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This podcast reveals the insider secrets of advertising copy that makes money.
Insights into the highly profitable world of direct response marketing.
Hosted by the World's Greatest Copywriting Coach, David Garfinkel.

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This podcast reveals the insider secrets of advertising copy that makes money.
Insights into the highly profitable world of direct response marketing.
Hosted by the World's Greatest Copywriting Coach, David Garfinkel.

    Transformation Stories That Convert

    Transformation Stories That Convert

    In this episode, we dive into the concept of transformation in marketing, revealing why it's the secret ingredient behind successful campaigns.

    We'll uncover the types of transformations—physical, emotional, and social—that resonate most with audiences. Learn how to identify the most compelling transformation your product offers and how to overcome the natural resistance people have to change by highlighting the significant benefits.

    Discover the art of simplifying your transformation story, making it easy to grasp and irresistible to your prospects. We'll provide vivid examples to illustrate the power of clear, concise storytelling, and share practical tips to help you create copy that paints a vivid picture of the life-changing impact your product can have.

    Join us as we dissect iconic marketing campaigns like Nike’s “Just Do It” and Apple’s “Think Different” to understand how these brands used transformation to captivate their audiences. We'll also look at how the "Got Milk?" campaign subtly but powerfully shifted perceptions, transforming milk from a boring beverage to a cool, essential part of daily life.

    By the end of this episode, you'll have the tools to harness the power of transformation in your copywriting, making your marketing messages more powerful and effective. Don't just sell a product; sell a better future. Tune in and start creating compelling narratives that resonate with your audience and inspire action.

    And get your copy of David's new book, The Persuasion Story Code, at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CFD2KXNQDownload.

    Prompts That Make AI Writing Conversational, With Jason Parker

    Prompts That Make AI Writing Conversational, With Jason Parker

    In theory, AI should be able to do anything you tell it, including write good copy for you.

    In practice, AI does what you give it instructions to do.

    And finding the instructions to give it that will make it write in compelling, simple conversational English… looking for those instructions has been like the search for the Holy Grail.

    At least for me.

    Until now. Three weeks ago we had our returning champion on for the first time, Jason Parker.

    Nathan and I got so excited that we both signed up for his AI copywriting class.

    Not cheap, but worth every penny.

    I’ve been cranking out so much good writing since then, it makes my head spin.

    And I’m still getting my bearings.

    What Jason has done, that I haven’t found anyone else can do to nearly the same degree of proficiency, is give the AI prompts that precisely instruct the AI to write copy that sounds like a human talking.

    Nathan and I desperately wanted to have Jason back to talk about this, and Jason agreed to share his five favorite prompts today.

    Well, not exactly prompts. A tad wee bit more than that. What he calls “prompt chunks.”

    We’ll be sharing these with you later, no strings.

    And we’ve got a lot to talk about today.

    Contact Jason: Jason (at) ParkerKirkland.com

    Cheat sheet with five prompt chunks:


    Stories That Predict The Future

    Stories That Predict The Future

    It is rare that we quote baseball players on Copywriters Podcast, but today we are going to quote a great one, Yogi Berra. He said,

    “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”

    But as intrepid copywriters, we do the difficult.

    Actually, stories about the future are very useful and effective in copy.

    They’re probably not exactly what you think, though.

    You may be using some of the stories we talk about today, but some of them will probably be new to you.

    Here’s the most important thing to remember:

    When you can get your prospect to imagine a future where they already own or have bought what you are selling, and they attach a positive feeling to it, closing the sale becomes so much easier.

    You can get better at all your stories with my new book The Persuasion Story Code. It’s available exclusively on Amazon—Kindle, paperback, and audible.

    Here’s the link:

    Pro Wrestling Storytelling Secrets, With Copywriter Todd Jones

    Pro Wrestling Storytelling Secrets, With Copywriter Todd Jones

    If your tank is empty and you’re looking for inspiration, you could do worse than to watch a little WWE wrestling.
    Our special guest today, Todd Jones, is quite a fan and an expert. He’s written a terrific article called “5 Lessons I Learned About Storytelling From Pro Wrestling.”

    Yesterday I read it. Because it’s online, it has videos to illustrate his excellent points, and I watched about half an hour of high points in the sport, dating back all the way to 1981.

    Most of the clips are much more recent, though.

    Todd is known as “the about page guy” and specializes in working with small and medium businesses with their content and copywriting. He’s a prolific writer with a unique point of view and lots of talents and skills he uses to help his clients.

    Todd has experience in a wide variety of things, from retail, grocery, vending, tech journalism and ministry. He’s great at building online communities.

    So we’re going to talk about all that and more today.

    Todd’s coaching: https://www.copyflight.com/coaching/

    Todd’s article on the WWE and storytelling: https://www.copyflight.com/5-lessons-storytelling-professional-wrestling/Download.

    How Jason Parker Made AI Write Really Good Copy

    How Jason Parker Made AI Write Really Good Copy

    I really didn’t believe it was possible—that AI could crank out compelling copy in a conversational, persuasive voice.

    But I reconnected with my old mentoring client Jason Parker last week. By “old,” I mean it’s been over a decade since we worked together. He’s not all that old himself. Me, that’s another story.

    When he showed me what he’s come up with, I didn’t believe my eyes at first. But then he showed me how he was doing it. And, with no background material other than the book title, he had AI write a pretty decent sales letter for my book The Persuasion Story code in about two minutes.

    I found my way to Jason because the only other person in his agency, Brian Halpin, was online talking about a webinar 80% written by AI that generated just shy of $900,000 for a client.

    Talking further with Jason, I found out that his agency was scoring win after win. Over $4 million a month for Launch Medical. Half a million a month for A Caccia di Trader, an Italian financial publishing business. And other improbable but documented big, impressive successes.

    I asked Jason if I could dig into what he was doing and how he was doing it, and he shared a lot with me. Meanwhile, he emphasized that we were only scratching the surface. But the most important thing I’ve seen is he’s found a way to get AI to stop writing like what we’re used to seeing from Chat GPT.

    And he’s also found a way to pour a lot of proven copywriting knowledge and techniques into custom bots.

    I asked him to come on the show and share some of it with us. He very generously agreed to do so.

    Jason’s agency is Parker & Kirkland

    Beware The Curse Of Knowledge

    Beware The Curse Of Knowledge

    When you talk about your product and you get that deer-in-the-headlights look, what gives?

    In the best of all worlds, it’s simply that the prospect doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

    And that very much could be because you’re the man or woman who knows too much.

    I’m talking about the curse of knowledge—when you’ve gotten all this expertise, which you needed, but you forgot to take the next step of simplifying it and putting it into appealing marketing language so your prospect can instantly understand and appreciate the value of what you’re offering.

    The curse of knowledge is real.

    But it’s curable.

    We’ll look at what it is and how to cure it on today’s show.

    There’s lots to learn, but I recommend my book, The Persuasion Story Code, as a way to use stories to break the curse of knowledge. Here’s the link:

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4.9 out of 5
91 Ratings

91 Ratings

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Copywriting Coaching with Heart, Soul and Proven Profits

David, Nathan and his guests share a depth of insights, tips and proven copywriting advice that inspires, educates and reminds us what captures the minds, hearts and wallets of people we want to persuade.

Not only is David a great teacher, but also a fun personality to listen to and learn.

Highly recommend.

JNG2117 ,

Can’t believe it’s free

This podcast is so insanely valuable. After just a few episodes my copy is improving so much and I have a much clearer understanding of what I’m aiming to do with my copy. the amount of information shared is super generous and I’m so happy I found this show.

Noel Davila ,

Excellent podcast

You know a podcast is great when you find yourself literally taking notes every episode. I’ve been a copywriter for 10+ years, but I’m still learning. This podcast is an amazing resource.

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