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A horror movie podcast for all horror fans, not just know-it-all nerds (and also for know-it-all nerds). Part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network.

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A horror movie podcast for all horror fans, not just know-it-all nerds (and also for know-it-all nerds). Part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network.

    Ep -267: Witching And Bitching.

    Ep -267: Witching And Bitching.

    In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian are back with a poison that was picked by one of their awesome top tier Patrons from over at Patreon.com/Forevermidnight ! That poison is from the 2013 Spanish film Witching and Bitching (Las brujas de Zugarramurdi). The FM3 talk about the positives, the negatives and everything in between with this film, so be sure to watch it before you listen (so you can decide for yourself if you like it!). Also as a warning - The crew might talk about vegan mystery meats and Halloween for a little bit, so if you wanna skip that fast forward to the 21 minute 50 second mark to just listen to us talk about the wild and crazy Witching and Bitching!

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Ep- 266: Blood Harvest (1987).

    Ep- 266: Blood Harvest (1987).

    In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian point their time machine to rural Wisconsin in the late 80's to check in on the legendary clown shoe-string budget horror film "Blood Harvest".  They had long heard about "the scary movie that Tiny Tim plays a clown" but each of them had never seen it.  So making their way to a farm in the middle of nowhere they witnessed the making (all two days of it) of a truly forgettable slasher, but holy guacamole it sure did star Tiny Tim as a mentally deranged clown and that fine listeners is the real reason why we are all gathered here today...to bask in the genius and extreme weirdness of Tiny Tim as Marvelous Mervo and maybe some prime time boobies...

    • 1 hr 38 min
    Ep- 265: Catching up with The FM3 (11/2023).

    Ep- 265: Catching up with The FM3 (11/2023).

    In this episode the FM3 decided to stretch the old batwing out nice and thin, er or uhhh they decided to wing it. No movie specifically to talk about this week but they sure had lots of other topics to chat about...so sit back, grab your favorite snack or beverage and once again get ready to catch up with Jef, Josh and Brian! (11/2023)

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Ep- 264: Possession (1981).

    Ep- 264: Possession (1981).

    In this episode, The FM3 have their poison served up warm and squiggly by a wonderful top level Patron from Patreon. The poison in this case is the polarizing 1981 film "Possession" by writer/director Andrzej Zulawski. Jef, Josh and Brian are finally ready to tackle this legendary movie at least in the public's ears. They may have recorded an episode talking about this very movie some time back and it was lost in the fog and sadness of different days. That being said, If you happen to be a patron on Patreon, that original recording will be getting uploaded and then you will get to hear the crew's initial reactions and feelings as they were also having a tough day at the old podcasting office. This is one of those films that will forever change you- good or bad, It WILL change you. Some folks end up not liking it which is understandable and other folks will end up obsessed digging into the dark depths of the interwebs for any tiny nugget of insight into this crazy ass film. 

    • 1 hr 42 min
    Ep- 263: Critters 2.

    Ep- 263: Critters 2.

    It is Forever Midnight's very own Josh Jacob Jingleheimer Staples birthday! And what better way to celebrate than by letting him pick a movie for the FM3 to talk about. Jef and Brian were surprised and even a little excited when he picked the 1988 blockbuster Critters 2! Getting to see that giant Critter-Ball in action as well as some titillating Critties busting out of a certain bounty hunters uniform made Jef, Josh and Brian sprint to watch what might be Mick Garris's best movie. Plus the FM crew talk about the recent Haunts they got to attend - Winchester Mystery House's "Unhinged: Housewarming" & Terror Vault: "The Initiation" Produced by Peaches Christ and David Flower! 

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Ep- 262: Cobweb.

    Ep- 262: Cobweb.

    In this episode Jef, Josh and Brian dip into a new movie that a lot of listeners were talking about and wanted us to check out. The ookie spookie spider filled 2023 romp "Cobweb"! The crew pretty much went into this one super cold and not sure what to expect, but with a name like "Cobweb" the crew knew they were in store for some creepy crawly action. This one turned out to be a full on Halloween movie as well, so now that it's pumpkin' season, get your friends together and add this to the Halloween playlist! However Listeners, please oh please watch this one before you listen - we spoil it as usual, but this movie is way better not knowing all the shit! You have been warned! hahah So sit back, push play and LET YOUR HAIR DOWN...wink wink... The FM crew is back with another one!

    • 1 hr 15 min

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4.6 out of 5
342 Ratings

342 Ratings

lemon yellow black ,

best podcast

so funny!

SecretSharing ,


Going strong since ~2013. Entertaining and hilarious with relatable sensibilities. They do it right.

More please!!!

Terapinrex ,

Best horror and movie podcast ever

I love this show. It's fun and light hearted but also heavy on great content. The hosts really know their horror movie history. It feels like hanging out with friends drinking beers and talking about your favorite movies. I look forward to their shows.

Coming back to this review a few years later and these guys still rock.

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