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We are a strong community of Dietitians world-wide who are committed to promoting peace with food and bodies within the Dietetic and wider communities. If you're a Dietitian and want to know more about how you too can authentically promote wellbeing, please join me!
Hosted by Fiona Sutherland, Dietitian from Melbourne Australia.

The Mindful Dietitian Fiona Sutherland

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We are a strong community of Dietitians world-wide who are committed to promoting peace with food and bodies within the Dietetic and wider communities. If you're a Dietitian and want to know more about how you too can authentically promote wellbeing, please join me!
Hosted by Fiona Sutherland, Dietitian from Melbourne Australia.

    Fierce, Fat and Saving Lives with Victoria Welsby

    Fierce, Fat and Saving Lives with Victoria Welsby

    Victoria Welsby on how we can be better humans and health professionals by interrogating our own biases & fat phobia. Buckle in for the real talk!
    Victoria shares why the word fat has been reclaimed in the body positive and fat positive communities, using the word fat; who gets too, when it might be used and its impact, how we can be better humans and health professionals by removing certain words from our vocabulary, ways we can call in other health professionals, interrogating our own biases and avoiding the shame spiral, seeking support as a professional / activist in the non-diet, body positive / fat positive spaces, Victoria’s book ‘Fierce Fatty’ and other must read books for 2020 and so much more!
    Here Fi and Victoria speak about:
    Launching onto the scene in a big way and sharing insight into her life as a guest on the Chrissy Harrison Food Psych Podcast – an important listen, find it here!
    Reclamation of the word fat;Why the body positive and fat positive communities have reclaimed it.
    Who gets to use it, when it might be used and its life-changing-life-saving impact.
    The ‘o’ words NO health professional (or anyone) should use and why removing these words from your vocabulary (and brain) is incredible!
    Ways we can call-in health professionals that are still using the ‘o’ words i.e. do you want to be on the right side of history??
    Why making the effort to interrogate our own bias really matters and why we need to avoid getting caught in the shame spiral.
    Seeking support as a feminist / doctor / dietitian / health professional / fat activist / body positive activist in this paradigm. 
    What we can look out for as signals that we need to do some work as non-diet dietitians and why you should claim the ‘Fat Positive and Anti-Diet Dietitian’ title.
    Must read books for 2020, which of course includes Victoria’s new book (YES!!) and why she evolved to become the Fierce Fatty (from BAMPOWLIFE).
    As mentioned in the podcast:
    Food Psych #162: Self-esteem and diet recovery with Victoria Welsby. 
    Health At Every Size by Lindo Bacon
    Who Are You Calling Fat? BBC documentary trailer
    I Am Fat - How to Be Confident and Love Your Body at Any Size, Victoria Welsby, TEDxStanleyPark.
    Fierce Fatty Podcast
    Fierce Fatty, Love Your Body and Live Like The Queen You Already Are – the book
    More about Victoria: Fi to input.
    Find out more:

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    Redefining Self Care & The Power of The Collective Breath with Marci Evans

    Redefining Self Care & The Power of The Collective Breath with Marci Evans

    At this unprecedented time of chaos and uncertainty, we seek connection and care in ways that may feel really difficult. As health practitioners, we too can be caught up in what these events mean for us, our families, communities and the world.
    Here, Marci and I have an important conversation about what “self care” really means - perhaps in even unconventional ways - and how we can become more attuned, receptive, grounded and creative when tough moments, days and times arise.
    About Marci:
    Marci is a Food and Body Image Healer®. She has dedicated her career to counseling, supervising, and teaching in the field of eating disorders. She is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and Supervisor, certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified ACSM personal trainer. In addition to her group private practice and three adjunct teaching positions, Marci launched an online eating disorders training for dietitians in 2015 and co-directs a specialized eating disorder internship at Simmons College. She volunteers for a number of national eating disorder organizations including the iaedp certification committee and is serving as an eating disorder resource professional for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  She has spoken locally and nationally at numerous conferences and media outlets. She loves social media so tweet her @marciRD, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her blog at www.marciRD.com/blog.
    Marci's Online Courses

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    What Dietitians can learn from the world of Therapy with Sarah Peck

    What Dietitians can learn from the world of Therapy with Sarah Peck

    What can Dietitians, and Dietetics, learn from the world of Therapy with Sarah Peck, NZRD
    Sarah shares the decision behind her transition from dietetics to psychotherapy, experiencing burn out and finding the non-diet community, feeling disconnected with her story and body and finding opportunities to reconnect and disentangle, how the dietetic pathway / study could be improved with therapeutic elements, why we need to actively seek out feedback from marginalised folks and communities in our work (and some helpful examples), how we can ask for feedback respectfully, navigating weight stigma within university content as a student and the power of the student voice. 
    Here Fi and Sarah speak about:
    Becoming fast friends and some fun adventures they have shared together. 
    Sarah’s transition from dietetics to psychotherapy;
    The decision behind the move – the nudges and natural progression. 
    Burning out in a weight centric framework and finding the non-diet community and weight inclusive paradigms.  
    Feeling disconnected with her own story and body and the importance of finding opportunities to reconnect and disentangle ourselves.
    Her experience as a therapeutic student studying in New Zealand.

    The core, therapeutic elements that should be included in all dietetic pathways/study;
    Reflexivity; what it is and how it can help us to consistently show up for our clients.  
    Social Justice; seeing dietetics and health models through the social justice lens so we can leave behind assumptions, change the narrative and accept and embrace complexities.

    The importance of inclusion and actively seeking out feedback from people who experience marginalisation when our work as dietitians impacts them and how we can ask for this support respectfully – Sarah gives us some real-life examples!
    Question and Answer time – Sarah and Fi provide some helpful advice to a student dietitian in response to a recent Instagram post on weight stigma and speaking up as a student – see it here!
    Power dynamics at university and the power of the student voice.
    As mentioned in the podcast:
    Dr Isaac Warbrick
    8th Annual Weight Stigma Conference 2020, Auckland, NZ.
    Fi’s Instagram post on weight stigma and question from student.
    More about Sarah: 
    Sarah is a human first but also happens to be a weight inclusive NZRD training to be a psychotherapist. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her family. Sydney, Australia is her second home, where she lived for many years, studied dietetics and had her three daughters. Sarah has spent her dietetic career so far working in private practice and specialising in eating disorder recovery. She has a keen interest in how chronic health conditions impact relationships with self, body and food in both childhood and adulthood, fuelled by her own lived experience of a chronic health condition, raising two daughters with coeliac disease and the gifts of wisdom shared by her clients. Outside of private practice she has been passionate about working with organisations that support adolescents and young people with cancer and teacher education around age appropriate nutrition and health messaging for children
    Find out more:
    Body Balance Nutrition NZ

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    Defining Recoveries in Biased Systems with Andrea La Marre

    Defining Recoveries in Biased Systems with Andrea La Marre

    Andrea La Marre on the complexity of defining recoveries in biased systems of care.
    In this episode, Andrea shares her interesting pathway to become an academic, speaker and activist, the impact of problematic systems in eating disorder treatment, how we can be better health professionals through self-monitoring, when it’s helpful to speak up and when it is not, why we need to work from a social justice-culturally appropriate-trauma-based care lens, the complexities involved in defining ‘recovery’, ‘recovery’ as a healthcare professional, why using plurals in recoveries can extend our understanding and so much more.
    Here, we discuss:
     Sneaking Andrea onto The Mindful Dietitian podcast as a non-dietitian! - Watch this space as the podcast is switched up for 2020 to include guests with lived experiences and knowledge that is essential to our work as inclusive, client centred, non-diet dietitians! 

    Andrea’s interesting pathway from acknowledging her own privilege in accessing eating disorder treatment, to completing her a masters and PhD in eating disorder recoveries, to her work as a lecturer, researcher, speaker, activist, and filmmaker.

    The problematic systems which lie within in eating disorder treatment, hindering access and inclusiveness. 

    How ongoing self-monitoring and tuning into our biases can help us become better health professionals. 

    When is it helpful to speak about our own experiences and when is it not, and why lifting the voices and experiences of those most marginalised doesn’t make ours less valid.

    The importance of working from a social justice, culturally appropriate, trauma-based care lens to improve societal systems for all.

    The call to be always ‘helping’ people, complexities involved in defining ‘recovery’ and ‘recovery’ / ‘recoveries’ as a healthcare professional.

    The papers and work Andrea is currently jiving on.

    Using plurals to understand the multiply, non-singular and non-linear pathways of recoveries and how it can also apply to other communities and experiences.

    Attending and presenting at the International Conference on Eating Disorders - ICED 2020 Sydney (ANZAED and AED) in June.

    As mentioned in the podcast:
    Published work of Dr Andrea LaMarre
    International Conference on Eating Disorders - ICED 2020 Sydney (ANZAED and AED)
    More about Andrea:
    Andrea LaMarre is a researcher, writer, speaker, and aspiring filmmaker from Canada living in Auckland, New Zealand. She currently works at Massey University as a lecturer in critical health psychology. She obtained her PhD in 2018 at the University of Guelph, where she used qualitative and arts-based approaches to explore eating disorders recoveries from the perspectives of people in recovery and their chosen supporters. In her spare time, she watches really bad TV, reads young adult fiction, and spends entirely too much time on Twitter. She can also be found hiking with her husband or attending too many conferences
    Connect with Andrea

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    A history of HAES & effective allyship with Kimmie Singh

    A history of HAES & effective allyship with Kimmie Singh

    Kimmie Singh on the history of HAES and the importance of effective allyship in body liberation work.
    Kimmie shares her background as a fat dietitian and fat activist, what it was like for her navigating the traditional weight-centric education route as a HAES informed student, what Allyship is and how you can be a good ally, the history of the HAES movement, tips for speaking up and how to communicate thoughtfully in this paradigm, her vision for the future of dietetics and how she has evolved to become The Body Positive Dietitian. 
    Here Fi and Kimmie speak about:
    First meeting and then crossing paths at the Weight-Inclusive Nutrition & Dietetics (WIND) Symposium, where Kimmie was a key-note speaker!
    Kimmie’s background; what makes her special and her intention to create awareness around body diversity and fat activism in the health care profession.
    Kimmie’ experience as a HAES informed student as she went through the traditional nutrition and dietetic education route.
    Allyship; what it is and how you can be a good ally by considerately stepping aside and being thoughtful of safety.
    The history of the HAES movement.
    Tips for speaking up as a student and not expecting the person in the marginalised body to do it for you.
    Being brave in your branding and what this means for those in marginalised bodies.
    Thoughtful communication: how to discuss bodies without pathologizing and centring weight.
    Kimmie’s vision for the future of dietetics; de-experting and getting uncomfortable.
    The future for Kimmie and evolving to become The Body Positive Dietitian.
    As mentioned in the podcast:
    The history of HAES from the ASDAH blog;
    Part 1 - Introduction
    Part 2 - 1970’s & 1980’s
    Part 3 – The early 1990’s
    Part 4 – The mid-to-late 1990’s
    Part 5 – The late 1990’s
    More about Kimmie:
    Kimmie Singh is a fat Registered Dietitian based in New York City. She completed her Master of Science in Nutrition at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and her Dietetic Internship from The City University of New York-Hunter College. Kimmie is an associate at LK Nutrition, a Health at Every Size private practice that supports clients who are trying to heal their relationship with food and body. She also presents and consults on weight stigma in dietetics and dietetics training. Kimmie is a believer in kindness, compassion, and the power of advocacy. Learn more about Kimmie at www.bodypositivedietitian.com or on instagram @bodypositive_dietitian. 
    Connect with Kimmie

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    The pervasive culture of under-fuelling in sport with Leslie Schilling

    The pervasive culture of under-fuelling in sport with Leslie Schilling

    Leslie Schilling on the pervasive culture of under-fuelling in sports and performance & raising kids who can call out diet culture!
    Here, Fi & Leslie talk about:
    Life, work and play in Las Vegas – keep up with Leslie’s weekend adventures on Instagram; “there is so much to do in Vegas off the strip!”
    What it’s like working with athletes, performers and artists in Las Vegas, particularly the performers from Cirque du Soleil!
    How Leslie supports her culturally diverse clients to adapt to life in the US and navigate diet culture through their interesting and demanding schedules.
    The culture and promotion of under fuelling in sports.
    How to help clients push back against under fuelling and the response from clients when they are given permission to eat.
    Tips on how to screen for under fuelling and restriction when working with athletes / performers – find out the important questions to ask!
    Interoceptive and somatic awareness, encouraging nutrition intuition and finding a common ground with coaches.
    How under fuelling can become an entrenched behaviour unintentionally and innocently, not just through disordered eating
    The culture that keeps us underfeed and what the salmon would do? (hint* swim upstream and dodge the diet culture BS!)
    The famous Lunch Box Card inspired by Dr. Katja Rowell and The Responsive Feeding Therapy Conference to take place in May 2020.
    As mentioned in the podcast:
    Born to Eat book by Leslie Schilling
    Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil
    IOC consensus statement on relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S): 2018 update
    The Mary Cain Story
    The Feeding Doctor – Dr Katja Rowell
    Responsive Feeding Therapy Conference May 2020
    More about Leslie:
    Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CEDRD-S owns a Las Vegas-based coaching practice, specializing in nutrition counseling for families, those of all ages with disordered eating concerns, and professional athletes and performers. In addition to running her practice, Leslie serves as a performance nutrition consultant for Cirque du Soleil® and an eating disorder specialist and supervisory consultant for eating disorder treatment centers in Nevada. With her warm, compassionate, and entertaining personality, Leslie been featured in media outlets like Women’s Health, Self, Pregnancy Magazine, The Yoga Journal, Bicycling, BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, US News & World Report, and on HGTV. When she’s not spending time with her family, you can find her spreading non-diet messages to her clients and speaking platforms across the nation. Leslie is passionate about educating ministry, military, health, medical, and fitness professionals about the harms of typical dieting behaviors. You may know Leslie best as the creator of the Born To Eat® approach and co-author of the award-winning book, Born To Eat.
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