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Coaches on a Mission is the podcast to listen to if you're a values-driven coach and you want the freedom, confidence, and impact that comes with a prosperous coaching business. Dallas Travers' podcast offers real-time coaching sessions with real life coaches who want proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch fantastic courses, expand their team and build their lists.

Whether Dallas coaches volunteers through their blocks, or she slips into the client chair to be coached by a special guest, each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help you stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world.

If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to make more money and help more people, Coaches on a Mission is the best podcast to take you there.

Coaches on a Mission Dallas Travers

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Coaches on a Mission is the podcast to listen to if you're a values-driven coach and you want the freedom, confidence, and impact that comes with a prosperous coaching business. Dallas Travers' podcast offers real-time coaching sessions with real life coaches who want proven strategies to bring in more clients, launch fantastic courses, expand their team and build their lists.

Whether Dallas coaches volunteers through their blocks, or she slips into the client chair to be coached by a special guest, each episode features tangible strategies and essential inner work to help you stop struggling and start making a real difference in the world.

If you’re a values-driven coach and you want to make more money and help more people, Coaches on a Mission is the best podcast to take you there.

    141. The Simple Way to Design Your Course

    141. The Simple Way to Design Your Course

    Today we’re going to simplify the course creation process. 

    My guest is Julie Artz who finds herself in a bit of a funky place in her business…

    Julie is a book coach who serves social and environmental justice-minded story geeks who understand that books change lives with a combination of craft knowledge, industry smarts, strategic planning, and tough love.

    Julie is extremely busy with a waitlist for private clients. Yet, she is very committed to creating price accessibility so those folks who may not have the ability to pay her private client rates can still get their books written and out in the world. 

    At the same time, Julie really doesn’t have time to build out a course.  So, what’s a book coach to do? 

    Well, the two of us put our heads together to design what I’m going to call a B- version of a course. 

    One that delivers a lot of value without requiring a lot of set up. 

    We looked at the specific things that make Julie’s private coaching work really well and simply asked ourselves, “how can we recreate the best possible version of this inside a group?” 

    And guess what, in less than 45 minutes, Julie and I designed a pretty rock solid group program that she’s going to be able to get off the ground in a matter of weeks. 

    Which is just so exciting. So, if you are somewhere in the in-between… not quite ready to build a full blown course but unable to bring on any more private clients… you’re going to get so much from this episode. 

    Let’s get down to it.


    00:02:00 - Julie shares her hope to expand her offers so that what she does is more accessible without compromising the experience for herself or her clients

    00:05:30 - Together they talk through the ideas Julie currently has to accomplish this goal

    00:08:00 - Dallas shares another idea she has for Julie for the future

    00:11:00 - Julie shares that she has resistance to a membership because she’s concerned about finding a way to deeply engage with her members without becoming overwhelmed

    00:13:00 - Dallas tells a story about a belief she used to have around private coaching

    00:15:30 - Together, they write a list of characteristics + circumstances that make private coaching so juicy, so they can then find a way to replicate that inside a membership

    00:24:00 - Dallas proposes the idea of support / critique groups inside the membership

    00:29:00 - Julie + Dallas brainstorm around an idea to share and celebrate achievements each week

    00:32:00 - Julie shares her signature system and how to incorporate that into the membership

    00:38:00 - They work through a way to include audits/reviews into her membership

    00:41:00 - Dallas proposes the idea of hiring another book coach to come in and help with the quarterly audits

    00:45:00 - Dallas breaks down each piece of the program they outlined and how it’s incredibly high value but still low lift

    00:47:30 - Julie talks through her next few action steps to make this program happen 

    00:52:00 - Dallas clearly summarizes Julie’s actions steps and what you can take away from their conversation


    WEBSITE: https://julieartz.com/

    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/julieartz/


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE QUIZ: https://dallastravers.com/quiz 

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    140. Marisa Corcoran's Proven Formula to Write Better Copy

    140. Marisa Corcoran's Proven Formula to Write Better Copy

    Last week, I worked with Erin Young to uncover an authentic way to convey her marketing message without creating confusion or compromising authentic connection. 

    And, we referenced the work of Marisa Corcoran quite a bit during our conversation.  In particular Marisa’s super smart approach to storytelling in your copy. 

    She calls it The Story Strip Down and it’s a method I rely on quite a bit. 

    So, this week, I figured we should re-air one of our early episodes back when this show was still called The Six Figure Coach Podcast because The Story Strip Down is just so darn good.  

    In fact,  Marisa Corcoran who just might be the most clever person I know.  Not only is she a talented copywriter and teacher, she also models what it looks like to run a values driven business. 

    In this episode, Marisa coaches me through her Story Strip Down process to help me be less of a stiff professor in my copy and more… well… me. 

    If you want to discover what to say and how to say it so you can  magnetically attract your dream clients, you need Marisa Corcoran in your corner...

    Grab a pen and a fresh pad of paper because Marisa is about to teach us how to tell better stories to attract clients, make money and even create a massive online movement.


    WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecopychat

    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mtoni/


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

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    139. Two Important Skills You Need In Your Marketing

    139. Two Important Skills You Need In Your Marketing

    Today’s episode will help you leverage two important marketing skills. 

    Narrating + Story telling.

    That’s what my guest, Erin Young discovered when we dove into her Signature System to uncover the simplest and most compelling way to convey her message in her marketing.

    Now I know that narrating and story telling sound like they’re the same thing, but they’re different in this context. 

    Narrating occurs when you explain exactly what you’re doing while it’s happening. 

    Storytelling helps your audience understand your work more deeply because they’re able to see themselves in the stories you tell. 

    If you ever feel like nobody quite understands what exactly you do. Or maybe you lean too hard into being a professor instead of storytelling… 

    Perhaps you just want to be able to layer more creativity and connection into your marketing…

    either way… you’re going to love the conversation I had with Erin.  

    Erin Young helps natural health practitioners share their craft authentically, moving beyond the grind with purpose, stability, calm and connection. But Erin’s niche is evolving and her Signature System felt confusing. 

    But when we let go of the idea that her target audience needs to fit a certain occupation, Erin discovered that Sometimes the best way to define our ideal client is defining the moment of time they are in.

    I’ll confess that I came into the conversation feeling a little nervous because inside The Hive Erin and I have struggled a bit to pin down her signature system. 

    But everything clicked in this episode and I cannot wait for you to hear the breakthroughs we both had. 

    I also want to shout out my friend Marisa Corcoran who inspired a tool Erin and I played around with. It’s called the Story Strip Down and Marisa actually taught it on this very show. It’s episode 25 and we’ve linked to it in the show notes. 

    Okay.I’m ready to do this. Let’s dive in.

    ERIN'S INTERVIEW EPISODE: https://dallastravers.com/podcasts/reconnect-to-ecology-to-feel-more-purpose-agency-with-erin-young/

    MARISA CORCORAN'S STORY STRIPDOWN EPISODE: https://dallastravers.com/podcasts/marisa-corcorans-proven-formula-to-write-better-copy/


    00:05:00 - Erin shares that she would like to share more about who she is and what she offers to people who don’t really *know* her yet

    00:07:00 - How would people who truly know Erin describe her and what she’s all about?

    00:08:30 - What tangible outcomes have the people who’ve worked Erin received?

    00:011:15 - Dallas digs into climbing the awareness ladder and what that looks like for Erin’s audience

    00:11:00 - Dallas shares a niching story about another member of the Hive

    00:15:00 - Erin and Dallas dig into Erin’s process (aka Progress Pathway)

    00:25:00 - Two of the most valuable skills for coaches in their marketing

    00:29:30 - Dallas and Erin talk about next steps in her progress pathway and messaging

    00:31:00 - Dallas shares a valuable resource for better storytelling

    00:33:00 - Together, they dig into one of Erin’s progress pillars and how that can be use in Erin’s messaging

    00:39:00 - Dallas walks through the step-by-step process for outlining content around the progress pathway. (1. Name the pillar, 2. concrete milestone or result, 3. how: tools/skill/resources, 4. story stripdown, 5. Naming the benefit) 

    00:45:00 - Erin summarizes here “homework” and takeaways from the call


    WEBSITE: https://www.erinyoung.net/

    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/erinyoung.coaching/


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

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    138. Be More Visible on Youtube with Malasia Johnson

    138. Be More Visible on Youtube with Malasia Johnson

    Today is the day you and I are finally going to launch that Youtube channel we’ve both been thinking about.

    My guest is Malasia Johnson whose superpower is helping creators build a life they want and entrepreneurs become known on YouTube. 

    Malasia and I got right down to business because… 

    Selfishly, I’ve always wanted to be one of those coaches with a beautiful weekly longform youtube series shot in HD with a big production crew and all the bells and whistles. 

    Which is precisely why I don’t have a youtube channel to speak of. 

    But Malasia breaks the process down into tangible steps and she is so good at tackling the mindset crap that blocks us from being more visible. 

    Even if you’re not at all interested in being a YouTuber, you’ll love Malasia’s interview because her insights apply no matter what platform you want to become more visible on. 

    Okay… let’s dive in. Here’s Malasia Johnson


    00:02:15 - The main reasons why coaches should leverage youtube

    00:04:00 - How an arsenal of videos can actually make “selling” easier

    00:06:00 - Malasia shares the intro steps for you to finally start a youtube channel

    00:08:00 - How to overcome those limiting beliefs that hold you back from going for it

    00:11:00 - Setting clear and realistic expectations before launching your youtube channel

    00:13:00 - What metrics you should track around your youtube channel

    00:16:30 - Malasia shares her favorite thing about being a youtuber

    00:18:30 - Malasia shares her signature process for determining your niche

    00:22:00 - Malasia’s simple getting started steps for coaches who want to start a youtube channel

    00:24:00 - They key to staying consistent uploading videos


    FREEBIE: Shift with me Bundle — (DISCOUNT CODE: FREE GEM) https://checkoutpage.co/c/youtubebrilliance/shift-wme-bundle-2
    YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/channel/UCmmkhwMuu9HwhXWCdljb9QA
    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/multipassionatebossbabe/

    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor
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    137. Own The Power of Your Work

    137. Own The Power of Your Work

    What do you say when someone asks you what you do? 

    A lot of coaches over explain. 

    Or they speak in Coachy language instead of real world language. 

    Or even undersell the value their work has on the world.

    I know I’m guilty of that last one. 

    And so was today’s guest, Brandon Wilcox who has spent most of his life developing a deep and meaningful spiritual practice.  And today, Brandon helps his clients truly transform their lives by sharing the tools he’s cultivated over the years. 

    Brandon’s work is the real deal… yet the way he talked about the work… well… it was kinda bland and even a bit confusing. 

    So that’s the first thing he and I got to during today’s sessions. 

    During the episode Brandon and I:

    1. nailed down accurate and clear language to explain who he helps and how

    2. dug into his offers to ensure that they’ll attract aligned clients

    3. even brainstormed content Brandon can share that truly represents all he’s capable of without confusing folks 

    This is a jam packed episode, so if you worry - even a little bit - that people don't quite get what it is you do, you simply must tune in. 



    00:06:00 - Dallas and Brandon dig into his “Dream Client Power Statement” (aka DCPS)

    00:11:00 - Dallas walks Brandon through the awareness ladder and how his audience may need to be solution aware in order to be ready to work with him

    00:14:30 - Brandon determines his next steps to “test drive” his new DCPS

    00:16:00 - Brandon shares some new clarity he found around his offers

    00:23:00 - Why you should add the “so that” and storytelling into each of your offers

    00:29:00 - The importance of explicitly asking potential clients what their concerns are

    00:33:00 - Dallas shares what coaching package she’s seen have the highest conversion and longest retention

    00:40:00 - Together, they dig into Brandon’s messaging to clarify and simplify the content he shares with his audience

    00:52:00 - Brandon shares his biggest takeaway and the actions items from their conversation

    WEBSITE: https://brandonjwilcox.com/membership
    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/awakenwbrandon/

    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor
    FREE QUIZ: https://dallastravers.com/quiz 

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    136. The Most Important Part of Any Marketing Strategy

    136. The Most Important Part of Any Marketing Strategy

    We’re going to talk about the most important thing you can do to sign more clients.  

    It’s kind of obvious… and yet… it’s THE THING that most of us go out of our way to avoid. 

    I have a little confession for you about today’s episode…but first, let me introduce our guest. 

    Julie Scott helps stuck, uninspired, people pleasing women infuse their lives with optimism to find new meaning & purpose so they can confidently make the rest of their life the *best* of their life. v

    And a couple of months ago, Julie inherited a robust FB group filled with 6000 members of her target audience. 

    Yet, Julie hadn’t quite figured out how to convert these engaged FB group members into clients and she wanted my help. 

    Now for my confession… 

    Prior to recording, my brain was popping with marketing ideas I could share with Julie. I honestly came into the session ready to basically blow her mind with my savvy marketing ideas.  

    And then… once we started coaching, I realized that Julie was pretty much doing most of what I had planned to suggest. 


    But when we dug in just a little deeper, what we discovered was that while Julie was doing an excellent job of nurturing her group.. She wasn’t actively selling. She wasn’t inactively selling.  She wasn’t really selling at all. 

    In fact, in a lot of ways, Julie was making it HARD for the women in her group to hire her.  

    You see… 

    Julie fell victim to Wishful Marketing… the unconscious idea that by offering up super valuable content… people will just automatically reach out and ask you if they can hire you. 

    This… doesn’t really happen.  Like… ever. 

    So, after Julie and I uncovered that the missing link in her FB group strategy was simply making an offer, we created a schedule to help her step into her Brave Boots and actually invite members of her group to actually become clients. 

    Quick update before we dive in… Julie posted in our Hive FB group about a week after we recorded this conversation and guess what… she our plan into place and already have two sales calls booked. 

    So there… if you find that you avoid making offers or even if you subtly mention your offers without really leading with them.. You’re going to love this conversation. 

    Let’s get started shall we?  Here’s Julie Scott. 


    00:02:00 - Julie shares how she hopes to walk away with a marketing plan that doesn’t leave her feeling slimy

    00:05:45 - Dallas asks Julie to share the current purpose of her facebook group 

    00:08:00 - Julie shares what she did to introduce herself when she took over the facebook group and what she does now

    00:11:00 - Dallas shares the three things they will put together during the conversation

    00:15:00 - How to create “buckets” of content topics that Julie can use to go live and increase engagement

    00:19:00 - Dallas walks Julie through the 6-S system that she can use when going Live on facebook

    00:31:00 - The Five Person post, and how this can plant the seed for sales before the sales call

    00:39:00 - The big reason why people aren’t booking free calls with Julie and some strategies to change this up

    00:50:00 - Dallas and Julie dig into a next level DM strategy she can implement


    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pilatesgirlsocal/
    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/itsabouttimebaby_julie/
    WEBSITE: https://www.itsabouttimebaby.com


    INSTAGRAM:  http://instagram.com/dallastraversbizmentor

    FREE TRAINING: https://watchthecoachclass.com/ 

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5.0 out of 5
181 Ratings

181 Ratings

contentdoc ,

Golden nuggets galore!

Listening to Dallas’s podcast is the highlight of the week for me. I know I will get golden nuggets galore in each week’s episode and Dallas never fails to deliver. I have learned so much just being a fly on the wall as Dallas works her magic coaching clients on the show. And she always invites the best guest speakers for interviews, too. This show is a must-listen for all coaches.

Mins18 ,

The only business podcast I listen to

I love how generous Dallas is in sharing her expertise on the podcast. The carefully chosen topics, a line up of absolute experts from the industry with some juicy content, this podcast has become my favorite go-to for business. Highly recommend you listen. Every episode is like a masterclass.

cathlynmelvin ,

So much insight!

Just listened to the episode about power groups (from July) and now my brain is buzzing with ideas! Dallas asks such insightful guiding questions and I’m always excited to hear where the conversation goes. 5 stars!

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