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Welcome to Eating Enlightenment!

This interview show is hosted by Jared. Jared is a former Zen monk, certified intuitive eating counselor, and creator of the Eating Enlightenment app.

Eating Enlightenment Jared Levenson

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Welcome to Eating Enlightenment!

This interview show is hosted by Jared. Jared is a former Zen monk, certified intuitive eating counselor, and creator of the Eating Enlightenment app.

    Blueprint to Get Over Binge and Emotional Eating

    Blueprint to Get Over Binge and Emotional Eating

    Have you ever found yourself reaching for that extra cookie even when you're not hungry? Or using food as a coping mechanism during stressful times? If so, then you're in the right place.
    This episode is specially designed for you! I've poured all my knowledge and experience into this comprehensive guide to help you understand and overcome binge and emotional eating. It's a holistic approach that addresses not only your eating habits but also your mental and emotional wellbeing.
    This episode is about a journey that I, your host and guide, have been on professionally for over five years as an Eating Disorder Coach and a staff member at a residential Eating Disorder treatment center. My personal journey of healing has been much longer.
    Now, as I transition careers, this video represents my understanding of how to heal the root causes of binge and emotional eating.
    Remember, overcoming binge and emotional eating isn't about deprivation; it's about making mindful choices that nourish your body and soul. Are you ready to embark on this transformational journey?

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    The complete guide to transforming your relationship with food

    The complete guide to transforming your relationship with food

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    Journaling Solutions For Eating Problems

    Journaling Solutions For Eating Problems

    In this special episode of the podcast, I share my interview on Write Your Best Self! "This can be a very anxious process. There's so much trauma around food... Learning to feel your body can be a scary process that brings up a lot."

    I'm super excited to introduce you to Jared Levenson - the founder of Eating Enlightenment.

    Jared was plagued with binge-eating for years until he learned how to transform his relationship with food. He's now a mindful eating zen master who's helped countless people curb their cravings through the power of journaling so they can feel empowered and enlightened around their food choices.

    In this powerful episode, Jared explains why journaling is such an effective tool for tackling food problems - as well as sharing his own personal story of transformation.

    I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.

    "The process of writing changes reality... it's very inspiring."

    In this episode, Jared and I explore:
     What is mindful eating and what benefits does it offer.  How can our body tell us what to eat?  Why we turn to food as an emotional crutch - and how can we cultivate a healthier relationship.  How Jared discovered that writing can change your relationship with food while at a monastery. The science behind externalising our thoughts in our journal.  "Usually before people emotionally eat there's this cacophony - this internal argument back and forth that escalates. Then people binge to calm down those voices."  
    How labelling feelings helps us to unravel them.  The power of dialoguing with and hearing the different voices that show up around food.   Why changing your relationship with food helps you to reclaim your personal power.  Catching cues and rewiring triggers. Tapping into the wisdom of the body.  How can we trust our body to tell us what it needs to be healthy, vital, and strong.  Jared's story - how he transformed from binge-eater to mindful eating Zen master. And more...

    Feeling empowered around food can be a transformative experience. I hope this episode helps you to navigate forward in some way. 

    Jared's journaling prompt:
    Write with awareness right before you eat.

    How to discover more about Jared's work:
    1. Visit the Eating Enlightenment website.
    2. Check out Jared's YouTube channel.
    3. View the Earing Enlightenment journaling app. 
    Also, check out the BestSelf Co. range of journaling tools:
    1. Transform Fear to Focus [$5 investment].
    2. 52 List Journaling Prompts [a free tool].

    Finally, if you enjoyed this episode, please rate and review the show as it helps more people find us. You can also tag us on social. We're @bestselfco and I'm @georginaelmorshdy. 
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    Our Mushroom Revival with Alex Dorr

    Our Mushroom Revival with Alex Dorr

    Alex Dorr is the Founder and CEO of Mushroom Revival Inc., a business dedicated to supporting an individual’s health and wellness through the incredible properties of functional mushrooms.
    Alex co-hosts The Mushroom Revival Podcast  - the #1 mushroom podcast in the world.
    As a studied mycologist, he released a book titled, “Mycoremediation Handbook: A Grassroots Guide to Growing Mushrooms and Cleaning Up Toxic Waste With Fungi.”

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    Let Your Body Heal Itself with Dr. WendyLeigh White

    Let Your Body Heal Itself with Dr. WendyLeigh White

    Dr WendyLeigh White, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and nondiet, weight-neutral nutritionist, takes a “nature cure” approach to prevention and healing in her clinical practice, teaching, and speaking.
    She has maintained a clinical practice since 2008 and taught at the graduate level since 2016. In 2020, she was included in the Portland Monthly’s Top Doctors, Naturopath category.
    Her aim is to empower every one of her patients/clients/students, especially those in larger bodies, to understand the interconnected systems of your body and its specific needs.
    In this way, you learn to tune in to the signals your body is telling you. Only then can you give it what it needs to heal, to thrive, to learn how not to follow in your family’s medical footprints.
    Building from a “nature cure” philosophy (food, water, air, movement, relationships), Dr White specializes in developing personalized lifestyle plans that align to your unique genetic makeup and lifestyle.
    She enjoys coaching people who are needing support with allergies, digestive issues (irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation), and their relationship with food.
    Despite her full schedule of patient care and university teaching, the times that Dr White is most passionate is when she is speaking to groups about the body’s innate ability to heal itself and to keep itself in balance when supported appropriately.
    For more info, visit Dr. WendyLeigh White: http://www.drwendyleighwhite.com/

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    Why Aqua Therapy Is So Good For Health At Every Size with Dr. Jennifer Sylvester

    Why Aqua Therapy Is So Good For Health At Every Size with Dr. Jennifer Sylvester

    Aqua therapy can really help your body to heal. It's a great way to keep your joints and muscles loose, while also working on flexibility and range of motion.
    This practice can be revolutionary for people living in larger bodies, and is totally in line with the Health At Every Size Perspective.
    The water really helps with joints while still giving you a great movement practice.
    And aqua therapy is in warm water too so don't worry about the temp!
    I learned so much in this episode and I know you'll walk away with a ton of useful info!
    Plus, Jen is hosting workshops in the Bay Area mid-May so be sure to check out her website for more info!

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Mtjacobsen ,


Love this show and how it not only deals with food and eating issues but the psychology of eating. Jared is very personable and really cares about his listeners

Blonde ambition 1 ,

So needed!!!

This information is so needed in the world. Jared touches on topics that most are scared to talk about so as to not to offend people but reality is we all have issues with over eating and binge eating. He makes the listener feel normal for their struggle and gives real world advice on how to overcome it. Being a functional medicine practitioner myself and working with a variety of patients with weight issues I can say with all my heart that this information is something that needs to be addressed with 99% of the population

Nagina A. ,

Helpful and practical diet approach

Jared showed his passion on intuitive eating and shared how he has helped numerous others on binge eating. As a health coach, I can relate to Jared’s approach towards healthy eating. I was so delighted that I got to know him and had been featured on his podcast.

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