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Will Carle and Dan Auer talk through the behind-the-scenes work that the engineering and design teams do for Giant Bomb.

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Will Carle and Dan Auer talk through the behind-the-scenes work that the engineering and design teams do for Giant Bomb.

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5.0 out of 5
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1 Rating

L_Dzy ,


Back in the early 2010s, I was a huge Giant Bomb fan. I still am, but I drifted away from video games and hanging out online all the time when I started university. Now with my CS Degree in hand and no job on the table, I started listening to the GB podcasts to do a bit of reminiscing in my huge amounts of free time. Eventually, I saw a hot pink logo in the related-podcasts section of my feed. That logo, dear reader, was for the Giant Devcast. I downloaded the latest episode and went on a long walk, only to come back as a different, yet more complete, human being.

The Giant Devcast is chill. The first thing you'll notice when you begin listening is just how calm the discorse is. Then you'll think, "But wait, they're talking about refactoring and incorperating new technology into their stack! There's nothing chill about this!", and then you'll put it all together. Computers are cool. Online communites are cool. Understanding the operative processes and infrastructures of websites that have a permanent space in you heart? Now that's cool.

Shortly after I finished the podcast episode, I returned to my home with a rekindled spirit and with my fear of failure discarded. I turned my old laptop that was gathering dust into a CentOS web server. I re-learned how to write unit tests after quietly ignoring them for years. I put the unambitious toy project I was working on to the side and started working one that would challange me to learn new things, even if I wouldn't be able to do it all the right way the first time.

Why did listening to one episode of the Giant Devcast spark such a huge change in my mentality? For me, hearing Will and Dan go on tangents like, "Oh yeah, sometimes we make mistakes and we're not experts on everything, but our website is still really cool. Still trying to figure out what a unit test is. Pass me another Coors Light". Oh my lord! I've finally been able to relax my sphincter after several years because the Giant Devcast taught me the simple lesson that you can still make cool and awesome stuff without having to do everything perfectly.

If you don't care about Giant Bomb and devops then you'll probably think this show is boring.

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