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Calming the Chaos is a podcast by Licensed Mental Health Counselor Tracy Kenela, who interviews a variety of professionals around the world in an effort to find different ways to help people (and herself!) find peace in a chaotic world. Each episode contains Information, tips, tools, and resources that come from different schools of thought, and are presented as a fun and entertaining way to help you move toward a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

Calming the Chaos Tracy Kenela

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Calming the Chaos is a podcast by Licensed Mental Health Counselor Tracy Kenela, who interviews a variety of professionals around the world in an effort to find different ways to help people (and herself!) find peace in a chaotic world. Each episode contains Information, tips, tools, and resources that come from different schools of thought, and are presented as a fun and entertaining way to help you move toward a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

    The Chaos of Being a Mom!

    The Chaos of Being a Mom!

    The Chaos of Being a Mom – Interview with Kimberly Keane
    Kim Keane is a certified life coach, Reiki and IET practitioner, and podcaster.
    Kim has addressed community organizations, schools and colleges, such as Boys’ and Girls’ Club and Purdue University as well as women’s groups,
    such as Polka Dot Powerhouse and Moms Who Dare.

    She strives to empower women to embrace who they are so they can be and do all that they aspire to.

    Kim is here on Calming the Chaos podcast to talk about specific challenges and chaos of being a Mom in today’s world, and offer Moms some ways to become empowered, embrace who they are and be and do all that they aspire to do in their lives. Let’s honor our Moms on Mother’s Day!

    Notable Timestamps:

    2:25 to 4:42 - Introduction to Kim
    You can do energy healing, including Reiki ONLINE!

    6:09 – Addressing the most common concerns Moms have in today’s world

    Mom Guilt – The expectation that we have to “do it all” and “to the highest standards”
    Unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, comparing yourself with others

    How Moms experience both guilt and shame
    Guilt – “I’ve done something wrong”
    Shame – “I am something wrong”

    8:30 – How do we help Moms get through “Mom Guilt”
    • Find out where the guilt comes from – “Who is telling me that I’m not doing Motherhood right?”
    • Identifying the “made-up stories” you tell yourself about how good of a Mom you are
    • Noticing how you compare yourself to other Moms, and finding yourself lacking
    • Letting go of comparisons with realistic thinking – you never know what is happening in other families
    • Therapy can help you learn to notice what your body feels like when you feel the guilt
    • Notice and identify the triggers, perceptions in your mind
    • Checking the facts – separating the truth from the “made up stories.” Putting your Guilt on Trial
    • Identify your values and separate them from other Mom’s values – Live in alignment with YOUR values

    15:00 – The working Moms and the Stay-at-home Mom have the same struggle
    • Setting up a routine is important – plan out your time and set boundaries with family members
    • “I need your help, children / partner”
    • Relinquish control
    • The whole family gets used to a new routine

    17:19 – 19:00 Kim’s routine she set for herself and how her family has cooperated with her!

    19:18 – Kim answers Tracy’s follow up questions:
    1. How do you get your kids / partner to understand why a plan is so important?
    2. How do you convince them to cooperate with you?

    Time Management
    23:00 - How did Kim become so good at time management? www.flylady.net
    • Focus on fewer tasks in a bullet journal (she found them on Pinterest)
    • Finding pockets of time during the day for tasks

    The Pandemic
    26:00 As we’re shifting out of it, some Moms are getting judged and / or criticized others or self
    29:30 – Dealing with ALL of the critics (others and self) and remembering your values, using intuition

    School Violence / Bullying / The School System / Conflict
    32:36 – Understanding all of the possible reasons why a person might bully others, all the dynamics, and understanding who they are individually, what values they stand for, so that they don’t become bullies
    34:47 – Identify feelings and asking adults and others for help
    35:00 – 38:30 What if YOUR kid is the bully? (Discipline and communication tips from Kim) – Getting to the root and both parents and kids make adjustments.

    39:04 - How Kim works with Moms who are considering divorce or who are divorced
    “What’s the motivation for leaving or staying?” “Is it a healthy motivation?”

    Social Media
    40:42 – Kim’s suggestions to Moms who are struggling with their kids’ use of social media
    “It’s not about not trusting you….it’s about ensuring that you are safe.”
    Setting standards in accordance with your values, using a timer and t

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    Marital Chaos - Amber and Johnny

    Marital Chaos - Amber and Johnny

    Join me in this livestream as I respond to what I've been seeing online in the dual-defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.
    I will also present my own experience with the Assessment that was given to Amber Heard (The MMPI) which has its benefits and drawbacks.

    I will then present an alternative way of looking at Johnny and Amber (and all people) as human beings. I will also suggest some ways how we as human beings can learn to understand and relate to each other as human beings.

    My ultimate goal is to help people learn to transcend abusive behaviors and to treat each other with kindness, compassion and understanding.

    Some of the Legal Channels I like on YouTube with commentary by lawyers to watch this trial:

    Legal Bytes at https://www.youtube.com/c/LegalBytesMedia
    Rekieta Law at https://www.youtube.com/c/RekietaLaw
    Uncivil Law at https://www.youtube.com/c/UncivilLaw
    Emily Baker at https://www.youtube.com/c/TheEmilyDBaker

    If you'd just like to watch the trial without commentary, you can access this:

    Law and Crime Network at https://www.youtube.com/c/LawCrimeNetwork

    Some of my favorite Mental Health Channels that are covering this trial:

    Dr. Grande at https://www.youtube.com/c/ToddGrande
    Dr. Kirk Honda - Psychology in Seattle at https://www.youtube.com/c/PsychologyInSeattle

    Other great Mental Health channels:

    Patrick Teahan, LICSW - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbWvYupGqq3aMJ6LsG4q-Yg
    Anna Runkle - The Crappy Childhood Fairy at https://www.youtube.com/c/CrappyChildhoodFairy
    Emma McAdam - Therapy in a Nutshell at https://www.youtube.com/c/TherapyinaNutshell

    If you are interested in reading the MMPI Test Questions (yes...all 567 of them!) here is a link to view them: https://psychtest.net/mmpi-test-questions/

    The "Gold Standard" Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Find out more about DBT and the developer Marsha Linehan at https://behavioraltech.org/about-us/

    #amberheard #johnnydepp #borderline

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    Mother's Day Chaos

    Mother's Day Chaos

    Moms without Moms – Calming the Chaos on Mother’s Day - Interview with Melissa Reilly
    Dr. Melissa Reilly is a clinical psychologist, a parent coach, and a Mom of two boys. She obtained her Doctor of Psychology from University of Hartford in 1999 and has been a licensed psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania for 22 years. She is also the cofounder of Shoudt and Reilly Psychological Services where she has a thriving clinical practice.
    Melissa is passionate about helping Moms who have been separated from their Moms….either by physical distance, estrangement, or death. She helps Moms without Moms move from feelings of insecurity, isolation, overwhelm, and feelings of grief to a place of resilience as part of their motherhood experience.
    Melissa believes it isn’t knowledge and skills that create resilience, but rather it is born through a unique method she has developed, and which she describes on this Calming the Chaos podcast. Melissa also describes some coping strategies you can this Mother’s Day if you are without your Mom.
    Introduction to Melissa
    Timestamp 5:41 – Melissa’s story about being a Mom without a Mom, and what brought her to do the work she does helping Moms without Moms

    Ways to help Moms without Moms develop resilience
    1. Overcoming Hardship
    2. Having a community
    Timestamp 15:00 – How to create a community and asking them for help
    The basics of community
    • The Wise Woman
    • The Emotional Supporter
    • The “Go Getter”
    • The “Late Night Talker
    Timestamp 18:51 – “A funny story” from Melissa about having a community, asking for help
    3. Living by your values
    Timestamp 26:00 – Melissa talks about values, activities you can do to develop them, and values in parenting

    4. Melissa’s tips for everyone, including Moms, who are without their Moms this Mother’s Day
    Timestamp 31:42 – Melissa’s advice to Moms without Moms on Mother’s Day and other Holidays
    • Give yourself permission to grieve, plan out a tribute to honor your Mom
    • Honor yourself as a Mother on Mother’s Day
    • Re-focus on the here and now

    Timestamp 36:00 – Tracy introduces a way to regain connection to those we’ve lost connection with through an ancient Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono

    5. Website and Social Media Links (Timestamp 38:13)
    Website: https://www.momswithoutamom.com/

    Social Media:

    6. Products / Services / Promotions Enjoy Being a Mom Again Quick Guide: https://www.momswithoutamom.com/enjoy-motherhood-again-guide

    Care For Yourself While You Care For Your Baby Guide: https://melissareillypsyd.lpages.co/bonding-with-baby-while-caring-for-yourself-opt-in

    Schedule a complimentary coaching call: https://MelissaReillyPsyD-MomsWithoutAMom.as.me/free-coaching-call
    Timestamp 41:15 – Melissa’s final tips

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    Music Calms your Chaos!

    Music Calms your Chaos!

    Calming the Chaos with Music - Interview with Dave Combs
    Dave Combs is a songwriter, entrepreneur and author of the best selling book “Touched by the Music.” In his book, Dave Combs describes his amazing journey through life from a collection of his own inspiring stories.

    Over the past four decades he has written over 120 songs and created fifteen albums of soothing, relaxing instrumental piano music, including the popular standard, Rachel’s Song. His music has been played millions of times on radio, satellite, and all internet streaming media.

    Dave is here today on Calming the Chaos to describe what a powerful resource music can be to help you calm any chaos you might be experiencing in your life.

    1. Introduction to Dave
    2. The Random and Chaotic Events in the world today (some ideas)
    a. A 2-year Pandemic
    b. The Ukraine-Russia War
    c. The Chaos of Income Taxes

    3. Prescriptions from Dave: How music can help us find peace in a chaotic world

    4. Rachel’s Song and other peaceful musical creations 5. Dave’s Stories from Listeners

    Notable Timestamps

    37:04 - A Musical Prescription for coping with the Pandemic
    43:00 - Calming, Soothing music at Dave's YouTube Channel "Long Playing Music" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et8fB...
    44:16: Dave's Prescription for Ukraine to calm the chaos
    46:54 - Your Free link to "Rachel's Song"
    47:55 - The Book “Touched by the Music” (Audible actually has Dave's Narration!)
    49:45 - If you'd like the sheet music to play Dave's songs, go to Sheet Music Plus at https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/search...
    52:17 - Celebrate Freedom was created after 9/11/01, and a fund was created to help students get a scholarship for 27 students at Lake Forest University for free!
    54:17 - Play an instrument to calm your chaos (even play the spoons, right, J.D.?)
    56:00 - Dave's prescription for Tracy to calm her Tax Chaos - Album "Beautiful Thoughts"

    5. Website: www.combsmusic.com

    6. Social Media Links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TouchedByThe... LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-comb... YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/combsmusic

    7. Products / Services / Promotions https://www.amazon.com/Touched-Music-...

    8. Jack Canfield interviews Dave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kvpM... #davecombsmusic #jackcanfield #calmingmusic

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    Chaos Around The World with Verena Radlingmayr

    Chaos Around The World with Verena Radlingmayr

    Chaos Around the World - Interview with Verena Radlingmayr
    Verena Radlingmayr has a diverse body of education, training and experience… from Law and Quantum Physics, to Holistic Therapies and Neurolinguistic Programming for Children. She joins Calming the Chaos Podcast from Vienna, Austria to offer her insights about the unexpected, random and chaotic events that are occurring in the world today, and the psychological impact these events have on the people she treats. Verena also offers some tips and tools that can help people of all ages calm their chaos.
    Verena works online and internationally with people and helps them find direction in life through identifying their strengths, values and developing resilience through chaos. Verena’s work is built up on the belief that your core values play a major role in achieving whatever you really want in life. Verena’s values of courage, strength, resilience and hope can help you transcend the images you see of destruction, desolation, sadness and loss, and can help you find your way through dark and chaotic times, and into a brighter future.
    Notable timestamps:
    3:20 - How Verena got to where she is today
    5:25 - Ooops..I am not meant for a career in law
    6:10 - Quantum physics
    9:00 - I did well, listened to my gut
    12:55 - Use your transferable skills!
    17:04 - There is a lot of chaos in the world today! Pandemic Overly Tired Exhausted
    21:20: Developing Resilience
    24:25 Universal core values, 1) kindness and 2) Protection of nature
    This is what the children want: “A kind world that respects and cares for nature”
    32:00 Reduce the time you spend with news – limit your exposure to it so that you are well rested and less stressed
    36:35 Our prayers for all of Europe
    37:30 – Learn to appreciate what you have each day
    43:17 – Explore your own values by creating a “Values Map”
    45:35 – Have more fun in your life
    46:00 – We have more in common with each other than we don’t
    48:00 – “Carefrontation” Perhaps a German version of this word?
    Verena’s Social Media Links:
    Email Tracy at Calming the Chaos at calmingthec@gmail.com
    #warinukraine #childrenandvalues #positivityintheworld

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    Chaos and Emotions - Interview with Vivian Cobb

    Chaos and Emotions - Interview with Vivian Cobb

    Chaos and Emotions - Interview with Vivian Cobb
    Calming the Chaos welcomes Vivian Cobb, Author and Keynote speaker. She empowers her audience to embrace emotions, to “get unstuck,” and thrive in life! Vivian was a speaker at the September 25, 2021 TEDx Manitou Springs event, where she talked about how Negativity Clouds Truth. Vivian helps people “lean into their emotions” when chaos presents itself in life, and offers some tips, tools and techniques for those who wish to “get unstuck” from their lives.
    Notable timestamps:
    3:49 – The lack of snow in December causes Vivian some chaos
    4:47 – Vivian talks about embracing your emotions
    8:23 – We relate to each other through our emotions
    19:13 – Tracy talks about being labeled a “Worry Wart” as a child
    21:00 – Finding the right people to be around
    21:55 – On the importance of stillness and listening!
    27:00 – On the importance of grief, loss and leaning into your emotions
    31:00 – What happens when people “leave you on read”
    33:00 – Use your age as a motivator to change
    35:00 – Information about emotions such as anger, depression and all sorts of other information
    40:30 – “Everything is energy.”
    Be grateful for what you have….we can be here for each other through chaos!
    Find out more about Vivian from her website at https://www.viviancobbspeaking.com
    Vivian’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBwnGvxxy34v9TaaibsWjfQ/videos
    Vivian’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/viviancobbspeakingandrealestate/
    Vivian’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/viviancobbspeaking
    Contact Vivian at: https://www.viviancobbspeaking.com/site/contact
    Get a Free Gift from Vivian at: https://www.viviancobbspeaking.com/freegift

    Email Tracy at Calming the Chaos at calmingthec@gmail.com

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Merattjm ,

Awesome podcast!

I love listening to this podcast! Tracy has such a pleasant calming voice and she is so enjoyable to listen to. She brings on interesting guests who provide great information. This is a must listen podcast for anyone that has ever felt stress in their life (so everyone)!

Dave composer of Rachel's Song ,

Prescription for peace

I sure enjoyed talking with Tracy about the positive results from listening to my music for those who are experiencing chaos in their life. Tracy and I both have the same objective of spreading peace and tranquility around the world as best we can.

author of You Can't Eat Love ,

Chaos can be calmed

Tracy takes on topics that can create chaos in our lives. I love that she is on a mission to calm the chaos and not tame it. I find myself nodding and wanting to be part of the conversation as she and her guests break down these topics. With awareness and simple steps I can calm the chaos.

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