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Whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned camping expert, Janine's practical tips, inspirational interviews and her own experiences from the road will inspire you to 'go places and do things'!

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Whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned camping expert, Janine's practical tips, inspirational interviews and her own experiences from the road will inspire you to 'go places and do things'!

    Hit the Road RV Summit with Marc and Julie Bennett – Episode 217

    Hit the Road RV Summit with Marc and Julie Bennett – Episode 217

    I am so happy to tell you that Marc and Julie Bennett from RV Love have put together a virtual summit for those wanting to enter the RV world. This summit will take place on Saturday, June 16 on line! Marc and Julie are the authors of Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to LIfe on the Road. They know what they are talking about! They have been at it for 6 years and basically wrote the book they wanted to read before they got started themselves. They also have created an RV school chock full of lessons you can take at your own pace and in whatever order you decide.

    Now Marc and Julie have gathered industry experts to share their field of expertise. They want to help all of you still on the side lines, by answering the questions you have. I was so happy and humbled to participate in this summit speaking about the things that solo women travelers are concerned about. There are 14 other experienced RVers on board to offer the wisdom of their own travels to those of you wanting to learn more about the RV life.

    The Summit is free but you need to register. All of the details are below. If you do not have 15 straight hours to binge watch the Summit, you can purchase it along with other educational programs Marc and Julie have created. There is a pre-order price of $27 now and that will allow you lifetime access to the Summit and many of the educational tools created by Marc and Julie.

    Get Ready to Hit the Road in an RV With 15+ RV Experts at This Virtual Summit – Register For Your Free Ticket Now

    Be sure to listen to today’s podcast with Marc and Julie Bennett and get the details on the first Hit the Road RV Summit.

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    10 Tips to Improve Your Camping Photos – Episode 216

    10 Tips to Improve Your Camping Photos – Episode 216

    Have you ever come home from a trip and scrolled through your phone looking at your photos and been so disappointed in them? Do you think they can never live up to the feeling you had when looking at them? It’s hard to recreate the emotion we have when standing in front of an epic waterfall or creamsicle sunset but there are tips that even an amateur photographer can employ to make their photos inspire others to visit great places.

    Guest Podcast host Catherine Goggia is sharing tips for taking better photos on this weeks podcast! Over the years she has learned a few tricks that can help even a cell phone capture look magazine worthy. Check out Catherine’s tips on her Girl Camper Northern California site.

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    Trailer Tires 101 – Episode 215

    Trailer Tires 101 – Episode 215

    Girl Camper Guide Catherine Goggia is pinch hitting for me for the next two weeks while I am on a little sabbatical. She is taking us through her purchase of new trailer tires and explaining trailer tires (ST) versus regular tires (LT).

    Catherine is our Northern California Girl Camper Guide. She is an R Pod owner who grew up camping and encourages others to get out there and do things. She is the editor of her own Girl Camper site. You can follow her here.

    Some of the topics Catherine discusses include:

    * ST tires are built differently than LT tires * Why the tread is more shallow on ST tires * Why side walls on ST tires differ from LT tires * C and D rated tires * Tire maintenance * Things that impact load capacity* Open range tires * Made in USA tire manufacturers

    Click the link below to hear the podcast and the full scoop on buying trailer tires.

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    Meet Catherine Goggia – Northern California Girl Camper Guide – Episode 214

    Meet Catherine Goggia – Northern California Girl Camper Guide – Episode 214

    It’s my great pleasure to introduce the newest member of our Girl Camper family, Northern California Guide, Catherine Goggia. She grew up in a camping family and made great memories with her parents and siblings. She is on board to share all she knows about the beautiful part of the country she is privileged to live and explore in.

    Catherine’s territory includes the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the northern edge of the Sacramento Valley and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. What a great place for an adventurer to live. So much diversity in nature all within a few hours drive of her home base near Chico, California.

    When I started the Girl Camper Guide program I imagined women across the country sharing their inside knowledge of where they live. The best places to camp, eat and hike like only a local can do. We are blessed that Catherine’s day job is as an educator!! She’s brilliant at conveying information and pretty tech savvy too, a skill I deeply both admire and envy!!

    Catherine is a talent in so many ways. She goes deep with the things she loves and I am looking forward to her sharing her life as an artist, wildlife photographer, boater, R Pod owner and active outdoor adventurer with us. Part of the escape of RVing is the opportunity to get off grid, turn off the noise and indulge our interests. It’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of life and lose track of the inner us.

    You can follow Catherine’s many interests and journeys at her Girl Camper microsite – Girl Camper – Northern California. She also has a Facebook group of local women who travel together and those planning trips to that area. You can become a member here. Catherine will also be substitute hosting the Girl Camper Podcast from time to time. Her first guest hosting gig will be May 19th and 26th. I can’t wait to see what she is bringing us!! Welcome aboard Catherine. We are so happy to have you on our team!!

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    Alan Warren – The RV Show USA’s “Wing-man – Episode 213

    Alan Warren – The RV Show USA’s “Wing-man – Episode 213

    Have you been wondering how an outdoor enthusiast with a top rated TV show became the host of the number one RV Show in the country? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a campground? On this week’s podcast, I turn the tables and interview my friend Alan Warren from the RV Show USA.

    Alan began his career in broadcasting by creating a TV show specializing in hunting and fishing. Three reincarnations later the respected expert was ready for a new challenge. He sold the ranch he lived and filmed on and pivoted to an old love – RVing.

    Although The RV Show USA is only three years old, it is the #1 RV Show in the country. Alan has a reputation for calling out bad practices in the industry but, also gives industry leaders a chance to be on the show and answer consumer questions.

    Alan jumped even deeper into the RV lifestyle by buying a campground on beautiful Lake Buchanan in Burnet, Texas. The Big Chief RV Resort is an ideal spot for the sportsman who wants to launch a boat straight from the campground as well as those who just want to enjoy stunning lake sunsets. The campground offers many amenities including a pool and spa that feel like a resort hotel.

    The sunsets at Big Chief are beautiful on Lake Buchanan.


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    Taking the Full Time Leap – Episode 212

    Taking the Full Time Leap – Episode 212

    If you are one of those who dream the full time RVing dream, – in technicolor, black and white, on the job and off, you will enjoy meeting Sandy Ellingson, Executive Director of RVWA, the Recreation Vehicle Women’s Alliance.

    Sandy Ellingson is the Executive Director of the RV Women’s Alliance

    After achieving empty nest status, Sandy, still working full time, and her retired husband, began researching the possibility of full time RVing. There was so much to consider and to do. What type of RV? Travel trailer or motorhome? What travel style? RV Parks or boondocking? Keep a condo or sell it all and pack all of your worldly possessions in an RV?

    On today’s show Sandy shares the process of going from dreamer to doer and what she would do differently if she knew then, what she knows now.

    At Girl Camper we receive so many letters from full time wannabes and stories like Sandys help to shine some light in the dark places of those dreams and, let us see the realities we may be overlooking. I always enjoy an interview with someone who has gone from home on turf to home on wheels because each story is different and will speak to each of us in a different way.

    Sandy and Mark Ellingson, enjoying road life!

    • 40 min

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205 Ratings

drlangc ,


Heading out onto the open road for the first time in a few days. Great to hear others already living the adventurous life! Super interesting and motivating.

Tini Eagle ,

Audio and Ads

The content is interesting but the audio is awful. Tinny and echo-y. Also you have to skip forward to miss the almost 6 minutes of ads. Then there are the constant reminders that you can buy whatever the people being interviewed are selling. I’m limiting this review to things that can be improved.

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Inspiring & really life changing


I am sure my user name is weird because my son set up our Apple account when he as young, but my name is Julie & I am a 47 year old widow. When my husband passed away, I sold our trailer thinking I would never be able to camp again. Fast forward 7 years, thanks to you I am mustering up the courage to buy a mini camper & live my dream of traveling. Love your FB page, just subscribed to your magazine & now I am loving your podcast starting at episode one!!! Thank you for the motivation to get out there & LIVE!!

Julie Schowalter

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