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The podcast for female yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profit, and create a business that they and their students love.

Prosperous Yogini Amy Jones

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The podcast for female yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profit, and create a business that they and their students love.

    Ep. 50 - My transformational mentoring programme for yoga teachers

    Ep. 50 - My transformational mentoring programme for yoga teachers

    With the doors to my Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme for yoga teachers re-opening Friday 26th May until 9pm on Monday 5th June, today’s episode is all about this amazing offer and how I turned anger into love and passion to create this magical programme.
    I’ve been training and mentoring yoga teachers since 2017, the vast majority have been female.  Time and time again I was experiencing the same story, amazing yoga teachers, with so much to offer the world, full of self-doubt and struggling to make money in what is a multi-million dollar industry.
     I got angry and decided instead of staying angry and blaming external circumstances I’d do something about it, because I have a strong feeling that more money in the hands of women will make the world a better place.
    And I just so happen to be able to help yoga teachers turn their passion into profit.
     And I am ready to help you!
     Now really is the time to come in at this amazing price and offer, this will be different when the doors re-open in the Autumn!
     Join here - https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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    The Impact of My Mentoring Programme

    The Impact of My Mentoring Programme

    In today’s episode, I am joined by Annette who joined my mentoring programme this February, and in the 3 and half months we’ve been working together so far Annette’s yoga business has gone through a massive transformation!

    But it’s not just my mentoring programme we chat about, Annette is like so many yoga teachers, working part-time employed and part-time as a yoga teacher.  She also trained during the covid years and totally unplanned has started an online yoga business!

    Working with me Annette has set up systems to remove friction so people can easily see who she is, why they want to do yoga with her, and how.  We’ve created her website, set up online payments, radically changed her payment structure for her online class, created new offers for her current audience, which she has also grown and now we’re hatching plans for passive income!

    This has all been possible because of the personalised tailored approach of my mentoring programme, when you join, I review your whole business and create an in-depth pathway to profit which is unique to you.

    There are group coaching calls and teaching clinics, along with self-study content that covers all aspects of running a yoga business.  On top of this is ongoing personalised support in our community space and via WhatsApp.  This level of personal support ensures when you hire me on your team for 6 months together we create your dream yoga business that honours you.

    And Annette is right the return on your investment isn’t just in the extra money you will make, but it’s the time you will save in getting there.

    Join my mentoring programme for yoga teachers

    And I want this for you too, and when the doors re-open for my 6-month Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme on Friday 26th May until the 5th of June, now really is the time to come in, because this is the last time you will see it at this current price and level of support.

    See full details here– https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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    Check Annette out!

    Check out Annette and her new website  here - https://www.annettefridayyoga.com/

    Follow Annette on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/annettefridayyoga/

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    Studio Ownership, Motherhood and Mentoring

    Studio Ownership, Motherhood and Mentoring

    In today’s episode, I am joined by Clare from Switzerland!  Clare is currently in my mentoring programme, and we have a good chat about studio ownership, juggling motherhood, and the impact of being in my mentored by me! 

    Working together Clare and I have refined her already wonderful offers, created new offers maximising her beautiful studio space and are now really homing in on expanding income – working smarter, not harder!

    I call it my pathway to profit, and I create a unique one for everyone in my mentoring programme.

    We also share some very exciting news.  In 2024 I am going international and heading over to Clare’s studio in Switzerland to run an in-person 4-day Yin-yoga teacher training course!!!

    This is universal alignment, opportunities come your way and the universe literally hooks you up!

    Join my mentoring programme for yoga teachers

    If you would like to build, grow and scale your yoga business, in a highly supportive, personalised group mentoring programme then I’m your girl!  The doors are re-opening Friday 26th May till the 5th of June, and now really is the time to come in, at the current price with this level of support.

    Find out more here– https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

    Check Clare out

    Check out Clare and her beautiful studio  here - https://raisondhetre.ch/

    Follow Clare on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/clarebhallawellbeing/


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    Share Your Wins

    Share Your Wins

    What you focus on expands!  In today's episode, I encourage you to focus on what is going well and celebrate your journey to where you want to be, to that full class.

    I am massively celebrating wins this week, those in my mentorship programme have made drastic improvements to their yoga business since working with me and I share a snapshot of these.

    And I am sharing my win of making my dream of a mentoring programme that helps yoga teachers, who happened to be mostly women, build, grow and scale their profitable, impactful yoga business, come true!

    Join my mentoring programme for yoga teachers

    And on that subject, I’d love to invite you to join me when the doors re-open at the end of this month.  Now really is the time to come in, at the current price with this level of support.

    JOIN HERE - https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

    Mark the date in your diary – doors open on Friday 26th May 9am, and close on Monday 5th June 9pm.

    Prosperous Yogini Podcast Episode 47

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    A Yin-yoga class just for you!

    A Yin-yoga class just for you!

    A very different episode today, I am teaching a Yin-yoga class just for you!
    Because you and your practice matter, and for your yoga business to truly thrive, it all starts with you!
    *Please note the sound every now and again is a bit crackly, I was using my new ear pods, so all should have been good, but Mercury is in retrograde, and technology mishaps are happening to me all over the place!
    I decided not to re-record, I am literally a one-hit wonder, and I’ve learned that my first version is my best, so here it is with the odd crackle, sorry!
    If you prefer to watch on YouTube so you can see me here is the link – https://youtu.be/_EXZGjRz_ak
    Sign up for my FREE Yin-Yoga Teacher Training taster here – https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/j6b8h4
    Check out my 50-hour online Yin-Yoga Teacher Training course here – https://amy-yoga.com/online-yin-yoga-teacher-training/ 
    And get your name on the wait list for my Prosperous Yogini mentoring programme, doors open Friday 26th May, it’s a date for your diary! - https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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    Teaching Yin Yoga, the power of diversifying

    Teaching Yin Yoga, the power of diversifying

    In today’s episode, I share how my body, my teaching and my yoga business has changed over the last 14 years of teaching, alongside persuading you to train with me to teach yoga with me!

    Yoga teaches us nothing is constant; everything is subject to change and that includes us!  Not only do our body's needs shift as we experience life, but we’re human and it’s natural to have new interests and be led down pathways of curiosity.

    I found Yin yoga because my body needed it, and it had such a profound effect on me I of course wanted to share that with my students.   This led to not only sharing this much-needed practice with my students but diversifying my offers and creating consistent income with my yoga business, through a membership model.

    Whether it’s Yin, or a different style of yoga, diversifying the style of yoga we teach helps bring balance to our body, and our students’ bodies’, as well as opening the doorway for new income pathways.

    Yin-yoga teacher training

    It is why I do believe if you don’t already you should teach Yin-yoga!

    Not to mention you can start training online with me today, with my flexible, practical and highly supportive Yin Yoga Teacher Training course 

    Sign up for my FREE Yin-Yoga Teacher Training taster here – https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/j6b8h4

    Check out my 50-hour online Yin-Yoga Teacher Training course here – https://amy-yoga.com/online-yin-yoga-teacher-training/ 

    In-person course dates coming later this year, and they’re not all based in the UK – eek!!!!

    Join my mentorship programme for yoga teachers

    Perhaps it’s not more training you need, but support in taking those brave steps to diversify your offers and create consistent streams of income within your yoga business.

    I would love to support you to create a profitable, sustainable and joyful yoga business.  My mentorship programme supports you as both a yoga teacher and a yoga boss

    Find out more here – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/, add your name to the waitlist if you find the doors are closed.

    Other ways we can work together

    Binge-listen for free to all the episodes of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-podcast/

    Train with me.  I offer online, specialist, flexible training courses in Yin, Pregnancy & Postnatal yoga.  Start today and together we can expand your teaching schedule -  https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/
    Study further with me. I have a range of self-paced study continued professional development courses, covering a range of topics related to teaching yoga and running your yoga business – https://amy-yoga.com/cpd-for-yoga-teachers/

    Watch on YouTube

    Prosperous Yogini Podcast episode 45

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

KatrinaPerky ,


I so look forward to these podcasts. Such fabulous topics, advice and information. I completed 200 hours TT in May and it’s like you are reading my mind. Thank you Amy!

LeeJones45 ,

Relatable, informative and fun

Listening to Amy is like having a chat with a friend over a coffee…. But that friend is full of relatable stories and great advice!

Vintageabbie ,

Super inspiring and great energy!

Loving your podcast Amy!

I first came across Amy as she provided the pregnancy training on my YTT course in 2021, and I loved her energy then even as the course was delivered remotely. I’ve been following her ever since, and I though my own teaching journey has paused/changed with the birth of my daughter this year, I know that there is still something on the horizon for me delivering some kind of wellness or spiritual offering, and I’m super excited to listen to Amy’s thoughts and advice on the subject - it’s great that she makes sure the advice is transferable to whatever offering you may provide, not just yoga 😊

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