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I am a Registered Homeopath and Lactation Consultant who loves Jesus and believes in the power of prayer in healing and restoration. God designed our bodies to heal themselves. We interfere with the body’s abilities by introducing medications which stop the action our bodies were made to do - heal! Homeopathy comes in and stimulates the immune system to help the body remember how to heal itself. ALL people are welcomed here, no matter your beliefs! I discuss mostly homeopathy here, but also I bring an encouraging word from the Lord and touch on the topics of parenting, homeschooling, marriage, and nutrition. Welcome to my world! It’s a beautiful, healthy life!

Homeopathy At Home with Melissa Melissa Crenshaw

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I am a Registered Homeopath and Lactation Consultant who loves Jesus and believes in the power of prayer in healing and restoration. God designed our bodies to heal themselves. We interfere with the body’s abilities by introducing medications which stop the action our bodies were made to do - heal! Homeopathy comes in and stimulates the immune system to help the body remember how to heal itself. ALL people are welcomed here, no matter your beliefs! I discuss mostly homeopathy here, but also I bring an encouraging word from the Lord and touch on the topics of parenting, homeschooling, marriage, and nutrition. Welcome to my world! It’s a beautiful, healthy life!

    A Journey Through Acne Management

    A Journey Through Acne Management

    Embark on an enlightening adventure as we tackle the complexities of acne, a condition that plagues many but remains shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. We'll take you through the ins and outs of various treatments and discuss why a one-size-fits-all approach falls short. Sharing candid stories, including Bri's own brush with a heavy-duty medication for a minor issue, we aim to empower you with knowledge to navigate the tricky terrain of acne solutions.

    Hormones are powerful players in the acne saga, and in this episode, we confront the intricate relationship between birth control and skin health. Most have to wade through side effects of the pill that ripple out to their relationships and self-esteem. We also consider alternatives like homeopathy and liver support remedies—because sometimes the path less traveled, though longer, can lead to a more harmonious destination.

    Our exploration doesn't stop at treatments; it's a holistic journey that examines every facet of acne. From the Banerji Protocols to the impact of diet and lifestyle, we approach acne as a puzzle unique to each individual. For those dedicated to natural healing, we stress patience and the reality of a one to two-year commitment. Whether you're a teenager seeking quick results or an adult managing prolonged skin issues, our insights will guide you through the journey.
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    Healing from Within for Lasting Marital Health

    Healing from Within for Lasting Marital Health

    Discovering the courage to confront and transform one's darkest behaviors is a journey Cass Morrow knows all too well. As a man who has transitioned from being an abusive partner to a source of inspiration for others struggling to improve their marriages, Cass shares his compelling story with us, revealing a life-changing encounter with a restraining order and probation that marked the beginning of his new path. He candidly discusses the hurdles that many men face, such as anger, depression, and anxiety, and how these can cause turmoil in relationships. His narrative is one of hope, emphasizing the creation of a safe and peaceful home life.

    Childhood trauma casts long shadows, affecting adult behaviors in ways we can't always see. His reflection on a tumultuous upbringing under a narcissistic father uncovers the roots of his anger and the eventual cultivation of self-awareness. Our dialogue journeys through the potential of homeopathic remedies like Nux vomica and Lycopodium, but doesn't stop there. We underscore the importance of therapy and a holistic approach to address deep-seated issues, such as hormone imbalances and early developmental needs, to help individuals break free from the cycle of trauma.

    We wrap our heartfelt discussion with insights into the profound impact of mentorship and specialized programs that guide men through the trials of marriage, helping to avert the patterns that could culminate in divorce. It's a conversation that brings to light the essential role of both partners in committing to personal growth, rekindling intimacy, and the transformative power of community and faith in overcoming addiction and ADHD. Join us for a profound exploration into not just surviving, but thriving in relationships, and find the support to navigate the complex tapestry of marriage and personal development.
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    A Home Birth Story Inspired by Homeopathy

    A Home Birth Story Inspired by Homeopathy

    When Alexsandra walked into the world of homeopathy, her pregnancy and labor experience underwent a remarkable transformation. Her story, shared in our latest podcast episode, is a testament to the natural powers of homeopathy and its profound impact on maternal health. From enduring a first pregnancy riddled with discomforts like heartburn and insomnia to a second pregnancy so smooth she'd often forget she was expecting, Alexsandra's candid revelations will captivate anyone interested in alternative approaches to childbirth and wellness.

    Embark on a fascinating discussion about the preparatory health measures that can fortify both parents before conception, and the tailored care that supports a mother through labor and delivery. Alexsandra's personal account of her serene home birth, supported by a homeopathic childbirth kit and cell salts, alongside the incredible postpartum recovery, less bleeding, and absence of tearing, will leave you in awe. As a new mother, she reflects on the overall health of her baby and how minor issues like spit-up were managed with gentle homeopathic remedies, emphasizing the holistic care that enveloped her family.

    Our conversation extends to the broader scope of homeopathy's role in enhancing family health, where balance and natural remedies take center stage. This episode is an invitation to explore the nurturing embrace of homeopathy for both women and men, particularly during life's most pivotal moments like pregnancy, labor, and delivery. We also tease the horizon of learning opportunities with upcoming courses on pregnancy, menopause, and skin health, inviting you to join a supportive community that's keen to share knowledge and experiences in natural health practices. Alexsandra's journey is not just inspiring; it's a beacon for anyone seeking an integrative approach to childbirth and family well-being.
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    The Art of Organizing Homeopathic Remedies with Sarah Dorsey

    The Art of Organizing Homeopathic Remedies with Sarah Dorsey

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    Ever find yourself rummaging through a cluttered box of homeopathic remedies, wishing for an easy way to organize it all? Well, Sarah Dorsey, the creative genius behind Olive + Oak Homeopathy Storage, might just be the answer. In our cozy chat, Sarah delves into how her background in fine arts and interior design led her to craft the perfect solution for all homeopathy enthusiasts. With a nudge from her husband, she conjured up her first product, a cabinet door mount that sparked the evolution of her bespoke storage systems. It's not just about tidying up; it's about transforming spaces with elegantly designed pieces that promise to keep your growing collection of remedies both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

    Join us as we get the inside scoop on Sarah's journey from a personal quest to a thriving business, offering customizable storage solutions that fit seamlessly into any home. Admire the photos of my own drawer, meticulously measured and fitted with Sarah's raw birch hardwood designs, which are as much a feast for the eyes as they are functional. Whether you're taking your first steps into homeopathy or need to refine your remedy repository, Sarah's passion for both design and natural healing will inspire you. Peek into the world of Olive + Oak where practicality meets beauty, and discover how you can bring a touch of Sarah's creations into your home.
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    From Eczema to Recovery: Megan's Story

    From Eczema to Recovery: Megan's Story

    Who says miracles don't happen? Our special guest, Megan, is here to share a miraculous story of hope. Her daughter, plagued with eczema from a young age, was given a new lease on life through the power of homeopathy. Megan's compelling account offers heartening support to parents battling this skin affliction in their children. She highlights the significance of tackling eczema at the cellular level rather than settling for temporary relief. Her story will leave you inspired, optimistic, and eager to explore alternative, holistic approaches to health.

    Pushing past the conventional, we delve into the world of natural remedies for eczema healing. Megan shares her success story of homeopathics that not only alleviated her daughter's eczema but also led to long-term recovery. The chat underscores the strong link between internal health and skin issues, emphasizing a clean diet's crucial role in the process. For parents grappling with the decision to use quick fixes like steroids, Megan's journey offers a potent reminder of the potential long-term dangers and the importance of getting to the root of the problem.

    Ever wondered about the power of perseverance in alternative methods? Well, our discussion with Megan is a testament to just that. She emphasizes the importance of sticking with homeopathic remedies, even when the road seems tough. The concluding part of our conversation touches on the challenges faced when dealing with eczema in older individuals but leaves listeners with a lot of encouragement and hope for the long-term. We also touch upon the role of alternative methods for mothers, emphasizing the importance of spreading awareness about such methods. So, tune in, be inspired and join us on this fascinating journey.
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    MM Monday: Chelidonium

    MM Monday: Chelidonium

    Ready to take your liver health into your own hands? Hang out with us, your hosts Melissa and Bri, as we journey into the world of natural liver remedies you may not be familiar with - Carduus Mar and Chelidonium. Learn about the telltale physical signs associated with these remedies - right-sided headaches, shoulder pain, and more. But we’re not stopping there! We’re also diving into the mind, unveiling how symptoms that indicate a potential need for these remedies include how your moral compass is affected and potentially even being more easily provoked to aggression.

    Feeling the squeeze from persistent symptoms like vertigo, a bitter taste in the mouth, or alternating diarrhea and constipation? It's time to turn your attention to your liver health. In today's episode, we're breaking down the often misunderstood Carduus Mar and Chelidonium remedies, renowned for relieving an array of health concerns - including pesky lung problems! We're also shining a spotlight on the importance of individual symptoms over lab tests when it comes to managing your health. So if you've been troubled by symptoms like bad breath, headaches, or pain under the right scapula, this episode is your ticket to unlocking homeopathic answers. Tune in, and let's empower each other to better liver health.
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
72 Ratings

72 Ratings

Maureenveterinarian ,


I really love the delightful way these two homeopaths deliver such useful and insightful information. They go out of their way to make homeopathy understandable and practical. I love this podcast!!!

JonySue ,

Your knowledge & faith is refreshing!

Since learning about this podcast I’ve gained so much helpful information that works. Thank you for your willingness to share your vast knowledge and your faith. It’s a blessing and so refreshing! Praying for you and your gifts to be multiplied. Blessings!

surprisedx10 ,


Thank you for integrating Biblical Truth with your teaching of homeopathy. Your zeal to equip others is encouraging and your teaching is effective. Your confident approach gives me hope paired with tools to learn, and I am learning! I am learning, practicing, and watching the Lord use homeopathy to heal my family. Thank you!

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