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Dragons in Genesis is a critical bible study podcast which focuses on the mythological inspirations for our favorite bible stories.

Dragons in Genesis Dragons in Genesis

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Dragons in Genesis is a critical bible study podcast which focuses on the mythological inspirations for our favorite bible stories.

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4.8 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

TheBaron356 ,

100% Necessary

It's so refreshing to hear a breakdown of the Christian bible in a rational and realistic way. I love how Jason puts the stories and characters into historical context and spends time comparing the mythologies of early religions. It really is a wonderful exploration of a topic that so many people think they know so much about, when in reality they simply don't. Jason absolutely does his homework for each episode and presents the subject matter in a clean, easily-digestible way, and even throws in some sarcasm here and there for fun. Great show, great job, Jason!

berri80 ,


A interesting take on the Bible. I myself have always found there to be little logic in a lot of the biblical stories. I love the approach and the explanation of things going on in the other parts of the world at the time.

MrsBritt ,

The Genie is Out of the Bottle Now-

I am writing today with a heartfelt thank you, for giving me answers I have been seeking since I was 6 and for freeing my mind. My apologies in advance if this seems to ramble or a bit tongue in cheek but it was how I was raised, and I know no other way to express the outpouring of my gratitude. I have never been supported morally by religiously strong minded people but I was raised by a woman who had a very open mind about religion and spirituality and she was firmly entrenched in the Bible’s teachings but at odds over their application in our modern age, at the same time. She passed from cancer when I was 13; in 1986. I had a personal experience with her moments after she died where no one in my family would explain it, or talk about it, but that changes nothing, because it happened and was completely against the teachings of her church. She always said whatever was beyond or above us, was bigger than our understanding and to live as best we could without knowing the instructions on how to do it.

I truly wish she had been around to see this podcast as I *know* it would have answered so many questions in addition to strengthening her belief that whatever afterlife there was, had flexibility which makes so much more sense now that the ways the Christian Bible came to be appears to have been modeled straight out of other religions. It has been a comfort to me, especially since my personal experiences with things paranormal have been pushed aside every single time I have asked a religious leader I trusted. The outcome has always been either ignoring me or ridicule for not believing blindly, and even as young as 13, by the pastor of Cove, where I was a member, I was accused of being either possessed or a witch when I questioned what I knew, against the Southern Baptist and Christian teachings. Knowledge is truly power and this podcast have given me my power to forgive my mothers church for failing me, because they lacked the understanding that your podcast and your research gives others seeking it.

I hope whomever reads this, gains the understanding of the political nature of religious books whilst understanding the mystery of what is, is above our understanding, and frees themselves as well. The burden is heavy but it has been lifted, as weird as that sounds.

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