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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

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A New Direction is a weekly podcast that interviews best selling authors from around the world in success and leadership to enhance your life, career, and business.

    Accountability Done Right – Conscious Accountability

    Accountability Done Right – Conscious Accountability

    How to Get Real Accountability in Your Teams: Conscious Accountability

    We all say we want accountability. But the truth is the way that accountability is practiced is more transactional that relational. We often use power and threats to ensure accountability. Hold on. Stop. Think for a second is that really accountability or is that some form of external rewards and punishments for getting people what we want them to do?

    Now let's think about this. In your closest relationships, I mean with the people you really trust, don't you have accountability? Do you have to coerce them to be accountable? Of course not! The fact is that the deeper our connections with each other accountability is part of the relationship. In fact, in our closest relationships don't we want to be held accountable? We have a desire for our relationships to have trust and with that accountability.

    Now imagine if you could bring that process into the workplace. Would it not be better if we could connect at a deeper level, build greater trust, remove the psychological pressure and people could were willing to hold themselves accountable to the team or group they belonged to? Well then you are on the road to "Conscious Accountability"! And on this episode of A New Direction, David C. Tate co-author of "Conscious Accountability" helps us understand the CONNECT framework so that you can get greater performance from your team or in any relationship

    Co-author David C. Tate Book "Conscious Accountability: Deepen Connections, Elevate Results" is an eye-opening and well researched book on truly how to understand accountability in teams and organizations that will create loyalty, create innovation, and have your people take an "all in" mindset.  The book gets it's backbone through the CONNECT framework or practices.

    This book is not for the faint of heart.  It will take work.  It will take intentionality.  But mostly it will require you to have greater awareness of what you are doing and awareness of your people.  Attached to each practice of the CONNECT framework are the necessary mindsets needed to make each practice work for you and your team.

    Imagine that you could have a team that desires to hold themselves accountable.  This is where this book is going to be a diamond for your business and organization.  This book will improve your communication skills, help you to remove the egos from the room, and allow true open feedback that will generate better and clearer ideas.

    Are you ready for your accountability transformation?  It really comes down to rethinking the process.  Instead of pointing fingers at who is responsible for the problem, you change that to, who is responsible for the solution.  We no longer operate from a punishment paradigm, but a paradigm shift where people are in a psychologically safe place where they are reinforced and want to take responsibility.

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    How to Make Remote Work Really Work for You

    How to Make Remote Work Really Work for You

    Making Remote Work Really Work In the Workplace

    Remote work is here to stay. More and more employees have a desire to WFH (Work From Home) since the pandemic practically forced employers to at the very least have had to adopt at the very least hybrid remote work conditions. Still, many employers have struggled with the idea of remote work and was more some have difficulty in making remote work...work.

    The biggest issue for many employers is how do you manage remote work employees. Questions like, "how do I ensure they are getting the work done?", or "how do I create team chemistry?" and "how do I build trust with remote work employees?" are all legitimate questions.

    Well, in this episode of A New Direction co-author and co-founder of Remote Works Tamara Sanderson joins us to dispel many of the myths and help you create the environment that will help your remote work employees thrive and keep you profitable. It's going to be a powerfully insightful show no matter where you watch us...remotely.

    Tam Sanderson & Ali Greene's Book "Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus" is absolutely one of the most powerful insightful books on how to truly manage and be successful in a remote work environment.

    The book is filled with "how to's", "Exercises", and suggestions that you can use right now to build a more powerful and connected remote work force.  The book is also examines the psychology of remote work and how you as a leader can overcome some of the challenges and dismiss he myths.  This is one you will not only want to read, but have your entire remote team read as well.

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    Have you ever thought about hiring a coach?  Some people wonder why they might hire a coach?

    I like to try to help people think of it this way.  Every professional athlete has at least one coach.  They have a head coach, they have a coordinator coach, they have a position coach,

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    Making Complex Relationships a Bit Easier – Dr. John Gray

    Making Complex Relationships a Bit Easier – Dr. John Gray

    Relationships are difficult, but they don't have to be as difficult as we make them.

    It doesn't matter what type of relationship you are in.  Personal relationships, business relationships, they all get complicated from time to time.  And for most of us we get confused as to why.  What is more we seem to get stuck and we cannot seem to find a way to undo the tangled relationship mess that we are not even sure how we got into in the first place.

    As if relationships were not hard enough, then through in the dynamic of men and women and changing social roles, well the already complex subject just became even more complicated.  So what is the answer to these complicated and complex relationships?  Well, fortunately for us the worlds #1 best selling author on relationships Dr. John Gray (you may recall his book "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus") joins us on A New Direction to shed some light and some wisdom to help make those complex relationships just a little easier.

    Dr Grays book "Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today's Complex World" is a true relationship game changer.  Dr. Gray will help us understand how we got here, and what we can do to help make those relationships become more solid, more meaningful, and more healthy.  His sage advice has applications to our personal and business relationships as well.  So get your note pads and pens, buckle up, because we are going "Beyond Mars and Venus".

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    Ready Set Get Hired

    Ready Set Get Hired

    Are You Looking for a New Career?  Ready. Set. Get Hired!

    If you take a look at what is reported you would think getting a career position is easy. Well if you are one of those searching to get hired, you and I both know that it isn't as easy as the statistics want to make it out to be.

    The fact is since the pandemic hiring has been more selective and tricky. But also more business are also now cutting back on hiring especially for the most desirable and well paying positions. So what is the answer to getting hired in our current marketplace.

    On this episode of A New Direction co-author Dr. Kevin Gazzara joins me to talk about Ready, Set, Get Hired. What is it going to take for you to get hired in your next position? How do you need to think? What do you need to do with your emotions? What action steps should you be taking? Ready to take some notes...and get hired?

    Rita Reed and Dr. Kevin Gazzara's book "Ready Set Get Hired: How to Land a Great Job in Times of Uncertainty"  is a powerful book that is the prescription for getting hired in today's world.  The book has exercises and a timeline for you to build the right connections that lead to the right referrals that will lead to your next career job.  The book also deals with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that we all deal with when we have been laid off and are struggling to find that next career position.

    Would you like to get a FREE copy of the book?  Or perhaps gift it to someone you know that is looking to get hired?  Then Rita and Dr. Gazzara will gift you the listeners and viewers of A New Direction with a FREE PDF copy of the book by going to www.magnaleader.co/J

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    How Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive

    How Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive

    How Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive

    Let's be honest. We have seen more and more employees simply quit the workplace. Other employees are just doing enough to get a paycheck and disappear otherwise known as the "quiet quitter". Research has demonstrated clearly that employee quitting costs companies across the U.S. between $450 and $500 Billion annually. What can you do about it as a leader?

    In this episode of A New Direction, we talk with award winning author and team expert Dea Irby. Dea, takes us through her 5 faceted system of re-engaging your employees through C.L.A.I.M. As a leader it is going to require you become more intentional when it comes to your employees.  But intention is not enough you also need to take action to make your business and team more engaged and more productive.

    Let me also say that this show is not just for those who are leaders of employees.  This show is also for employees too.  Friends listen carefully because you want to find a place of employment that employees these 5 facets.  You want to be in a place where you feel "Chosen, Loved, Acknowledged, Invested In, and Made for Greatness.

    Dea Irby's book, "CLAIM Your People at Work: How Inclusive Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive", is a well researched book.  The principles or as Dea names them, "facets" are integrally intwined in so much that they build on each other.  These qualities in a workplace are not only necessary in today's working world, but they are crucial for today's employees.  It's time to CLAIM your people!

    In addition, Dea, would like to give you for FREE her guide on "3 Strategies for Yawn Free Meetings".  You can click on it right here!

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    How to Take Any Idea and Make it Successful in 5 Steps

    How to Take Any Idea and Make it Successful in 5 Steps

    How to Take Any Idea and Make it Successful in 5 Steps

    There is no doubt that when it comes to starting a business or just a business idea, there are many challenges. The one we concern ourselves the most is money. However, before you think about money have you considered who will buy your product or service? How do you get people to know about your business before you business even begins? The fact is you need a business strategy to improve your success in the most economic, efficient, and painless way possible.

    Meet Will Russell founder of Russell Marketing. He has helped generate more than $20 million in revenue for 300+ companies. And he joins us on this episode of A New Direction to give you his 5 step process that will take your business idea from lightbulb moment to profitable business in record time. From his book Launch in 5.

    Will Russell's book, "Launch in 5: Take Your Idea from Lightbulb Moment to Profitable Business in Record Time" is a complete and total blueprint that will help you understand first if you idea should even go to market.  Then once you have done all your research, he walks you through customer acquisition.  Then How to engage your audience.  Followed by how to convert your audience into customers.  Then finally how to scale and optimize your business after launch.

    The truth is however none of this is going to work if you are not real clear on validating your idea.  And this is where spend most of our focus on the show.  As Will told me after the show, "validation of your idea is like a GPS, without it your either guessing how your idea will work, or just getting lucky".  The fact is you need to make sure you have done your homework before you launch.  It doesn't take that much time, but it is time well spent.  Get Launch in 5 it is truly a game changer.


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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Lastushka ,


My now go to place to find great reads! Jay is a great interviewer getting to the depth of the matter.

WilliamAttaway ,

What an amazing show

Jay’s interview style is top notch, and his episodes highlight so many insights and nuggets of wisdom from his guests. I love to learn from other people’s experience, and Jay’s show is full of opportunities to do just that! Five star show!

Todd Cherches ,

In a word...WOW!

I have been a guest on over 150 podcasts since my book "VisuaLeadership" came out two years ago, and I can honestly say that this was by far one of the best interviewing experiences I've ever had! Unlike many hosts who ask predictable, scripted, surface-level questions, Jay Izso took the time and the care to read my book cover-to-cover, which enabled him to ask amazingly insightful questions and which allowed us to really take a deep dive into many of my book's topics. One of my models is called, "The 3 E's" -- which stands for Educate, Engage, and Excite...and with his enthusiastic and high-energy style, listeners to Jay's "A New Direction" podcast will be informed, interested in, and inspired by each and every one of his captivating episodes.

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