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Join Integrative Health Coach Tracee Gluhaich, as she inspires women to burn fat, boost energy, and be stronger.

We believe you are not too old and it's never too late to do a complete 180 and change the trajectory of your health.

Not to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor.

High Energy Girl High Energy Girl, Tracee Gluhaich

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Join Integrative Health Coach Tracee Gluhaich, as she inspires women to burn fat, boost energy, and be stronger.

We believe you are not too old and it's never too late to do a complete 180 and change the trajectory of your health.

Not to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor.

    #243 Dr. Cori Stern - The Importance of Fats & Tips For Natural Health

    #243 Dr. Cori Stern - The Importance of Fats & Tips For Natural Health

    Dr. Cori Stern’s deep dive into alternative medicine began at the young age of 15. Growing up as a very sick child, she was fed many popular health myths like avoiding all fats in food and that it’s “pseudoscientific” to worry about poisons in pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and other medicines.
    Being prone to chronic throat infections and usually finding herself feeling under the weather, tired, and fatigued, Cori realized early on that “doctors” might not always know what’s best.
    But it wasn’t until her 30s that Cori turned her life around to attend Chiropractic College and help others tap into the knowledge mainstream medicine was pushing under the rug. Today, she is a triple-award-winning chiropractor recognized by her peers as outstanding in the field of Nutrition.

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    #242 Dr. Ardavan Aslie - The Truth Behind Spine Surgery

    #242 Dr. Ardavan Aslie - The Truth Behind Spine Surgery

    Dr. Aslie is a Board Certified, Harvard University Fellow Spine Surgeon who received his undergraduate education at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Aslie received a bachelor’s degree in physiology and another bachelor’s degree in genetics. Dr. Aslie maintained a grade point average of 3.9 and graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. Aslie attended medical school at New York Medical College where he continued excellent academic performance. At the end of the academic portion of medical school, which is the first two years, Dr. Aslie was ranked number one in his class. Dr. Aslie continued his excellent performance throughout his clinical years and obtained honors in all his major clinical rotations.
    Dr. Aslie completed his residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City under the supervision of internationally known scoliosis surgeon, Dr. Thomas Haher. Dr. Aslie went on to receive his spine surgery fellowship training at Harvard University where he trained under the supervision on the world renowned forefather of spine surgery, Dr. Augustus White. After graduation, Dr. Aslie has remained quite active in continuing education and contributes regularly as a guest speaker at conferences. In addition, Dr. Aslie has been quite active in research and development and holds multiple patents on a revolutionary new device and techniques for fixation of the osteoporotic and aging spine.
    During his first three years of practice, Dr. Aslie became aware of a significant challenge confronting patients who underwent spinal surgery. He realized that the only device available for fixation of multiple vertebrae was a large screw which was placed inside each individual bone and required the vertebrae to be connected by a metal rod. As people who underwent this operation would age, cancellous bone inside the vertebrae would become increasingly weak and in an unacceptably high number of instances the screw would lose its grip causing older patients to require multiple surgeries.
    Solving this problem became Dr. Aslie’s main priority and finally, after years of research and study, Dr. Aslie developed the laminar plating system. This device takes advantage of outside bone known as “cortical bone” which is not affected by aging as much as the cancellous bone inside the vertebrae. Dr. Aslie’s laminar plating system is secured against the vertebrae using composite straps that wrap around the bone instead of penetrating it and the device eliminates the pressure points created by metal devices. Lastly, one final aspect which makes Dr. Aslie’s device so effective is that his device’s special composite straps are stronger than steel straps of the same size.
    There were six crucial steps which needed to be taken to develop this device. Attacking this problem with the mentality that failure was not an option, Dr. Aslie was able to take each of these crucial steps and invent the laminar plating system which he now holds multiple patents for.
    It is this relentless pursuit of perfection that makes Dr. Aslie and his practice special to his patients.

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    #241 Keith

    #241 Keith

    Keith has been self-employed since the age of 19. The reason for that was that his father died and he had to take over his half of the family wholesale distribution business. Keith also spent over 10 years in the financial services industry. During that time he learned that it was possible to reverse cardiovascular disease. After he had brought down the age of my vascular system to that of a teenager. This was all the proof he needed to jump in deeper and do huge research.
    Keith then closed the wholesale distribution business in 2010 which then allowed him more time to devote to learning all that he could and began sharing what he learned with others and supporting as many people as possible to take control of their own long-term health and wellness by correcting the cardiovascular system, the immune system, body Ph and correcting the gut microbiome.

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    #240 Colleen Conlon - From Skinny to Strong

    #240 Colleen Conlon - From Skinny to Strong

    Colleen got started in the fitness industry back in 2013. Her fitness advice has been featured in New York Post, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and more. She has been a featured trainer in virtual platforms such as Daily Burn and EqxPlus.
    In addition to kettlebells, she has a background in yoga, indoor cycling, and three dimensional functional strength training.
    In 2021 she set the world record for Heaviest Weight Lifted in 1 hour by Turkish Get Up (by female). Later that same year she then beat it! She has a passion for both strength + endurance challenges.
    When the pandemic hit back in 2020, she pivoted her whole business online. In her first year as a virtual kettlebell coach she has taught 100+ students to safely use kettlebells and perform skills such as swings, cleans, and snatches.
    An eating disorder survivor, Colleen owes much of what has helped her overcome adversity in her life to learning the "hardstyle" kettlebell technique. It is her mission to support other women in overcoming their own challenges and feeling strong and fierce through this same discipline.
    You'll most likely hear her quote, "Find Your Fierce." Which is a notion to help women overcome self limiting beliefs by feeling strong because every woman deserves to feel like she is strong, smart, and capable to go after whatever she desires. Through the power of community, education, and elevating progress over perfection, we are able to spark belief in every woman that, “YES.SHE.CAN!”

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    #239 Jaime B. Haas aka The Soul Surgeon

    #239 Jaime B. Haas aka The Soul Surgeon

    Jaime B. Haas is founder of the Jaime B. Haas Method, a guided process that draws from spirituality, positive psychology, mindfulness and life experiences. The Method helps individuals heal from intergenerational, societal and emotional trauma, freeing them to reconnect
    with their personal power, gain clarity on what they really want to achieve in life, and dismantle any deep-seated beliefs holding them back from moving forward.
    Her work is motivated by a painful past until, at 40, she came to a place of complete surrender. Her approach is rooted in the belief that when
    you focus on finding the root of the pain and the related stories you’ve told yourself you will be able to change the way you see yourself and the world.
    Known to her clients as the Soul Surgeon, they say her Method has helped heal wounds that no other modality, including therapy, was able to help them achieve and find lasting love—starting with themselves.

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    #238 Kat Oscker - The Uses and Benefits of Hemp Part 2

    #238 Kat Oscker - The Uses and Benefits of Hemp Part 2

    Kat’s story with hemp started at the height of the pandemic. She and her husband, Mark drove to Mount Rushmore to meet other Patriots in prayer on the Fourth of July. That weekend they met beautiful patriots.
    Kat told us “On napkins In a bar in South Dakota, Hemp processing plants became the topic on how to bring Hemp back as a US commodity. In Solidarity of vision, friendship, & alignment with The Creator, We are now committed to bringing forth the golden age of mankind. Central to this entire journey is this beautiful plant called Hemp.”
    Kat is happily married to her 3rd husband, Mark they are both from Ohio. She has 3 grown children, & 3 grandchildren. She grew up around animals gardening. She played in her grandmas beauty shop. She stood on a wood soda pop box shampooing customers that would say: “scrub harder!”
    In high school, her parents took in foster children and Dad started a home improvement business. She grew up gardening and nursing hurt animals. She was in high school when her parents joined a Christian cult. She did remodeling projects with her dad & brother. Her brother was a general contractor. At 17 she left home.
    She was self-employed most of her career owning 2 hair salons. She was also 50/50 owner in an automotive repair shop. She has designed and remodel homes garage and business spaces.
    Over 40 years, she learned a lot from people & their stories told to her, as she stood behind a hairstylist’s chair. Watching people struggle, faced with horrible situations struggling with no money made her more determined to watch the world change for the good. This inspired her and her husband to create Warriors Post Ranch.com Warriors Post Ranch is a camp and cabin community dedicated to veterans & open to everyone. Kat seeks to incorporate Hemp processing plant at Warriors Post Ranch.
    Along her journey Kat realized Industrial hemp liberates us from manipulated markets & corporate giants who control: Oil Cotton Wood Paper Plastic Polyester Vinyl all Building materials food and medicine. Hemp eliminates the grip Big Agriculture has on the food industry. No more GMO crops grown in poison. Speaking out on social media She embarked on a one-woman campaign to drop Industrial Hemp knowledge nuggets everywhere.
    “To create a brand new economy as the old one crashes is the key. How do we achieve this? By retooling every business (possible and willing) to switch to hemp that currently uses raw materials controlled by corporate-owned resources: Oil forest products lumber building supplies vinyl plastics cardboard paper chemicals fuel food medicine. As we move away from using Cabal-controlled resources owned by private corporations their debt slavery structure collapses. We literally grow our new economy starting with the raw material Hemp. In the 90’san old farmer told me Hemp was grown for the war effort during WW2. As I started reading about hemp she realized that the war on drugs controlled hemp. Hemp’s cousin, Marijuana, heals 650 diseases according to the 1860’s Merk Pharmaceutical manual! The war on drugs gave the pharmaceutical industry a carte blanche to push their crude oil drugs.”
    Kat is resistant to antibiotics, & only sees hindered healing in hospitals. She became a conspiracy theorist before they ever had a common name for it on social media.
    Kat envisions a community in Warriors Post Ranch where the people peacefully and compassionately govern themselves to serve others. It is possible that all live a better life as many hands make light work & hopes this idea catches on.

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
136 Ratings

136 Ratings

Dr. Cori ,

Great information!

The High Energy Girl podcast is a wealth of information about health and wellness. It was a great honor having the opportunity to be on the show. I am also learn new information from listening to other episodes. Keep up the great work, Tracee!

Tracy Pleschourt ,

Awesome conversation!!

Traces was such an awesome host! She really puts a lot of thought into her massages and it shows. I really enjoyed doing this podcast with her!

danafrost ,

Excellent conversations

The high energy girl brings meaningful conversations to the forefront. I look forward to listening to each episode.

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