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Uncommon people & underreported stories.

    He Used Playboy To Rape 8 Women

    He Used Playboy To Rape 8 Women

    In this episode of Offbeat we uncover the unbelievable true story of Dennis Black Magic who has been convicted of raping 8 women. We explore how he lured victims with promises of photoshoots in Playboy Magazine. How he then exploited his victims in prostitution and pornography and how business partners Joyce De Troch and Pierre Woodman profited from his crimes.

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    00:00 - Intro
    03:40 - Who is Dennis Black Magic?
    06:30 - How he did it
    09:07 - Joyce De Troch was his business partner
    12:10 - Joyce De Troch knew about his crimes
    14:44 - Prostitution and illicit cash
    20:43 - Dennis is arrested
    22:41 - Dennis is freed
    23:44 - They hire Dennis' prison guard!
    27:25 - He raped a cancer survivor
    33:45 - She tries to protect the girls
    37:10 - Shutting Dennis down
    40:43 - Joyce didn't care about the victims
    45:42 - Playboy Magazine gave Dennis and Joyce credibility
    50:49 - They were recruiting models for Pierre Woodman
    52:11 - They made Pierre Woodman CEO
    56:28 - Was it a sophisticated trafficking scheme?

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Is Pierre Woodman Drugging Women?

    Is Pierre Woodman Drugging Women?

    An Offbeat viewer showed me footage that appears to show Pierre Woodman trying to score cocaine and talking about drugging women in his casting videos. It raises serious concerns over the investigation into his content that was done by Visa, Mastercard, CCBill and Epoch payments last year.

    Eva Berger interview: https://youtu.be/QREuum0-rR0

    Many Pierre Woodman allegations: https://youtu.be/iqK8UgGJo7w

    Pierre Woodman defence debunked: https://youtu.be/YZh9m2hVCL8

    Trafficked to the US: https://youtu.be/jwe0Q2FlMwg

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    • 19 min
    Trafficked Into American Porn

    Trafficked Into American Porn

    Join me as I sit down with Shona River as she bravely shares her story of being trafficked into the American porn industry by LA Direct. Sadly, Shona's experience isn't unique. Many non-US citizen models, like her, are forced into this industry without proper permits and even coerced into illegal prostitution by their agents. This form of sex trafficking affects hundreds of victims, with every porn site profiting from their exploitation. It's time for change. By enforcing work visas for foreign models, the porn industry could put an end to this overnight. Let's spread awareness and work towards a safer environment for all models. Please share this video.

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    LA Direct Documentary

    Louis Theroux interview with Derek Hay & Woodman


    00:00 - Intro

    05:39 - Beginnings of porn career

    15:12 - Pierre Woodman introduction to LA Direct

    17:10 - Sex trafficking loophole

    21:24 - AVN Awards market place for trafficked women

    23:40 - Immigration failed

    27:43 - Meeting Derek Hay for the 1st time

    29:37 - I had to live with Derek Hay

    35:19 - Five year contract!

    38:21 - Propositioned by Derek Hay

    44:36 - A low point

    48:43 - Crying every day

    50:53 - Wasn't allowed a house key

    57:31 - My first paycheque was $500

    01:02:45 - Getting my own jobs

    01:04:55 - Not allowed to shoot OnlyFans content

    01:06:35 - Derek Hay introduce escort agency The Luxury Companion

    01:13:39 - He tried to control my private life

    01:17:05 - Fixing the porn trafficking loophole & speaking out

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Escort Says Why Men Cheat

    Escort Says Why Men Cheat

    Shona River is back on Offbeat and she's here to tell me all about why men cheat on their wives and girlfriends. Shona has a unique perspective as a professional escort that seen hundreds of married men. In the episode we debate why men cheat, it's impact on their relationships and Shona explains how she actually saves relationships rather than damages them.

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    00:00 - Intro

    01:32 - How many men cheat?

    03:16 - Why men cheat

    08:09 - Is cheating ok in sexless marriages?

    20:55 - Using pros to get away with it

    22:15 - Is meeting an escort cheating?

    24:30 - Women know when men are cheating

    27:09 - Cheating stats by age and gender

    31:12 - How it feels when your partner cheats

    34:48 - What if I caught my husband cheating?

    42:37 - Visiting a married man at his family home!

    47:23 - Do footballers cheat more?

    52:34 - Is being an escort cheating?

    • 59 min
    Male Inequality: What Feminists Won’t Tell You

    Male Inequality: What Feminists Won’t Tell You

    In this episode I'm joined by George Horne from The Tin Men, an advocate for men and boys in the UK. Together we did a deep dive into the main issues facing men today. Including male suicide, falling behind in education and at work, and the female on male domestic abuse.

    George explains why he campaigns on men issues and highlights a lot of biases society now has against men whether it's in prisons, job applications or in family courts. More importantly, he also says what needs to be done and how we need to change our thinking if we want to start putting this right.

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    00:00 - Intro
    02:53 - Men's rights
    05:06 - The biggest risk to men's lives
    11:13 - Family court bias against men
    15:41 - Men get longer prison sentences than women
    24:39 - WTF is the patriarchy anyway?
    27:34 - Men vs women at work
    31:26 - The men being abused by women
    48:57 - Need to focus on issues not gender
    53:32 - Men are disposable
    59:16 - Problem with the manosphere
    01:06:47 - Man can't be the breadwinner anymore
    01:18:39 - Only women can be victims of domestic violence
    01:20:43 - "Men's jobs" are disappearing

    • 1 hr 38 min
    I Asked Women How Long Men Should Last In Bed

    I Asked Women How Long Men Should Last In Bed

    Ever wondered if you have enough stamina or how you measure up to other guys? Me too, so I went to the Babestation studios and asked three of their female presenters how long men should last in bed? The girls told me exactly what women want from men. We also explained what you should do about premature ejaculation and shared tips on how to last longer.

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    And Scarlett Minx, Roxy Winters & Chloe Mae

    00:00 - Intro
    02:43 - How long should sex last?
    07:12 - How long it takes men & women to orgasm
    12:33 - How often are girls disappointed?
    14:13 - Pressure & anxiety
    22:22 - What types of men finish fast?
    31:39 - What is premature ejaculation?
    39:26 - Sex education
    47:19 - Talking about premature ejaculation
    53:39 - When is it selfish to finish too fast?
    58:20 - When you last too long in bed!
    01:01:32 - Circumcised vs uncircumcised

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

2.5 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Smiler998 ,


Packing 30 mins into 90 mins.
Some interesting subjects.
Unconvincing attacks on RS. & attacks on Euro vs US porn🙄

amynk90 ,


Absolutely vile views ‘girls mature quickly and get horny in the hot weather’ when talking about the age of consent being 14 in Hungary - absolutely VILE

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