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Beyond ADHD A Physician‘s Perspective Podcast

Beyond ADHD: A Physician’s Perspective Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh

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Beyond ADHD A Physician‘s Perspective Podcast

    Understanding ADHD: A Conversation with Farah Jamil

    Understanding ADHD: A Conversation with Farah Jamil

    In this enlightening conversation, Farah Jamil, an executive ADHD coach, shares her personal journey of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. She goes in-depth on how she has learned to harness the realities of ADHD as a strength and advocates for more representation of diverse experiences within the discussion of ADHD. As an entrepreneur, she also discusses the intersectionality of ADHD, faith, and executive leadership. Farah offers valuable insights on self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-advocacy, and the importance of seeking appropriate support to thrive.
    Guest Speaker: Farah JamilMeet Farah Jamil, Founder of Muslim ADHDers and a seasoned Health Executive. As a Certified Executive Coach, she empowers early- to mid-careerists to unleash their inner 'Super Leader' and 'ADHD Superpowers.' Farah hosted the 1st global Muslim ADHDers Virtual Summit, uniting 1,500+ registrants. With 15+ years of leadership experience, an Ivy League graduate, and a global presenter on 'Neurodiversity – Navigating ADHD in the Workplace,' Farah is making a significant impact as one of the 2020 INC 5000 Vision Conference's global Executive Coaches.
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    ”Unraveling ADHD Myths with Dr. Randie Schacter ”

    ”Unraveling ADHD Myths with Dr. Randie Schacter ”

    Welcome to another insightful episode of the Exploring Minds Podcast! In today's conversation, we delve deep into the world of ADHD myths with the brilliant Dr. Randie Schacter. Join us as we debunk common misconceptions surrounding ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and gain a clearer understanding of these often misunderstood conditions.
    Our esteemed guest, Dr. Randie Schacter, a seasoned psychiatrist and advocate for mental health awareness, shares her expertise on ADHD and sheds light on its multifaceted nature. With a focus on fostering community and creativity, Dr. Schacter discusses the challenges and strengths associated with ADHD, offering a fresh perspective that can inspire positive change.
    In this thought-provoking interview, we explore the impact of COVID-19 on individuals dealing with ADHD, the importance of recognizing symptoms in both children and adults, and the power of creative outlets like pottery to enhance mental well-being. Dr. Schacter's passion for understanding the human mind shines through as she uncovers the dynamic connections between ADHD, anxiety, depression, and the role of self-care.
    Join us in this captivating conversation as we challenge preconceived notions, provide actionable insights, and ignite a greater understanding of ADHD and its intricacies. If you're ready to gain a fresh perspective on mental health, ADHD, and the myths that surround them, hit that play button and let's dive in together!
    🎙️ Guest Speaker: Dr. Randie Schacter
    Dr. Randie Schacter is a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in holistic and individualized care. With expertise in General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, she treats individuals from childhood to adulthood. Dr. Schacter's approach is rooted in osteopathic philosophy, focusing on the whole person and empowering them to actively participate in their healing journey. She integrates education, therapy, and medication to create personalized treatment plans. Based in Matthews, she collaborates with patients, families, schools, and other contributors to develop comprehensive wellness strategies.
    🌐 Website: silverspaces.org and silverpsychiatric.com

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    ”Unlocking Productivity & Balance: Technology Hacks and Insights with Dr. Ann Tsung”

    ”Unlocking Productivity & Balance: Technology Hacks and Insights with Dr. Ann Tsung”

    Welcome to another exciting episode!! In this episode, we delve into the world of productivity, technology hacks, and achieving a balanced lifestyle. Our special guest, Dr. Ann Tsung, MD MPH, is not only an emergency medicine and critical care physician, a full-time flight surgeon at NASA, a real estate investor, and a mom, but also a productivity guru who has mastered the art of optimizing time and energy.
    Join us as we uncover Dr. Tsung's journey of managing her multi-faceted life and her mission to help others regain control of their time and focus. She shares her insights on the power of delegation, the magic of technology tools, and the importance of setting clear priorities. You'll learn valuable strategies to declutter your digital life, supercharge your focus, and achieve more while working less.
    Dr. Tsung's unique perspective blends medical expertise, productivity wisdom, and real-life experiences, making this episode a must-watch for anyone seeking to enhance their productivity and reclaim their time. Whether you're a busy professional, an entrepreneur, a parent, or simply someone striving for a more balanced life, this episode has something special in store for you.
    Tune in to discover practical tips, inspiring stories, and actionable advice that will empower you to take control of your schedule and reach new heights of productivity and fulfillment. Don't miss out – hit that play button now and embark on a journey towards unlocking your full potential!
    Connect with Dr. Ann Tsung: Website: It'sNotRocketScienceShow.com Instagram: @AnnTsungMD Facebook: @AnnTsungMD
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    About Dr. Ann Tsung:Ann Tsung, MD, MPH is a dynamic figure blending roles as a NASA flight surgeon and part-time ER and ICU physician. She's also a real estate investor and host of the "It's Not Rocket Science Show" podcast. Driven by a transformative journey of self-discovery, she's achieved remarkable milestones like summiting Kilimanjaro, world travels, and real estate ventures. Her productivity philosophy emphasizes human optimization, mind-body connection, and skillful tools, inspiring others to take charge of their lives. Dr. Tsung's mission is to empower individuals to achieve more with less effort, enabling them to prioritize passions and meaningful connections.

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    ”Beyond ADHD: Embracing the Unique Gift within Us | Interview with Craig Clawson”

    ”Beyond ADHD: Embracing the Unique Gift within Us | Interview with Craig Clawson”

    Welcome to "Beyond ADHD, A Physician's Perspective" with Dr. Diana Mercado Marmarosh, a dedicated family medicine physician based in rural Texas. In this insightful podcast, we explore the transformative journey of understanding and embracing conditions like ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Today's guest, Craig Clawson, a seasoned journalist and podcast production expert, shares his personal experience with ADHD, revealing the challenges he faced before receiving a diagnosis at the age of 49.
    Join us as we delve into the link between ADHD and its impact on daily life, family dynamics, and career trajectories. Discover how unlearning certain beliefs and habits, along with seeking professional guidance, can lead to a fulfilled life beyond these conditions. With candid conversations and actionable strategies, this podcast aims to shed light on the potential hidden within every individual living with ADHD.
    If you're ready to unlock your true potential, gain insights from the perspective of a physician and a professional storyteller, then this episode is a must-watch. Don't miss this empowering conversation as we debunk myths, share personal stories, and inspire positive change in the way we view and cope with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery and growth.
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    Costa Rica (It’s OK)

    Costa Rica (It’s OK)

    Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh: Hello. Hello. Welcome to Beyond A D H D A Physician's Perspective. I am Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh. I'm a family medicine physician practicing in rural Texas. I used to be hindered by my A D H D, but I now see it as a gift that helps me show up as the person I was always meant to be. Both in my work and in my personal life.
    In the past two years, I've come to realize, That unlearning some of my beliefs and some of my habits were just as important as learning the new set of skills.
    Hey, did you hear that? That was the attention? So I just got back from Costa Rica like literally yesterday and. We spend an incredible week there and my tour guide, his name is Carlos and he's from the Mela tribe, and he gifted my husband a wonderful drum that he had. For himself for over 15 years and that's the sign for attention it.
    Anyways, I wanted to grab your attention as I'm starting this and, uh, let you know that I will be, uh, Putting a hold on my group coaching for a month. I've decided I won't start again until June 19th. So, um, that gives you some time to start going through some of the modules that I already have there, and then when we come together, we can reconvene.
    I am in Cloud 45 right now after such an amazing transformational ex. Experience that I was able to facilitate in Costa Rica and I wanna share all about it with you. Um, so June 19th, if you are considering the coaching group, you need to sign up now because of course spots are limited. And, uh, I really, really like my.
    Groups to be small, private, and intimate. And of course there's already some physicians who are going to continue the level of membership and I'm glad to have them. And some of them have been with us for, for a while. But anyways, June 19th, put that in your calendar. Uh, you can come to the 11:00 AM class that I'll be having, or you could come to the 7:00 PM class that I will be having.
    And so with that in mind, let me tell you about my most amazing week that I just had last week, and some takeaway points and some things that maybe will inspire you to consider it for the next time. What do I start? Uh, I was asked why Costa Rica? So first of all, in September when I went to experience Costa Rica myself, I booked that on a whim.
    I, my husband and I had gone to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, and that was almost the 11 years ago prior to, uh, September. And in September we were gonna have our 11 year anniversary. So I decided to, um, Book a hotel and the flights and everything without telling my husband. Yeah, very A D H G impulsive.
    Like I found this amazing hotel and I just could not wait. I didn't want it to be sold out. So I booked everything and then I went, I told my husband, Hey, um, in a month from now, we will be going to, uh, Costa Rica. To celebrate our, our 11 year anniversary. I hope you're coming cause I am going with or without you.
    Cause this place is divine. And of course he came with and the rest is history. So when we went to uh, Costa Rica, I just. I fell in love with the hotel, with the atmosphere. It just felt like paradise. I love having my own private villa bungalow. It was so cool to hear all the birds, the frogs, uh, to see this logs, uh, in the hotel grounds.
    And I felt like I needed to bring people to that place to experience it for themselves. And so the purpose of the retreat ended up being. A place where people could dis live behind all their troubles. They could like disconnect and just reevaluate and having fun along the way in doing such, and in a place where it would be non-judgmental and the place.
    by the R N l um, volcano and the hot springs and the hanging bridges and the Safari River float. So I decided to. Also tap into the indigenous tribe that was around the area, which is called Maku. And I wanted to really learn more about them. Um, they are located near a town called San Rafael aso, which is about.
    One hour from Launa where we were staying. There's about, uh, 600 people

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    The Benefits of Accommodations with Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells

    The Benefits of Accommodations with Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells

    Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh: Come join me May 1st through the sixth, so that you can rest rediscover your strengths, reconnect with yourself and those physicians like you who are ready to leave, work at work, and re-energize. This is the invitation for you to make 2023 your year. Join me in Costa Rica in this really amazing, non-judgmental, intimate decision community.
    I am gonna show you how to rest and how to recharge. Let's transform your brain so that you can start to dream the life that you always wanted this year in 2023. I can't wait to learn all. What kind of view you're gonna have after this conference? Take care. Hello. Welcome to Beyond ADHD, a Physician's Perspective.
    I am Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, I'm a family medicine physician practicing in rural Texas. I used to be hindered by my adhd, but I now. See it as a gift that helps me show up as a person. I was always meant to be both in my work and in my personal life. In the past two years, I've come to realize that unlearning some of my beliefs and some of my habits were just as important as learning the new set of.
    Hello. Hello. I am so excited to have a dear friend of mine here and an amazing person, Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells, and we've been knowing each other for some years now. I'm gonna say two or three years. I don't know how long, but it feels like a pandemic sometime. Yeah, it feels like a lifetime, and it's been amazing because.
    She is here in Texas and she is doing the work of encouraging young adults and teenagers and all the works to have better life. And it's an amazing, right? Yes. And it's an amazing journey that she's been on. And not only that, but she's a really solid advocate for A D H D using as a superpower.
    Thank you. And she, At all the platforms and not just here and there, but like at the national level. She is been an amazing speaker at the a D conference and she's been there years and years. So anyways, I just wanna bring her today for her to share her story and for her to share a little bit about herself and so that we all can see that we can do wonderful things like.
    Dr. Carolyn Lentzch-Parcells: Thank you, Diana. Like Diana said my, my full blown full doctorate name is Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells. I'm a board certified pediatrician practicing adolescent medicine in Fort Worth, Texas. And as Diana said, I do, I take care of basically kids and teenagers and young adults, many of whom have a D H D learning disabilities.
    Or other challenges. And of course myself am also A D H D, human and mom and business owner and all the things. Yeah, and I'm happy to be here. I got to meet Diana through our A D H D nurse and it's been really fun getting to know her. Awesome. So
    Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh: I know that your story is a little bit different from some of our stories in the sense that, yeah, some of us females tend to be diagnosed a little bit later in age.
    Yeah. And I remember you telling I knew a little bit earlier. So would you mind sharing a little bit about
    Dr. Carolyn Lentzch-Parcells: that? Yeah, I would love to I consider myself very lucky especially for a woman and especially for a woman of our generation because, like you said, so many of us slipped through the cracks until really recently.
    And essentially what happened for me was my, my I had a family member who was a younger male and he was getting diagnosed cuz he had more kind of classic symptoms. And my parents looked at that and went, hold on a. That looks familiar and they had already advocated for me throughout my life.
    My dad would read my summer reading to me because I also have a learning disability in reading, which we didn't know, but he still did that. They got me tutoring and they really supported me all the way through. And then this occurred when I was a junior in high school, so I had a full assessment done and was diagnosed with a D H D combined type and a learning disability and reading and written expression as a junior.
    At a very rigorous,

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