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The final surge podcast is a weekly podcast that interviews the best and the brightest coaches and athletes to help you train with a purpose.

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The final surge podcast is a weekly podcast that interviews the best and the brightest coaches and athletes to help you train with a purpose.

    Sean Bronsan

    Sean Bronsan

    Welcome to the Final Surge Podcast. We recorded this episode with Newbury Park Coach Sean Bronsan back in the early summer. But with technical difficulties with Zoom the episode was lost. After working to figure out what happened the recording was found. Newbury Park is concluding on what may very well be the best high school cross country season of all time. This recording happened before the season started so we do not discuss the season, but we do talk about his philosophies that lead to this historic season.
    Not only is his boy's team considered by many the best boys team ever, but his girl's team is also ranked in the top 10 nationally. A big takeaway from the interview is his relationship with his athletes and getting them to believe in what is possible. What it takes to be great is different is what it takes to be good and he breaks down what that commitment looks like.

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    Running Lane: High School National Championship

    Running Lane: High School National Championship

    Welcome to episode 184 of the final surge podcast where we talk to Will and Sean of Running Lane. Running Lane is putting on a national championship race for high school cross country runners this year. With the cancelation of Nike Nationals, there was an opening, and Running Lane is filling that void. They already have a very impressive list of teams and individuals who have committed to attend. We talk to them about the event and the course. Final Surge is thrilled to be a sponsor of the event and we look forward to an amazing event.
    You can follow them here
    Link to the registration info for teams & individuals: https://runsignup.com/Race/AL/Huntsville/HSXCRace
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/runninglane/

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    Brodie Sharp

    Brodie Sharp

    Welcome to episode 183 of the Final Surge Podcast where we welcome Brodie Sharpe from down under to the program. Brodie runs the Run Smarter Podcast. Brodie has a Physiotherapy Practice and helps runners overcome and prevent injuries. We get into some common myths, talk about strength training and other things you can do to stay healthy.
    1:30 How did you get started in running?
    3:05 How does that play into what you are doing in the running community?
    4:15 In the podcast you take subjects and break them up into small chunks, how did the passion for the podcast come about?
    6:10 You talk a lot about overcoming injuries, what are common themes when a runner comes in to see you?
    8:43 Is part of that because access to the internet so people find workouts and hit it too hard?
    11:00 When runners come in with the common issues how often do they go to shoes first as the way to fix the problem?
    13:41 Do you put them on a treadmill and look at their gate?
    14:36 If someone comes in and they are landing way out in front do you try to change that?
    15:59 What do you do to coach them through cadence changes?
    17:53 What types of things should they be doing to prevent injuries not overcome?
    21:11 For preventive maintenance what type of strength work do you recommend?
    23:55 I think there is great agreement on the Olympic style lifts, but how about less reps vs lighter weight more reps?
    27:04 One thing you talk about in your podcast is good pain vs bad pain. Can you discuss the difference?
    31:49 Advice I have heard is you run and the pain doesn't get worse during the run then it is ok to keep going, is this advice good?
    34:19 What are a few of the running myths you hear a lot and talk about?
    38:14 What about stretching for runners?
    41:44 People are sitting at a desk all day, does it make sense to stretch out the hip flexors?
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    Lee Troop

    Lee Troop

    Welcome to episode 182 of the Final Surge Podcast where today we welcome Olympian runner turned Olympic Coach Lee Troop to the show. Lee represented Australia in the Olympics as a runner and last year coached his second athlete to an Olympics qualification when Jake Riley qualified for Team USA in the marathon. We talk about his running career, what Jake has been up to, and also discuss Lee's Team Boulder club.

    1:10 How did you get started in the running community?
    2:12 How big was running in Australia during that time in the early 80's?
    6:10 When you got to college were things different in the running community here?
    10:03 After college did you stay here?
    11:32 How was that running in the Olympics in your how country?
    13:58 How did you make the transition into coaching?
    18:15 You are coaching Jake Riley who will be running in the Olympics, how did that relationship start?
    26:17 Jake is obviously very talented but that Chicago race was a huge breakthrough. Was that more of a mental breakthrough?
    30:48 If a coach is building a program do you build it out all 16 weeks in advance or do you do week to week?
    34:40 Do you repeat workouts often or do you do different workouts every week?
    37:33 What is the plan between now and the Olympics?
    43:10 Team Boulder you are really involved with a lot of things going on with the running community there, what are some of the things you are doing?
    47:37 Do you do only in person coaching or do you do virtual coaching too remotely?
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    Keira D'Amato

    Keira D'Amato

    Welcome to episode 181 of the Final Surge Podcast. This week we welcome professional runner Keira D'Amato to the show. Keira has an amazing story that ended with her just recently getting a professional contract from Nike. This was the first professional contract she was offered, and she was in her mid 30's. She took the time to share her story with us which we think you are going to find fascinating.
    1:00 How she got started in running?
    2:42 Were you a soccer player?
    3:37 Did you consider yourself more of a cross country or track runner?
    4:07 What was it about American University that made you want to run there?
    5:10 Did you think about running after college?
    7:02 Then for the next decade you were just a hobby jogger?
    7:45 Give us an idea how many miles you were running during that decade?
    9:20 We have talked to athletes who have taken a year or two off, but not a decade. At what point did you decide to start again?
    11:12 Was there a moment where you said ok this is for real and I am going to get serious?
    12:42 Did you call Scott right after that race to start working together again?
    13:50 The last year you have really put your stamp on the sport, talk about it.
    15:44 You have a lot of success in longer distances, what is your focus for this year?
    17:10 Are you focusing on the 10k or leaving your options open?
    17:54 Talk about what a week looks like for your busy schedule?
    20:02 In real estate you control your own schedule, but real estate can be demanding too on your time
    20:43 Were you looking for the right deal with a contract or was there reluctance because you were late to the sport?
    22:45 How did the process go?
    23:28 What is coming next for you?
    24:40 Contact and Oreo's!
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    Tyler Day

    Tyler Day


    Welcome to episode 180 of the Final Surge Podcast where today we welcome NAU national champion Tyler Day, who recently turned pro and announced he was joining former collegiate teammate Matt Baxter and Coach Ben Rosario with Northern Arizona Elite. We talked a little bit about his rise from a good Arizona high school runner to one of the best in the country in high school. We then talk about what the process was like when he announced he was turning professional. Tyler is always a fun listen and we hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did.
    1:58 How did you get started in running?
    3:36 Once you started running did you keep running or was it a season thing?
    4:42 Talk about your high school career
    6:46 In your senior year in the 3200 you had the 7th best time in the state. That is good, but how does that project to someone who turns into a champion in college?
    9:15 What was it about NAU that attracted you to there?
    10:34 What were those national champion teams like with that group of guys?
    14:10 You had two great college coaches back-to-back, what was that transition like to Smith?
    15:47 As far as the coaching part, what did Coach Smith bring that was magic that seems to work wherever he goes?
    17:20 When you were coming out of college you achieved a next level, so what type of interest was there from teams?
    18:24 What lead you to Hoka NAZ Elite?
    20:25 Did Matt being there help motivate you to join them?
    21:15 When that decision time came was the focus always the 10k or did you have the marathon on your mind?
    22:38 Is the focus the 10k for the Olympics?
    23:17 Where are you now with the rehab?
    24:30 What has been the thing that surprised you the most about being a professional runner?
    25:47 Being the rookie do Fauble and Baxter make you carry their bags?
    26:54 Any races on the books you have?
    27:27 One thing the NAZ Elite team does to help their athletes is marketing and finding their niche. Talk about your products.
    NAZ Elite Shop
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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
80 Ratings

80 Ratings

Hilla99 ,

Episode 60 Matt Fitzgerald

I loved this episode it was GREAT! What a cool experience. The recap of it all was awesome. I had to defer Chicago last year - I am inspired!!!

CNeilson30 ,

next level training

This podcast is great for runners or athletes. I love the guests and the great tips they have that can really bring your training to the next level.

CoachLeFors ,

Awesome resource

This podcast is an outstanding resource for my personal training and my coaching as well. Dean has outstanding guests and asks the questions I think we all want to ask.

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