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The official podcast of Hannah Keeley. Combing neuroscience with biblical teaching. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

Crazy Blessed with Hannah Keeley Hannah Keeley

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The official podcast of Hannah Keeley. Combing neuroscience with biblical teaching. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

    382 | Crazy Blessed | Marc Mero | Redemption: Choices and Faith

    382 | Crazy Blessed | Marc Mero | Redemption: Choices and Faith

    In this episode, Hannah Keeley welcomes special guest Marc Mero, whose journey from adversity to redemption is both inspiring and deeply transformative. Hannah sets the stage by highlighting the common experience of facing moments of despair and the critical importance of making the right decisions during those times. Marc Mero's story exemplifies how radical choices can lead to transformative outcomes, grounded in the belief that redemption and restoration are always possible.
    Conversation Highlights:
    Childhood Dreams and Struggles:
    Marc shares his childhood dreams of a better life despite growing up in challenging circumstances. His early aspirations included materialistic goals fueled by a desire for happiness and success. Despite setbacks and a serious accident before his professional boxing debut, Marc remained determined to pursue his dreams. Wrestling with Adversity:
    Marc's entry into professional wrestling after a setback in boxing marked a turning point in his life. Achieving fame, success, and material wealth, Marc found himself spiraling into destructive habits and poor choices. The loss of relationships, including his marriage and friends, highlighted the consequences of his lifestyle. A Moment of Desperation and Redemption:
    On Christmas Day in 2003, Marc reached a breaking point, contemplating suicide under a pier. A vision of hell and a plea for forgiveness led Marc to surrender to God, marking the beginning of his journey to recovery. Overcoming addiction and finding purpose, Marc transitioned to inspiring others through his personal story. Impacting Lives Through Faith and Compassion:
    Marc's transformation led him to become a beacon of hope for countless individuals, especially youth facing similar struggles. Despite challenges, Marc emphasizes the importance of love, compassion, and understanding in reaching out to young people. Through speaking engagements and community outreach, Marc advocates for parental involvement, setting boundaries, and nurturing relationships with children. Conclusion:
    Marc's journey from despair to redemption underscores the power of faith, resilience, and the transformative impact of positive choices. His message resonates with parents and individuals alike, encouraging them to embrace love, faith, and purpose in overcoming life's challenges.

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    381 | Crazy Blessed | Dr. Sam Adeyemi | Dear Leader

    381 | Crazy Blessed | Dr. Sam Adeyemi | Dear Leader

    Show Description: In this episode of the Crazy Blessed podcast, Hannah Keeley welcomes special guest Dr. Sam Adeyemi, executive director of the Daystar Leadership Academy and a renowned source of leadership mentorship. Dr. Sam shares his inspiring journey from being introverted and shy to becoming a transformative leader, guided by the principles of faith and empowerment. Together, they explore the essence of true leadership, debunking misconceptions, and emphasizing the importance of self-concept in fulfilling one's leadership potential.
    Key Highlights:
    From Shyness to Leadership: Dr. Sam recounts his personal journey, revealing how he overcame shyness and self-doubt to embrace his calling as a leader, inspired by the belief that everyone has the capacity to influence others.
    Divine Guidance: Through experiences of hardship and self-discovery, Dr. Sam found divine guidance in his pursuit of leadership, including pivotal moments of revelation and spiritual insight.
    Transformative Leadership: The discussion delves into the transformative power of leadership, highlighting Dr. Sam's mission to empower individuals through education, mentorship, and the integration of biblical principles.
    The Role of Mothers as Leaders: Hannah and Dr. Sam emphasize the critical role of mothers as leaders in shaping future generations, stressing the importance of self-awareness and spiritual identity in fulfilling this role effectively.
    Rest in Faith: Drawing parallels from biblical narratives, they explore the concept of rest in faith, emphasizing the need to trust in divine guidance and resist the pressures of self-reliance and validation-seeking.
    Value of Books and Education: Dr. Sam underscores the value of books and education in personal and leadership development, highlighting their role in shaping perspectives, fostering growth, and uncovering hidden potentials.
    Takeaway Message: Leadership begins with embracing one's true identity and recognizing the inherent potential to influence and impact others positively. By aligning with divine guidance, nurturing self-awareness, and continuously seeking growth through education and mentorship, individuals can unleash their leadership potential and thrive in all aspects of life.

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    380 | Crazy Blessed | Sarah Molitor | Well Said

    380 | Crazy Blessed | Sarah Molitor | Well Said

    Podcast Show Notes:
    Host Hannah Keeley introduces the episode, highlighting the guest, Sarah Molitor, known for her Instagram account @ModernFarmhouseFamily. Sarah Molitor shares insights and strategies for building family unity and creating a harmonious home environment. Key Points:
    Organic Growth of a Large Family: Sarah shares her journey of marrying her husband and gradually growing their family. They never intended to have a big family but found themselves embracing the joys and challenges that come with it. Both Sarah and her husband come from larger families, which influenced their perspective on family size.   Navigating Parenthood: The conversation delves into the transition from a smaller to a larger family and the adjustments required. Sarah emphasizes the importance of establishing systems and routines early on to manage the dynamics of a growing family. Both hosts reflect on the need for flexibility and adaptation as children grow and family dynamics evolve.   Embracing Change and Humility: Hannah and Sarah discuss the significance of being teachable and open to change, both in parenting and personal growth. Sarah shares her experience of incorporating new approaches to homeschooling and encouraging her children to embrace learning beyond grades. The conversation highlights the value of humility in parenting and seeking God's guidance in nurturing children's hearts and minds.   Reading Scripture with Fresh Eyes: Sarah shares her recent practice of reading the Bible with a focus on understanding God's character in each passage. Both hosts emphasize the transformative power of Scripture and the importance of staying open to new insights and perspectives.   Treasuring Moments with Family: Hannah shares a personal anecdote about her decision to prioritize time with her children despite financial challenges. The discussion centers on the significance of cherishing moments with family and avoiding regrets in prioritizing relationships over material pursuits.   Navigating Tough Moments: Hannah shares a personal experience of reaching out to her husband during a challenging parenting moment, highlighting the need for support and teamwork in marriage. Sarah reflects on a similar experience where she called her mother during a difficult day, emphasizing the importance of seeking encouragement during tough times.   Perspective Shift: Sarah discusses how a shift in perspective helped her overcome marital struggles and cultivate a more positive family atmosphere. She shares candidly about her past behavior of negativity towards her husband and how she realized the need for change.   Choosing Words Wisely: Sarah talks about the power of words and how she consciously shifted towards speaking words of encouragement and honor, both to her husband and her children. Hannah adds her insights about the significance of choosing how we show up in difficult situations and the impact it has on family dynamics.   Finding Grace in Parenthood: Both Sarah and Hannah discuss the grace of God in parenting and the importance of tapping into that grace during challenging moments. Sarah shares her journey of realizing that how she shows up as a mother is more important than simply checking off tasks on a to-do list.   Transformative Faith Journey: Sarah shares her faith journey and how scripture, particularly a verse from Jeremiah 29, helped her gain perspective and make positive changes in her marriage and family life. She emphasizes the importance of prayer and seeking God's guidance in transforming family dynamics. Conclusion: • Host Hannah expresses gratitude to Sarah for her openness and insights shared during the episode. • Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own marriage and family dynamics, seeking inspiration from Sarah's journey towards positive change and transformation. • Get your copy of Sarah Molitor's book: Well Said here: https://amzn.to/3wdRW7z • Visit Sara

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    379 | Crazy Blessed | Sharon Lechter | How Money Works For Women

    379 | Crazy Blessed | Sharon Lechter | How Money Works For Women

    Description: In this episode, Hannah Keeley sits down with financial literacy expert and bestselling author Sharon Lechter to discuss the ins and outs of managing money, overcoming financial fears, and building wealth. Sharon shares her journey to becoming a financial expert, highlighting the importance of education, mindset shifts, and taking action. From debunking money myths to empowering women to take control of their finances, this conversation is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to improve their financial situation.
    Transcript Highlights:
    Hannah and Sharon discuss the common misconceptions surrounding money and the importance of financial education from an early age. Sharon emphasizes the need for women to take control of their finances, break free from fear and self-doubt, and build wealth through smart investing and asset management. The conversation delves into the power of association and the role of mentors in accelerating success, as well as the significance of mindset shifts and faith in achieving financial goals. Sharon shares personal anecdotes and practical tips for overcoming financial setbacks, learning from adversity, and taking charge of one's financial future. Hannah and Sharon explore the impact of societal norms and cultural attitudes towards money, and the importance of challenging these narratives to create a more empowered financial mindset. The discussion concludes with a message of hope and empowerment, encouraging listeners to take proactive steps towards financial literacy, regardless of their age or circumstances. Key Takeaways:
    Financial education is crucial for empowering individuals to make informed decisions and build wealth. Overcoming fear and self-doubt is essential for women to take control of their finances and achieve financial independence. The power of association and mentorship can play a significant role in accelerating success and overcoming obstacles. Mindset shifts, learning from adversity, and faith are essential components of achieving financial goals and creating lasting wealth. It's never too late to start learning about money and taking proactive steps towards financial literacy and empowerment. Sharon Lechter's Book: https://sharonlechter.com/product/how-money-works-for-women/

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    378 | Charge The Storm - part 3

    378 | Charge The Storm - part 3

    • 27 min
    377 | Crazy Blessed | Dr. Paul and Jennifer Osteen

    377 | Crazy Blessed | Dr. Paul and Jennifer Osteen

    Hannah chatches up with Paul and Jennifer Osteen to hear how they step out in faith and heard God's call to leade global medical missions!
    Hannah Keeley introduces the episode with excitement and a brief overview of the guests, Paul Osteen and Jennifer Osteen, a surgeon-nurse duo involved in global medical missions. Segment 1: Introduction to Paul and Jennifer Osteen (00:00:00 - 00:01:45)
    Hannah introduces Paul Osteen and Jennifer Osteen, highlighting their unique roles as a surgeon and nurse. Paul shares his journey of leaving his surgical practice to follow a divine calling, leading them to engage in medical missions for the past 17 years. Segment 2: The Role of Obedience in Answering the Call (00:01:45 - 00:03:51)
    Discussion on the role of obedience in their journey. Paul emphasizes the importance of listening to God's voice and taking steps in faith, even when it doesn't make sense logically. Reference to the idea that the Christian life is about listening for the voice of Jesus and being obedient. Segment 3: The Thrilling Journey of Faith (00:03:51 - 00:06:41)
    The excitement and challenges of stepping out in faith and answering God's call. Jennifer shares her perspective on the obedience and supernatural peace that accompanies it. Discussion on the thrill and excitement of being in faith, trusting God to work things out. Segment 4: Marrying Medical Professions with Mission Work (00:06:41 - 00:10:16)
    Paul discusses the formation of their mission work and the realization of combining medical expertise with mission work. Insight into their role in relieving missionary surgeons in remote areas to provide essential medical care. Segment 5: Insights from Medical Missions (00:10:16 - 00:13:39)
    Anecdote about a medical mission in Zambia where a child's life was transformed through surgery. Emphasis on the impact of using available resources for God's work, no matter how limited they may seem. Segment 6: Serving Locally and Globally (00:13:39 - 00:17:58)
    Jennifer shares their experience of serving globally and the importance of serving locally as well. Discussion on how everyone, regardless of their profession, can serve in their community and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Segment 7: Mobilizing Medical Missions Conference (00:17:58 - 00:23:34)
    Announcement of the Mobilizing Medical Missions Conference on February 16th and 17th at Lakewood in Houston, Texas. Website is m3missions.com Encouragement for individuals from various professions to attend and explore ways to contribute to global health and mission work.

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4.9 out of 5
121 Ratings

121 Ratings

nlj2020 ,

Wonderful words of inspiration

So I glad I found this podcast. Hannah speaks truth, no sugar coating. Just what I need to hear when starting my day!

JMDans ,

Such a blessing!

Every podcast has been exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you for speaking God’s truth and helping mom’s.

MarcySmith ,

Just what I always need

Finding this podcast has been a true blessing. I’m rather new to faith, and Hannah bridges faith and counseling really well. I especially love the episode comparing us to football players...I needed her words to help me be a “receiver” of His blessings! Thank you!

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