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This podcast is a podcast created by dog people for dog people. We want to focus on getting the best training content out there for pet owners, dog sport fanciers, and anyone interested in dogs/dog training.

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This podcast is a podcast created by dog people for dog people. We want to focus on getting the best training content out there for pet owners, dog sport fanciers, and anyone interested in dogs/dog training.

    Episode 27 | Haydn Pro

    Episode 27 | Haydn Pro

    The guys from Haydn Pro stopped by to give us some insight on what it is they do and what they offer. We had a great time talking about the dog industry from starting a business, having it grow, as well as some of the successes and failures we go through as business owners.

    "By Dog Trainers
    For Dog Trainers
    Meet Will, the seasoned professional behind our operations. With a decade of experience as a proficient dog trainer, Will has successfully trained thousands of dogs and scaled Ridgeside K9 Carolinas into a thriving seven-figure business. Recently, he sold his venture to pivot towards digital marketing, where he dedicates his skills to helping fellow dog trainers grow their businesses. "

    "At Haydn Digital Marketing, we’re more than just a team – We’re your strategic partners in growth. We live and breathe digital marketing so you can concentrate on what you do best: running your dog training business. With our expertise fueling your online presence, you can rest easy knowing your business isn’t just maintaining, it’s thriving and reaching new heights. Because when you succeed, we do too."

    For more information check out their website https://haydn.pro/
    or find them on Instagram

    You can find us on social media as well

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    Episode 26 | Power and Control-Sport Training and Police Dogs

    Episode 26 | Power and Control-Sport Training and Police Dogs

    Is having POWER and CONTROL possible? Justin Rigney and Eric Good are traveling the state right now helping agencies and local dog trainers with ther sport/police dogs through their "POWER AND CONTROL" system. We talk about the influence of Sport dog training in the police/protection community as well as answering some questions from the instagram community.

    If you guys remember Justin dropped a ton of knowledge on episode 11 when he was last here. This time is no different. We also have Eric Good dropping knowledge that you do not want to miss.

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    • 1 hr 32 min
    Episode 25 | Taijon Kaizen Canine

    Episode 25 | Taijon Kaizen Canine

    It was a pleasure having Taijon from Kaizen Canine in the studio with us. In this episode we get to learn who Taijon is, how he got started and his take on a few current events that are happening in the dog community today such as the XL Bully ban in the UK, does obedience fix behavior, and his stance on aversive tools such as the prong and the e collar.

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    • 1 hr 19 min
    Episode 24 | Social Media, Q&A and good ol Dog Talk

    Episode 24 | Social Media, Q&A and good ol Dog Talk

    Shane and Chris were back in their seats today along sie Oscar to help answer some questions about growing your social media pages and growing yourself as a dog trainer.

    Some people struggle with figuring out what to post while others worry about how good their content is. Hopefully some of the things mentioned by Shane and Oscar will help you out.FOLLOW @oscarmorak9s on all Social media Platforms@Chris_Psycho_sykes on IG@ShaneWMurray on all platforms@eca_roel_g on IG

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Episode 23 | We're Back in the new Spot

    Episode 23 | We're Back in the new Spot

    This is just our comeback episode where we talk about a few things that were asked while on instagram live.
    We will be upgrading the studio as we go along so please bare with us as we adjust to the new warehouse, lighting, and decorations

    We're happy to have Chris Sykes back and also happy to have him as a new addition to our show regularly.

    What are some of your pre trial rituals? What do you do to help you get ready for trial?


    • 22 min
    Episode 22 | Dog Talk with Robert Cabral

    Episode 22 | Dog Talk with Robert Cabral

    Robert came down and told us his humble beginnings, and what he's accomplished as a dog trainer in the Los Angeles area from his Rescue work, starting organizations to help shelter dogs to creating the online presence he now has with his online courses and youtube channel.


    You can also check out his youtube channel  @RobertCabralDogs  and RobertCabral on all social media platforms

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    • 1 hr 14 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Maha aka Paul ,

Love this podcast

Oscar is a legit dog trainer he is very knowledgeable. Love hearing the talk about dogs and training and the stories from different stories

itlugg ,

Thoughtful, Provoking Interviews

I have listened to several professional dog trainer/K9 podcasts and this is led by a couple of knowledgeable but humble dudes. Had never heard of the podcast or company until I heard Justin Rigney mention being interviewed. Happy I ran into it. I’m a pet owner of a Mal but have put in a lot of work with a professional trainer and continue to want to grow in my ability to communicate with my dog. The topics they discuss are helpful and presented in an approachable way. Keep it up!

elaguacate46 ,


These conversations are invaluable to those who care to understand dog training. The perspectives and approaches that each guest brings are like personal private lessons. What enhances the knowledge from these guests is also hearing Oscar and Roel’s perspectives too. In that dialogue, great information is provided. Thank you for the insightful content.

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