The smash hit podcast about cameras and camera collecting from Jeff Greenstein and Gabe Sachs.

I Dream of Cameras Jeff Greenstein and Gabe Sachs

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The smash hit podcast about cameras and camera collecting from Jeff Greenstein and Gabe Sachs.

    Episode 69 • P

    Episode 69 • P

    Paulina Porizkova joins the boys to offer her unique perspective on the art and business of fashion photography. How’d she get into it? What’s the most important thing a photographer should know about working with models? Why does Paulina call Irving Penn “Mr. Penn”? Does the fact that Jeff has a spreadsheet of when he last changed the batteries in his cameras render him more attractive? All this and much, much more in our sexy Episode № 69 — nice!

    * how Paulina got into modeling at age 15, how she learned the craft
    * her growing awareness of lighting and cameras
    * the dance between photographer and model, and how it’s altered by different types of camera
    * how a photographer’s behavior influences a model’s confidence
    * how real is the Veruschka scene from Blow-Up?
    * do you know if the shot is good?
    * how aware are you of camera equipment?
    * can what you know about modeling be taught?
    * pay attention to lighting! take a selfie when you look great!
    * were you ever interested in photography yourself?
    * her late husband Ric Ocasek’s interest in photography
    * studio vs. location shooting
    * the business of modeling is not what you think!
    * does the fact that Jeff has a spreadsheet of when he last changed the batteries in his cameras render him more attractive?
    * what is the most important thing a photographer should know about working with models?
    * is it different working with a female photographer?
    * working with Irving Penn and why P always calls him “Mister”
    * Bill King
    * the one photographer she wishes she’d had a chance to work with: Helmut Newton
    * the resurgence of 35mm point-and-shoots in fashion photography, e.g. Marie Tomanova’s shoot for Czech Vogue
    * can you get a good shot of a model by being mean to her?
    * what’s it like shooting with your boyfriend, former photographer of plants and buildings?
    * the portrait by Jeff that P loves
    * her Top 5 photographers she enjoyed working with:
    * Mr. Penn
    * Arthur Elgort (author of Camera Ready and Camera Crazy)
    * Patrick Demarchelier
    * Marcus Bard
    * Marco Glaviano
    * what’s it like being constantly confronted with images of your younger self? do you have a favorite?

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    Episode 68 • Peres-Troika

    Episode 68 • Peres-Troika

    It’s an xlent xlerated xtralarge xtravaganza as Gabe and Jeff hack and slash their way to the bottom of the Prodigious Mailbag™, which features a slew of emails penned by celebrities under the pseudonym “Alan Peres.” Also discussed: cameras of ’55, cameras of ’24, Dune 2, SB2, SL3, FP4, HP5, Number Six and Zippora Seven! Tune in as we run the numbers!

    * Cameras in Focus 1955:
    * Olympus Wide
    * Rolleiflex 2.8D
    * the Nikon SP was in development (which prompts a reprise of Jeff’s astonishing SP acquisition story)
    * Pentaflex
    * Graflex Stereo Graphic
    * a 1955 survey of 35mm cameras by price range
    * Jeff briefly acquired an Asahi Pentax SB2, rare variant of the H3/S3 sold only on Japanese military bases… but it was broken, so back it went
    * Gabe launches the Under $40 Camera Challenge!
    * The soon-come Pentax film compact camera will be a half-frame model with zone focusing
    * For the third straight time, Leica reports record revenue, plus the new SL3 is out
    * Gabe rhapsodizes about the monstrous Gowlandflex
    * Dave Tada picked Gabe up a coveted Nikkor 28mm f2.8…
    * …but he still yearns for an ugly black Nikon F
    * Dune 2 was shot on a $50 Helios-44!
    * Nikon is buying RED
    * Jeff watched the great Yu Tsai in action at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue 60th anniversary shoot in Fort Lauderdale
    * We go XL to empty out the Prodigious Mailbag™
    * Our IDOC Discord channel is hoppin’! Join us!

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    Episode 67 • Your Extra Time and Your Kiss

    Episode 67 • Your Extra Time and Your Kiss

    “Pablo Larraín, the film’s Chilean director, felt [Jackie] Kennedy’s love of beauty was so integral to her character that he requested [Natalie] Portman utter ‘I love beauty’ at some point during the shooting of every scene.” This is absurd, but not as absurd as Episode № 67 of I Dream of Cameras, “Your Extra Time and Your Kiss,” in which we discuss cameras called Beauty and Kiss and Super. Tune in for all the mayhem!

    * Jeff made yet another math error! 64 is 2 to the fifth
    * Gabe presents… Cameras in Focus, 1956:
    * Canon VT
    * Pentacon FB / Contax FB
    * Mamiyaflex Automat BII
    * Beauty 35 Super(“I love beauty”)
    * Beier Precisa IIA
    * Bolta Photavit 36
    * Duplex Super 120
    * Flexora III
    * Kodak Signet 40
    * original Leica MP
    * Jeff snagged a Canon EOS New Kiss Panorama (a.k.a. Rebel G, a.k.a. Rebel 500N) for $14.50 and gave it to his brother Steven
    * After much equivocation, and after handling the lens at B&H, he concluded he does not need the extravagantly-priced 30mm for the Hasselblad XPan
    * Gabe did an all-film photo shoot with Claire Hinkley during the recent L.A. monsoon
    * Also shot Kylie Silkman and her sister Danica with the stunning Helios-44 lens
    * Jason Schneider's books on camera collecting are amazing
    * Perplexity.ai is a useful tool for camera comparisons
    * We will try to chat with y’all on Discord - check the #idoc-podcast channel under Sunny 16
    * Don Goldberg at DAG helped Gabe fix the broken strap guard on his Leica M6 TTL
    * And finally, a deep dive into our Prodigious Mailbag™!

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    Episode 66 • To the Bathyscaphe!

    Episode 66 • To the Bathyscaphe!

    It’s a voyage to the bottom of the Prodigious Mailbag™ on our Smash Hit Podcast™, but before that there’s talk of the year in photography 1957, the revived Southern California camera show, Jeff’s trip to the Caribbean with a sexy Swede and also his girlfriend, eBay execs sending pig fetuses to their critics, and so much more!

    * Jeff made yet another major math error! 64 is 2 cubed
    * Sorry, but Parenting Hell is not a smash hit podcast
    * Gabe presents The Year in Focus 1957:
    * Nikon SP
    * Ilford Sportsman
    * Hasselblad 500C
    * Kodak Retina Reflex
    * Concava Tessina watch camera TLR
    * Leica M2 (for real) which when new went for $276, or $2,884.37 in today’s dollars
    * Arsenal Salyut
    * Asahi came out with the original Pentax
    * Olympus Wide E
    * Gabe went to the new Huntington Park camera show (very exciting) and nearly bought a Contax T
    * Jeff visited 5R Photo Lab in New York and met proprietor Alec
    * A trip to St. Barth’s, French West Indies occasioned the return of the XPan, and a love affair was reignited
    * Jeff shot with both Portra 400 and 160… and liked 160 better!
    * Gabe visited Jeff and P in NYC, went to B&H Photo, bought nothing…
    * …but then ordered an Exa 1B and a Helios-44 lens
    * Mint unveiled their coming-soon Rollei 35AF — apparently anyone can license the name “Rollei” for a buck fifty — but who needs this thing?
    * A bunch of eBay execs were creepy criminals
    * Jeff got a cool Minox film slitter from camerhack.it
    * Check out RitchieCam, a camera app for iPhone with an XPan emulation mode
    * A dive so deep into our Prodigious Mailbag™ that it requires a bathyscaphe
    * Gabe wants to hear about online photography websites you love - blogs, magazines, whatever

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    Episode 65 • Rebel Rebel

    Episode 65 • Rebel Rebel

    You want more and you want it fast? Tune in to Episode № 65 of I Dream of Cameras, “Rebel Rebel,” in which Gabe and Jeff wax rhapsodic about the trash-table treasure Canon EOS Rebel 2000. How did this grubby chunk of plastic capture the hearts of two men devoted to the cult of Leica? Pluck this pod and find out! Also, we call out great cameras NOT from the big-name brands, recount recent shooting adventures, and take a shallow dip into the deep and prodigious mailbag!

    * Jeff made a major math error! 64 is 2^8
    * Cameras of ’58:
    * Nikon S3
    * Leica M2
    * Rolleiflex T
    * Minolta SR-2
    * Mamiya Elca (and from ’59, the fascinating square-format Mamiya Sketch)
    * Ricoh 519
    * Zeiss Ikon Ikonette
    * And now, the long-promised Minority Report (great cameras not from the big-name brands)
    * Alpa 11si (of course)
    * Pentacon Six
    * Petri Color 35
    * Plaubel Makina 67 (Gabe’s gonna get one!)
    * Rectaflex
    * Balda Baldaxette II
    * Voigtländer Vitessa L
    * Widelux
    * The trash-table Canon EOS Rebel 2000 is dirt cheap and packed with features — we both love ours!
    * There’s also an even-cheaper EOS Kiss Panorama with a stupid panorama switch!
    * The 40mm f2.8 pancake lens is delightful
    * Check out Casual Photophile's impassioned defense of “Dorky AF” SLRs of the late ‘90s
    * Gabe’s been shooting portraits (?!) with Leica’s 28mm Elmarit
    * And finally, a dip into our Prodigious Mailbag™

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    Episode 64 • By the Time I Get Some Phoenix

    Episode 64 • By the Time I Get Some Phoenix

    The big news in Episode № 64 of I Dream of Cameras is the release of Harman Phoenix, a brand-new experimental color film from the company we insist on calling Ilford ‘cause they didn’t give us free stuff. Also covered: notable cameras of 1959; fun with Lomochrome Turquoise; Gabe’s recent five-camera all-film photo shoot; the growing cult of the Minolta P’s; last-minute holiday gift ideas; and tons of blowback in the Prodigious Mailbag!

    * Cameras of 1959:
    * Leica M1
    * Minolta SR-1
    * Tele-Rolleiflex
    * debut of the Nikon F
    * the original one-lug Olympus Pen (made not by Olympus, but Sanko Shoji)
    * Asahi Pentax S2 / H2
    * Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super
    * The Russian Mir (a simplified Zorki 4)
    * Gabe went to The Darkroom for the exciting debut of Harman Phoenix, a brand-new film from a company we insist on calling Ilford ‘cause they didn’t give us free stuff
    * Labs working with this film are running smack into The Scannenberg Uncertainty Principle
    * Jeff had a blast shooting Lomochrome Turquoise with his rare and exotic Mamiya/Sekor 2000 DTL
    * Meanwhile, Gabe’s been shooting with his cheap ’n’ cheerful Canon Rebel 2000 + 40mm f2.8 pancake lens — the results blew him away!
    * He also recently did an all-film shoot with the Contax 645, Rolleiflex 2.8E2, Yashica T4, Leica M6… and Minolta P’s! P's Mania rolls on!
    * Directing NBC’s new sitcom Extended Family, Jeff did some set photography with his beloved Olympus Pen EE-3. 78 shots on a roll!
    * Holiday gift ideas! Jeff recently acquired some excellent photo books:
    * Apollo VII - XVII
    * Hasselblad - The Camera System 50 Years 1948-1998
    * New York in Photobooks
    * Why not our new Alan Daly t-shirt, or something else from our burgeoning merch page?
    * Or Rachel's Brewster-Wright’s Ultimate Film & Darkroom Workbook
    * A dip into our Prodigious Mailbag™, featuring:
    * More Vivian Maier blowback from our 50th episode - as revenge, Viv will be getting a one-woman show at Fotografiska New York in May 2024
    * An excellent photo club, The Slow Camera Exchange
    * A wonderful 1942 article from The Atlantic, The Dream Camera

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