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Here to help hair and beauty business owners master the skills they need for bigger profits and a fuller life. Step up and Build Your Salon!

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Here to help hair and beauty business owners master the skills they need for bigger profits and a fuller life. Step up and Build Your Salon!

    How to turn new customers into brilliant regulars

    How to turn new customers into brilliant regulars

    Welcome to another exciting episode of the Build Your Salon podcast. I'm thrilled to share some valuable insights with you on transforming first-time salon visitors into loyal clients. In this episode we'll explore how to boost client loyalty and achieve significant business growth.
    We kick things off by discussing the importance of goal setting and revisiting both business and personal goals to stay on track throughout the year. By breaking down large objectives into manageable weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals, we ensure continuous progress and alignment. With the mid-year mark upon us, it's the perfect opportunity to reset and refocus on our aspirations, ensuring we maintain momentum all year long.
    Next, we dive into practical strategies for creating meaningful connections with clients beyond their first visit. I'll share how to make new clients feel welcomed even before they step into your salon through personalised communication and thoughtful gestures. Acquiring new clients can be costly, so I'll provide easy-to-implement tips to build and maintain engagement. We'll discuss enhancing pre-visit interactions with tailored emails and sharing your salon's ethos to make new clients feel valued and comfortable.
    Join me as we explore these strategies and more, ensuring your salon business thrives by turning new visitors into loyal, long-term clients. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and success stories!
    (Editor's Note: You can find the episode Phil talks about here https://buildyoursalonpodcast.com/blog/108-how-quickly-can-you-train-the-perfect-salon-client)

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    The Psychology of Pricing - Ruth Lundstrom

    The Psychology of Pricing - Ruth Lundstrom

    In this enlightening episode of the podcast, I had the absolute pleasure of delving into the intricacies of salon pricing and the empowerment of freelancers with the exceptional Ruth Lundstrom. With over twenty years of hands-on experience in the beauty industry and as the pioneering mind behind the Freelance Suite, Ruth offered a treasure trove of knowledge that is sure to transform any salon business.
    Our conversation journeyed from Ruth's formative years as an apprentice to her challenging yet insightful tenure managing a salon at Regis. She highlighted the significance of strategic pricing, a factor often overlooked yet paramount to long-term success. We tackled the prevalent fears new freelancers face, particularly the trap of underpricing, and discussed how to establish a profitable and sustainable pricing structure.
    Furthermore, Ruth and I delved into the bold move of positioning a salon at the high end of the market, the rewards it can reap, and the cruciality of maintaining profit margins. Ruth's transition from freelancing to supporting others through the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns led to her creation of an e-guide on pricing and a business-simplifying app, showcasing her dedication to aiding the freelance community.
    To cap off the episode, Ruth imparted some indispensable advice for budding salon professionals, stressing the importance of continuous education and impeccable customer service. Her inspiring story of resilience and innovation serves as a beacon for anyone looking to thrive in the beauty industry.

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    Ask Me Anything - June 2024

    Ask Me Anything - June 2024

    Hello, my salon friends! It's Phil Jackson here, your go-to Queen of Salons, bringing you another episode packed with pearls of wisdom on 'Build Your Salon'. This time, I have a question from the marvellous Roz Ingleby, director of Pamper Me Beauty in Clifton, Bristol. I dive into the world of salon success, discussing how to turn the summer breeze of seasonal walk-ins into the year-round warmth of loyal clientele.
    In this episode, I tackle the art of capitalising on your salon's prime location and the strategies that can help convert those one-time summer visitors into repeat customers who can't stay away, no matter the season. I also cover the power of targeted marketing, with a focus on email and social media campaigns, and the pivotal role they play in customer retention.
    (Editor's Note: You can find the episode Phil talks about here https://buildyoursalonpodcast.com/blog/108-how-quickly-can-you-train-the-perfect-salon-client)
    I also delve into your service menu – it's time to shine a spotlight on those high-margin treatments, like facials, which can really elevate your bottom line. I share my thoughts on why facials are a hidden gem that can help keep your salon bustling even when the temperatures drop.
    And remember, I'm always on the lookout for inspiring guests to bring fresh insights to the show. If you have someone in mind who'd be perfect, don't hesitate to drop me a line at phil@buildyoursalon.com. I'd love to hear from you.
    Don't forget to mark your calendars for another episode brimming with wisdom and practical advice, coming your way in just seven days. Until then, stay informed and take the utmost care with 'Build Your Salon'. I can't wait to share more savvy salon tips with you all soon.

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    Could your salon be a lifeline? With 'Shear Haven' ambassador, Liz McKeon

    Could your salon be a lifeline? With 'Shear Haven' ambassador, Liz McKeon

    In this compelling episode of the podcast, I had the distinct honour of welcoming Liz McKeon, an esteemed salon business expert and founder of the International Salon Business School. We delved into a subject that resonates deeply with me – the critical role salon professionals can play in recognising and responding to domestic abuse.
    Liz shared her personal journey, which transitioned from retail and salon ownership to a more transformative role where she now empowers salon workers. She introduced us to Shear Haven, an insightful training programme designed to help salon workers detect signs of domestic abuse. This programme is especially close to Liz's heart due to her own experiences, and she spoke about the nuances of training stylists to offer support without overstepping, transforming salons into safe havens.
    We also explored the intimate bond between stylists and clients, which often extends beyond the superficial. It's this unique relationship that can make salon professionals the first to notice subtle signs of abuse such as changes in behaviour or unexplained injuries. Liz's stories highlighted the gravity of these observations and the importance of a caring response.
    Looking ahead, we discussed the potential of integrating salon business education into academic curriculums, which could be revolutionary in creating educated allies against domestic abuse. As we concluded, I extended an invitation to listeners to join this vital dialogue and help amplify this cause.
    Throughout the episode, we covered key chapters such as 'Salons Advocate Domestic Abuse Prevention', 'Signs of Domestic Abuse in Salons', and 'Recognising and Responding to Domestic Abuse'. We concluded with 'Implementing Salon Business Education in Curriculum', emphasising the importance of education and awareness.
    I truly believe this episode is a tapestry of change in the making, and I invite you to be part of this transformation. Join us as we explore how the salon industry is rising as an ally in domestic abuse awareness. Your participation could make a world of difference.

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    The Profit Trilogy - Part 3 - The REAL cost of discounts

    The Profit Trilogy - Part 3 - The REAL cost of discounts

    Join me, Phil Jackson, as I guide you through another enlightening episode of our Build Your Salon podcast, where this time we're tackling the tricky topic of discounting within the salon industry. Have you ever considered the real impact of those seemingly harmless discounts on your profits? It's a common strategy, but one that could be silently eroding your earnings.
    In this episode, I delve into how slashing prices, even by just 10%, can have a significant and sobering effect on a salon with a £100,000 turnover. But fret not, I'm not just here to highlight potential pitfalls; I've also prepared a practical cheat sheet for you. It's designed to help you critically examine your pricing strategies and to ensure the financial resilience and growth of your beloved salon.
    As we journey through this episode, I provide you with a hands-on exercise to really get to grips with how discounting affects your bottom line. With a downloadable handout from our website, you can directly apply these insights to your salon's unique situation.
    I'm always eager to hear your feedback and personal stories. They're the heartbeat of our podcast community. Plus, keep an ear out for upcoming content, which will include fresh tips and perhaps even special guests to add further value to our discussions.
    So, whether you're on the beach, commuting, or between clients, tune in and let's dive into the world of profitable pricing and savvy salon financial strategies together. Your journey to salon success without reliance on discounts starts here!

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    The Profit Trilogy - Part 2 - The REAL cost of investment

    The Profit Trilogy - Part 2 - The REAL cost of investment

    In this insightful episode of the Build Your Salon podcast, I, Phil Jackson, your guide to salon profitability, take you beyond the allure of the latest equipment and revenue numbers to explore what truly constitutes profit in the salon industry. We delve into the hidden costs of salon investments and how to make choices that don't just inflate your turnover but actually boost your bottom line.
    Join me as we examine the misleading promises of equipment manufacturers and the importance of understanding your profit margin. I'll reveal the real cost of investment and the often overlooked distinction between revenue and profit when purchasing new equipment, like a laser hair removal machine.
    I'll break down the economics of your salon, discussing fixed, variable, and direct costs, and how they impact your profit margin. By the end of this episode, you'll have the financial insights to make smarter investment decisions for your salon's future.
    We'll also touch on last week's topic, profit margin, and I'll challenge you to consider whether you've achieved the efficiencies in your business that can lead to scale economies or reduced direct costs. And don't forget, you can catch up on any episodes you've missed at buildyoursalonpodcast.com, where you'll also find a helpful cheat sheet for this trilogy of profitable episodes.
    I'm here to help you see through the empty promises and equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions that lead to genuine profit. So tune in, and let's take a critical look at what it takes to create a thriving, profitable salon business.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Ms Heather A ,

Fabulous darlings

Fabulous and brutally honest advice.
No unnecessary sugar coating but cheekily entertaining and really helpful for hair and beauty salon owners.

Silverstorm81 ,

Queen of coaching

One of the things I am grateful for covid lockdown is Phil.
I signed up to a free masterclass. Then I signed up for one of his paid programs.
I have contacted with Phil’s programs and my business has accelerated significantly.
I now work less hours and turnover more money. These podcasts and his mentoring is essential for any hair or beauty salon owner if you are serious about changing your hobby into a thriving business and “get paid properly”

Much love xx

sarahhh1234 ,

Love this!

Phil is a really wise owl! I just love the way he doesn’t sugarcoat things and makes you hold yourself accountable. Such a useful podcast full of loads of free help, definitely worth a listen.

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