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Become 365 Driven and discover your true potential!

Wealth, Health, Mindset, and Relationships. These are the four cornerstones of happiness and success. Within each episode we share powerful thoughts and introduce you to people who demonstrate excellence in these subjects.

Hosted by Tony Whatley, author of "Side Hustle Millionaire" and executive coach, speaker, and community leader.

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Become 365 Driven and discover your true potential!

Wealth, Health, Mindset, and Relationships. These are the four cornerstones of happiness and success. Within each episode we share powerful thoughts and introduce you to people who demonstrate excellence in these subjects.

Hosted by Tony Whatley, author of "Side Hustle Millionaire" and executive coach, speaker, and community leader.

    Purpose-Driven Success in Business - with Ty Backer

    Purpose-Driven Success in Business - with Ty Backer

    Ty Backer is the CEO and founder of TC Backer, a mid-eight-figure roofing and home improvement company, and host of the podcast Behind the Tool Belt. Listen in as Ty shares his inspiring journey from starting as a one-man operation to building a thriving multi-state business. Discover the critical role of delegation in transforming his company and how Ty's initial resentment turned into a passion for creating meaningful careers for his employees. Ty's story exemplifies the power of perseverance, learning from past experiences, and the impact of empowering a team.
    Ty and Tony explore the challenges of early entrepreneurship, including the difficulty of delegating tasks and the necessity of wearing multiple hats. Ty offers valuable insights into overcoming these hurdles by finding and trusting the right team members and shifting from micromanaging to inspiring and supporting a team. He also highlights the importance of personal development and leadership growth, emphasizing how investing in oneself and others can lead to greater organizational success.
    Ty also shares his journey of overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt, focusing on the transition from self-centered motives to a purpose-driven approach. Hear about his transformative experience of conquering public speaking fears by focusing on serving the audience, culminating in a powerful moment at RoofCon. This episode underscores the significance of authenticity, mentorship, and empowering leadership in building a successful business. Be sure to tune in for more insights and stories that will inspire and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.
    Key highlights:
    Building a Successful Roofing Business Lessons in Delegating and Empowering Employees Leadership and Personal Development Growth Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt Authenticity and Impact in Public Speaking Empowering Leadership and Decision-Making Connect with Ty Backer:
    Website: 321gutterdone.com Instagram: @tcbacker Connect with Tony Whatley:
    Website: 365driven.com Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley

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    Parallels of Power: Lessons from Roman History - with Jeremy Ryan Slate

    Parallels of Power: Lessons from Roman History - with Jeremy Ryan Slate

    How can lessons from the fall of Rome help us navigate today’s political landscape? Jeremy Ryan Slate is back on the 365 Driven podcast to explore the striking parallels between ancient Rome and modern America. Jeremy holds a master's degree in Roman History and he brings his expertise to this episode to draw parallels to modern America and the lessons we can learn from Rome’s fall. Jeremy kicks off by examining the pivotal changes of 1913, including the introduction of the income tax, the 17th Amendment, and the Federal Reserve Act, and their lasting impact on American politics. Jeremy then dives into the significance of emperor worship and propaganda in Rome's transition from a republic to an empire, and shows how these historical events provide a perspective on our current political struggles.
    Jeremy then journeys through the extensive history of Rome, from its founding in 753 BC to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD, and beyond to the Eastern Empire's collapse in 1453. Understanding Rome's evolution from kingdom to republic to empire offers rich insights into the factors that led to its decline, such as poor leadership, economic turmoil, and military crises. 
    You will learn about the decline of the Western Roman Empire and its financial and political woes, echoing modern federalism in the United States. Evaluating the stories of key figures like the Gracchi brothers, Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, and Julius Caesar, we can extract valuable lessons on reform, conflict, and power struggles. Additionally, Jeremy touches on the relevance of Roman history in today's social media-driven discussions and underscores the importance of community involvement and independent thought in navigating contemporary politics. Tune in for a compelling exploration of history that resonates powerfully with our present.
    Key highlights:
    The Decline of Empires and Republics Timeline of Rome's Changing Leadership Rise and Fall of Roman Empire Caesar's Rise to Power Roman Empire, Greek Influence, and Collapse Understanding Empires and Political Parties Connect with Jeremy Ryan Slate:
    Instagram: @jeremyryanslate Website: CommandYourEmpire.com Connect with Tony Whatley:
    Website: 365driven.com Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley

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    Business Cults & Integrity in Personal Development - Tony Whatley

    Business Cults & Integrity in Personal Development - Tony Whatley

    In this episode, Tony Whatley speaks about business cults and the lack of integrity in the personal development industry. Topics covered include:
    Alpha Male Bootcamps Women’s Health & Wellness cults Sales Training groups (especially car sales backgrounds) Flex and Flash gurus (selling the hope of lifestyle) Fitness gurus on steroids Business Cults Machiavellian tactics Cult Leadership Tactics. Here are the 10 common identifiers usually found within a cult.
    1. The leader is charismatic and attracts attention. Usually has a level of intrigue or mystery about themselves. Can be unpredictable at times. They'll sometimes label themselves as prophets or that they have almost God-like characteristics or skills.
    2. The leader knows how to grow an audience of followers. They understand that it's easier to get people to join when they are in a financial struggle or they feel lonely.
    3. There is a defined business model that generates huge profits for the leader, and some of the Lieutenants that report directly to him or her. There are usually defined levels within the membership, starting from a low-priced base, a midrange level, and a top level. Each of these levels seems more prestigious than the level below it, and serve to make members aspire to level up (thus, spend more)
    4. The psychology of "Us vs Them" is deployed heavily within the organization. The leader teaches the members to distrust anyone outside of the group. The leader makes the members feel they are part of an elite private club, and that they are better than other people outside of the club. Think about how odd this is, especially if you understand most in the group are struggling or lonely, not actually "elite".
    5. The leader introduces "insider speak" within the community. These are trite little phrases or sayings that are often repeated by the leader, and show up in the external words and writings of the members. This insider speak is a way of signaling to other group members that you're in the club. It's the "IYKYK" handshake.
    6. Members are manipulated to remain in the club through gained notoriety and acknowledgment within the club. They are led to believe they are better members if they contribute more money and time to the group. They are made to believe they are part of something much bigger than themselves, and that it's unsafe to leave the group. People fear the potential backlash of leaving, so they remain.
    7. The leader accepts no criticism, and dissent is punished publicly. Naysayers or skeptics are removed immediately, by shunning or banning them. Those who remain in the group are encouraged to no longer associate or support former members. On social media, they'll block or unfriend you. A former member's stellar reputation may experience a smear campaign, especially if they are a whistle-blower.
    8. Each cult has regular gatherings and ceremonies. These are opportunities to publicly praise the best members, encourage more donations or leveling-up ranks by investing more, and to allow the members to visually see they aren't alone. Expect "insider speak" in most member conversations, especially from the leader on stage.
    9. The leader eventually earns enough to invest in real estate, a formal gathering place or compound. A place where they can teach others to enroll more members, have private gatherings, and indoctrinate their beliefs into members and staff.
    10. The leader would never dare to reveal these tactics above to their members, as they profit from the low awareness of others.
    Comments or feedback? Find Tony on Instagram @365driven

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    From $0 to $14 Million Lessons - with Bret Voelkel

    From $0 to $14 Million Lessons - with Bret Voelkel

    Bret Voelkel returns to the show to share his tactical insights on building RideTech from $0 to over $10M, and eventually exiting for over $14M in 2019.
    In this episode:
    Bret's story on startup challenges and being the "one man show" Lessons in leadership, hiring and retaining employees How he survived economic recessions Undergoing a massive rebranding from Air Ride Technologies to RideTech Marketing strategies and building a spectacle How to set pricing on products to drive profit Being competitive in an ultra-competitive market Lessons from being acquired by Fox for $14M  

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    Former SEAL Creates & Destroys - with Ryan Williams

    Former SEAL Creates & Destroys - with Ryan Williams

    A former Navy SEAL and entrepreneur, Ryan Williams joins the 365 Driven Podcast to unravel his remarkable journey from a high school dropout to the founder and CEO of Industry Threadworks. Ryan's story is one of daring choices and the relentless pursuit of self-respect, offering a unique perspective on life's challenges and the drive to overcome them. He opens up about his motivations for joining the SEALs pre-9/11 and his transition into entrepreneurship, providing a candid look into the daring mindset that propels individuals towards such demanding paths.
    This conversation takes you through the grueling trials of Navy SEAL training and how they shape the resilient mindset needed for successful entrepreneurship. As the longest-serving BUD/S and SQT instructor, Ryan has seen firsthand the unpredictability of who makes it through and who doesn't, and he draws striking parallels between surviving SEAL training and thriving in the competitive business world. Ryan's personal evolution, from a young man searching for his place in the world to a seasoned business owner, underscores the transformative power of facing and embracing challenges.
    Finally, Ryan and Tony shift gears to discuss the intricacies of entrepreneurship, from fostering meaningful conversations among business leaders to the art of negotiation. Ryan shares his experiences in the apparel industry, offering valuable insights into problem-solving and the significance of understanding both the creative and logistical sides of a business. He also reveals some hard-earned lessons on financial decisions and the importance of strong contracts. Tune in for an enlightening look at the intersection of mental fortitude, physical endurance, and entrepreneurial spirit that defines success in both military and civilian life.
    Key highlights:
    Navy SEAL Training and Entrepreneurship Mindset Evolution and Growth Through Challenges Pushing Through Mental Barriers in Fitness Entrepreneurship, Business, and Problem-Solving Negotiating Deals and Contracts Connect with Ryan Williams:
    Instagram: @invictus5326 | @industry_threadworks

    Connect with Tony Whatley:
    Website: 365driven.com Instagram: @365driven

    Facebook: 365 Driven

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    From Musician to Million-Dollar Side Hustle - with Greg Kerr

    From Musician to Million-Dollar Side Hustle - with Greg Kerr

    When Greg Kerr traded guitar riffs for the gleam of custom belt buckles, little did he know it would pave the road to a multimillion-dollar side hustle. In this episode, Greg shares his extraordinary transition from musician to entrepreneur, as he explains how tapping into a niche market, and using his creativity, lead to building his brand, Alchemy Merch. 
    Greg and Tony reflect on the complexities of manufacturing, the revelation of hiring to streamline workflow, and the 'learn and burn' approach to continuous education. This episode is not just about the mechanics of business growth, but also the personal evolution that's instrumental in sculpting a mindset for success. 
    Greg opens up about the profound impact of his mindfulness practices, especially in times of personal loss, and the continuous pursuit of self-awareness that has been enhanced by fatherhood. From stoic philosophies to the importance of open communication, this episode is an important reminder of the internal development that's as crucial as external success. 
    Key highlights:
    From Musician to Million-Dollar Side Hustle Entrepreneurship and Product Market Fit Importance of Personal Development in Business Exploring Old and New Business Books Core Values in Business and Personal Growth Streamlining Production Processes Connect with Greg Ker:
    Website: alchemymerch.com Instagram: @alchemy.merch Facebook: Alchemy Merch LinkedIn: Alchemy Merch YouTube: Alchemy Merch

    Connect with Tony Whatley:
    Instagram: @365driven

    Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley

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5.0 out of 5
213 Ratings

213 Ratings

TeamGali ,

Mastery at its BEST

I love this podcast. Toni does such a great job of being real and raw and authentic at its core. He knows how to present content that is engaging, entertaining any creates so much value with the guests that he brings on. Highly recommend.

npower ,

5 stars

Engaging and insightful, this podcast delivers a wealth of practical wisdom for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. Tony seamlessly blends real-world experiences with expert interviews, creating a dynamic and valuable listening experience. Each episode is a masterclass in strategic thinking and actionable advice, making it a must-listen for anyone navigating the ever-evolving landscape of business. Tune in and elevate your entrepreneurial journey with this exceptional podcast.

Heather Parady ,

Tony for president ✌🏼

just sayin

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