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Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, Founder of Art of Money year-long program & Author of The Art of Money book.

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Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, Founder of Art of Money year-long program & Author of The Art of Money book.

    Let's Talk about Earning More Income

    Let's Talk about Earning More Income

    The work you do, the paycheck you earn, your bank account balance - none of these has anything to do with your intricate worth.

    You are priceless beyond measure.

    Yet, we live in a world where most of us need to work to earn money to support ourselves, our families, and, as small business owners, our team as well.

    We don’t like to talk about making money, though, it feels uncomfortable, shallow, and vulnerable. Even more so when we’re in a position where we want or need to be making more money.

    But these silent taboos don’t serve us. Frankly, they never have. So it’s time to bring some loving honesty to break them down.

    I recently had the opportunity to interview a dear friend and colleague of mine, Money Coach and author of “Why Women Earn Less: How to Make What You’re Really Worth,” Mikelann Valterra.

    Find out more on the podcast: https://baritessler.com/podcast

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    How to resolve everyday conflict with relationship expert Jayson Gaddis

    How to resolve everyday conflict with relationship expert Jayson Gaddis

    I am SO excited to introduce you to my latest guest on the Art of Money podcast, Jayson Gaddis. Founder of The Relationship School, leading relationship expert, and sought-after coach, Jayson helps folks learn to repair everyday conflict with respect, compassion, and understanding for each other - and ourselves.

    The wisdom, insight, and accessible practices that Jayson shares in this interview will empower you “to love bigger and work out your differences.”

    Click here to learn more: https://baritessler.com/podcast

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    Visibility Medicine for your business

    Visibility Medicine for your business

    Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite people and dearest friends, Danielle Cohen, who joined me on the Art of Money podcast to share her own story of integrating life, money, and business as a woman, a mother, and a creative entrepreneur who has been forging her own path for over 20 years.

    Danielle is a visibility coach, professional photographer, business mentor, and educator with a unique talent for helping others step into and offer their greatest work by becoming more visible, owning their story and their magic, and sharing it with the world.

    This conversation is a deep soul dive into the stuff of life - we cover themes of motherhood, family, and relationships, creating new beginnings, pivoting a business during the pandemic, and everything that comes along with it.

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    The Rebel Therapist and a New Way of Doing Business with Annie Schuessler

    The Rebel Therapist and a New Way of Doing Business with Annie Schuessler

    Earlier this summer, I had the joy and privilege of interviewing Annie Schuessler, a fellow therapist, Art of Money alum, and host of the phenomenal podcast, “Rebel Therapist.” When Annie first started her private therapy practice, she struggled with her mindset around money, with not knowing how to build her business, and how to balance her desire to help folks heal while also supporting her family.

    Twenty years later, Annie has found her spark, mentoring therapists to build ethical, sustainable businesses that honor their passions, the way they want to show up, and the work they want to do in the world.

    Listen in as we challenge the status quo and explore:

    - How Annie confronted scarcity and the limiting beliefs around money that were undermining her professional and financial success
    - How “rocking the boat” and talking honestly about her struggles and experiences led Annie to create a business that is both fulfilling - AND capable of supporting her family
    - Honoring queer, feminist values in a capitalist society
    - How Annie helps therapists who feel stuck in their practice cultivate new outlets of inspiration and create new opportunities for success
    - What it means to be a “rebel therapist”

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    Money stories and trauma support with Kimberly Ann Johnson

    Money stories and trauma support with Kimberly Ann Johnson

    Tuning into our bodies is a life-saving, life-giving practice.

    Our bodies have precious wisdom to share with us, but in a culture that teaches us to ignore those messages, how do we get back to our bodies and learn to listen to the insight that they have to share with us?

    In the latest installment of my Money Memoirs series, I had the opportunity to interview Kimberly Ann Johnson, a Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner, educator, and author who helps women heal their trauma, connect with their bodies, and awaken to their own innate power to start living life on their own terms.

    For more head to baritessler.com/podcast

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    Why you want a Health Insurance Advocate on your money support team

    Why you want a Health Insurance Advocate on your money support team

    Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Wendy Allegaert, a Health Insurance Advocate who specializes in Medicare. She loves to study all things insurance, so you can ask her about Obama Care, the positives changes the Biden administration has already put into place or meet with her to brainstorm health insurance strategies.

    Wendy has also been an Art of Money student since 2015 and has done her own courageously beautiful money work over the years. Our interview will start with her sharing some of her experiences with the Art of Money program and community -- she is currently in two accountability groups -- and what has positively changed in her own money journey over the years.

    Head to Baritessler.com/podcast for more information.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

momonguam ,

Authentic, practical and entertaining. What? Are you sure this podcast is about my money?

This is a wonderfully informative podcast whether or not you are part of Bari’s money school. Her approach is unique in the vast arena that is financial advice/money management. She is a financial therapist trained in the somatic approach. Don’t be frightened, BT lives in the same world we do and she walks her talk. So do her guests. On this podcast Bari interviews a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share their personal money stories and professional expertise. Just check in with your bad self, sit back and enjoy.

awakentheself ,


What can I say? Bari is someone who is so lovely you can’t decide if you want her to be your therapist, your best friend, your mom or your money coach! I have gained lots of wisdom from listening to her stories and interviews. Wonderful and inspiring show.

MarkDillonVO ,

Outstanding information…Incredible Production!

A great approach to money but as a fellow podcast I love the quality work they put into the show. Great information wrapped in well done editing and production.

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