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Our goal at Boostcamp is to build the best lifting app ever made. This podcast is to help you learn science-backed methods to build muscle, strength, and mindset. In each episode, we interview leading educators and coaches in the fitness space.

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Our goal at Boostcamp is to build the best lifting app ever made. This podcast is to help you learn science-backed methods to build muscle, strength, and mindset. In each episode, we interview leading educators and coaches in the fitness space.

iOS: https://apple.co/3oJRjtu
Android: https://bit.ly/3gHmPW3

    8. GZCL Method - Cody Lefever

    8. GZCL Method - Cody Lefever

    Cody Lefever (aka GZCL) has established a cultish following for his training programs, coaching, and extensiveness of free resources on his blog (Swole at Every Height) and the Reddit community.

    You can find Cody's GZCL Program and Jacked & Tan 2.0 for free on Boostcamp.

    Podcast timestamps:
    0:00 Cody Lefever (GZCL) intro
    3:00 How does it feel to be a popular program creator?
    6:40 Will there be a GZCL Program 2.0?
    9:30 How is GZCL Program 2.0 different?
    13:40 The brilliance of GZCL Program
    16:40 Program roadmap from new lifter to advanced
    21:10 High volume trend?
    23:00 The 3 principles of progress
    26:15 What are the 3 biggest lessons you learned past 5 years?
    26:30 Lesson 1: work capacity
    30:20 Lesson 2: training variables
    36:20 Lesson 3: rest days
    47:50 What is it like lifting at high altitudes?
    58:20 What’s it like running a gym?
    1:03:20 Why strength training is important for everyone
    1:09:10 How should older people (50+) start strength training?
    1:15:00 Where to find Cody?

    • 1 Std. 16 Min.
    7. Deadlift Masterclass - Bryce Lewis

    7. Deadlift Masterclass - Bryce Lewis

    Bryce Lewis, a distinguished powerlifter and four-time national champion, has set records in both the USAPL and IPF. Renowned for his expertise, Bryce is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge through The Strength Athlete (TSA) powerlifting coaching services.

    In our comprehensive discussion, we focus on the quintessential exercise: the deadlift. Bryce offers his insights on various aspects, including the differences between conventional and sumo deadlifts, their application in powerlifting versus bodybuilding, the safety of back rounding, and the nuances of deadlift techniques such as stance width, toe angle, shin angle, and belt positioning. Additionally, he addresses overcoming deadlift plateaus, effective deadlift programming, and cultivating the right mindset for setting new personal records.

    You can find Bryce's FREE beginner and intermediate programs on the Boostcamp App.

    Podcast Timestamps:

    00:23 Bryce introduction

    02:21 How does bodybuilding training play into powerlifting?

    04:30 Deadlift for powerlifters vs bodybuilders

    08:21 Is sumo cheating? Do you see rules changing?

    12:14 How to determine your optimal stance?

    18:40 Will training sumo make you better at conventional? Vice versa?

    22:56 Difference in technique from beginner vs intermediates?

    24:45 Is back rounding safe? How to round back to deadlift more?

    32:42 Deadlift every day experiment

    37:45 Stance width. Narrow or wide?

    43:30 Toe angle. Straight or angled?

    45:30 shin angle. Forward or vertical?

    46:45 Belt position. Low or high?

    48:50 Bracing. At top or bottom?

    52:35 Full Stop or Touch and Go?

    56:50 How to overcome deadlift plateaus?

    1:03:00 Bryce Lewis free powerlifting program

    1:03:50 How does bodyweight changes affect deadlift?

    1:07:25 Does squat improve deadlift strength? Deadlift specialist?

    1:10:45 Bryce’s mindset when attempting a deadlift PR

    1:15:35 Bryce’s most memorable deadlift

    1:17:00 Positive vs negative mindset for deadlift PR

    1:22:00 How to find Bryce

    • 1 Std. 23 Min.
    6. Alex Bromley - Strength Training 101

    6. Alex Bromley - Strength Training 101

    Alex Bromley is a YouTube fitness educator with over 150,000 subscribers. He is a 18 year veteran in strength sports, having competed in over 50 Strongman contests and placing 5th at World's Strongest Man.

    In this wide ranging discussion, we talk to Alex about his journey as a YouTube creator, the technological future of weight training, programming advice for new lifters, his thoughts on different programs, internal and external motivation for extreme winners, getting into "the zone", being a choke artist during competitions, and his takes on fads like functional training, saunas & ice baths, and maingaining.

    You can find Alex's FREE training programs on the Boostcamp App: https://boostcamp.me/3LmlBQD

    - KONG: Savage Size in 12 Weeks

    - 70s Powerlifter

    - Bullmastiff

    - Fullsterkur Strongman Program

    Podcast Timestamps:
    00:00 Who is Alex Bromley

    04:26 What is your YouTuber journey to 150K+ subs?

    10:44 How much work goes into making a video?

    14:22 YouTube channel goal for next 5 years

    17:37 How to find the best programs for YOU?

    24:50 Technological future of strength training

    32:47 What makes a good or bad workout program?

    39:05 One year programming advice for new lifters

    46:05 Is Starting Strength still good?

    49:50 Is Sheiko or Bulgarian method right for anyone?

    52:53 Kids swim camps in China

    56:54 Internal and external motivation

    1:01:58 Alex's spiritual gym experience

    1:07:06 Getting in the zone for peak performance

    1:09:25 Being a choke artist in competitions

    1:16:20 Good or Fad: "Functional" strength/bodybuilding

    1:19:00 Good or Fad: Saunas & ice baths

    1:22:30 Good or Fad: Maingaining

    1:20:00 How to find Alex

    • 1 Std. 29 Min.
    5. BEYOND FAILURE with Geoffrey Verity Schofield

    5. BEYOND FAILURE with Geoffrey Verity Schofield

    Today, we interview Geoffrey Verity Schofield, one of the most popular natural bodybuilding educators on the internet. His YouTube channel has over 120,000 subscribers and is growing quickly.

    You can find Geoff on YouTube at @GVS and his books on his website at verityfit.com. His training programs are also available for FREE on Boostcamp, the lasting gym training app you'll ever need.


    0:00 - Who is GVS?
    2:30 - What’s it like being a jacked white guy in China?
    11:35 - Dealing with negative YouTube comments and haters
    15:20 - Why do you do bodybuilding?
    19:30 - How to stop feeling small?
    21:45 - How to develop a healthier mindset?
    27:23 - Advice for young names
    29:40 - Thoughts on MorePlatesMoreDates, low T, and TRT
    35:00 - Advice for intermediate lifters
    44:20 - Bulking and fat gain?
    51:25 - Cutting advice (how fast, what to measure)
    54:30 - Mini cut vs longer cut cycles?
    59:55 - Coaching vs doing a pre-made program?
    1:06:45 - Controversial fitness opinion
    1:07:35 - Training BEYOND FAILURE
    1:14:38 - The mental game of training to failure
    1:20:05 - How to train hard without getting injured
    1:23:15 - How to find Geoff and his books

    • 1 Std. 25 Min.
    4. Workout Programs 101 with Eric Helms

    4. Workout Programs 101 with Eric Helms

    Today we interview Dr. Eric Helms about the what, why, how of workout programs, particularly from a beginner's perspective. 

    On Boostcamp App, you can find Eric's free novice and intermediate bodybuilding program templates from the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books.

    1:10 – Who is Eric Helms?
    8:23 – What is a workout program?
    14:55 – How to find the best program for you?
    28:05 – What is progressive overload?
    34:45 – Beginner vs advanced programs
    39:05 – How should beginners measure progress?
    46:07 – Are you a beginner or intermediate lifter?
    52:38 – Does strength matter for muscle gain?
    58:10 – Program hopping...When and how?
    1:05:22 – How to deload?
    1:09:20 – How to modify a workout program?
    1:16:00 – How to find Eric Helms?

    Eric Helms
    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/helms3dmj
    Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/team3dmj
    Coaching:  https://www.3dmusclejourney.com
    Books: https://muscleandstrengthpyramids.com 

    Boostcamp App
    The best lifting app ever made
    Eric Helms novice and intermediate programs available
    Download for free on iOS and Android
    Website: https://www.boostcamp.app/

    For any questions, please email: michael@boostcamp.app

    • 1 Std. 17 Min.
    3. Greg Nuckols, Champion Powerlifter and Exercise Science Writer

    3. Greg Nuckols, Champion Powerlifter and Exercise Science Writer

    Greg Nuckols is a powerlifter, strength coach and writer based in Raleigh North, NC. Greg publishes the MASS research review, where he and some of his colleagues sift through all of the new exercise and sports science publications every month and synthesizes the best content for coaches and athletes. He has held three all-time world records in powerlifting in 2 different weight classes. He has trained hundreds of athletes and regular folks both online and in-person.

    He has partnered with us to create a beginner gym strength program, where he integrates all of his scientific knowledge and on the ground experience to help people build muscle effectively and safely over the long-term. You can find Greg’s program for free on the Boostcamp app on iOS and Android.

    • 49 Min.

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