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I'm Carli Anna, a brand designer & educator. I created this podcast because I'm honestly a little over the "how-to" podcasts for small biz owners because everybody's businesses are so different from each other. Instead, we're going to be sharing stories, relating with you on hard experiences (we've all been there), and just HAVING FUN! The perfect podcast for those who both love & hate running their creative business. email us hello@carlianna.co if you want to share a story or have a question!

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I'm Carli Anna, a brand designer & educator. I created this podcast because I'm honestly a little over the "how-to" podcasts for small biz owners because everybody's businesses are so different from each other. Instead, we're going to be sharing stories, relating with you on hard experiences (we've all been there), and just HAVING FUN! The perfect podcast for those who both love & hate running their creative business. email us hello@carlianna.co if you want to share a story or have a question!

    Marketing Funnel is Dead, What to Do Instead?

    Marketing Funnel is Dead, What to Do Instead?

    Episode Summary:
    Carli Anna embarks on a thought-provoking journey, challenging the traditional marketing funnel's relevance in today's dynamic consumer environment. She advocates for a shift towards a marketing ecosystem approach, emphasizing flexibility, understanding, and the integration of fast and slow marketing strategies. Drawing parallels from personal experiences, Carli highlights the importance of adapting to individual needs, both in life and in marketing.


    The Marketing Funnel is Obsolete: The linear progression of the traditional funnel fails to capture the complex, non-linear nature of modern consumer behavior.
    Embrace the Marketing Ecosystem: A holistic approach that acknowledges multiple entry and exit points for consumer interaction.
    Balance Fast and Slow Marketing: Utilize fast marketing for immediate engagement and slow marketing for long-term relationship building.
    Quarter-Based Planning: A strategic framework that allows for comprehensive, phased marketing efforts.
    Flexibility and Understanding are Key: Adapt marketing strategies to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the consumer base.


    [00:00:00] Introduction: Carli Anna introduces the episode's theme and objectives.
    [00:03:50] The Downfall of the Marketing Funnel: Discussion on why the marketing funnel no longer serves its purpose in a modern context.
    [00:10:25] Introduction to the Marketing Ecosystem: Explaining the concept of the marketing ecosystem and its advantages over the traditional funnel.
    [00:17:40] Personal Anecdote - Learning from Life: Carli shares personal stories, drawing parallels between life lessons and marketing adaptability.
    [00:25:15] Implementing the Ecosystem Approach: Detailed strategies for adopting an ecosystem approach in marketing plans.
    [00:33:30] Fast vs. Slow Marketing: Breaking down the differences and how to effectively balance both in your strategy.
    [00:41:45] Quarter-Based Planning Explained: How to structure your marketing efforts on a quarterly basis for maximum impact.
    [00:50:20] Conclusion and Call to Action: Summarizing the episode's key points and encouraging marketers to embrace the ecosystem approach.

    Recommended Resources:

    Transforming the Difficult Child by Jennifer Eastley and Howard Glasser: A resource highlighting the importance of adaptability and understanding.
    Vogue’s Study on Consumer Behavior: An insightful study providing evidence for the shift towards ecosystem-based marketing strategies.
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    Personal & Business Investments We're Making

    Personal & Business Investments We're Making

    In this episode, Carli Anna discusses the investments she plans to make in 2024. She emphasizes the importance of looking at investments holistically, including monetary and time investments. She shares her plans to invest in brand legitimacy through trademarking, personal growth through therapy, personal reading and learning, personal entertainment, business programs and courses, business coaching and mentorship, personal rest and quiet weeks, new brand images, personal fitness and running, AI and automation, and PR and visibility. She encourages listeners to be intentional with their investments and to focus on what will have the maximum impact on their goals.


    00:00 Introduction and Overview

    02:22 Investing in Brand Legitimacy

    03:15 Investing in Personal Growth and Therapy

    06:03 Investing in Personal Reading and Learning

    09:56 Investing in Personal Entertainment

    11:25 Investing in Business Programs and Courses

    13:45 Investing in Business Coaching and Mentorship

    20:05 Investing in New Brand Images

    21:54 Investing in Personal Fitness and Running

    23:44 Investing in AI and Automation

    30:33 Investing in PR and Visibility

    37:31 Conclusion

    • 36 min
    Mastering the Chaos: Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and the Art of Connection with Taylor Torres

    Mastering the Chaos: Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and the Art of Connection with Taylor Torres


    In this episode, Carli Anna and Taylor Torres discuss various topics including creating a newsletter and podcast outside of business, creating content that connects with your audience, balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, the importance of asking for help, involving children in communication and decision-making, and the myth of balance and prioritizing feelings. In this conversation, Carli Anna discusses how personal stories can be incorporated into sales, the importance of creating connections for sales success, and the role of dialogue in the sales process. She also shares where listeners can find more information about her work.


    Creating content that goes beyond business can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

    Sales come when someone trusts you, so building a personal connection with your audience is important.

    Finding time for self-care, such as working out, can help you become mentally strong and resilient.

    Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship requires asking for help and involving your children in communication and decision-making.

    Balance is not a fixed state, but rather a constant process of adapting and prioritizing based on your values and goals. Incorporating personal stories into sales can make the process more relatable and engaging.

    Building connections with others is crucial for sales success, as these connections can lead to referrals and future opportunities.

    Dialogue plays a significant role in selling, as it allows for a deeper understanding of the customer's needs and builds trust.

    Taylor can be found on Instagram (@chanelandlee), her website (www.chanelandlee.com), and her podcast (Serious Pod). She also has a newsletter called Earn After Reading.


    00:00 | Introduction and Overview

    03:00 | Creating a Newsletter and Podcast Outside of Business

    08:28 | Creating Content that Connects with Your Audience

    13:09 | Snacks and Tracks

    22:02 | Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

    27:06 | The Importance of Asking for Help

    34:12 | Involving Children in Communication and Decision-Making

    37:00 | The Myth of Balance and Prioritizing Feelings

    41:02 | Using Personal Stories in Sales

    41:59 | Creating Connections for Sales

    42:28 | The Importance of Dialogue in Sales

    42:58 | Where to Find Taylor




    Carli Anna




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    Downsizing our Company: Why Focusing on Smaller Team

    Downsizing our Company: Why Focusing on Smaller Team


    In this episode, Carli Anna celebrates the second episode of her podcast and shares her excitement about using AI tools to streamline her podcast production process. She discusses the benefits of using AI for podcast editing and creating bite-sized content. Carli Anna also talks about her upcoming transition as her children start school and how it will simplify her life. She reflects on the changes in her role as a mother and contemplates the impact of brain development on marriage. Carli Anna shares her book recommendations and reviews the movie Dune 2. She also recommends Costco snacks and discusses the sponsorship of her program, 10K Girl Gang. Finally, Carli Anna opens up about the difficult decision to scale down her business and emphasizes the importance of making the business work for oneself.


    Using AI tools can greatly simplify podcast production and content creation.
    Transitioning to a new phase of motherhood can bring mixed emotions and new challenges.
    Dune 2 was amazing
    Starting with contractors can be a more manageable approach to scaling a business.
    It is important to make business decisions that align with personal values and vision.


    00:00 Introduction and Celebration

    00:29 Using AI to Streamline Podcast Production

    01:25 Using AI Tools for Podcast Editing

    03:20 Looking Forward to Kids in School

    04:18 Transitioning to a New Phase of Motherhood

    05:10 Marriage and Brain Development

    06:10 Book Recommendations: Dune 2

    07:05 Review of Dune 2 Movie

    08:30 Costco Snack Recommendations

    10:55 Sponsorship: 10K Girl Gang

    22:38 Starting with Contractors

    29:25 Making the Business Work for You

    30:22 Conclusion and Taking Bold Choices

    Find Carli




    • 30 min
    From Marathons to Meltdowns: A Year in the Life of Carli Anna

    From Marathons to Meltdowns: A Year in the Life of Carli Anna

    In this episode, the host, Carli Anna, returns to the podcast after a hiatus and provides a big recap of the year 2023. She discusses personal life changes, including a move from Utah to Idaho, and reflects on the challenges of navigating personal crises as an entrepreneur. Karlie also shares her favorite snacks and book recommendations, reviewing the books 'Crescent City 3' and 'Red Rising'. In this conversation, Carli Anna discusses various experiences she had throughout the year. She talks about hosting a retreat at her house and enjoying outdoor activities in her neighborhood. Carli Anna also shares her training journey for a marathon and the lessons she learned from it. She then opens up about a significant falling out with family, highlighting the emotional toll it took on her. Lastly, she recounts her struggles with accountants and the challenges she faced in getting her taxes done.


    Personal life changes can have a significant impact on business and require navigating challenges as an entrepreneur.

    Snacks and tracks: Finding enjoyment in food and books can provide a welcome break from the demands of work.

    Book recommendations: 'Crescent City 3' received a negative review, while 'Red Rising' was highly praised.

    Moving to a new location can bring both excitement and challenges, but finding a supportive community and a safe environment can make the transition worthwhile. Creating space for retreats and outdoor activities can be fulfilling and enjoyable.

    Training for a marathon can be a rewarding and transformative experience.

    Family conflicts can be emotionally challenging and may require setting boundaries.

    Dealing with unreliable accountants can be frustrating and may require assertiveness in seeking refunds or resolution.


    00:00 Introduction and Excitement to Continue the Podcast

    01:05 Recap of 2023 and Personal Life Changes

    06:00 Book Review: Crescent City 3 and Red Rising

    13:22 Advertisement for 10KGG

    14:04 Personal Growth in 2023

    15:26 Moving to Idaho and Settling In

    26:01 Training for a Marathon

    34:00 Falling Out with Husband's Family

    42:15 Accountant Troubles




    • 49 min
    Creating Transformation for Your Clients

    Creating Transformation for Your Clients

    Connect with Carli Anna at…





    • 34 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

aliyamood ,

Can’t stop listening!

I love listening to this podcast while designing because it feels like I’m not alone! As a remote designer I’m usually in my home office by myself but not when listening to Carli Anna! Thank you for being genuine about the realities of being a graphic designer and a young female entrepreneur.

Michaelaskandzer1 ,

LOVE this podcast!

This is a perfect podcast to listen to while designing! The vibe is so chill, honest, and conversational. This podcast makes me feel like I am just chatting with a best friend!

haileyhartcreative ,

Real, honest, and fun!

I listen to a LOT of design + business podcasts, and this podcast makes me feel uplifted, heard, and directed in my business, but not stressed out about all the advice and strategies I should be doing! It's real, it's honest, and it's fun. Excited to see the places this podcast will go!

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