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Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, Founder of Art of Money year-long program & Author of The Art of Money book.

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Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, Founder of Art of Money year-long program & Author of The Art of Money book.

    What Money Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

    What Money Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

    Here we are, at our last Money Mocha for this year, and this one’s a tender one. It’s about legacies…money legacies. Those we’ve inherited from others and those we’ll leave behind for others to inherit from us.

    I often tell people that money touches every part of our lives. Every. Part. The way we relate to money even affects other people’s lives long after we’ll leave this Earth for the great journey beyond.

    Not many people think about what money legacies they’ve picked up from their parents or other relatives that were around when we were growing up. And fewer people think about what money legacies they’ll leave for others to pick up.

    But today…we’re going to put it on the table. Something deeper and more meaningful than what you’re probably used to thinking about when it comes to personal finance.

    I’m going to tell you the story about the time my father had a stroke and I went to be with him in the hospital…and all that I learned in my time with him about money legacies.

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    How To Find Freedom In Your Deeper Money Patterns

    How To Find Freedom In Your Deeper Money Patterns

    I hope the last mocha brought you in touch with something in your relationship with money that’s a bit deeper than the typical “save 20% of what you earn and build up your 401k” kind of advice that tends to get attention in the personal finance world.

    It’s not that I disagree with advice like that. Its just…there is SO MUCH more to creating a healthy relationship with money than the “spend less than you make” type of mainstream sound bites.

    To be honest, while advice like that is helpful for things on the surface level (that tiny tip of the iceberg that sits above the water), the real work that creates lasting, profound transformations happens in the deeper levels of our psyche. Those quiet levels below the surface that are sometimes hard to get down to, and hard to put to words once you get down there.

    That’s what today’s Money Mocha is about. Are you ready to do a little interior spelunking and see what might actually be going on under the surface of your money life?

    Transcript + More Here: http://baritessler.com/67

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    Overcome Small Biz Cashflow Challenges + Pandemic Support

    Overcome Small Biz Cashflow Challenges + Pandemic Support

    Today’s Money Mocha is a portion of a much longer conversation I had with Amy Bradbury, who is a profitability powerhouse, financial strategist, and QuickBooks guru who helps entrepreneurs with cash flow, systems, and business models.

    Amy discusses the number one perspective shift she guides entrepreneurs through who are working on trying to figure out how much money their business needs to operate well enough to give them the level of lifestyle they need it to.

    Her tools line right up with a foundational part of my Art of Money methodology but are applied in the realm of one’s business.

    More Here: http://baritessler.com/66

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    How to Re-Write Your Money Story

    How to Re-Write Your Money Story

    Money touches every part of our lives, in one way or another, every single day. And every day we go about our lives making money decisions both large and small, we’re most often running some very old scripts unconsciously in the background, like an app that runs quietly in the background of your laptop.

    These scripts are powerful, and many of them were created unintentionally far in the blurry, faded past of our childhoods. Comments your mom made at the kitchen while paying bills. Things your dad did when he got an unexpected bonus from work right before Christmas. That trip your family took to DisneyLand where your parents were arguing about money outside of the hotel room where they thought you couldn’t hear.

    These scripts are part of your money stories, and those stories are so powerful they can cause you to make money decisions to this very day. There’s good news about these stories though: they’re not written in stone.

    You’re writing your own money stories every day, every week, every month, and every year. And here’s the key: you have the power to start writing new money stories, new scripts, that can then run in the background, guiding you to make better money choices. And those better choices can lead to less stress and grind, and more peace and calm.

    Transcript + More Here: http://baritessler.com/65

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    How Do You Handle Big Unexpected Money Curveballs?

    How Do You Handle Big Unexpected Money Curveballs?

    To start out this first Money Mocha, I have a quick question for you: what do you do when life throws a money curveball at you? Not a ball of money (which would be nice), but something super unexpected and not something you would want to happen.

    Do you have a plan in place? Do you have any tools you can use as the financial stress meter starts to quickly spike into the red zone?

    If you don’t have a toolbox and you don’t have a plan, don’t worry. Most people don’t. But today? I’m going to give you both a toolbox and a plan for how to use those tools in today’s Money Mocha.

    Transcript + More here: http://baritessler.com/64

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    How renaming your money categories to your values can change … everything. {Book Excerpt}

    How renaming your money categories to your values can change … everything. {Book Excerpt}

    When you infuse money with your deepest values, big change starts to happen. Resistance melts away and you start feeling more coherence and peace around money. The best news? You can start making this shift today with my simple tool: Values-Based Bookkeeping.

    Pour yourself a cuppa and relax while I tell you the story of Values-Based Bookkeeping: a simple, profound re-naming practice you can start using today.

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4.9 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

awakentheself ,


What can I say? Bari is someone who is so lovely you can’t decide if you want her to be your therapist, your best friend, your mom or your money coach! I have gained lots of wisdom from listening to her stories and interviews. Wonderful and inspiring show.

MarkDillonVO ,

Outstanding information…Incredible Production!

A great approach to money but as a fellow podcast I love the quality work they put into the show. Great information wrapped in well done editing and production.

shhleysmith ,

Clarity, empathy, and encouragement in my money journey

My personal money journey has been and continues to be greatly supported by the work of Bari and The Art of Money. This podcast is no exception.

Thank you so much Bari and Forest for creating this!

With gratitude,
Ashley Aspentree

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