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Coaches on a Mission is the podcast to listen to if you're a values-driven coach and you want the freedom, confidence, and impact that comes with a prosperous coaching business. Dallas Travers' podcast offers real-time coaching sessions with real life coaches who want proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch fantastic courses, expand their team and build their lists.

Whether Dallas coaches volunteers through their blocks, or she slips into the client chair to be coached by a special guest, each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help you stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world.

If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to make more money and help more people, Coaches on a Mission is the best podcast to take you there.

Coaches on a Mission Dallas Travers

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Coaches on a Mission is the podcast to listen to if you're a values-driven coach and you want the freedom, confidence, and impact that comes with a prosperous coaching business. Dallas Travers' podcast offers real-time coaching sessions with real life coaches who want proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch fantastic courses, expand their team and build their lists.

Whether Dallas coaches volunteers through their blocks, or she slips into the client chair to be coached by a special guest, each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help you stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world.

If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to make more money and help more people, Coaches on a Mission is the best podcast to take you there.

    128. Do This When You’re in Your Own Way

    128. Do This When You’re in Your Own Way

    As coaches, we’ve all had those moments where we’ve held ourselves back.  Whether it’s fear, perfectionism, distraction, or overwhelm… as humans, we’ve all been there. 

    It’s painful, especially when we know we’re doing it, yet we just can’t seem to break free from our sabotaging behaviors. 

    This episode is one of my favorites because we tackle self-sabotage head on. 

    Now, this episode originally aired what feels like a lifetime ago… and I’m bringing it forward today for 3 reasons

    First, and most importantly, our guest…  when we recorded this episode she was totally stuck around visibility. 

    Randi Corlin Roberts left her extremely successful corporate career to become a coach.  

    Randi had a massively successful track record, yet she held herself back from putting her coaching business out there. 

    Yes, she had private clients, but Randi wanted more… 

    Since this recording, Randi is so different. 

    She has a podcast now, she goes live, she’s launched power groups… she is a visibility machine! 

    So, I hope you feel inspired as you listen back and hear where she was at not long ago. 

    Reason #2:  We updated our coaching super power quiz and I want you to get your hands on the updated toolkits!  This episode is one of the resources we recommend for those coaches who score limitless potential, connection, or magnetism.  

    Let’s find out if that’s you - go take the quiz now at dallastravers.com/quiz

    The 3rd reason this episode matters is really just because as values driven coaches, we all have days where things feel hard and we wish we didn't have to be so visible.  

    As risky as it feels to put yourself out there, holding back is much more painful. So, I hope this episode inspires you in some way. 

    Okay… let’s get into it…


    00:03:00 - Randi and Dallas set the table around the coaching topic for this episode

    00:07:00 - Randi allows the part of herself that is holding her back to speak

    00:11:00 - Dallas shares how change actually impacts your nervous system

    00:15:00 - The pieces in Randi’s heart and head that are holding her back

    00:17:00 - Dallas asks Randi “What is the self image of the person who can follow through on visibility actions?”

    00:25:00 - Dallas digs into what it looks like to find pleasure in making mistakes

    00:30:00 - Together, they put together a plan to cultivate the self image qualities of someone who follows through

    00:39:00 - Randi’s takeaways and action steps


    WEBSITE: corlinrobertscoaching.com 

    PODCAST: https://spoti.fi/3MIYrCN


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE QUIZ: http://dallastravers.com/quiz 

    127. Turn Fans Into Paying Clients

    127. Turn Fans Into Paying Clients

    Do you ever feel like people love the work you do, yet nobody wants to pay you for it? 

    That was the case for today’s guest, Jill Valdez. Jill loves helping small business owners bring out the best in their teams to optimize performance and productivity.  

    In fact, Jill loves helping people so much that she’s always giving her services away for free. 

    So, Jill needed some concrete tools to move out of the ‘free help zone’ and into the hired consultant zone. 

    Our conversation was so much fun because by adding just a few tweaks to her discovery session process, we set Jill up to turn her fans into paying clients. 

    But before we dive in, here’s one last reminder to go and take the super power quiz at http://dallastravers.com/quiz . 

    We’ve curated these bespoke podcast playlists designed to meet you exactly where you’re at in your business and help you get to the next level. But we need to identify where you’re at first. The superpower quiz will help you do that. So set aside 45 seconds to take the quiz now at http://dallastravers.com/quiz 

    And with that.. Here’s Jill. 


    00:02:20 - Jill shares how she is constantly helping people but never actually sells her coaching to them

    00:06:00 - How Jill “beats around the bush” instead of just making the offer

    00:08:00 - I share a story about my early business days when I assumed the yes

    00:10:00 - We talk through a way to prepare potential clients for Jill to make the offer before they even get on a sales call with her

    00:14:00 - Specific language that Jill can use on sales call to prepare potential clients for the offer

    00:19:00 - How Jill can approach “selling” on calls without feeling salesy 

    00:22:00 - Why and when you have to stop talking during sales call 

    00:25:00 - Jill shares her next steps and takeaway


    WEBSITE: www.linkconsulting.info


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE QUIZ: http://dallastravers.com/quiz 

    126. What Do You Stand For?

    126. What Do You Stand For?

    Today's episode is the second in a special 4 part series where I’ve chosen some of my favorite, most impactful episodes to highlight.  

    We’ve put this series together because let’s face it… 125 episodes is no small feat and, especially if you’re new around here… some of these conversations are too valuable NOT to share with you again. 

    We also want to highlight some of the episodes included in our freshly minted and fully updated quiz results from the Super Power Quiz.  If you haven’t taken the quiz before or you just want a refresher, check it out now at dallastravers.com/quiz. 

    Okay and now for today’s episode.   

    My guest is Laser Sidney who is a very talented musician who created and produced a wonderful musical last year called Teaching a Robot to Love.   

    He is also good at helping musicians and creators grow a genuine fanbase who actually want to pay for their music and then get paid through successful Kickstarter, Patreon, and crowdfunding campaigns. 

    And I’m gonna be honest with you, Laser doesn’t like selling. He’s also not that into a lot of the “coachy” strategies out there.  

    Yet, Laser wants to expand his reach in order to help more musicians make art without waiting for permission.  

    Now, there’s the rub… how do you build a bigger business without selling?  How do you build a list without a lead magnet?  

    Laser and I prove it’s actually possible during today’s episode. Because when you let go of marketing yourself and instead focus on marketing your stance, the tactics and strategies don’t feel gross because you’ve made them your own. 

    Laser and I cover a lot during today’s episode that I know will be valuable for you.

    Let me share my biggest takeaways: 

     1. Do your goals belong to you or are they just the thing you think you’re supposed to do next? 

     2. What do you stand for?  In other words, what are the core transformations or benefits behind your work? The reason you do what you do?   

     3. How can you use an area in your life where things feel easy, as a template for action in the areas that feel hard?  

    Those are 3 key questions we tackled during what is surely one of my all time favorite episodes.  I hope you’ll consider your own answer to these questions as you listen along. 

    With that, please enjoy the show.


    00:03:02 - Laser introduces himself and where his business was at during the time of the recording

    00:06:00 - Determining if Laser’s goal is actually his or just what he thinks he goals should be

    00:11:30 - We address the part of Laser that feels gross about selling a coaching program to musicians

    00:14:00 - I walk Laser through my approach to “sales”

    00:20:00 - We talk through “how” Laser can market his program in a way that feels authentic and not “salesy”

    00:22:00 - We put together Laser’s list building and lead magnet plan

    00:26:00 - We dig into why lead magnet swaps feel “icky” to Laser so that we can tailor it to feel aligned in his business

    00:32:00 - How to grow your list when you are guest teaching

    00:33:30 - We break down the step by step actions for Laser up to this point

    00:35:00 - Why it’s ok if your business doesn’t grow rapidly

    00:39:00 - How Laser will know if the strategies he decides to “throw away”, are thrown away for the right reasons

    00:44:15 - Laser’s takeaways and next steps


    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/laserislaser/


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE QUIZ: http://dallastravers.com/quiz 

    125. How Brian Added 3600 New Email Subscribers in Less Than 90 Days

    125. How Brian Added 3600 New Email Subscribers in Less Than 90 Days

    Today’s episode is the first in a special series we will roll out this month. 

    Now that we are 125 episodes in and our audience has grown significantly, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite early episodes because they’re just so jam-packed with value and I’m willing to bet you haven’t had the chance to hear them yet. 

    So, for the next 4 weeks, we’re going to feature some updated episodes designed to help you in four key areas: 

    —List building
    —Client Attraction

    Each episode you hear is also featured in our updated toolkits you receive when you take the Super Power Quiz. So, if it’s been awhile since you took the quiz or you haven’t taken it yet, press pause and visit dallastravers.com/quiz.  

    OKay… and now for the first in this special series…

    We’re going to focus on list building because 65% of the coaches who join The Hive tell me that they want to build their list so they can expand beyond just offering 1:1 coaching.

    That’s why I invited Brian Patacca to the show. I’ve had the privilege of mentoring Brian over the last few years and he’s just one of those people who elevates the energy no matter what room he’s in.  

    So, when Brian first decided to expand beyond 1:1 and make courses the center of his business, he knew he needed to build his list.  

    And can you believe that he added more than 3000 new email subscribers in just 90 days? 

    No, he didn’t rely on paid ads. Instead, he relied on partnerships.  

    So, if you know you need to build your list in order to sell courses or group programs, grab a pen and notepad because Brian and I will take you behind the scenes of the exact process he followed to build his list through referral marketing. 


    00:06:00 - The mindset shift that helped Brian build his list

    00:08:45 - An overview of lead magnet cross promotion

    00:10:00 - The results that Brian has seen over a 90 day period 

    00:15:30 - How to determine the lead magnet you should offer

    00:16:45 - How to find promo partners, craft an invite letter, fielding responses 

    00:26:00 - What to do when it actually comes time to cross promote

    00:28:30 - Overview of the entire process

    00:32:00 - What you should know before you implement this habit

    00:34:00 - How to balance promo partnerships so that you and your audience don’t feel like you’re always promoting


    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/briansaysthat/


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE QUIZ: https://dallastravers.com/quiz

    124. Does Your Marketing Confuse People?

    124. Does Your Marketing Confuse People?

    What are you known for?  

    When it comes to your work as a coach, how would your audience complete this sentence? 

    Oh… I know them… they’re the __________________ coach.  

    That blank… is really important.  And if your marketing is at all confusing, you’ll get a different answer to that exercise from every person you ask. 

    Especially if you have a wide range of expertise.  

    And, if your audience is confused about what it is you do… they’re going to be confused about whether or not to hire you. 

    But there’s good news here. And don’t worry… I’m not about to tell you to niche down to only serve millennial college grads who work in advertising and want a new career… or women in their sixties coming out of a divorce who want to lose 20 or more pounds. 

    That may be your target audience, but it’s not your niche and it won’t be what you’re known for. 

    What you’re known for is your process. Your signature system. Your unique method.  

    And when you can communicate your unique method in your marketing, people get it. 

    Plus, you don’t feel boxed in or like a broken record talking about the same thing over and over again in your marketing. 

    That’s what Emily Taradash learned in today’s episode. You see, Emily loves to help people in a variety of ways. Whether it’s relationships, confidence, or career, Emily is your coach.  

    But this variety created confusion for her audience and I worried that folks would assume Emily was just confused. 

    Which is the opposite of what was really going on for her. 

    So, she and I let go of the shallow approach to niche and messaging and instead clarified her unique process. Which applies to relationships, confidence and career.  

    And it’s that process that Emily can be known for.  Which gives her freedom to share a wide variety of expertise but link them all back to her clear process. 

    And just like that… people understand. 

    So… if the idea of niching ever leaves you feeling limited or you worry that your marketing might actually confuse folks… get ready to take some notes because this conversation is just what the doctor ordered. 

    Let’s get into it.


    00:08:00 - Emily’s niche journey and where she’s at now

    00:012:00 - What Emily needs to change (and doesn’t) now that her niche is different

    00:17:00 - How Emily’s messaging may need to change so that it doesn’t cause confusion for her audience

    00:27:00 - How to find the “through-line” in your different offers

    00:36:00 - Brainstorming an idea for Emily’s to create an ongoing community or membership program 

    00:44:00 - The structure to set up Emily’s power group

    00:45:00 - Emily’s next steps and action items


    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/emilytaradashcoaching/

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/emilytaradash.coaching


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE CLASS: The Coach Class — https://watchthecoachclass.com/

    123. Design a Program That Will Actually Sell

    123. Design a Program That Will Actually Sell

    Today, let’s take our conversation about mini courses even further.  

    My guest today is Jodi Geline who helps women eliminate bloat once and for all. 

    Jodi healed her own chronic bloat and IBS years ago and it was then that she realized how important mindset, inner work, and spiritual healing are to your health. 

    And this message is one Jodi works to share with her clients. 

    But here’s the thing… Jodi knows A LOT. She’s studied A LOT. And… it’s been a long time since she struggled with bloating, digestion or any of the other things she helps her clients heal from. 

    So, when Jodi and I sat down to design a mini course for her audience, we had to work pretty hard to focus in on a tangible outcome for her mini course.  

    We kept going too broad and the secret to a valuable mini course - one that keeps people coming back for more - is traction. 

    You’ve gotta give your clients a clear win in your mini course.

    If you don’t, it’s really hard to sell and it may even work against your goal of using the mini course to upsell folks into a larger offer. 

    Why?  Because if they can’t succeed with the first, baby program, why one earth would they feel capable of going all in? 

    So, Jodi and I dug in to ensure that the topics she chose for her mini courses accomplish these three goals:

    1. Set folks up for an easy win. 

    2. Give them a real taste of what it’s like to work with Jodi

    3. Easily lead to Jodi’s signature program 

    If you've got mini courses on your mind, you’ll love today’s conversation!




    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE CLASS: The Coach Class — https://watchthecoachclass.com/

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
180 Ratings

180 Ratings

Mins18 ,

The only business podcast I listen to

I love how generous Dallas is in sharing her expertise on the podcast. The carefully chosen topics, a line up of absolute experts from the industry with some juicy content, this podcast has become my favorite go-to for business. Highly recommend you listen. Every episode is like a masterclass.

cathlynmelvin ,

So much insight!

Just listened to the episode about power groups (from July) and now my brain is buzzing with ideas! Dallas asks such insightful guiding questions and I’m always excited to hear where the conversation goes. 5 stars!

jessicajo04 ,

The most helpful podcast

I recently found this podcast and I’m devouring every episode. It’s so helpful to hear Dallas live coach another coach; it feels like she’s speaking directly to me since many of my business problems are the same. Thank you, Dallas and team. Two thumbs up!

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