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A podcast about Health, wellness, fitness, yoga, business and life.

Fit, Fun, and Frazzled Nikki Lanigan

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A podcast about Health, wellness, fitness, yoga, business and life.

    Robyn Riedlinger On Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Signature Talks, Communication, and Leadership

    Robyn Riedlinger On Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Signature Talks, Communication, and Leadership

    Robyn Riedlinger is a transformative speaker and speaker coach specializing in communication, leadership, and business. As the CEO of Your Signature Talk and the creator of the One Presentation Away Speaker Accelerator Program, she is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to craft their signature talks and get on the stage so they can grow their businesses more efficiently.
    Over the years, Robyn has coached numerous individuals to excel on platforms like TEDx, international conferences, and has taught them to master the art of selling from the stage. Her expertise has helped transform their presentations into powerful tools for business growth.
    In addition to her coaching, Robyn founded Charlotte Girls Who Walk, a rapidly expanding chapter of the City Girl Walks movement, which grew to over 5,000 members in its first year and continues to extend across the U.S. and abroad.
    Robyn's leadership and expertise have also been recognized through her roles as a speaker and co-chair at the Business Women's Network at Duke Energy Corporation and the Power to Advance Women’s Conference. She annually hosts "The Power of Voice," an event that offers speakers a platform to share their signature talks and kickstart their speaking careers.
    Robyn's achievements and insights have been featured in various media outlets including the Charlotte News Channel QC@3 WBTV, WSIC News, Deluxe Version Magazine, and CEO Weekly highlighting her impact in the field of public speaking and leadership.

    Nikki and Robyn talk about:

    What Robyn was like as a kid
    From corporate world to her pivot to entrepreneurship
    Rewarding experiences with public speaking
    Nerves and stage fright
    Crafting your story and storytelling techniques
    Recommended books for public speaking
    Painful experience with a coach that Robyn uses the analogy to going to a chiropractor and getting adjusted

    Find Robyn online:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robynriedlinger/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepowerofvoice_official/

    Get your tickets today to Robyn's Live event WHAT IS THE POWER OF VOICE http://www.thepowerofvoice.live
    Website: https://yoursignaturetalk.co

    Find Nikki online:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitfunandfrazzledpodcast/

    Website: www.nikkiyogaandwellness.com

    ** There is a bit of a lag in the audio with our conversation. It was a funky day with both of our internets/WIFI acting up.


    Grateful: A Journal To Reflect Daily And Nightly by Nikki Lanigan

    After studying the happiest people in the world one thing they have in common, gratitude.


    • 30 min
    Quick Mind Reset: 10-Minute Meditation for Mental Clarity

    Quick Mind Reset: 10-Minute Meditation for Mental Clarity

    Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to settle into the present moment.

    • 10 min
    197: Manifesting Magic

    197: Manifesting Magic

    In this solo episode Nikki talks about manifesting, her dream guests to manifest for Fit, Fun, and Frazzled.

    Her desire to be both a fun, lighthearted, pop culture podcast and also an informative, educational, inspirational podcast too.

    Her podcast audit of podcasts she once listened to and now taking a break, unsubscribing to podcasts, unfollow on social media people that no longer align with you right now.

    What right now do you want to manifest these last few months of 2024?
    What about next year in 2025?
    What about your 5 year mark?

    Nikki reads her dream list she made in 2022 of podcast guests she would love to have on her podcast and she had one on from that list!!

    Also in this episode:

    7:45 - The concept of manifesting
    8:09 - The philosophy of manifesting
    9:16 - Nikki’s thoughts and why she likes to say manifesting and not law of attraction
    9:22 - Nikki's analogy of manifesting using it like a GPS explained
    10:36 - Manifesting myths
    12:05 - Manifesting games and activities to do

    • 17 min
    Replay: Life With Anxiety and OCD and Tools to Help.

    Replay: Life With Anxiety and OCD and Tools to Help.

    Rebroadcast of my top downloaded and listened to episode: I almost deleted this one a few times. I don't like to talk about myself so I am very humbled that so many people have listened. Thank you all so much! In this episode I talk about what it is like having anxiety and OCD. It's the first time I have been so open and honest. I am doing this in hopes to help others and so many have done for me. I think being in the fitness, yoga, and wellness world there is a stigma that we are not supposed to have anxiety, depression, or a mental disorder. But if we become more vocal I think it helps lessen the stigma around it.   So many others have been so open and vocal that it has helped me and I thank them and I hope in turn I am able to help someone too.  
    Towards the end of the episode I talk about tools to help with mental disorders, first and foremost always talk to your doctor or counselor.  Talk therapy and medication should never be looked down upon and take when needed.  Regular exercise and yoga help, breath work, meditation, journaling, gratitude practice, and reading are some tools that help me. 
    The book I mention is One Simple Thing. A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Life. By Eddie Stern. 
     ***I am sorry my cold and cough and I hope I edited it well enough to cut out all my coughing attacks. 
    You can find me on Facebook at Nikki's Yoga and Wellness 
    Instagram - www.instagram.com/fitfunandfrazzled  and www.instagram.com/nikkilanigan.yogaandwellness Website - www.nikkiyogaandwellness.com 
    YouTube - Nikki Lanigan Yoga & Wellness

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    196: Relentlessly Driven With Kash Rocheleau

    196: Relentlessly Driven With Kash Rocheleau

    In this week's episode I am joined by guest Kash Rocheleau. KASH ROCHELEAU served as the chief financial officer for Icon Foods soon moving into the CEO role (as of May 10, 2024). She oversees the financial operations, reporting, and compliance of these organizations, as well as drives their growth and profitability.

    She has a strong background in legal matters, such as acquisition negotiation, trademark applications, regulatory compliance, and contract drafting, which enables her to handle complex and diverse transactions and issues. She currently holds an MBA degree from Eastern Washington University, with a focus on accounting and finance, to further enhance her skills and knowledge in this field. In her free time, she loves to be with her family, spend time outdoors, and golf.
    She is also co-owner of The Reset Button

    In this episode:

    Women in business
    Young leaders
    What the Clean label sugar reduction is
    Health and Wellness

    Socials to find Kash:
    Linkedlin: www.linkedin.com/in/kash-rocheleau-a0678528




    • 27 min
    Navigating Copyrights, Trademarks, and Healthy Living With Entertainment Attorney Ryanne Saucier

    Navigating Copyrights, Trademarks, and Healthy Living With Entertainment Attorney Ryanne Saucier

    Ryanne Saucier is a second-generation broadcaster, media, intellectual property and entertainment attorney who serves as Vice President of Legal Affairs for a major media network. She has served as in-house counsel for media companies for the past 15 years. In 2011, Ryanne was published by the American Bar Association in the book titled Entertainment Law for the General Practitioner, making Ryanne one of the youngest attorneys published by the American Bar Association on the topic of entertainment law. She has worked with various artists, musicians, filmmakers and projects related to the arts throughout her career. In addition to her legal degree, Ryanne is a 2015 graduate of the Broadcast Leadership Training school from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the premiere executive-style MBA program for leaders in broadcasting and media. Recognized as a subject-matter expert in her field, she is regularly requested to lecture on the topics of media law, copyright law, and trademark law, as it relates to the entertainment, social media, and traditional media industries. In 2021, she began social selling, creating content in the space of health and wellness to inspire and encourage women in their personal lives and in their business. She is a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College and Mississippi College School of Law. All of the foregoing pales in comparison to her favorite title and responsibilities of being wife to Dan and Mommy to her son and his fur sister Belle.

    Ryanne and I talk about:

    -Embodying who you are
    -Standing out on social media
    - Creativity
    - Trademark law
    - Copyrights on social media
    - Instagram trends
    - Social media breaks as a content creator
    - Knock offs and doups
    - AI/ChatGPT
    - Instagram rolling out rewarding original content and pushing that out more
    - Copyright and trademark mistakes people are making online
    - Ryanne treats social media like a cocktail party analogy
    - Ryanne's health and wellness journey
    - Body image
    - Motherhood

    Find Ryanne:


    Find Nikki:

    • 39 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Bobbibakes ,

Full Moon Meditation

Nikki brings so much knowledge and passion to the practice of meditation!

Allison Marketti ,

Such a Great Podcast!

Nikki is so good at talking about great topics for women. She is real, so kind and such an inspiration. Her Podcast is so great! And I loved being a guest on it❤️

Carrington Smith, Author ,

Loved being a guest!!

I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on Nikki’s show to discuss mindset, fitting in, and so much more! We had a great conversation on so many topics and I’m incredibly honored to share my life lessons with her audience. I’m grateful for hosts like Nikki who seek to remove the feeling of loneliness in the midst of struggle because we’ve all been there and the last thing we are is alone. Thank you again for having me!

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