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Welcome to Wise Wealth with Samuel Leach. We discuss the markets with traders, entrepreneurs and interesting characters. Get the latest insight into what some of the best investors, traders and entrepreneurs are up to in the current market. Come join us in a conversation with wise individuals discussing the world of investments.

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Welcome to Wise Wealth with Samuel Leach. We discuss the markets with traders, entrepreneurs and interesting characters. Get the latest insight into what some of the best investors, traders and entrepreneurs are up to in the current market. Come join us in a conversation with wise individuals discussing the world of investments.

    #18 A Guide to Global Living and Strategic Tax Management

    #18 A Guide to Global Living and Strategic Tax Management

    Welcome to another episode of the Wise Wealth Podcast featuring Andrew Henderson, the founder of Nomad Capitalist. Known for his unique mantra "go where you're treated best," Andrew shares his perspective on achieving financial freedom through a global lifestyle and strategic tax management.Andrew provides a fascinating introduction to the concept of "multi-jurisdictional" tax planning, a strategy he used to successfully develop Nomad Capitalist into a premier advisory firm. He discusses his research operation's relentless pursuit of unique, country-specific opportunities to protect and grow wealth for ambitious individuals.Dive deep into Andrew's views on America's changing competitiveness in the global setting and his belief in the future trend of a traveling education system. Learn from his unique experiences of maintaining residences in various global cities and realize the incredible potential of a geographically diversified life.Explore the unconventional path of a self-made entrepreneur who dropped out of university to revolutionize global living. Discover how he built global business networks, adapted to international tax laws, cemented international residencies and built a thriving business out of his unique life experiences.Discover the changing dynamics of nationality and global living as Andrew delves into the controversies over citizenship in Western countries. Learn about the importance of a 'second passport' as a protective measure and the rising opportunities in countries beyond traditional Western powerhouses.Get valuable recommendations on the top destinations for nomads and understand the concept of 'citizenship arbitrage.' Imagine a future where global integration and more freedom define citizenship as we delve into Andrew's insights on this crucial subject.Dive into the rich world of nomadic living, explore global citizenship, and unravel the intricacies of cross-border taxation. Be inspired by Andrew's journey and gather valuable insights into finding hidden tax-friendly countries worldwide and innovative investment opportunities.Whether you're looking to structure your business for a global lifestyle, delve deep into global taxation, or are filled with an adventurous spirit eager to break traditional boundaries, this episode is packed with fascinating insights you wouldn't want to miss.

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    #17 Luna Investment Management's Market Breakdown

    #17 Luna Investment Management's Market Breakdown

    In this compelling episode of the Wise Wealth podcast, we welcome Alex Brandreth, Chief Investment Officer at Luna. Alex takes us on a journey into his finance career, which began in the turbulent period prior to the financial crisis. He discusses his experiences in a financial advisory firm and his rise to the position of Chief Investment Officer at Brown Shipley. He also shares the story of Luna's inception, a rapidly growing independent wealth management firm.
    Alex acknowledges Luna's successful track record to their committed team and the long-held trust they've cultivated among their clients. He delves into how Luna braved the volatile market during the pandemic and emerged victorious using key strategies for an impressive growth comeback.
    While maintaining an optimistic outlook on the current market sentiment contrary to what the general press claims, Alex sheds light on his belief in delivering consistent long-term returns. Delving into asset classes, interest rates, he places emphasis on risk mitigation in investment strategies. He also discusses the relative valuations of UK and US equities, acknowledging the effects of political instability on market prices.
    We immerse ourselves in a compelling discourse about the impending election's potential impact on markets, how politics can influence economic growth and stock markets, and debunk prevailing ideas about party affiliations affecting market performance. Amid this dynamic exchange, we explore the re-emergence of US & China's trade war, automating technologies like AI, and the upcoming US elections' potential market effects.
    Concluding with a discussion about opportunities in Japanese markets, the anticipated impacts of changing interest rates, and the implications for both local and international businesses, this episode provides valuable insights into global economic shifts, investment strategies, and the intricacies of wealth creation and management. Tune in and get enlightened about the ever-changing global economic landscape.

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    #16 How £430M Transformed the Real Estate Game!

    #16 How £430M Transformed the Real Estate Game!

    Join us on this thrilling episode of Wise Wealth as we sit down with the visionary behind TAB, Duncan Kreeger. Discover the innovative journey of TAB from its inception in 2018 and how the business is breaking the mould of traditional lending with a unique approach to property finance. Dive into the heart of TAB’s success, as we explore their groundbreaking £300m funding led by Natwest, aimed at revolutionising the real estate landscape with a focus on sustainability and ESG-positive initiatives.
    Get an insider's look at TAB's agile platform, designed to deliver bespoke financial solutions that resonate with the pulse of the property market. Hear firsthand about the dynamic new fractional ownership model that's shaking up the investment world, starting with two strategically acquired Travelodge hotels in Greater London.
    In this exclusive interview, Duncan will share his vast experience in the lending industry, managing over £2.5bn of new loans. Learn about the core values that drive TAB, the commitment to transparency and trust, and how these principles have led to an impressive loan book set to reach £500m by 2024.
    Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the industry's leading figures. Whether you're an investor, an entrepreneur, or simply intrigued by the future of real estate and finance, this episode promises to enlighten and inspire. Tune in to Wise Wealth and be part of the conversation with Duncan Kreeger, the man at the forefront of property lending innovation!

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    #15 Inside the Surging Market of Women’s Health Investing!

    #15 Inside the Surging Market of Women’s Health Investing!

    In this groundbreaking episode of the Wise Wealth podcast, we are honoured to welcome James Benedict, a visionary leader in the venture capital and private equity landscape. As the Chairman of Goddess Gaia Ventures, James has been instrumental in steering the firm's strategic direction and investment decisions. With a rich background spanning over 25 years in VC and PE, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussion. 
    James is not just a seasoned professional in investment management; he's also a pioneering Co-Founder & Chief Talent Officer at BeDoWin360 Capital and has played key roles at Left Tackle Capital and Kidd & Company. His extensive board involvement, including NextPhase Medical Devices and Colerain Family RV, showcases his diverse expertise and commitment to impactful leadership.
    Boasting an impressive academic background with a Ph.D. in International Economics from Columbia University, a B.A. from Baylor University, and specialised training in Monetary and Fiscal Policy from the Japanese Ministry of Finance, James is a reservoir of knowledge and insights.
    In this episode, James will delve into a topic close to his heart: the vast, often overlooked opportunities in women’s healthcare investment. He'll challenge the traditional narratives in women’s health, advocating for a shift from philanthropy to a focus on tangible multiples and returns. Expect a compelling discussion on various investment categories beyond femtech, including lucrative areas like cancers and women’s sports.
    Furthermore, James will share his insights on global expansion strategies for investments, especially the journey to the U.S. market. He'll also provide an insider’s perspective on raising a VC fund and offer a critical analysis of 'diversity' in investment funds, distinguishing between genuine market understanding and superficial tokenism.
    This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in venture capital, private equity, family offices, and especially for those keen to understand and capitalise on the untapped potential in women's health investment. Tune in to gain unparalleled insights from one of the leading minds in the field – James's expertise is not just enlightening, it's transformative.

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    #14 Mastering the Markets in 2024 with Damian Barry

    #14 Mastering the Markets in 2024 with Damian Barry

    Welcome to this enlightening episode of the "Wise Wealth Podcast" where we delve deep into the world of investment with the esteemed Damian Barry. With an impressive career spanning 30 years, Damian brings a wealth of knowledge from managing investment portfolios for institutional and retail clients. His experience encompasses a diverse range of investments including commodities, property, bonds, equities, and hedge funds. Damian has not only invested globally but also researched various investment products across the world, offering unique insights into international markets and their volatilities.
    In this episode, we explore Damian's journey through the dynamic realm of investments and his strategies for navigating market volatility. He shares his valuable perspectives on creating robust investment portfolios, adapting to global market changes, and the art of balancing risk and reward.
    As part of MASECO, an independent wealth management firm dedicated to enriching the lives of High and Ultra High Net Worth American and global clients, we also discuss how we simplify complex multi-jurisdictional wealth management needs. Our conversation with Damian is a must-listen for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the investment world and how to manage wealth effectively in today's global market.
    Tune in to this episode of the Wise Wealth Podcast for an exclusive journey into the insights and experiences of one of the investment world's most seasoned professionals. Discover how you can apply these lessons to manage and grow your wealth, no matter where you are in the world.
    #WiseWealthPodcast #InvestmentStrategy #GlobalMarkets #WealthManagement #DamianBarry #MASECO

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    #13 The Shocking Truth Behind Mega M&A Deals!

    #13 The Shocking Truth Behind Mega M&A Deals!

    Welcome to another exciting episode of Wise Wealth, where we delve into the intricacies of finance and investment. Today, we're thrilled to welcome a distinguished guest, Victor Basta, the CEO of DAI Magister. Victor brings a wealth of experience, with over three decades in the arena of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), particularly in growth sectors.
    Under his leadership, DAI Magister has become a cornerstone in guiding companies through the complex world of M&A, offering strategic insights that have reshaped the landscape of business growth and acquisitions. Victor's expertise isn't just in the theory of M&A; it's grounded in a rich history of hands-on experiences and lessons learned from the front lines.
    In today's episode, Victor will share his unique perspective on the current state of M&A activity, how the market is transitioning from financings to more M&A-focused strategies, and what companies can do to prepare for successful mergers or acquisitions. He'll also delve into some of the critical lessons he's learned over his illustrious 30-year career in M&A.
    So, tune in, as we explore these insights with Victor Basta, a true connoisseur of the M&A world.

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4.7 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Bobby__12 ,

Kroo Bank

Interesting listening to thoughts on the market place.
Exciting explanation of a high interest current account with no tie in upto 85k
Plus loads more.
Worth a listen 👊🏽

Stans Bets ,

A diverse, educational podcast by Samuel and Team

I enjoy the diverse people that get interviewed on this podcast, Samuel brings a different outlook on to running a business and reaching your goals.

Keep up the good work,


Guy tou73638 ,

Funny and insightful

Great laugh and also educational.

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