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Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom and experience from his time as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.

Creating Disney Magic Lee Cockerell

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Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom and experience from his time as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.

    The Power of Self-Reflection

    The Power of Self-Reflection

    Today we are discussing the importance of self-reflection, both as an employee and as a leader.
    We have talked a few times about the changing terrain of the employee/employer relationship. People today are unwilling to remain in toxic environments or in places they don’t feel valued. There are some industries where no matter how hard you work, you will probably encounter unappreciative environments.
    The service industry is notorious for this. But sometimes, we must check in with ourselves to see if negative feedback is warranted. This is called self-reflection.
    When you encounter harsh environments at work, you can choose to move on or press on. You can leave now, or you can push through and leave later with exposure, experience, and training. Regardless of the environment, your job is to learn and get better. There is a benefit to waiting it out. Learn how to be the leader you want to be by immolating good leaders and recognizing what you don’t want to take away from bad ones.
    If your work environment is an obstacle, don’t let it undermines your future. Have a talk with yourself and get prepared. You know poor treatment is going to happen. Composure is part of leadership. Learn to navigate any and all situations and become better because of them. Never stop reflecting. Learn who you want to be by looking at the leaders around you, and then become who you want to be by fine-tuning the traits you see in yourself.
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    Handling Conflict in the Workplace

    Handling Conflict in the Workplace

    Today Jody and I are taking a look at how to handle conflict in the workplace. After reading a recent article featuring a conflict between airline pilots, the question of how to handle situations like this has been front of mind.
    As a leader, you must remain cool, calm, and collected; especially where conflict is involved. Your ability to be focused and get the job done safely is a huge part of leadership. When you lose your composure, you run the risk of making wrong decisions. 
    When you lead, you need to be able to set people at ease and get the job done safely. If you are handling a conflict between employees, how you respond is key; people are watching to see what you will do. As a leader, you need to do the following:
    Get to the bottom of the conflict Determine fault and necessary disciplinary action Take stock of the bigger picture and be willing to send the necessary message to other team members. It is important to deal with conflict as soon as possible. Don’t wait. The sooner you deal with it, the better it will be. Have a standard you operate by and get in front of the situation. As a leader, you set the baseline for how your organization handles conflict. Make sure you are reinforcing it among your team.
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    Managing Your Priorities

    Managing Your Priorities

    Today we are revisiting an important topic: time management.
    How people approach time management has changed in recent years. People don’t just want to be more productive; they want to focus on what really matters to them. Time management isn’t just about fitting more things into your day. It is about being aware of your priorities and using your time to get closer to accomplishing them.
    Often the things we need to do are not the things we want to do. If you don’t do the hard things in life, life will get harder for you. Do what will pay off later now. Invest your time wisely. Invest in yourself. Invest in your family. Invest in your business, in that order. Don’t wish you had more time for your kids. Spend more time on them.
    Get a system in your life that will manage your life, just like you use systems in your business to keep everything running. Think ahead. What will you regret not doing later? That is what you need to prioritize and intentionally spend your time on. Get it balanced. Where you spend time is where your life will be.
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    Cockerell Academy
    Time Management

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    Overcoming Technology to Connect With People

    Overcoming Technology to Connect With People

    Technology is a crucial part of everything we do. But does it get in the way of connecting with customers and co-workers?
    Getting people to talk and interact has become a challenge. We miss out on creativity, collaboration, and 
    It's time to get people in your organization to get together in person. After being apart for two years, many people have gotten comfortable being away from their coworkers. There is an advantage to letting people work from home, but too much time away from coworkers can led people to be introverts. 
    As a leader, you have to find the right way to get people back together. It will be good for your organization and for each individual. Over time, it has an impact if people are not building relationships with each other. 
    Technology is getting in the way of customer service, too. Often now, you see people in customer service roles on their phones. The phone is a distraction that gets in the way of paying attention to each customer. When a customer sees someone on their phone, it sends the signal that customers are not a priority. 
    If you don't have a technology policy in place, it can be difficult to put one in place. You have to begin being open and candid. Start by talking about why you are there, to serve the customer, and how distraction from technology gets in the way. 
    If you want some guidance when it comes to leadership, management, and customer service, check out the Cockerell Academy. 

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    Stand Out With Customer Service

    Stand Out With Customer Service

    If you have traveled this year, you have noticed most people are stressed. Most businesses are understaffed. 
    Priscilla and I just returned from Europe and saw service delays everywhere we went. 
    Most travelers experience flight delays or cancelations. It's hard to get a rental car. Restaurants don't have enough people to serve customers. 
    Some companies stand out with their service, even with the current conditions. We went on a cruise with Virgin Voyages in Europe. The rooms were fabulous, and the meals were great, but you first notice the service, even though they are likely short-staffed like everyone else. 
    Lack of service and lack of staff impact nearly every business. Many of them use it as an excuse for poor service. This gives you the perfect opportunity to stand out by delivering excellent customer service. Now is the time to get an advantage and get in front of everyone else. 
    If you want an advantage in customer service, start with the course World Class Customer Service in the Cockerell Academy. While everyone else is struggling, you can learn new ways to treat customers so well they won't even think about working with anyone else. 

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    How to Keep Employees from Leaving

    How to Keep Employees from Leaving

    Today we are tackling a question on many leaders' minds. How do you keep your employees from leaving?
    It is pretty simple. Appreciate your employees. Toxic culture is the most cited reason for leaving a job. It has been on the rise, and it is not going anywhere. As leaders, make a strategy to keep your employees and prioritize implementing it.
    When the culture isn’t right, people leave. We like to think it is because of money or another factor. But whether it is in our professional life, or our personal life, culture is critical. People will abandon a ship they perceive to be sinking.
    Don’t make strategies and decisions based on what you think is impacting your team. Put your assumptions away and make an effort to determine what is driving people to leave. As soon as you admit something is wrong, you can work on changing it. One of the best ways to address and improve culture is by training your leadership. Equip your middle managers to be good leaders that will take care of their team.
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    Cockerell Academy

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4.8 out of 5
411 Ratings

411 Ratings

Jessclay1983 ,

Love this Podcast

I have so enjoyed this podcast. Thank you for the information and sharing your wealth of knowledge.


Not only valuable and informative, but entertaining too!

I first heard of Lee through his first appearance of Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio Show podcast about Walt Disney World. This inspired me to go to the library and check out Lee’s “Creating Magic” book, because I have always been fascinated and impressed by the level of service for which Disney was known. Wow! Lee’s book - and now the information and advice he so freely shares on this podcast - impart valuable lessons which are applicable not only in business but in one’s personal life. I have been binge-listening to this show from the very first episode and am currently only about halfway through the 2016 episodes but looking forward to ravenously devouring the rest and catching up. This show should be required listening for every high school student, college student, or person at any point in a professional career. Even if you are not in business….or even retired….this show is packed with information that will help you in your relationships with others at whatever age. The co-host Jody Maberry is also invaluable to the quality of the show and together Lee and Jody present in a manner that subtly entertains and captures one’s attention and holds one’s interest. He is FUN to listen to! Thank you for a great show!

fgh444 ,

Authentic, Kind, Inspiring, and Insightful

Lee is always providing honest engaging and useful advice. He is a wonderful person and I love the show and this content. A must listen! Five stars ✨❤️🏰

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