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conversations to spark creativity, challenge beliefs and disrupt what it means to be well.

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conversations to spark creativity, challenge beliefs and disrupt what it means to be well.

    Lifting This Weight

    Lifting This Weight

    Lifting this weight.

    Join us for this weeks episode where we speak with accountant Michele Quigg, CPA, CGA, from MQ accounting about financial wellness. This episode is co-hosted with the lovely Erin McCarthy from Erin McCarthy Mindfulness.

    We discuss the profession of accounting, how she got to where she is and what drew her to the profession. She explains that accounting is not just about numbers and filing taxes, but also about connection with clients and understanding their businesses. She discusses how her decision to start her own business helped to inform her work and ability to relate to other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

    Michele talks about the role of ethics in accounting, the importance of saving for retirement, and the role wellness has in finances. Wellness, she says, is about having the freedom to do what makes your soul happy.

    Find out more about Michele at:

    IG: @mqaccounting

    • 39 min
    To Belong

    To Belong

    To Belong

    Join us for our second conversation this season with The Table Community Food Centre. Emmet Cameron and Youssef Sawan join us with co-host Elle Halladay for a discussion about belonging, wellness and various supports The Table has to offer.

    We discuss why a community food center is about more than just food or a meal. It’s being able to connect with people, understanding the supports that are available in the community, and providing a space to be human.

    We dive into the topic of belonging; why it is important what are the things that make you feel like you belong and what are the barriers to belonging?

    To find out more about The Table Community Food Centre check out www.thetablecfc.org

    Thanks for listening.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Healing Through Art

    Healing Through Art

    Healing Through Art

    Join us for a beautiful conversation with Nancy Mike, an Inuk Research Associate and Artist.

    We explore her work, and how and where the seeds of her creativity were planted. We discuss how engaging in art can provide us with a space for healing, and how we can find comfort and inspiration in art as a response to adversity, loss, grief and challenges.

    "...sometimes the only way to endure suffering is to transform it into art." - Suleika Jaouad

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    • 39 min
    Knowing Yourself : Andrea Picket

    Knowing Yourself : Andrea Picket

    Knowing Yourself

    Join us for an informative and empowering conversation with pelvic health physiotherapist and educator, Andrea Picket.

    Andrea speaks to us about an area of our health that is often not given the attention it needs, our pelvic floor.

    We question why this area of our health isn’t explored at an earlier age, talk about kegel exercises, and how various traumas can impact this area of our bodies.

    We discuss how developing an understanding and educating ourselves on our pelvic health can give us a sense of control over our bodies, validate our experiences and make us feel empowered.

    Find out more about Andrea and her practice at

    • 51 min
    The Oaks

    The Oaks

    In this episode we speak to Ashley Belhumeur, Assistant Manager of The Oaks Residential Services with the Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa. Deb is joined by Lisa Gregoire as co-host.

    Ashley speaks to us about what The Oaks and The Shepherds of Good Hope do in the community of Ottawa and what the harm reduction approach is. She speaks about the impact these programs have on the folks they support and the importance of meeting people where they are.

    Learn how these programs can help individuals gain back their humanity, dignity and allow themselves to express vulnerability in a safe space.

    Thank you to The Oaks and The Shepherds of Good Hope for their time and the work they do.

    • 48 min
    Prison Yoga Project

    Prison Yoga Project

    Prison Yoga Project

    Join us for an inspiring and insightful conversation with Tara McCaffery, a counsellor and ‘Prison Yoga’ facilitator at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre.

    Tara started realized through her own journey that traditional talk therapy wasn’t enough and eventually found her missing piece, reconnecting with our bodies.

    We discuss what trauma informed yoga is, how it is implemented in the correctional system through the prison yoga project, and the therapeutic and restorative processes that happen as a result.

    Tara shares an inspiring true story that encourages us to see prisons as places with the potential to help people heal and grow. A radical and hopeful perspective.

    Find out more about the Prison Yoga Project at

    • 44 min

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