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The ED ECMO Project is the work of Zack Shinar and Jon Marinaro to bring extracorporeal life support to EDs and ICUs around the world. This site aims to be the ultimate resource for the background, logistics, and evidence for resuscitative ECMO.

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The ED ECMO Project is the work of Zack Shinar and Jon Marinaro to bring extracorporeal life support to EDs and ICUs around the world. This site aims to be the ultimate resource for the background, logistics, and evidence for resuscitative ECMO.

    89 – What a Medical Student Should Know: Part 1

    89 – What a Medical Student Should Know: Part 1

    With the growing prevalence of ECPR, it is now more important than ever for all individuals in the medical community to understand what ECMO is, not just those providers who are directly involved with its use. In this new podcast series, Zack Shinar and Jon Marinaro help Nathaniel Dennis-Benford, a first-year medical student, explore what a medical student should know about ECMO and ECPR. In this first episode of the series, we start from the basics: what is "cardiac arrest", how is it traditionally managed, and finally what even is ECMO?


    AHA recommendations for ECPR at 2A - see article here

    Free link for Zack and Dinis editorial on Lactate use here

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    88 – ECMO Billing with John Mehall

    88 – ECMO Billing with John Mehall

    If you are running or starting a US ECMO program, this episode is a must listen.  John Mehall from Innovative ECMO Concepts goes through the financial aspects of ECMO care.  He covers everything from hospital charges to physician reimbursement to areas where hospitals commonly fail.  We all know that you cannot have a successful ECMO program unless you have sufficient funding to keep it going.  Jon Marinaro, Zack Shinar, and an entire audience of Reanimate 9 attendees join the episode to ask questions and give their own insight.

    Web Pricer (cms.gov) - your hospital weight.  Times it by DRG to get your hospital ECMO compensation.

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    87 – Pearls From Prague and San Diego Resus Consortium with Saul Levine

    87 – Pearls From Prague and San Diego Resus Consortium with Saul Levine

    This month Zack gives some pearls from his travels to Prague for Jan Behlolavek's ECPR school, Poland to meet with Marek Dabrowski, and ELSO with the entire crew.  Zack also interviews Saul Levine for the first of what may be a recurring conversation about the San Diego Resuscitation Consortium.  His efforts along with Kristi Koenig, Shawn Evans, Todd Baumbacher, and many others have paved the way for an OHCA ECPR protocol that may change more than just San Diego cardiac care.  Listen to Saul explain how the first 3 months of this process has expanded the minds of what cardiac arrest care can look like.

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    86: UCLA ECPR with Vadim Gudzenko

    86: UCLA ECPR with Vadim Gudzenko


    This episode is a follow up to last month's episode with Nichole Bosson.  Zack interviews Vadim Gudzenko about the in-patient aspects and critical care doctor perspective on the Los Angeles OHCA ECPR program.  A few take homes are that EMS is critical to any OHCA ECPR program.  Nurses need support for these intense patients with high mortality.  And emergency physicians need to buy in to the idea of ECMO for cardiac arrest to make a successful program.


    Upcoming Events

    Sept - ELSO - Summary - 34th Annual ELSO Conference (cvent.com)

    Oct - Prague ECPR School - https://www.ecprprague.com/

    Nov - Reanimate Reanimateconference.com


    Zack and Jon's Editorial about Sakuraya PE trial



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    85: Los Angeles County ECPR Program with Nichole Bosson

    85: Los Angeles County ECPR Program with Nichole Bosson

    One of the biggest questions in ECPR right now is how do we organize our system to provide ECPR in an effective and streamlined approach?  Nichole Bosson, Dave Shavelle and the army of L.A. ECPR enthusiasts have successfully implemented a multi-hospital ECPR receiving center program in Los Angeles.  In this episode, Zack talks with Dr. Bosson about how they started, what they learned, and where they are going.


    A little about Dr. Bosson

    * She is the Assistant Medical Director at the Los Angeles County EMS Agency. She is an Associate Clinical Professor at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and faculty and EMS fellowship director in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA.


    * Here is the link to her paper

    Bosson N, Kazan C, Sanko S, Abramson T, Eckstein M, Eisner D, Geiderman J, Ghurabi W, Gudzenko V, Mehra A, Torbati S, Uner A, Gausche-Hill M, Shavelle D. Implementation of a regional extracorporeal membrane oxygenation program for refractory ventricular fibrillation out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Resuscitation. 2023 Jun;187:109711. doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2023.109711. Epub 2023 Jan 30. PMID: 36720300.


    * And here is Jason Bartos' editorial

    Bartos JA, Yannopoulos D. Starting an Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation Program: Success is in the details. Resuscitation. 2023 Jun;187:109792. doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2023.109792. Epub 2023 Apr 10. PMID: 37044354.



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    84: Talking ELSO with CEO Christine Stead

    84: Talking ELSO with CEO Christine Stead

    Jon Marinaro takes EDECMO through another great podcast.  This time he interviews Christine Stead, the CEO of ELSO.  She talks about how ELSO is setting up standards for ECMO programs to try to make ECMO care at all hospitals safer.  She talks about how she works also with the device industry.  This involves working with the FDA for future innovations and CMS for reimbursement issues.  She talks about the website and how to get your program certified.  Christine as a person is amazing.  She and her 5 person team runs an organization that has its hands in so many different areas.  Also, she is avid runner having completed 12 Boston Marathons!


    ELSO website - www.elso.org

    Annual ELSO conference in Seattle

    Reanimate 9 is nearly sold out.  November 2023.  Check it out here

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

Beast1904 ,

How ECMO saved my wife!

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, My wife Brandi had a severe asthma attack which led her to stop breathing as her asthma medications were not working for her. I had to perform CPR until paramedics arrived, I am a Respiratory Therapist. She was then taken to Sharp Chula vista where she coded. She was placed on a ventilator, a machine that helps a person breathe, as that could not ventillate her due to her lung constriction and high lung pressures, she was then placed on ecmo, a machine that recycles your blood to oxygenate it bypassing the lungs. She had a pneumothorax due to the CPR, and began bleeding from a chest tube inserted. She was then transferred to Sharp Memorial for further procedures and surgeries. She progressed daily and showed signs of brain activity. They removed the ecmo machine and extubated her from the ventilator all within 3 days. She is doing well and home but unfortunately recovering slowly.

This is to show an asthmatic, even with a breathing treatment, can end up like this. Luckily I knew CPR and the teams at both Sharp hospitals were able to pull her out of this tragic situation with ECMO.

This podcast is great to spread awareness and educate others on the importance of having ECMO in every hospital across the country. Thank you for giving my wife a second chance at life.

Evilkid13 ,

Very informative perspective

I’m glad I came across the podcast, out of sheer curiosity, on the topic of ECMO.

As a perfusionist for nearly eight years, I really appreciate the podcast hosts perspective on this crucial care modality. I try to be a lifetime learner and I am open to learning something new.

Keep these podcasts going; which with the ever evolving discipline of medicine, there will always be something new to discuss.

Also, is there a way to get the first half of the earlier podcasts? Seems like Itunes is only post episode 28 and up; I don’t mind if the earlier ones may be outdated information. Some thought processes and strategies may be timeless.


Shark Attack 1 ,

These guys truly know their stuff!

What a great podcast full of detailed and thoughtful information.

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