077 --> 00:01:01.157Oh, I started playing music, well, I wouldn't consider it music back then,
    1400:01:01.217 --> 00:01:05.417but in high school I started. I wanted to play drums and wasn't a very good
    1500:01:05.417 --> 00:01:07.677drummer. And so I wanted to be more upfront.
    1600:01:07.937 --> 00:01:11.837I didn't want to be sitting in the back. So I switched over to guitar and just
    1700:01:11.837 --> 00:01:15.137kind of messed around on that and was in cover bands, you know,
    1800:01:15.137 --> 00:01:19.677like alternative cover bands playing Ramones, Violent Femmes, Cramps.
    1900:01:20.157 --> 00:01:26.317I then started writing my own stuff. And 30, 40 years later,
    2000:01:26.317 --> 00:01:32.517I'm still playing, which is pretty amazing because, you know, you're a musician,
    2100:01:32.717 --> 00:01:35.237you have lots of ups and downs and it takes a while.
    2200:01:35.397 --> 00:01:38.757And a lot of people just kind of give up and quit and move on to something else.
    2300:01:38.797 --> 00:01:41.517But for some reason it stuck with me.

    • 31 min
    WMP#136: Tootie's Tale of Music, Cancer Survival and Community

    WMP#136: Tootie's Tale of Music, Cancer Survival and Community

    WMP Linktree: https://linktr.ee/WI_Music_Podcast
    Terrianne "Tootie" LenningTHE TOOTIE SHOW
    EPISODE 136
    Welcome to another invigorating episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast! Join your host, Zach Fell, as he dives into an uplifting conversation with the vibrant Terrianne Lenning – popularly known as Tootie. The creative powerhouse behind local sensation, The Tootie Show, Tootie is a cancer survivor whose ardor for music and community-building is as inspiring as it is infectious.
    In this engaging episode, find out about Tootie’s struggles with cancer and how it fueled her passion for music to overwhelming heights. Discover her vision for The Tootie Show and how her platform avidly supports local artists and small businesses. Her journey, filled with trials and tribulations, resilience, and an undying love for music, is a testament to the power of perseverance and positive energy.
    Despite an ongoing battle with cancer, Tootie's commitment to championing independent music and local businesses never wavers. Tune in to hear her tell her compelling story in her own words and learn what message she wishes her audience will take away.
    An experience-rich journey – from enjoying local concerts to battling health issues head-on, working multiple jobs, and advocating for local music talent. Get to know about the magnitude of change music has brought into her life and her relentless dedication to uplifting the Wisconsin music scene.
    Be part of her mission as she discusses her initiatives to establish symbiotic relationships between businesses and local artists. Her unequivocal message: collaborative growth is not only achievable, but necessary for a thriving community.
    If you share a love for music and Wisconsin's talent, this episode not only inspires but encourages participation to support local dreams. Immerse yourself in Tootie’s passion-filled narrative and learn more about her special bond with the Wisconsin music scene.
    100:00:00,000 --> 00:00:12,080Music.
    200:00:12,129 --> 00:00:16,349Welcome, everyone, to the Wisconsin Music Podcast, where we amplify the incredible
    300:00:16,349 --> 00:00:18,469music talent right here in Wisconsin.
    400:00:18,929 --> 00:00:21,849I'm Zach Fell, your host here on the Wisconsin Music Podcast.
    500:00:21,969 --> 00:00:26,289Today, I am thrilled to introduce a remarkable woman whose love for music and
    600:00:26,289 --> 00:00:28,589unyielding spirit have inspired many.
    700:00:28,729 --> 00:00:33,189She's a journalist, a cancer survivor, and a visionary behind The Tootie Show,
    800:00:33,369 --> 00:00:37,629a podcast that celebrates the artistry and stories of local and independent musicians. Musicians.
    900:00:37,929 --> 00:00:42,009Please join me in welcoming Terri-Ann Lenning, also known as Tootie,
    1000:00:42,109 --> 00:00:46,949as we delve into her journey, her passion for music, the impact of the Tootie
    1100:00:46,949 --> 00:00:48,809Show on Wisconsin music scene.
    1200:00:49,189 --> 00:00:52,709Welcome, Tootie, to the Wisconsin Music Podcast. I'm glad to have you on.
    1300:00:53,169 --> 00:00:55,469How are you today, and how's it going?
    1400:00:56,089 --> 00:01:00,889I am doing really well today, to be honest. The last couple of days were a little
    1500:01:00,889 --> 00:01:03,869hairy, but today is a good day. Good. Good to hear.
    1600:01:04,329 --> 00:01:08,709Now, I first heard of you from the Facebook post that Corey posted about the
    1700:01:08,709 --> 00:01:10,529GoFundMe page that they put together.
    1800:01:10,789 --> 00:01:14,749Can you share with us and the listeners your journey with music and how it's
    1900:01:14,749 --> 00:01:18,269impacted your life, especially during your unfortunate battle with can

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

BizSwit ,

A Great Look Inside the Wisconsin Music Scene

The Wisconsin Music Podcast has taught me a lot about the music scene in the state. I love how Zach, a high-school band director and a recording engineer, interviews people from all genres of music from rock to folk to hip-hop to country to classical. I like hearing their stories about how they got into music, their challenges, and their successes. If you’re a musician or a music lover in the state, this podcast is worth your time.

CDBrecording.com ,

Great start to a new podcast!

It is so great that we now have a podcast dedicated to Wisconsin musicians! The first two interviews have been informative and the stories being shared are great! The addition of having the guests’ music played on the show is invaluable as I now what to see these musicians performances (when we are out of this pandemic). I’ll in the mean time, I’ll buy their music 👍😎👍

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