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Eat well. Change your world. That's the motto at the Dr. Yum Project. Join us as Dr. Yum gets the dish from medical, culinary and parenting experts who are making the connection between food and health in innovative ways.

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Eat well. Change your world. That's the motto at the Dr. Yum Project. Join us as Dr. Yum gets the dish from medical, culinary and parenting experts who are making the connection between food and health in innovative ways.

    3 Ways to Train your Baby's Palate (YES, they can eat more than you think!)

    3 Ways to Train your Baby's Palate (YES, they can eat more than you think!)

    Ever wonder why some kids are more adventurous eaters than others?  Training. Practicing.  Just like learning to walk or read.  Our guest today Saskia Sorrosa, the founder of the revolutionary baby food company Fresh Bellies has 3 terrific tips to help parents cultivate little foodies.

    Prior to starting Fresh Bellies Saskia had a robust career in Marketing including the VP of Marketing at the NBA. As she became a mother she found that she was not satisfied with traditional baby foods and began making homemade babyfood where veggies and spices were front and center. This hobby became a passion and grew into a baby food business called Fresh Bellies a flavorful baby food startup that helps to train baby’s palates with challenging foods. Her company was recently featured on ABC’s shark tank and has been enjoying an explosion of sales among parents who want to train their babies to be adventurous eaters. She is a good friend to the Dr. Yum Project and we are so happy to have her as a guest. 

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    3 Ways to Save Money by Shopping at your Local Farmer's Market

    3 Ways to Save Money by Shopping at your Local Farmer's Market

    Think shopping at a farmer's market is a luxury excursion that will put a dent in your wallet?  Think again!  Elizabeth Borst is a food advocate and farmers market manager in Central Virginia passionate about getting families at any income level shopping regularly for fresh, healthy foods at local markets.  Listen to her terrific ideas how to actually SAVE money by shopping at your local market. 

    Elizabeth is the executive director of Virginia Community Food connections, a nonprofit that works with farmers markets and other community programs around food access. She is the former market manager of the largest market in our region. She is now manages regional and statewide programs that connect low resource families with fresh local foods.  

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    Rick and the Arrhythmics

    Rick and the Arrhythmics

    Dr. Richard Lewis is a cardiologist in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is also medical Director of the Mary Washington Health Alliance. When he is not busy being a cardiologist and proponent of heart health, he is busy with his music career with his band, Rick and the Arrhythmics.
    The AHA’s “Life’s Simple 7”

    The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization that fosters appropriate cardiac care to reduce death and disability related to cardiovascular disease and stroke. One of the ways they do this is to educate the public on how best to live. They came up with a program they call “Life’s Simple Seven” which I summarize below. Rome wasn’t built in a day and no one expects you to do a great job on all seven overnight. But I think we can all do TWO things right away. And given the problems we have in this country with obesity and sedentary lifestyles, that would be enough for many of us and, over time, would favorably impact on all seven. And those two are: MOVE MORE, EAT LESS. As my song says:

    “Move more, Eat less,
    Load up on the water cress,
    While you’re running hill and dale
    Think about a side of kale.
    If you laze and lie around
    Calories will turn to pounds.
    More in that out will make you fatter –
    You must obey the laws of matter.
    Come on, Mabel, get up from that table.
    Push away’ s an exercise that helps your thighs get down to size.
    It don’t take much to analyze, you eat more than you realize.
    You’re the one who’s in control, when you eat and when you stroll.
    Listen to those voices reminding you to make good choices.”

    Life’s Simple Seven:

    1,2,3: Know three numbers: (1) Your Blood pressure (should be 120/80 or lower). (2) Your total blood cholesterol (should be lower than 200). (3) Your Blood Sugar (fasting blood sugar for people without diabetes should be 70 – 100). Visit your doctor to get these numbers checked and to have a discussion about a heart-healthy lifestyle which should cover the following (4, 5, 6 and 7):

    4: Get Active (Daily physical activity increases your length and quality of life). We’re not talking about strenuous exercise. Even a leisurely walk helps.
    5: Eat Better (more fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains; less saturated fat, red meat, and dairy products)
    6: Lose Weight (unless you’re already at goal; your ideal body weight varies with your height; the best way to account for this is to calculate your Body Mass Index, or BMI (Step 1: Multiply your height in inches by itself; Step 2: Divide your weight in pounds by the Step 1 result; Step 3: Multiply the result from Step 2 by 703. Normal BMI is 18.5 – 25)
    7: No Tobacco products. If you smoke cigarettes, Quit! If you don’t smoke or chew tobacco, Never Start! And No Vaping!

    If we all followed this advice, we could prevent close to 80% of heart attacks, strokes and limb loss from vascular disease. And we could cut our nation’s health care bill by more than half. Just think of all the good things we could do with that extra money (like providing free health care for every American who gets sick).

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    Picky eater in the house? We have answers!

    Picky eater in the house? We have answers!

    World-renowned picky eating expert Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP shares a wealth of information including three life-changing tips to help families with a picky eater.

    Melanie Potock, is a mom who once had a picky eater. She’s experienced first-hand the stress that parents feel when they are worried about their child’s nutritional health. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Melanie blending her knowledge of feeding therapy with practical parenting strategies that help the entire family eat healthier. She’s an international speaker and author of three books, including co-authoring the award-winning "Raising a Healthy Happy Eater" with Dr. Fernando (aka Dr. Yum) and her latest, "Adventures in Veggieland". Whether you're raising a child who seems to be on the path to loving all kinds of healthy foods (and you want to keep it that way) or if your child is stuck in the chicken nugget rut, “Coach Mel” shares great tips and strategies to guide you.

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    Hummus as School Cafeteria Food?

    Hummus as School Cafeteria Food?

    When Brian Kiernan, Food Service Director of Fredericksburg (VA) Public Schools is asked, "How do you get kids to eat hummus in your school cafeterias?" his first answer is, "You make hummus." BK shares the lessons learned during his journey of transforming what kids eat in his town's public school cafeterias. Take a listen and learn how you can do it in your town too.

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    RESPECT the Food

    RESPECT the Food

    Celebrity Chef Joy Crump (of James Beard and Top Chef fame) sits down with Dr. Yum and Heidi to discuss her passion for reducing food waste, her own childhood experiences around cooking, getting young kids into the kitchen by tapping into their desire to be doers and why she thinks Fredericksburg, VA ROCKS.

    Journey of a Strawberry
    The Joy of cutting a pepper

    • 40 min

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