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A series of podcasts that explains Jung's Psychology, starting with an overview of the psyche.

The Jung Podcast John Betts, Jungian Analyst

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A series of podcasts that explains Jung's Psychology, starting with an overview of the psyche.

    JUNG PODCAST #4 Projection, Shadow, Anima, Animus

    JUNG PODCAST #4 Projection, Shadow, Anima, Animus

    In this episode, I review the concept of projection and examine three core archetypes of the psyche, that of the Shadow, the Anima, and the Animus. For comments and questions about this episode, please contact me at jbetts5@telus.net or through my website at www.jungian.ca

    • 26 min


    In this episode I cover the archetype of the Persona as well as begin to address the issue of what a symbol is.

    • 21 min
    JUNG PODCAST #6 Persona - 2

    JUNG PODCAST #6 Persona - 2

    This episode is part 2 of the Persona

    • 18 min
    JUNG PODCAST # 7 Dreams-1

    JUNG PODCAST # 7 Dreams-1

    In this episode I introduce a Jungian approach to dream interpretation. The focus of this episode is the issue of sleep and why we should interpret dreams at all. For more on this topic, including references, please see my webpage at www.jungian.ca

    • 23 min


    In this, the second episode that deals with dreams, we begin with
    practical approaches to dream recall. Mention is also made of useful
    ideas about sleep hygiene techniques you can use to aid sleep. Types of
    dreams that we may have are explained, including traumatic, childhood,
    recurrent and prospective. The vast majority of dreams we have are
    compensatory or complementary. Finally we examine those dreams that
    cause us to feel ashamed or embarassed - nasty dreams in which we do
    things that we find objectionable.

    • 23 min


    This is the third part of a Jungian Approach to Dream Interpretation. In this episode we deal with the types of compensatory dreams we may have and examine the critical issue of whether to take an objective interpretation to the dream, or a subjective interpretation. www.jungian.ca

    • 23 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

JimQkj ,

Just incredible

I wish there was more to listen to and enjoy. This guy is brilliant, and he is good at communicating complex Jungian thought. Brilliant!

Errcaher ,

Podcasts cut out before they are done

All the podcasts cut out before they are done!
But really cool to listen too

TheophilusTheSmall ,

The most interesting podcast of consistently high quality

This is the most interesting podcast I ever listened to. Consistently high in quality, it goes on to show the depth of expertise the author developed in Jungian psychology. Jungian teachings are sometimes inaccessible because of many interpretations and resources sometimes dilluting Jung's message.

The only problem is that the podcast is discontinued :). It would be great if author created more episodes delving into specific applications in mental health, relating Jung's insights to specific distortions in ego functions leading to personality disorders, for examples.

Two thumbs up! This is one of those marvellous things that hardly anyone heard of. Spread the word!

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