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A psychology podcast that is both educational and entertaining.

Psychology In Seattle Podcast Kirk Honda

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A psychology podcast that is both educational and entertaining.

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4.4 out of 5
271 Ratings

271 Ratings

screwybolt ,

Great Podcast

I think this is such an informative podcast that I almost feel guilty for not having to pay tuition for it...almost lol That being said, I do have some dislikes such as a lot of the subject matter being thrust aside when any guests are on such as Humberto. It turns into the Humberto show, and although he seems like a nice enough dude he’s just too eager and insistent to apply everything to himself. The show gets steered every which way when guests are on. HOWEVER, its still a great show and a I feel privileged to listen to this type of subject matter in such detail, for myself (and others), might not have ever been given the opportunity to otherwise.

Divadeb99 ,

Could be so much better

After listening to several episodes I realized the problems with this podcast. It really suffers from not having a viewpoint/counterpoint of a woman and/or minority. Some of the comments made by the 2 hosts based on their WMP are pretty cringe-worthy or at least biased and so “typical” of that viewpoint. Humberto, as another reviewer pointed out is either insufferable, or, in my guess, the nephew of the station manager. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (and yes based on his name one would would think he’s the minority’s viewpoint but he ain’t ‘woke’ if so.) One final criticism, they need to be more thorough when doing their research before using a particular subject, for example the R Kelly, Elizabeth Holmes, Lance Armstrong podcasts. (USPS did not sponsor his team because they delivered mail on bicycles...yikes 🤦🏻‍♀️) There are several deep dive podcasts and articles they should listen/read to a several times before tackling that subject for their podcast. . Or at least take better notes to refer to as they either muddle the info when they set up the premise or relay it sloppily when building their case. I have never written this long a review before, it’s just so frustrating because you have to listen to so much chaff to get to the wheat. And there is some good wheat here.

soniarani ,


Absolutely wonderful, thank you for being so vulnerable and open.

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