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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens\' Climate Lobby. We\'re creating the political will for a livable world.

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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens\' Climate Lobby. We\'re creating the political will for a livable world.

    Oct 2020 | Alex Posner | Citizens Climate Lobby

    Oct 2020 | Alex Posner | Citizens Climate Lobby

    As we seek the common ground between Republicans and Democrats on climate solutions, Students for Carbon Dividends (S4CD) has emerged as an important ally in building support on college campuses for revenue-neutral carbon pricing. Alex Posner, President and Founder of S4CD, joins our October call to share about the work his organization is doing to bring Republicans on board and the growing movement of the EcoRight, especially among young conservatives. A speaker at CCL’s June conference in 2018, Alex holds a BA in History from Yale University and is also a volunteer with Magicians Without Borders.
    Helpful Resources:
    + Students For Carbon Dividends: https://www.s4cd.org/
    + Economist Statement on Carbon Dividends: https://www.econstatement.org/
    + Register for CCL's December 2020 Conference: https://citizensclimatelobby.org/december-2020-online-conference/

    • 40 min
    CCL Training: Using CCL's Action Tracker

    CCL Training: Using CCL's Action Tracker

    Join CCL's IT Department for a training that will debut the new action tracker tool, an update to CCL's field reporting system. The Action Tracker is an online application that will log and display the actions CCL Supporters are taking every day.
    Skip ahead to the following section(s):Why Was The Tracker Created? (3:13)What Are The New Benefits? (6:23)Tutorials: How Do I…? (10:45)Testimonials From Volunteers (27:10)Future Plans (30:44)
    Action Tracker link: https://cclusa.org/actiontracker
    Presentation slides: https://cclusa.org/action-tracker-slides
    CCL’s Training Page: https://community.citizensclimate.org/resources/item/19/183

    • 34 min
    CCL Training: A Social Psychological Framework For Climate Advocates

    CCL Training: A Social Psychological Framework For Climate Advocates

    Join psychologists David Sherman and Leaf Van Boven (CCL's Sept 2018 monthly speakers) as they review the main findings and framework for their recent research. Deepen your understanding of how to utilize the strategies of affirmation, norms, immediacy and legacy in your own climate advocacy and citizen lobbying. Dr. Van Boven is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Dr. Sherman is a professor of psychology and brain sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    Theoretical Background (4:19)
    Framework For Overcoming Barriers (27:10)
    Data & Findings (42:07)
    Implications for Advocacy & Training (52:49)
    Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/social-psychological-slides
    Recent Sherman, Shteyn, Han & Van Boven research article: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/behavioural-public-policy/article/exchange-between-citizens-and-elected-officials-a-social-psychological-framework-for-citizen-climate-activists/0220FD5EE016383DB2B9D46C10C751D0
    Behavior Climate Policy Conference: https://sites.google.com/colorado.edu/bcp2020/home (online, UC-Boulder, Friday, October 23)

    • 59 min
    CCL Training: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in CCL

    CCL Training: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in CCL

    Join CCL's Diversity Outreach Coordinator Karina Ramirez for a training that reviews CCL's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plans, internal processes that have been reviewed and developed over the past several years to ensure that we are living our values and we are committed to continuous improvement.
    Diversity, equity and inclusion are natural outgrowths of our values of relationships, integrity, personal power, and being nonpartisan. Enacting our core values is an ongoing process and diversity helps all of us as CCL volunteers develop the best solutions to climate change and broadens the base of support needed for passing legislation. 
    Skip ahead to the following section(s):What Do We Mean When We Say DEI? (4:15)National Diversity Work (6:44)Local Examples (17:30)What You Can Do  (24:27)
    Presentation Slides: https://cclusa.org/diversity-plan-slides

    • 32 min
    CCR Ep 52 Doug Parsons on Adaptation, Resilience, and Bouncing Forward

    CCR Ep 52 Doug Parsons on Adaptation, Resilience, and Bouncing Forward

    Climate change related work often comes down on one of two sides: 1. Mitigation to reduce or end human causes greenhouse pollution in order to slow down and lessen the impacts of global warming. 2. Adaptation of our communities and infrastructure in order to prepare for the impacts of climate change and respond to extreme weather and other consequences of climate change.
    Doug Parsons, the host of the America Adapts Podcast talks to us about what he has learned from nearly 100 episodes interview adaptation experts. He will discuss differences between adaptation and resiliency. He highlights efforts to adapt to sea level rise, wildfires, and flooding, and points out an impact of climate change that will affect almost everyone at some point in their lives—extreme heat.
    You will also hear an excerpt from a conversation Doug Parsons has with s Dr. Carolyn Kousky, the Executive Director at the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania. They discuss how wildfires in California drove their utility into bankruptcy and what policy reforms are needed to prevent this from happening again.
    Doug also reflects climate adaptation in light of the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. What lessons are climate adaptation experts learning? What challenges do they face?
    The Art House
    Joining us in the Art House is Musician and composer Jason Davis. Jason curates ClimateStoriesProject.org. The site hosts videos from people all over the world. They reveal the impacts of climate change in their lives, and how they are responding. Jason takes some of these stories and composes music to accompany them. You will hear a moving and powerful testimony from John Sinnok, Inuit elder in Alaska. Woven around the story is Jason’s haunting and beautiful composition for the double base. He calls the piece Footsteps in Snow. You will also learn how you can share your own story on the website.  
    Jason wants to hear your climate story. He invites you to explore his site to read other climate stories then consider contributing your own. That website is climatestoriesproject.org
    We always welcome your thoughts, questions, suggestions, and recommendations for the show. Leave a voice mail at 518.595.9414. (+1 if calling from outside the USA.) You can email your answers to radio @ citizensclimate.org. 
    You can hear Citizens’ Climate Radio on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, Podbean, Northern Spirit Radio, Google Play, PlayerFM, and TuneIn Radio. Also, feel free to connect with other listeners, suggest program ideas, and respond to programs in the Citizens’ Climate Radio Facebook group or on Twitter at @CitizensCRadio.

    • 30 min
    CCL Training: Working With Business Climate Leaders From Prospect To Advocate

    CCL Training: Working With Business Climate Leaders From Prospect To Advocate

    Join Business Climate Leaders as they present an interactive workshop where you will learn how we target, research, make first contact with and actually meet with businesses, both big and small.  You will be able to be part of an actual role playing exercise to demystify meeting with executives and sharing the work we are passionate about.  
    Skip ahead to the following section(s):Developing Your Team (3:02)Bringing Trusted Messengers & Making First Contact (5:11)Running An Effective Meeting (8:38)Role-Play Practice (17:19)Following Up (24:37)
    Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/bcl-workshop
    Main Website: http://BusinessClimateLeaders.org
    Volunteer Resources: http://BCLresources.org

    • 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

J. Barshop ,

Deeply substantial and amazingly practical actions

It’s obvious that Citizens' Climate Lobby team put extraordinary effort into finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world.

I appreciate the variety of episodes, the super practical takeaways, and the sincere humility of the host to give all this amazing knowledge to the listeners for free.

There is truly an episode that will benefit everyone - HIGHLY recommend listening and subscribing!

Brian Ettlaing ,

Very informative podcast to be an an effective climate advocate

Very effective podcast combining the monthly calls of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), the weekly Citizens' Climate University, and the Citizens Cliamte Radio. This podcast really helps keep me up to date with the latest information from CCL, since I am an active CCL volunteer. Highly recommmend this podcast for anyone looking to be a more effective climate advoace.

Jepstarhopper ,

IT's great! But I am biased :)

Citizens' Climate Radio has a lively mix of interviews, creative sections, and puzzler questions. The emphasis is on storytelling and hearing from a variety of voices around the world. Guests from Nepal, Nigeria, Chile, Canada, Barbados as well as USA are featured. Lots of women are featured on the show, which is rare when it comes to climate shows. Experts and people in the field help listeners become better climate advocates.

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