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Our mission is to comfort those who are brokenhearted from loss, to equip those with a grieving loved one, and to cultivate an intentional community by allowing ourselves the freedom to grieve.

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Our mission is to comfort those who are brokenhearted from loss, to equip those with a grieving loved one, and to cultivate an intentional community by allowing ourselves the freedom to grieve.

    Our Favorite Memories

    Our Favorite Memories

    We wrap up the first season of Grief Talk with some of our favorite memories of our older brother, Leland, who passed away 5 years ago. Memories of live music, trying new foods, and childhood mischief warm our hearts as we remember the years we had with Leland.

    This lighter-hearted episode reflects how our grief can grow from painful trauma to warm memories. Memories and photos of the years we have together are all we have now and hold sacred the remembrance of our brother.

    • 41 min
    Grief Support 101

    Grief Support 101

    The support person role is integral to a griever. It is natural to want to care for a grieving loved one or friend. 

    Where do you start? How do you use your gifts to tend to a grieving person? When do you offer your help?

    In this episode we talk about some conventional and unconventional ways that we were cared for in our early grief. We also touch on how to check your expectations when supporting a grieving person. 

    • 35 min


    Grief is uncomfortable. Our cultural response to seeing a grieving person upset is to say something to cheer them up. Although well-intended, many of the phrases used to try to lift the spirits of a grieving person can be hurtful and confusing. In this episode we discuss some common platitudes heard by grieving people and why they aren’t helpful. Some of the platitudes we discuss include:

    “Everything happens for a reason.”

    “They’re in a better place.”

    “It was God’s plan.”

    In this episode, we reference a helpful guide by therapist Whitney Goodman, LMFT. You can follow her on Instagram at @sitwithwhit.

    • 45 min
    Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

    Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

    Hearing that a friend or family member has lost a loved one can bring up a lot of questions. It is natural to feel curious about the circumstances surrounding someone’s death. While a natural curiosity is harmless, asking intrusive questions can put a grieving person in an uncomfortable situation. In the second part of a two-part series on questions, we give support people alternative questions to ask and responses to hearing about a death that are more sensitive to the grieving person.

    You are not entitled to a response or answer to any specific question, but there are other helpful ways to interact with a grieving person.

    • 33 min
    Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

    Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

    One thing many people walking through grief encounter is questions. The questions people ask can catch us off guard, seem intrusive, or even inappropriate. In the first part of a two part series on questions, we are offering help to the grieving person who may not know how to answer some of the questions they are asked. We dive into some questions that we encountered after losing our brother that we struggled to answer. We give you practical ways to prepare for and respond to questions like:
    “How are you?”
    “What happened?”
    “How can I help?”
    You don’t owe anyone an answer or explanation in grief, but we want to help walk alongside those who need help formulating responses to frequently asked questions.
    In this episode, we mention one of our favorite Instagram therapists, Tiffany Roe! Find her on Instagram at @heytiffanyroe.

    • 40 min
    Navigating the Holidays

    Navigating the Holidays

    The cheer and merriment of holidays can be especially challenging for people who have lost a loved one. In this episode, we offer ways to honor a lost loved one during the holiday season, and what to do with traditions you have held in the past. We talk about how it is totally fine to resent Halloween, feel ungrateful at Thanksgiving, and feel lost when you have one less person to buy Christmas presents for. We also give ideas of holiday practices to continue, stop, or start after losing a loved one.

    • 32 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

christineyuzu ,

Early grief episode was very helpful

I lost my mother last week and even though it sent a surprise (stage four cancer when diagnosed) I was devastated. I appreciated hearing from people who have been through traumatic loss and the eight helpful tips were truly helpful. Simple and easy to follow. I also felt better about some of my more negative emotions like anger and jealousy.

Trabmape ,

Makes me not feel so alone

I enjoyed the candidness in this podcast. I lost one brother 10 years ago to suicide, another brother 7 years ago to brain cancer, and I lost a 3rd brother two weeks ago to a heart attack. All were under 50 years olds. Grief has been so different for all 3 because of the differing levels of closeness I had with each, as well as the manner of death. I have a hard time not feeling guilt that I wept more for one then another, as well as feeling like I am not entitled to grieve in my own way because I need to follow their spouses or children's lead. It’s so complicated 😞. It’s also been so incredibly difficult to watch my parents have so much sorrow after burying another child. Thanks for having the podcast so I can listen and not feel alone.

mariahirene96 ,

Appreciative !

Thank you for this podcast. A month ago I lost my fiancé and it has been hard accepting that he’s gone, but it hurts me more knowing my son who’s only 2 doesn’t understand yet why dad isn’t walking through the door anymore. Grief is so hard and hearing these bring me comfort. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

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