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The Going North Podcast is an informational, inspirational and motivational podcast where authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves. Tune in every Monday & Thursday for a new episode.

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The Going North Podcast is an informational, inspirational and motivational podcast where authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves. Tune in every Monday & Thursday for a new episode.

    Ep. 332 – “Her Perfect Life” with Hank Phillippi Ryan (@HankPRyan)

    Ep. 332 – “Her Perfect Life” with Hank Phillippi Ryan (@HankPRyan)

    “Worrying will get you absolutely nowhere.” – Hank Phillippi Ryan
    Today’s featured international bestselling award-winning author is the USA Today bestselling author of 12 thrillers, winning the most prestigious awards in the genre: five Agathas, four Anthonys, and the coveted Mary Higgins Clark Award. She is also an on-air investigative reporter for Boston’s WHDH-TV, with 37 Emmys and dozens more journalism honors. Book critics call her “a master of suspense,” “a superb and gifted storyteller,” and she’s the only author to have won the Agatha in four different categories, Hank Phillippi Ryan. Hank and I talk about how she started writing books a little later in life, her writing process, and more!!!
    Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:
    How Her writing career began.
    One of the major challenges that all authors must face.
    Her writing process for fiction books and investigative reporting.
    Why Hank and her husband celebrate the day before they met.
    Her advice for those that reached midlife and have not embraced their dreams yet.
    Hank’s Site: https://hankphillippiryan.com/
    Hank’s TEDx Talk: https://youtu.be/bG5fV9ckMac
    Hank’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/Hank-Phillippi-Ryan/e/B001T2BNEA?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000
    Pre-Order Hank’s Newest Upcoming Book, “Her Perfect Life”:   https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250258885  
    The opening track is titled "New Perspective" by the magnanimous chill-hop master, Marcus D (@marcusd). Be sure to visit his site and support his craft. http://marcusd.net/album/secret-bosses-unreleased-retrod-beats
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    194 – “A Badass Butterfly Conversion” with Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway #chaostoclarity: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/194-a-badass-butterfly-conversion-with-rev-dr-jane-galloway-chaostoclarity/
    259 – “Positive Aging” with Stephanie Raffelock (@SRaffelock): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/259-positive-aging-with-stephanie-raffelock-sraffelock/
    Ep. 300 - “God Is In The Little Things” with Rev. Ariel Patricia (@RevPatriciaSSM) #C2H: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-300-god-is-in-the-little-things-with-rev-ariel-patricia-revpatriciassm-c2h/
    144 - "Legends of The Grail" with Ayn Cates Sullivan (@AynCateSullivan): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/144-legends-of-the-grail-with-ayn-cates-sullivan-ayncatesullivan/
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    172 - "Write to Influence" with Carla Bass (@CarlaDBassWrite): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/172-write-to-influence-with-carla-bass-carladbasswrite/

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    Ep. 331 – “The New MBA” with David Schloss (@Schlossy)

    Ep. 331 – “The New MBA” with David Schloss (@Schlossy)

    Consciously build your business with quality and not just pure entertainment unless you are in the entertainment business. 
    Today’s featured bestselling author is online entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and momentum maker, David Schloss. David and I talk about what led him to become a successful online entrepreneur, being self-aware for elite performance as an entrepreneur, and other legacy-building goodness.
    Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:
    How he got into social advertising and becoming a master at it.
    What focused business owners should concentrate on first when running their online ads.
    The first thing that a person sees online when they see an ad.
    When should entrepreneurs start thinking about scaling their business.
    The 3 P's of business longevity
    David’s Site: https://convertroi.com/home
    David’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/David-Schloss/e/B01LZ4GLOK?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000  
    The opening track is titled "Glorious Fanfare Remix" by Asis Galvin. To listen and purchase the full track, click the following link. https://asisgalvin.bandcamp.com/track/ff13-2-glorious-fanfare-remix
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    138 - "Leadership Advice From a CEO" with Nathan Hirsch (@realNateHirsch): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/138-leadership-advice-from-a-ceo-with-nathan-hirsch-realnatehirsch/
    139 - "Take Focused Action & Get Results" with Brian J. Olds (@BSNSpeaks): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/139-take-focused-action-get-results-with-brian-j-olds-bsnspeaks/
    246 – “Cracking the VA Code” with Nathan Hirsch (@realNateHirsch): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/246-cracking-the-va-code-with-nathan-hirsch-realnatehirsch/
    244.5 (Host 2 Host Special) – “Master the Tech & Grow Your Business” with Sophia Duchess (@sophia_duchess): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/2445-host-2-host-special-master-the-tech-grow-your-business-with-sophia-duchess-sophia_duchess/
    288.5 (Host 2 Host Bonus) – “Choose the Right Mountain; Climb Faster!” with David Wood (@_playforreal): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/DavidWood2/
    Ep. 317 – “Fulfillment Is Fake” with Matthew McGregor (@Matthew_McGr): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-317-fulfillment-is-fake-with-matthew-mcgregor-matthew_mcgr/
    Ep. 322.5 (H2H Special) – “Burnout Proof” with Michael Levitt (@bfastleadership): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-3225-h2h-special-burnout-proof-with-michael-levitt-bfastleadership/

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    Ep. 330 – “A Long Way from Ordinary” with Ann Charles (@AnnWCharles)

    Ep. 330 – “A Long Way from Ordinary” with Ann Charles (@AnnWCharles)

    “First things first, don’t get bogged down in all the books and how-tos. Write the book and hit the end.” – Ann Charles
    Today’s featured superstar author is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes award-winning mysteries and a member of Sisters in Crime and Western Writers of America, Ann Charles. Ann and I have a laughter-filled conversation about what led her to become a writer, her advice for writing newbies that want to publish a book, and tons more!!!
    Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:
    How Ann got into writing and publishing her own books.
    Will she ever write a novel about zombie cows.
    What Ann does for book research and marketing.
    The biggest lesson Ann learned from the process of writing books in multiple genres.
    What she likes to tell new writers.
    The 3 things an author needs after publishing their work.
    Ann’s Site: http://anncharles.com/
    Ann’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B004JLYPFW?_encoding=UTF8&node=283155&offset=0&pageSize=12&searchAlias=stripbooks&sort=date-desc-rank&page=1&langFilter=default#formatSelectorHeader
    The opening track is titled "Parepare" by Marcus D. Be sure to visit his site and support his craft by clicking on the following link. https://marcusd.net/track/parepare
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    Ep. 303 – “10,000 Miles with my Dead Father’s Ashes” with Devin Galaudet (@DevinGalaudet): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-303-10000-miles-with-my-dead-fathers-ashes-with-devin-galaudet-devingalaudet/
    Ep. 311 – “Works of Urban Mythopoeia” with Cat Rambo (@Catrambo): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-311-works-of-urban-mythopoeia-with-cat-rambo-catrambo/
    Ep. 318 – “Beautiful, Frightening and Silent” with Jennifer Anne Gordon (@JenniferAnneGo5): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-318-beautiful-frightening-and-silent-with-jennifer-anne-gordon-jenniferannego5/
    Ep. 319 – “The Hunter” with Jim Christina: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-319-the-hunter-with-jim-christina/
    287 – “This Is Good” with Tami Matheny (@R2LCoaching): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/287-this-is-good-with-tami-matheny-r2lcoaching/
    247 – “Cozy Mysteries & Inclusive Children’s Books” with Kelly Brakenhoff (@inBrakenVille): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/247-cozy-mysteries-inclusive-childrens-books-with-kelly-brakenhoff-inbrakenville/
    279 – “Peak Performance Ghostwriting” with Kathrin Hutson (@ExquisitelyDark): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/279-peak-performance-ghostwriting-with-kathrin-hutson-exquisitelydark/
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    240 – “Living An International Life” with E.J. Moran: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/240-living-an-international-life-with-ej-moran/
    204 - "Modern Day Bible Stories" with Michele Chynoweth (@AuthorMichele): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/204-modern-day-bible-stories-with-michele-chynoweth-authormichele/
    51 - "How to Turn Your Pain Into a Paycheck" with Crystal Santoria (@PhirstPoet): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/51-how-to-turn-your-pain-into-a-paycheck-with-crystal-santoria-phirstpoet/
    238 – “Archaeology to Fantasy & Sci-Fi” with V.S. Holmes (@VS_Holmes): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/238-archaeology-to-fantasy-sci-fi-with-vs-holmes-vs_holmes/

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    Ep. 329.5 (Holiday Bonus Episode) – “Geo's Motivational Gems” with Geo Derice (@GeoDerice)

    Ep. 329.5 (Holiday Bonus Episode) – “Geo's Motivational Gems” with Geo Derice (@GeoDerice)

    “Your true potential is a lot more than what you think it is now.” – Geo Derice
    Today’s featured bonus author is entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and founder of 20/20 Living Inc., Geo Derice. Geo and I talk about finding your purpose, building your self-awareness, and tons more!!!
    Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:
    The 2 under the radar skills that you need in 2021 and beyond.
    What helped Geo gain the clarity to find his purpose.
    Why those behind the spotlight are worthy of shine too.
    2 Questions to Build Your Self-Awareness.
    Geo’s Site: https://www.geospeaks.com/
    Geo’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/Geo-Derice/e/B00MKYZW8E?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000
    The opening track is titled “Set Sail” by Sparks Dynamite. To cop the whole track, click the following link. https://planetastroproductions.bandcamp.com/track/set-sail-intro
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    185 - "Ultralearning" with Scott H. Young (@ScottHYoung): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/185-ultralearning-with-scott-h-young-scotthyoung/
    152 - "Chocolate Brothers for Christ" with Chaz Jackson: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/152-chocolate-brothers-for-christ-with-chaz-jackson/
    Ep. 326 – “Mentoring At It’s Best” with Christopher Green: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-326-mentoring-at-its-best-with-christopher-green/
    Ep. 324 – “Get Off the Cycle” with Rodney Burris (@RodneyCBurris): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-324-get-off-the-cycle-with-rodney-burris-rodneycburris/
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    #GNPYear3 Bonus Episode 3 – “Unlock Yourself” with Eddie Thomason (@eddiethomason_): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/gnpyear3-bonus-episode-3-unlock-yourself-with-eddie-thomason-eddiethomason_/
    281 – “No More Average” with Andy Audate (@andyaudate): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/281-no-more-average-with-andy-audate-andyaudate/
    209 – “It’s Not a Man’s World” with L.T. Bourne (@IAmLTBourne): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/209-its-not-a-mans-world-with-lt-bourne-iamltbourne/
    190 - "Counter Clockwise" with MarTrey Stevens: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/190-counter-clockwise-with-martrey-stevens/
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    Ep. 329 – “You Were Not Born to Suffer” with Blake Bauer (@BlakeBauer)

    Ep. 329 – “You Were Not Born to Suffer” with Blake Bauer (@BlakeBauer)

    “You can’t be bad at meditation.” – Blake Bauer
    Today’s featured international bestselling author is optimal health consultant, Modern Meditation & Qi Gong Master, Blake D. Bauer. Blake and I talk about the power of meditation, transforming your anxiety, and more!!!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    How meditating for over 2 decades helped Blake heal from past trauma.
    The biggest block for people wanting to learn meditation and why it’s a lie.
    A 10-minute morning practice that will help you feel lighter, less anxious, and more energized.
    Some of the necessary major keys for self-mastery.
    Blake’s Site: https://www.unconditional-selflove.com/
    Blake’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Blake-D.-Bauer/e/B00N6FT2KA?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000
    The opening track is titled "Japan's Hood" by Asis Galvin (@AsisGalvin). Be sure to cop this track and other great sounds through this link: https://asisgalvin.bandcamp.com/album/the-solar-mixtape
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    Ep. 304.5 (Holiday Bonus Episode) – “Choose Your Struggle” with Jay Shifman (@JBShifman): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-3045-holiday-bonus-episode-choose-your-struggle-with-jay-shifman-jbshifman/
    284 – “Choose You” with Meagan Fettes (@MeaganFettes): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/284-choose-you-with-meagan-fettes-meaganfettes/
    271 – “Thirst of the Heart” with Udo Erasmus (@UdosOfficial): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/271-thirst-of-the-heart-with-udo-erasmus-udosofficial/
    220 – “Medical Intuition” with Wendie Colter (@PracticalPathUS): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/220-medical-intuition-with-wendie-colter-practicalpathus/
    276 – “Over My Dead Body” with Jen Gaudet (@jen_coaching): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/276-over-my-dead-body-with-jen-gaudet-jen_coaching/
    260 – “Metamorphosis” with L. Farrah Furtado (@LisaAnneFurtado): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/260-metamorphosis-with-l-farrah-furtado-lisaannefurtado/
    262 – “Live Inspired” with Laura Staley (@laura_cherish): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/262-live-inspired-with-laura-staley-laura_cherish/
    253.5 (Host 2 Host Special) – “The University of Adversity” with Lance Essihos (@EssihosLance): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/2535-host-2-host-special-the-university-of-adversity-with-lance-essihos-essihoslance/
    214 – “A Spoonful of Courage” with Dr. Charles Page (@cwpageauthor): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/214-a-spoonful-of-courage-with-dr-charles-page-cwpageauthor/
    109 - "30 Days to Me" with Lynn Reilly: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/109-30-days-to-me-with-lynn-reilly/
    114 – “The Art of Fitness & Life” with Julian Hayes II (@thejulianhayes): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/114-the-art-of-fitness-life-with-julian-hayes-ii-thejulianhayes/
    193 – “The Quest For Purpose” with Dr. Ken Keis (@crgleader): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/193-the-quest-for-purpose-with-dr-ken-keis-crgleader/

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    Ep. 328 – “The Greatest Secret” with Hale Dwoskin (@sedonamethod)

    Ep. 328 – “The Greatest Secret” with Hale Dwoskin (@sedonamethod)

    “You have no limits except the ones that you believe in.” – Hale Dwoskin
    Today’s featured New York Times best-selling author is an international speaker, a founding member of The Transformational Leadership Council, founder of Sedona Training Associates, and the only teacher to appear in both “The Secret” & “The Greatest Secret”, Hale Dwoskin. Hale and I have a fun chat about his appearance in Rhonda Byrne’s newest book soon to be documentary, “The Greatest Secret”, letting go of the things that hold you back, and more Sedona Method goodness.
    Key Thing’s You’ll Learn:
    The reason he had little screen time in the movie, “The Secret”
    The 2 keys to his sustainable success with teaching the Sedona Method.
    A practical thing you can do right now to start letting go.
    What letting go feels like.
    Hale’s Site: https://www.sedona.com
    Hale’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/Hale-Dwoskin/e/B004N78X8C?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000
    The opening track is titled, “Greater Purpose (Instrumental)” by Marcus D. To cop the full track, click on the following link. https://elevationjapan.bandcamp.com/album/greater-purpose-ep
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    Ep. 308 – “Every Day Is A New Day” with Kim O'Neill (@KimsONaMission): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep308-every-day-is-a-new-day-with-kim-oneill-kimsonamission/
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    37 - "Limitless" with Chris Washington: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/37-limitless-with-chris-washington/

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5.0 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Jonathon_N-829 ,

Should be renamed…

This should be called incredible central, this dude has the voice

Stan McCluskey ,

Health Food for the Brain

I’ve been a fan of the Going North Podcast (GNP) since the beginning and now with 300+ episodes available there is something for everyone. During my daily commute, I have found the value of the educational content that is hosted on the GNP allowing me to feed my brain healthy, nutritional food, instead of junk food.

If you’re an author you need to reach out to Dom Brightmon and ask to be on the GNP. He accommodates authors from various genres and he is willing to listen to the author and let the author tell their story. As an author of “Divorce is Worse than Death” he worked with me to let me tell my story. His professionalism is commendable and his personality is infectious. Dom shared my GNP interview to 20+ platforms for maximum exposure allowing listeners to enjoy my interview from their favorite podcast app.

SaBeautifulDay ,

Easy Inspirational Listening + Discover New Books!

Such a great podcast for discovering new books! I love that each guest has a book they talk about.. Episodes are easy to listen to in one sitting and always inspiring, plus Dom has a soothing voice that's also easy to listen to. Totally recommend!

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