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Utah's Best Podcast Network.

    CRE8TIVITY 172: “2022 Year In Review”

    CRE8TIVITY 172: “2022 Year In Review”

    Once again we gather the hosts together to review the episodes for the year!

    Join Steve, Dylan, Terry and the now official Jessica in looking over the 17 episode from 2022.

    We also checking with Terry and learn more about Jessica. Enjoy!


    155: Rookery Studios (Dakota Mahan)

    156: "MST3K LIVE!" Cast

    157: "Immanence" Film (Kerry & Summer Bellessa)

    158: Type Affiliated (Hayley Berry)

    159: Carah Burrell aka NuanceHoe

    160: Hellskate Movie

    161: Comedian Guy Seidel

    162: Dale Allen-Rowse

    163: Actress Zoe Wiesenthal

    164: The Tastemasters (David Jiminez)

    165: Courtney Dober

    166: Ellie InSpace

    167: Mariah Eames

    168: Brayden Floyd Returns

    169: Comedian Jamie Lissow

    170: An October Evening

    171: Comedian Wes Austin

    • 1 hr 15 min
    CRE8TIVITY 171: “Wes Austin Returns”

    CRE8TIVITY 171: “Wes Austin Returns”

    This week, comedian & lawyer Wes Austin returned to Your Creativity to talk about comedy, law, The IP Section Season 2, his Dry Bar Comedy special, TikTok (or lack there of…), YouTube and more!


    LINKS: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube

    THE IP SECTION: Website


    • 1 hr 9 min
    CRE8TIVITY 169: “Jamie Lissow”

    CRE8TIVITY 169: “Jamie Lissow”

    ieThe incredibly funny JAMIE LISSOW joined our own Dylan to chat about comedy, writing for television (Real Rob, Etc.) and film (Daddy-Daughter Trip), working with comedy legend John Cleese, working with Rob Schneider & more!

    Your Cre8tivity: Blog 008 utahpodcastnetwork.com


    LINKS Website | Facebook | IMDb | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

    Real Rob netflix.com

    Daddy-Daughter Trip imdb.com

    Dry Bar Comedy Special "Something Awesome" drybarcomedy.com

    Wiseguys Comedy, Downtown SLC (10/13/2022) wiseguyscomedy.com



    • 37 min
    CRE8TIVITY 166: “Ellie In Space”

    CRE8TIVITY 166: “Ellie In Space”

    Last September, a new Sheriff came to town, Eliana Sheriff that is! She is also known as ELLIE IN SPACE on her YouTube channel where she shares updates on Space X, Starbase, Starlink, as well Tesla and other tech updates! We also talk broadcasting, comedy, dating and more! This episode is out of this world!



    Elaina Sheriff: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

    Ellie In Space: Instagram | Patreon | Twitter | YouTube

    SpaceX: Website | Flickr | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube



    • 1 hr 4 min
    CRE8TIVITY 161: “Guy Seidel”

    CRE8TIVITY 161: “Guy Seidel”

    In this episode, Guy Seidel joins us to talk comedy, music, podcasting, growing up in Helper, Utah & more. We learning about the first time doing comedy at Wiseguys Comedy in West Valley where he met Marcus who would eventually his business partner when they formed Marcus & Guy! We also hear about his love of music and his podcasts on the network about music, especially the show called Dude! I Love That Song!


    Social Media: Website | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter

    Dude! I Love That Song: Website | Apple | Google | Spotify

    Dirtpod Podcast: Website | Apple | Google | Spotify



    • 1 hr 17 min
    CRE8TIVITY 159: “Carah Burrell”

    CRE8TIVITY 159: “Carah Burrell”

    CARAH BURRELL aka Nuance Hoe is a producer & co-host  for the Mormon Stories podcast as well as an content creator on TikTok. These platforms explore post-mormon life with former members as well as breaking down related current events. We also discuss meeting her husband at Wiseguys and his work with Tig Notaro!

    Molly from Ask The Stripper podcast guest host.

    UPDATE! Since this episode, Carah has left Mormon Stories, and his now on her own via Patreon & YouTube!



    Carah Burrell: Facebook | Instagram | RedBubble | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube

    Mormon Stories: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


    Molly The Stripper: Instagram

    Ask The Stripper: Podcast | Instagram


    • 1 hr 43 min

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