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Americanuck Radio is rock 'n roll rebel talk, from north of the 49th parallel! Host Mike Filip is a missionary for liberty in communist occupied western Canada. Join us live Monday thru Friday at 1pm CT on Mojo 50 , and iHeartRadio.

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Americanuck Radio is rock 'n roll rebel talk, from north of the 49th parallel! Host Mike Filip is a missionary for liberty in communist occupied western Canada. Join us live Monday thru Friday at 1pm CT on Mojo 50 , and iHeartRadio.

    Americanuck Radio - Trudeau's G-7 Dribbling &A Huge Ammo Hijacking

    Americanuck Radio - Trudeau's G-7 Dribbling &A Huge Ammo Hijacking

    Summary by Peyton Smith

    MONOLOGUE: Mike fills in the listeners on his weekend, including yet another trip to the grocery store where he and his wife were the only ones not wearing masks. Also, a BIG announcement coming from Peter Downing on tomorrow's program.

    Seg:1- (AUDIO) Premier Jason Kenney announces a vaccine lottery to try and cajole Albertans to the needle, and meet the 70% threshold for vaccinated Albertans.

    No 70% means no "Open For Summer" in July.

    More unbelievable shenanigans from the Premier that Mike slices and dices with excellent analysis and commentary.

    (AUDIO) At a presser, Justin Trudeau says that the impacts of the G-7 summit will be felt long after the newspapers the journo's write for are used to wrap fish.

    That must be his idea of being clever.

    Just when his dribble couldn't get more psychotic, it gets more psychotic.
    (AUDIO) The Joe Biden to English dictionary is always an excellent reminder of the swiss cheese between the ears of our demented old President.
    Enjoy all this, and more, in a very thrilling segment 1 from Mike.

    Seg:2- Bill Maher has expressed his disdain for those who walk alone in a park while wearing a mask. For all his faulty leftism of the past, Bill can hit the mark.
    (AUDIO) When will Kamala make a run for the border? Does anyone know?
    If one doesn't know what they are doing with supplementing, serious consequences can occur.

    Mike explains.
    Phillips is recalling ventilators due to potential exposure to patients of noxious chemicals.

    Up to 4 million devices could be affected amidst the ongoing fraud of the pandemic.

    OAN claims Trudeau was overheard at the G-7 saying Kamala Harris will be president by 2022.


    C'mon man!?

    Mike analyzes a disturbing story from the border.


    A convoy loaded down with more than seven million rounds of ammunition has been hijacked while on route from Mexico to Texas.

    While the trucks were found abandoned only a few miles from the ambush site on the southern side of the border, every piece of ammo is now missing.

    Officials do not know who was behind the ambush on Wednesday, but in a country awash with cartel violence the list of suspects is seemingly limited to those involved with the narco networks.
    Mike gets into the nuts and bolts of this with gusto!

    a href="https://americanuckradio.com/current-events/gunmen-ambush-ammo-caravan-headed-to-texas-7-million-rounds-destined-for-america-now-in-hands-of-violent-criminals/"...

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    Americanuck Radio - Kenney's Fate Being Sealed&RCMP Terror In Tofield

    Americanuck Radio - Kenney's Fate Being Sealed&RCMP Terror In Tofield

    Summary by Peyton Smith

    Seg:1- (AUDIO)Manitobans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are being offered a new provincial government card that will allow them to travel within Canada without being subject to the province’s mandatory 14-day self-isolation period upon their return.

    If they left, would they even want to come back?

    With the way that Premier Pallister has been running the show throughout the scamdemic, it might be time for a mass exodus out of the province.

    The nasty needle would almost be preferable to his nasty, dictatorial leadership.

    Manitoba is offering a $2M lottery, with borrowed money, to bribe it's citizens to get the vaccine.

    Who will be paying the tab?

    According to Pallister, it will be people's grandchildren.
    There is a report of Jason Kenney and his UCP brass having a secret restaurant during the provincial lockdown.

    If this happened, then it will come to light.

    It will be exposed for the revolting hypocrisy that it is!

    Mike drives this home wonderfully!

    The Chief Medical Officer for BC Interior Health has been arrested by the RCMP on charges of sexual assault and sexual interference against a minor in Alberta.

    He was also a leading voice on the BC scamdemic response.

    Evil upon evil.

    (AUDIO) Will the merry shores of England be under the wave of abnormality forever?

    While the talk is about controlling the scamdemic, the real control sought is that of every citizen.

    All aboard the crazy train!
    (AUDIO) The federal privacy watchdog says the RCMP broke the law by using cutting-edge facial-recognition software to collect personal information.


    In a report today, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien says there were serious and systemic failings by the RCMP to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act before it gathered information from U.S. firm Clearview AI.

    “The use of [facial recognition technology] by the RCMP to search through massive repositories of Canadians who are innocent of any suspicion of crime presents a serious violation of privacy,” Therrien said in his report.
    “A government institution cannot collect personal information from a third party agent if that third party agent collected the information unlawfully.”
    Clearview AI’s technology allows for the collection of huge numbers of images from various sources that can help police forces, financial institutions and other clients identify people.

    In a related probe, Therrien and three provincial counterparts said in February that Clearview AI’s technology resulted in mass surveillance of Canadians and violated federal and provincial laws governing personal information.

    They said the New York-based company’s scraping of billions of images of people from across the internet was a clear violation of Canadians’ privacy rights.

    Mike analyzes this very well.

    a href="https://americanuckradio.com/breaking-news/rcmp-broke-the-law-with-clearview-ai-facial-recognition-software-watchdog/"...

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    Americanuck Radio - Is Veltman Guilty? & Peak Insanity

    Americanuck Radio - Is Veltman Guilty? & Peak Insanity

    Summary by Peyton Smith

    MONOLOGUE: Today is a rather lame news day, as Mike explains.

    Seg:1- Premier Doug Ford suspended the lockdown rules so that people could attend a large vigil for the recent muslim killings in London, Ontario.

    How sweet of him.

    Still, it would seem that all the outrage, accusations, and pending charges against Nathaniel Veltman could very well be wholly unfounded.

    Imagine that?

    The narrative being built against this young man is looking about as flimsy as a chinese motorcycle made out of coronavirus.

    Veltman is already guilty because the despicable media, in concert with filthy federal and provincial vermin, have said so.

    Seriously, when figures like Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau have already condemned him, is it possible for Veltman to get a fair shake?

    Mike gives in depth analysis of a piece from the London Free Press, which shows how smelly the entire fiasco really is.


    Explosive device set off at a N. Alberta gender reveal party sparks a wildfire.

    A Knucklehead move?


    If folks aren't getting killed at these events, then a blazing inferno happens.

    Mike brings excellent commentary to this.

    Enjoy all this, and more, in a marvelous segment 1 from Mike.

    Seg:2- Mike starts off the segment with some news from the venerable and hilarious Flip City Magazine.

    "After being lauded for sending the first black man to the moon, Biden vows to send all black men to the moon."

    Mike covers this, and a few more hysterical gems from the awesome Flip City Magazine.

    Enjoy, and remember to visit https://www.flipcitymag.com/ to receive 10% off a subscription.

    Enter promo code: "AMCradio"
    A UK man thought he could make a deal with a demon, in exchange for winning the lottery.

    The price?

    He murdered two young women, as a sacrifice.

    It only gets stranger, and darker from there, but it's safe to say that we are reaching peak insanity.

    Listen as Mike analyses this horrible mess.

    A Texas woman, Patricia Ann Garcia, was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for making false 911 calls that led to the deaths of two of her neighbors she was feuding with.

    Aside from this woman using 911 as a weapon, there is so much wrong with this story.

    So much.

    And Mike covers it all very well.

    Another school board meeting goes awry, due to a discussion on 'equity and inclusion.'

    The resultant...

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    Americanuck Radio - Inflammatory Rhetoric&What Makes The NYT Tick

    Americanuck Radio - Inflammatory Rhetoric&What Makes The NYT Tick

    Summary by Peyton Smith

    Seg:1- (AUDIO)The recent bloody killing of a Muslim family in London, Ontario is where Mike starts the proceedings.

    One child in this family survived.

    A sad fact is that as long as there are humans on this planet, murder will be a horrible part of life.

    Should all white people be blamed for this?


    The same goes for the various attacks that Muslims have perpetrated in Canada.

    To add to the derangement, this tragedy is being wound together with the Residential School tragedy in Kamloops.

    Yes. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh tried to do just that, as the audio Mike plays confirms.

    Vile sickness.

    (AUDIO) Justin Trudeau chimed in on the grisly incident in London, and his inflammatory rhetoric is very much on the same level as Jagmeet's.

    He is so far beneath any semblance of decency.

    His fake groveling to Muslims is the icing on his fetid pile of dung.

    Political grandstanding on a mammoth scale!


    Mike brings the truth to all of this, with an amazing barrage of analysis and commentary.

    An explosive segment 1 from Mike awaits.


    Seg:2- (AUDIO) Mike starts off the segment with a Prager U. report on Canadian health care.

    Why can't the American healthcare system be more like Canada?

    It's a question that many naive Americans ask.

    This report should dissuade any sane American from asking that question.
    (AUDIO) A report of how certain American cities would fare in a zombie apocalypse.

    Yes, a zombie apocalypse.

    Mike explains all.
    (AUDIO)Brian Williams is someone who has lied to the American people on various occasions.

    In a recent broadcast, the liar pushes a horrible message from the Lincoln Project that urges Americans to honor Antifa like we honor those who stormed Normandy.

    Just when Williams couldn't go lower, he goes lower.

    Mike properly slams this, and warns kids against buying into the evil of Antifa.
    (AUDIO) A New York Times Editorial board member is "Disturbed" by the sight of American flags.

    What a poor, pathetic little thing she is.

    All this, and much more, awaits in a thrilling segment 2 from Mike.

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    Americanuck Radio - Cuomo's Covid Schmaltz&Fauci Won't Admit Fault

    Americanuck Radio - Cuomo's Covid Schmaltz&Fauci Won't Admit Fault

    Summary by Peyton Smith

    Seg:1- Ottawa has spent 3.2M fighting St. Anne's Residential school survivors in court over the last decade.

    The evil machine of the feds cannot hide this nastiness, and demonic evil. In attempting to, Ottawa is perpetrating all the pain.

    But then again, that's one of the federal government's specialties.

    A very gruesome topic, but one that must be addressed.

    Mike does just that.
    (AUDIO) A mom eviscerates a school board over critical race theory being taught in schools, which is really no different than Residential Schools.

    The teaching of kids to hate themselves, and their race.
    (AUDIO) Love Gov Cuomo utters schmaltz about the virtues and benefits of receiving the kiss of the Covid needle.

    Cuomo calls it a passport to "enjoy life."

    Those that still buy into this are almost beyond pity at this point.
    (AUDIO) An Australian report on the selfish, virtue signaling kids who are inspired by adults to be like they are.

    Greta Thunberg anyone?
    Kamala Harris receives a stern rebuke from Guatemalans upon her arrival in Guatemala.

    She is a hypocrite and globalist who, praise Jesus, is being shown the disapproval she deserves.

    There are many more despicable heathens who need to receive a similar due.
    Enjoy all of this, and more, in a stellar segment 1 from Mike.

    Seg:2- (AUDIO)Anthony Fauci is the master of the open ended statement, and lawyer speak.

    The man(and we use man quite loosely in this case)simply can't come clean, and admit his guilt in what might be incalculable global damage he's inflicted.

    Recently, on Rachel Maddow's program, the villainous Tony declared that any attacks on him are "attacks on science."

    Her program is perfect safe space for him, as the softball queries from Maddow show.

    Truth be told, science has been perverted into a death cult by wicked gargoyles like the Dr.

    Mike flushes Fauci down the toilet with superb analysis and commentary.
    (AUDIO) A soldier in uniform relates a recent retirement ceremony he attended, where a certificate of appreciation was presented, and it was signed by President Donald J. Trump.

    President Donald J. Trump?
    Enjoy all of this, and more, in a splendid segment 2 from Mike.

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    Americanuck Radio -Truth Revealed About Kamloops Residential School

    Americanuck Radio -Truth Revealed About Kamloops Residential School

    Seg:1- (AUDIO) A government that would participate in the murder of thousands upon thousands of children in Residential Schools wouldn't bat an eye at doing the same thing to white children today.

    They will be made to pay for the horror inflicted upon native children...simply because they are white.

    Even though tribal elders profited from it.

    Somebody's always got to loose, and in this instance it will be white people.
    Kevin Annet speaks about the Kamloops Residential School in a very in depth audio presentation.

    He goes into such atrocities as pain threshold experiments being performed on children, sodomy with cattle prods, children burned in furnaces, and other hideous acts.

    Forced sterilization was even part of the Kamloops Residential School.

    Like a huge, baby burning furnace, Canada is trying to destroy any and all evidence of this horrible blight.

    Canada's past domestic genocide must not be hidden. May the light Kevin shines on this bloody holocaust never dim.

    Kevin's presentation continues in segment 2

    Seg:2- Kevin Annet's presentation continues with what really happened at the Kamloops Residential School.

    Kevin's campaign to get Canadian Church/State to respond to this has contributed to the current acknowledgment coming out from the guilty entities.

    This is a victory for the campaign spearheaded by Kevin, but it must accompany Canadians en masse who will see the unmasked reality for what it is.

    And cut all ties from it.

    Listen to this stellar presentation from Mr. Kevin D. Annet in full, and share it far and wide!

    For more on Mr. Kevin Annet, click below:



    Mike gets into a sorted, filthy testament of what the Democrat party is really all about.

    From the Washington Examiner:

    On Monday, national media reported an explosive story in Colorado. A prominent Black Lives Matter activist, socialist, and Denver Public Schools board member, Tay Anderson, stepped back “from everyday board functions” while an independent investigation looks into startling allegations that he sexually abused 62 current and former students.

    The alleged assaults range from unwanted touching to “violent rape” of students as young as 14 years old. Sixty-one of these students are purportedly illegal immigrants or recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The new allegations come two months after the group BLM5280, and past associates of Anderson’s at the (now-defunct) youth-led gun-control group Never Again Colorado accused him of past sexual assault and harassment.

    Read More:

    Mike takes this apart with expertise.
    (AUDIO) Mike discusses the Texas valedictorian who delivered a pro abortion speech.

    How horrible that such a bright young lady has had her brain cleaned so completely.
    (AUDIO) Rachel Levine discusses improving American physical and mental well being.

    If this horrible creature...

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