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This podcast offers quick evidence-based health tips. Creator and host, Cindy Huggins, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, motivational speaker, and lover of life! Thanks for listening!

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This podcast offers quick evidence-based health tips. Creator and host, Cindy Huggins, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, motivational speaker, and lover of life! Thanks for listening!



    Make friends with all carbs but become besties with the nutrient-rich carbs below. 
    Carbs=fuel (energy) We need a variety at each meal in smaller portions. It is recommended you eat a meal every 4-5 hours to replenish energy!
    Whole grains (cereal, bread, pasta)
    Beans and Legumes
    Low-fat Milk
    Whole Fresh Fruit
    Non-Starchy Vegetables
    Good resources to learn more about carbohydrates:

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    Portion Savvy

    Portion Savvy

    #Podcast Epi 48: Portion Savvy
    Did you know that 1 teaspoon of fat (butter, cream, oil, bacon, dressing, etc.) is ~45 calories? Instead of cutting foods out of your diet start with cutting down on your portions.

    If you cut 2 teaspoons of butter off your morning toast, 2t of dressing off your lunch salad, and 2t of butter off your dinner roll you could save ~270 calories.

    What ever your health goals, understanding proper portions and serving sizes makes eating a bit better easier. #dietitiancindy

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    Weight Loss Resolution Tips

    Weight Loss Resolution Tips

    Lets talk about how this year you are going to achieve your weight loss goals!

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    Pregnancy Announcement

    Pregnancy Announcement

    Epi 46 Show Notes
    I'm talking my pregnancy and gender reveal! Upcoming shows will cover my pregnancy story and pregnancy health. Follow the conversation on instagram and/or follow #DietitianCindy
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    Bone Health

    Bone Health

    Dietitian Cindy's Show Notes
    Per SUDIA press release,
    To learn more about osteoporosis prevention and the "Bone-gevity: Bones Built to Last" campaign, visit http://southeastdairy.org/bone-health/ and follow the conversation using #bonegevity and #bonehealth.
    Additional Resources for your reading pleasure:
    National Osteoporosis Foundation: https://www.nof.org/
    SUDIA: http://southeastdairy.org/
    Follow on Instagram for more tips throughout the month of May.

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    Eating Disorder Recovery

    Eating Disorder Recovery

    Podcast Epi # 44 "Tips for Eating Disorder Recovery"
    Guest Host: Kaleigh Kessler, RD, LD
    Hi my name is Kaleigh and I’m a dietitian specializing in eating disorder recovery because years ago I suffered with an eating disorder. Today I’m going to share tips with you that I learned during my own recovery. First, remember that you must forgive yourself for any damage you’ve done to your body. Know that you are worthy of life and love. Food is food. Food has an appropriate place in your life because eating is a part of your day. However, it is not the center of your day. Separate your life from the food you eat. Base your health on how you feel, not on how you look. Do not feel guilty for eating what you want, knowing that no food is inherently good or bad. When you are craving salty foods such as chips, your body may be low on sodium so don’t feel bad for eating them. Know that no one food is off limits and you can eat what you want without a need for compensation. Just because you had a piece of cake last night does not mean you cannot have a cookie today. Do not base your morality on the foods you eat, or how often you exercise. You are not good for eating a salad, just like you are not bad for eating pizza. Lastly, choose recovery every single day. Actively engage in recovery by always saying no to your eating disorder voices, and saying yes to the exact opposite of what your eating disorder is telling you.  This has been beyond the byte with RecoveryRD, Kaleigh.
    For more information, visit www.therecoveryrd.com
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/@recovery_rd
    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RecoveryRD
    Email: kaleighkessler2@gmail.com
    Additional resources: http://nedawareness.org/
     Music: Broke for Free, Something Elated
    Link http://freemusicarchive.org/search/?quicksearch=broke+for+something

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