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A podcast series behind the people, posters, and preposterous ideas that have changed the landscape of Out-of-Home advertising.

Behind The Billboard Dan Dawson, Hugh Todd

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A podcast series behind the people, posters, and preposterous ideas that have changed the landscape of Out-of-Home advertising.

    Episode 55 - Jo Moore

    Episode 55 - Jo Moore

    Visuals: https://getbehindthebillboard.com/episode-55-jo-moore

    Episode #55 has a bit of everything.

    Mostly it has the charming, humble and uber talented Jo Moore, ECD at House 337, discussing her OOH work.

    In particular we chatted about the domestic violence campaign for Women’s Aid that ran during last year’s World Cup.

    “He’s coming home” was a chilling reminder of the domestic abuse suffered by women during major tournaments. The poster (and film which is equally brilliant) gained huge publicity and awareness on virtually no budget.

    It led us to a wider debate on how small but important clients like Women’s Aid can get their message across with great creative work.

    This in turn led us to discuss the spoof fashion campaign ‘Not model’s own’ for the same client, highlighting the issue of Coercive Control, executed with tact and skill - gaining column inches galore and huge awareness.

    Next was something completely different: Ant & Dec. And Kraftwerk.
    Surreal, hilarious, with a lot of red.

    And then we heard how Jo met Anthony Burrell and got him designing the wonderfully graphic campaign for The Corinthia Hotel.

    Amidst all this, after about 10 minutes, Dan had to leave the room for a phone call. Jo and Hugh carried on chatting…and chatting…and chatting…Dan never returned until the final credits.

    We thought he was on an important business call, but it was more important than that - it was a family emergency, which thankfully was resolved.

    Quite a morning. Quite the episode!

    Thank you Jo for coming in and taking us behind your billboards. As well as inside your VW van and outdoor swimming. A woman of many parts who barely batted an eyelid as half the Behind the Billboard team left the building ;-)

    And well done Dan for keeping a cool head in a difficult moment. All in a day’s work for my mate Dan.

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    Episode 54 - Emma Brooke

    Episode 54 - Emma Brooke

    Visuals: https://getbehindthebillboard.com/episode-54-emma-brooke

    For episode #54 we spoke to Emma Brooke, Writer and Creative Director at Leo Burnett and originator of some of the very best OOH work in recent years for the BBC.

    We started with her campaign for Peaky Blinders which featured fan art from devotees of the show. This big bucket of UGC resulted in over a dozen brilliant pieces of outdoor that stood out from your everyday air brushed advertising image thanks to their gritty hand crafted style. Whether it was Tommy, Polly or Arthur - the image always appeared fresh and unique.

    The final selects ran on poster sites local to where the artist lived. So not only did they have their moment of fame, but they could go down - with their Mum if need be - and see their art writ large in the great outdoors. What’s more all the work was then exhibited in an online fan art gallery.

    This was followed by a brilliant set of billboards for Killing Eve, which didn’t mention the show, or the BBC or any details other than a series of personal messages and a hashtag #CRAZY4EVE

    Super brave work that caught the tone of the show exactly right. A private squabble played out across the most public platform.

    We also discussed Emma’s life before BBC, her other agencies, life in NYC and most fascinating of all, how she met the love of her life on a plane.

    Thanks Emma for coming on and being so open and charming with your stories. Esp that grinding billboard ;-)

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    Episode 53 - David Masterman

    Episode 53 - David Masterman

    Visuals: https://getbehindthebillboard.com/episode-53-david-masterman/

    Episode #53 of the podcast features the super talented ever ebullient Dave Masterman.

    It was a great session that encompassed Dave’s incredible collection of OOH work both as creative and CD.

    Many highlights: VW, Marmite, Kit Kat, Mr Kipling and esp Ben & Jerry’s - the homemade look ‘n feel still fresh today.

    More up to date work included the audio mnemonic led Domin-oh-hoo-hoo campaign which works surprisingly well on murals and special builds.

    We finished on ‘I Spy Maynard’s’ (Wine Gums) which is possibly the ultimate in outdoor campaigns and why we do the podcast. So good hearing the story behind this campaign that ended up subverting the Euros and Number 10 Downing Street among other events of last year.

    Thanks Dave for not only being a fun and charming guest, but for your incredibly thorough preparation for this episode. We have never had a more organised session!

    See you (and James McAvoy) in Waitrose in December 🤓

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    Episode 52 - Mark Tutssel [Part 2]

    Episode 52 - Mark Tutssel [Part 2]

    Visuals: https://getbehindthebillboard.com/episode-52-mark-tutssel-part-2/

    Part 2 of our conversation with Tuts took us to the very heart the world’s most famous fast food brand. We spoke at length about McDonald’s and Tuts incredible time at the helm of the account, first in London, then Chicago, then around the world.

    There was so much work it would’ve been impossible to cover it all. But we’re pretty sure we got the best bits:

    Golf, Mouse-holes, Hot dog, 20p, Fresh Salads, Milkshake and our absolute favourite, Sundial (featured on Episode 5 with creative team Vince Cook & Gary Fox-Robinson).

    And as if that wasn’t enough, we squeezed in the audacious Allstate Insurance stunt that featured a car dangling off the 17th floor of the landmark Marina Towers apartment building in Chicago, seemingly about to plummet to the ground below, accompanied by the tagline ‘Are you in good hands?’

    This was followed by Samsung Safety Truck, Coke’s Small World Machines that epitomised Tuts ‘creativity without borders’ ethos before finishing on two monster award winning campaigns - ‘My blood is red and black’ and Airbnb Van Gough ‘The Bedroom’.

    Thanks again Mark for giving your time and stories - judging by the response we’ve had for part 1, you have once again smashed it.

    Shoutout again to Soho Radio, our new home for the podcast and to our brilliant sponsors Talon

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    Episode 51 - Mark Tutssel [Part 1]

    Episode 51 - Mark Tutssel [Part 1]

    Visuals: https://getbehindthebillboard.com/episode-51-mark-tutssel-part-1/

    Mark Tutssel aka ’Tuts’
    Part 1

    To say we’re excited about our latest guest on the podcast is somewhat of an understatement.

    Mark Tutssel aka ’Tuts’, is one of the biggest names in the business.

    And when it comes to billboards and OOH, he has few rivals.

    His overall award record is staggering - 600 Cannes Lions, inc 10 Grand Prix, two D&AD Black Pencils, the first ever White Pencil, 25 D&AD Yellow Pencils, Grand Clios and many more - you name, he’s won it.

    And he’s won just about all these gongs at one agency, Leo Burnett. So in a way these two episodes (so much to cover we decided to make it a 2 parter) are as much about Leo Burnett as they are Mark Tutssel.

    In part one, Mark talks about his time in London, an incredible tenure alongside partner Nick Bell, creating iconic billboards for Mercedes-Benz, United Airlines, John West, Heinz and more. This body of work alone would be enough to fill several careers, but not for Tutssel.

    This is just part one of an amazing career spanning nearly 4 decades across all 4 corners of the globe, rewarded during many successful summers in the South of a France with all those Lions 🦁

    Part two features the amazing portfolio of McDonald’s work, both here in London, Chicago and around the globe and more iconic work for Samsung and Coke that epitomised ‘creativity without borders’.

    We discussed the internal awards system Tuts instigated to locate and support the great work within the LB network. And most inspiring of all,we talked about his ‘theatre of the streets’ ethos.

    “Think of the streets as your stage and your goal is to earn a standing ovation.” 

    Amen to that.

    Thanks Tuts for your time, your stories and your work.

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    Episode 50 - David Kolbusz

    Episode 50 - David Kolbusz

    Visuals: https://getbehindthebillboard.com/episode-50-david-kolbusz/

    BtB in 2023.

    And who better to kick off the year and podcast #50 than David Kolbusz, CCO of Orchard New York. A man of many talents and looks. And a blast of fresh air to blow away the January blues.

    We actually spoke before Christmas on a crisp winters day in New York. In fact it was Thanksgiving as we recall, so we’re hugely appreciative of DK’s time on such a big day Stateside.

    The sun was out and through his bedroom window we could hear birdsong from Central Park and sirens from downtown Manhattan (it’s a very big window).

    And most importantly of all, we heard the dulcet tones of DK talking us through his billboards and OOH work from both sides of The Pond.

    Axe, The Guardian, Equinox Gyms, Coal Drops Yard. Every one of them iconic pieces of work with fantastic stories. Including a bit of background Wiggle Jiggle from the brilliant Ocean Spray campaign.

    DK thanks so much. It was a total pleasure.

    Thanks for waking up with us and talking billboards in your pyjamas.

    A first for the show 🤣

    • 1 hr 12 min

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5.0 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

redcardrodge ,

Great stuff

Just listened to another back episode of your podcast. I’m always telling everyone I know that they should listen to it. The vicar was the only one who didn’t seem too keen.
But here’s one tiny niggle. Can someone please edit out the sniffing. It was driving me mad on episode 25 the Nils Leonard one. Was it Dan or Hugh sniffing a load of lines? Surely you’re passed all that.

But otherwise, brilliant stuff… keep riding that pony


mike1986!! ,


Highly recommendable. Amazing!

123Loz007 ,


Love them so much!!! Highly recommended....

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