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Arman Naféei’s weekly interview series exploring the soundtrack of today's cultural figures and personalities in the fields of Music, Film, Art, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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Arman Naféei’s weekly interview series exploring the soundtrack of today's cultural figures and personalities in the fields of Music, Film, Art, Fashion and Lifestyle.



    Arman's Voice Notes is Are We On Air's latest audio supplement, taking you on an audio voyage through Arman's latest travels and cultural findings.

    On his first episode, Arman goes through what he has been up to for the last 6 months. Highlights include Are We On Air ?'s very fist pop up at Berlin's Unter den Linden, #ValentinoRendezVous in Paris and Prada Club in Moscow.

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    ‘So long and so young and so beautiful’, CAMÉLIA JORDANA and Arman bond over their love of Maria Callas in celebration of #ValentinoRendezVous. Between whispering harmonies of Calla's The Barber of Seville and Nina Simone’s I Get Along Without You Very Well, Jordana explains her admiration for the women who came before her and their strength in communicating their powerful truths for the world, no matter how intense and sincere. Naming the “magic combo,” Jordana empathizes with the 'sadness, love and tenderness' throughout Nina Simone’s repertoire.
    Growing up in an Algerian and Berber Kabyle family, Jordana describes music as a way of living, and rhythm a gift from her roots. Accompanying her mother to her singing classes at the tender age of two, she describes learning to sing at the same time as learning to speak deep inside her musical identity. The shared space between singing and speaking are felt not only as she shares the soundtrack to her life, but sings it too. Crediting Doris Day’s Que Sera Sera as a steady source of inspiration to trust in the future, and trust in herself, Camélia says goodbye - taking a piece of all of our hearts with her.

    • 42 min
    Ep 53 // ICHON

    Ep 53 // ICHON

    Tucked inside the busy streets of Marais's Le Carreau du Temple, Arman Naféei rendezvous with French artist ICHON in celebration of #ValentinoRendezVous. Discussing ideas currently distilling in his mind, Ichon finds inspiration in the beauty of contrast. Welcoming listeners into this delicate balance, Ichon shares a line he wrote from "+ C'est pas le moment": "Prends-moi par la main sans la retenir,' (Hold my hand, but don't keep it.) For Ichon, words come first in their simplicity, but second to the importance of feeling and understanding. With a talent for feeling the nuance and contrast in writing, Ichon shares that his music conveys emotions deeply personal to his life, yet universal in their nature. Without the need to catch your attention,Ichon masters the art of subtlety, maintaining the mystery and nuance that make experience beautiful. Delve into Ichon's world for a mise-en-scène of music featuring Michael Jackson and Caetano Veloso. What's not to love?

    • 24 min
    Ep 52 // ORION CARLOTO

    Ep 52 // ORION CARLOTO

    This week, ORION CARLOTO and Arman explore the intrinsic linkage between poetry and all art forms. It’s not every 24 year old who quotes the French poet Arthur Rimbaud so casually; Carloto brings energy and feeling to a medium which is vital to the arts and soul of the world. Describing the beautifully fresh and devastating songs of Leonard Cohen, to her affinity for Fiona Apple’s ability to unapologetically sing her truths, Vanessa’s references form a foundation for her craft and her life. ETHEREAL by nature, Orion glimmers light and insight, exquisitely shining out into her orbit.

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    Ep 51 // ELIM CHAN

    Ep 51 // ELIM CHAN

    Creating a sound that is 3D is ELIM CHAN's magic touch. She and Arman dive deeply into this enchantment, delving into Disney's Fantasia’s role in planting the seeds of her dreams to manifest imagery, feeling and motion with music. As the youngest chief conductor of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, she materializes this gift by transmitting her magic to hundreds of thousands and more audiences. Describing the feeling of hot butter gliding down her arms as she conducts Rachmaninoff’s sexy Symphony No. 2, Chan is captivating, humble and a crescendo of joy. Her ultimate gig? To be the first conductor on mars. We’re betting it all on Chan. Her dreams are big and her execution laser sharp - a natural trailblazer and magician, exuding imagination from every pore. Quoting Roald Dahl, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never see it,” her channels are open for what’s to come. Listen for immediate inspiration and a beautiful dream.

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    Ep 50 // KALI UCHIS

    Ep 50 // KALI UCHIS

    Whether she's singing, songwriting, directing, painting or producing, KALI UCHIS is an unmatched tour de force. Dialing from Los Angeles, KALI shows us why she is revered as one the most interesting artists of today. Multi-hyphenate by design, KALI delves on the importance she places on artistic integrity over virality, how Colombian culture informs her own artistic repertoire and how she's helping champion the broad array of subgenres of Latin music by bringing those sounds to the forefront. Independence and artistic integrity are at the core of KALI's artistic output. A bravado characterises KALI's stand in the world: SIN MIEDO, her recently released studio album, is a statement on how a predominantly Spanish album can be both a commercial and critical success.

    • 45 min

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4.9 out of 5
62 Ratings

62 Ratings

armans biggest fan ,

Seriously the coolest podcast ever

The host, arman is incredible at getting these guests to talk about their lives through music. Armans knowledge and ability to connect with every speaker really sets him and his podcast apart from all the others. And I havent even gotten to the guest list yet. These conversations feed my soul and I am forever thankful for it. Thank you Arman! Keep it going, excited to see what you do next ⭐️

Nosepressos y Spritziolis ,

Check the guest list.

I don’t know how he gets these guests, most of them, it would seem, live in a world where podcasts don’t even exist. Incredible conversations with legendary, thoughtful people.

Karis R ,

Theory of relativity

After months in quarantine, this pod made me feel cool again. Bravo.

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