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An in-depth look at the issues, culture and personalities shaping Canada today.

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An in-depth look at the issues, culture and personalities shaping Canada today.

    What is Ontario doing wrong on COVID-19?

    What is Ontario doing wrong on COVID-19?

    New infections are up. Testing is down. Contact tracing is late. People are partying in parks. A report from members of Canada's armed forces on conditions in long-term care facilities is deeply disturbing. And just a month ago it looked like the province was headed in the right direction.

    How did things go wrong? Were they ever really right in the first place? How does Ontario get back on track and... is a second lockdown possible now?

    GUEST: Dr. David Fisman, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

    • 27 min
    Schools and students in limbo as virtual fall term looms

    Schools and students in limbo as virtual fall term looms

    Imagine being a high-school graduate right now, deciding whether to pay your tuition for post-secondary education in the fall. How do you know what you'll be getting for your money? Do the lessons in your program even translate to virtual education? And what about the hundreds of things that aren't taught in classes but make up university life? How much of that will even be possible?

    Meanwhile, colleges and universities are trying to make plans on the fly, survive the sudden lack of international students and keep their enrolment numbers from dropping in a world that could look dramatically different in September. It's going to be a very strange fall term on (or off) campus.

    GUEST: Joe Friesen, The Globe and Mail, postsecondary education reporter

    • 24 min
    How workers are fighting for their rights in a dangerous gig economy

    How workers are fighting for their rights in a dangerous gig economy

    A few months ago, a group of couriers won a huge victory for gig economy workers in Canada. And you won't believe what happened next...

    We're relying on this sort of work more than ever as we attempt to stay inside and order our meals and groceries delivered. And it has never been more dangerous. With that in mind, it's a perfect time to explore the fight for better conditions for precarious workers in Canada, and how the pandemic has (and hasn't) changed things.

    GUEST: Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Work and Wealth Reporter, Toronto Star, host of Hustled

    • 29 min
    Will COVID-19 bring down Airbnb?

    Will COVID-19 bring down Airbnb?

    Nearly every story on a housing crisis casts Airbnb as one the chief villains driving up rents and home prices. So it should not come as a shock that the crisis facing the company as worldwide travel grinds to a halt has been met with glee from people who have struggled to find affordable housing. But will this virus kill the short-term rental app, or merely change it?

    What has happened to rents and home prices in cities like Toronto and Vancouver where Airbnb hosts hold a massive amount of units? What about Airbnb landlords, some of whom have sunk their life savings into properties they rent through the app? And what can we learn from this situation about how our cities function and what they should be when life returns to normal?

    GUEST: Matt Elliot, municipal affairs columnist, Toronto Star, CBC

    • 26 min
    A groundbreaking terrorism charge against an alleged ‘incel’

    A groundbreaking terrorism charge against an alleged ‘incel’

    The crime itself did not generate many headlines at the time it happened. Partly because the COVID-19 pandemic was ramping up, and partly because women are killed with shocking regularity in Canada. But three months later, two words were added to the murder charge against the accused: "terrorist activity".

    For those who watch the way these crimes are usually prosecuted, the change this week was an incredibly significant one, signalling both our willingness to move on from the "terrorist" stereotype, and the growing concern authorities have with the self-described 'incel' ideology. So why was the charge changed? What does it mean, both symbolically and legally? And what happens next?

    GUEST: Stewart Bell, reporter with Global News

    • 19 min
    How isolation is changing our use of substances

    How isolation is changing our use of substances

    Have you found yourself joking about drinking your way through quarantine? You are, anecdotally and statistically, not alone. We know more people are reporting increased use of substances—but we still imagine there's a world of differences between people living with substance use disorders and those of us chasing boredom with beer. Why is that?

    What's happening in our minds when we turn to our favourite vices to pass the time? What do we need to know about substance use, both among people who may be struggling to find a place to live and those of us with more privilege and more money to use to cope?

    GUEST: Gord Garner is the executive director of  the Community Addictions Peer Support Association, and lives with a substance use disorder himself.

    • 20 min

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4.4 out of 5
752 Ratings

752 Ratings

Mr.Music-Lover ,

The big story.

Excellent podcast. I love the reasoned approach with the Canadian content. Amazing host-good questions and an empathetic approach.

tom rad ,


i like it - too much virus episodes lately tho

johnnyo2k ,

Great hosts, subpar guest.

Listening to today’s show on how long we can social distance was probably for me the worst listen. You bring on “experts” who say things like we are being told that 6 feet is not enough but a second later say we don’t know enough. So tired of all these experts spitting these facts that they hear but really don’t know themselves. The longer the interview went on the more I became annoyed with the content and tone!

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