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Interviews with key players in coaching, and all of 3D's new ideas

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Interviews with key players in coaching, and all of 3D's new ideas

    Coaching Through Burnout with Michael Levitt

    Coaching Through Burnout with Michael Levitt

    This week, Claire is talking to Michael Levitt.  A former Health Care leader, Michael burned out in 2009.
    He talks about lessons learned and some strategies to avoid burnout - useful for anyone encountering burnout themselves or with others.  
    We also talk about the Kevin Hunt podcast about listening to our bodies.
    Contact Michael and get a free PDF copy of his book through https://breakfastleadership.teachable.com/p/burnout-proof-your-life/

    • 35 min
    Brighter Days with Patrick Regan OBE

    Brighter Days with Patrick Regan OBE

    Today, Claire is in conversation with Patrick Regan about the work he is doing with Brighter Days.  Find out about Patrick’s journey from working with young people in London, through his own experience of being broken, to the work he is doing now around mental health.
    Patrick designed a wellbeing course, inspired by the Japanese art form Kinsugi, which emphasizes resilience, honesty, forgiveness, and other key life skills. The course grew during the pandemic, with over 10,000 people completing it. Patrick's new book is all about connection, vulnerability, and community power.
    We talk about other conversations at The Coaching Inn with
    Kay Young (coming soon)
    Kirsty Papworth
    Mark Goulston
    And the new story in the UK that has been made into a TV show: Mr Bates V The Post Office
    Contact Patrick Regan through www.brighterdays.life
    Read more in Patrick’s book Brighter Days

    • 34 min
    Personal Development Coaching in Sport with Elizabeth Egan

    Personal Development Coaching in Sport with Elizabeth Egan

    Behind every athlete is a human.  Today Claire is talking to Elizabeth Egan about her journey into personal development coaching in sport.  Lots to think about this week around working with young people, and the differences between our work and sports coaching.
    Elizabeth has written an excellent reference guide, with Rob Clift and Carly Jones that you can find on her website https://www.somuchmore.ie/ . It’s a wonderful guide for any kind of coach.
    Contact Elizabeth through her website or Linked In.

    • 33 min
    The K in STOKeRS with the 3D Coach Mentors

    The K in STOKeRS with the 3D Coach Mentors

    At our last mentors meeting we thought it would be fun to invite you into our conversation from time to time.
    Today, Claire Pedrick is in conversation with Ruth Bennett PCC and Zoe Dickinson PCC about what we are learning from technical check ins with coaches - looking at recordings of their work.
    We talk about
    • Making the rightsizing questions normal
    • The Importance of Asking 'How Will You Know'
    • Connecting with what people are saying so we don’t sound like a machine gun
    • Adapting tone in different parts of the conversation
    If you like this episode, we’d love you to share it with one other coach.
    And if you’d like to talk more about any of the things you heard in the podcast, we are on LinkedIn and at the end of info@3dcoaching.com

    • 38 min
    Endings in Coaching with Derek Hill

    Endings in Coaching with Derek Hill

    Today Claire is talking with Derek Hill about the research he has done into endings in coaching. At 3D Coaching, we find that this topic comes up more than almost anything else in our coaching supervision community.
    We talk about intimacy and belonging, how different people engage in ending the relationship and Derek generously shares some of his learning. His Henley Insight Guide on Goodbyes is available to anyone subscribed to Henley Live.  And it’s also available to download in my supervision community.
    And if you’re left curious about ending a session well, check out my 1 hour pre-recorded masterclass https://www.3dcoaching.com/shop/masterclass-2-6-facilitating-client-growth/ You can have 10% off if you use the code DEREK.
    Contact Derek Hill through Linked In or https://www.hi5coaching.com/

    • 37 min
    What’s the Connection between Coaching and Home Education? With Kate Caroe

    What’s the Connection between Coaching and Home Education? With Kate Caroe

    Sometimes the best learning about coaching comes when we talk about something else and then make our own meaning.  Claire met Kate Caroe at the Out of The Box/ Deep Talk conference in September 2023. Over coffee, Kate shared some of the connections she was making between Home Education and Coaching. So we invited her to come to The Coaching Inn and talk more.
    Kate hashome educated her 6 children and learned about how to facilitate them to do their own learning, how to keep out of the way, to be present, and how to avoid squashing innate curiosity.
    Contact Kate through www.outoftheboxstories.org 

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Bob65327 ,

Beautifully constructed coaching podcast

I can’t tell you how much it brightens up my day to hear Claire’s infectious positivity and wise space-creation on the Coaching Inn podcast. Your perfect companion for reflection and growth as a coach.

Abedd ,

Makes me really think

The Coaching Inn is an excellent Podcast for all coaches to learn new things. Claire has a fantastic way of making you feel like she is coaching you on the Podcast. I have learned so much from this and her great book Simplifying Coaching. The one thing I love is the combination of short blogs or book club and the longer form interviews. I would encourage all coaches to listen to this marvelous Podcast.

Fchange ,

Excellent first episode

I really enjoyed the first episode about coaching a team. It clearly laid out some of the core principles of facilitating a group session.

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