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A weekly master-class in personal and professional development, Purpose Coach - Amrit Sandhu, delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought-provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self.
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Inspired Evolution Amrit Sandhu

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A weekly master-class in personal and professional development, Purpose Coach - Amrit Sandhu, delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought-provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self.
New episodes every Monday. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it.
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    Kelly-Marie Kerr on The Yoga of Christianity: Understanding The Sacred Secretion

    Kelly-Marie Kerr on The Yoga of Christianity: Understanding The Sacred Secretion

    Kelly-Marie and Amrit dive deep into Kelly-Marie's work that explores and reveals the parallels between Scripture and science.
    They talk about what inspired Kelly-Marie to write her books, how she felt about having dreams and visions, how she primed herself as a receiver and “existence” as a vibratory experience.
    They also converse about what she means about electric and magnetic devices, reconciliation between yoga and bible and the controversial side of it, courage needed to be true to herself and the term “communication to ourselves” mentioned in her book Elevation.
    Kelly-Marie Kerr is a writer, YouTube creator and author of the best seller "The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul" (https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/kelly-marie-kerr-the-god-design/) and her recent book, "Elevation: The Divine Power of the Human Body" which is a study of the symbols and human alchemy hidden in the Bible Book of Revelations (https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/kelly-marie-kerr-the-god-design/). She is also the founder of "Seek Vision" and former actress.
    She experienced clarity doing Daniel Fasting and felt vibrations down her spine. She saw flashing images of a black and white explanatory video on youtube, four animals from the book of Ezekiel and blue oil that took her to a deeper understanding of Kundalini energy.  
    Although Kelly felt love, gratitude and understood what she was seeing, she couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Afraid that no one would believe her, she continued to pursue her path anonymously, digging deeper into prayer, christian yoga and reading the bible. 
    In this episode, Kelly shares with us how she learned about the Sacred Secretion and how it helped her connect the dots and realize that she had been guided all the time while seeking her divine purpose. 
    The Sacred Secretion, or Christ Oil, travels through our spinal cord into the Pineal gland, causing us to see God face to face and be enlightened. 
    When you seek what is authentic to you, you start to become a good receiver of what you are looking for. Once you are a receiver, you can tap into whatever you are looking for at any given time. 
    Kelly’s journey wasn’t easy. Her sincerity and light had to fit in her real world and it didn't add up with people in her life. She discovered secrets, not just on a personal level but with the world around her. Kelly believes you have to find a balance between light and shadow. The way to deal with it is denying what doesn’t reconcile with what you are calling in on a vibratory level.
    Tune In: 
    Welcome Kelly-Marie Kerr to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)Inspiration behind writing: (00:55)How she felt about having dreams and visions: (06:07)Priming herself as a receiver: (15:14)Existence as a vibratory experience: (17:21)About the head as an electric device and the heart as a magnetic device: (19:27)Reconciliation between yoga & bible and the controversial side of it: (22:33)Courage in terms of being true to herself: (38:19)The importance of “communication to ourselves”: (44:10)Get in touch with Kelly: (52:29)
    For all the links visit: https://inspiredevolution.com/kelly-marie-kerr-on-the-yoga-of-christianity
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    These Questions Will Transform Your Life with Marc Champagne

    These Questions Will Transform Your Life with Marc Champagne

    In this episode, Marc Champagne and Amrit have an incredible conversation about asking the right questions and journaling. 
    Asking the right questions at the right time is key! Listen as Marc and Amrit talk about the importance of timing when asking questions, the “why” questions that keep you in a victim mode loop and how to disrupt the autopilot mode.
    Marc and Amrit also cave into a great conversation about the remarkable people that have left legacy in history and whether they have journaled or not.
    Finally they drop into the benefits of having a happiness list, how you can get started on journaling, us being programmed to not ask good questions of ourselves and mental fitness as a priority.
    Marc Champagne is a Mental Fitness Strategist, host of Behind the Human podcast and author of “Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers” GET IT HERE: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/marc-champagne/
    Marc was the co-founder of the journaling app KYO that reached 86.9 million people and he has studied mental fitness practices for over a decade. 
    “We are all ONE question away from a completely different life”
    Marc experienced the challenging situation of having to delete his app because the business model didn’t work. A mental fitness app that combined curated content with guided self-reflection.
    He asked himself questions that were dragging him deeper into the whole until he came across amazing people on his podcast that were asking very different questions. This helped him make a pause and reframe things out. 
    He stumbled on the idea of asking himself ONE question: “What do I want for my life?” That question unlocked a new path of hope and led to many more questions. He launched the Socratic Method and soon after his book.
    A simple non negotiable method of asking questions at the right time. First, ask questions so you can get clear. Secondly, ask questions to help you be more intentional with your activities, habits, thoughts, or how you react. By doing these two, the third happens naturally, which is the expansion of possibility.
    Level up your life with unlimited access to every Mindvalley Quest Program (over 30+ programs). All Yours. Instantly. 
    Tune In: 
    Welcome Marc Champagne to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)Better questions coming in: (04:41)Engaging with questions in a quality that can be transformative: (10:55)Victim mode questions vs empowering questions: (13:40)Marc’s happiness list: (18:25)How to get started on journaling & find the flow: (19:54)Journaling as a multiple purpose: (26:35)People that have left legacy in history & journaling: (30:34)Disruption of living on autopilot mode: (34:19)Being programmed to not ask good questions of ourselves: (39:45)What is Mental Fitness?: (46:09)How heavily does Marc prioritize mental fitness: (48:15)Marc’s favourite questions: (58:03)
    For all the links visit: https://inspiredevolution.com/questions-with-marc-champagne
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    Dr. Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence, Focus & Leadership

    Dr. Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence, Focus & Leadership

    Dr. Daniel Goleman and Amrit dive deep into developing emotional intelligence, with focus on leadership. They talk about self-awareness, how to manage your emotions, self-motivation and empathy, how to handle a relationship, and creating stability within yourself. They also converse about the impact of emotions on you and others, developing focus, types of focus, performance vs. stress levels and “good work”.
    Dr. Daniel Goleman is a psychologist, science journalist, lecturer, and the author of the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence amongst others. He is also the host of First Person Plural podcast and Key Step Media publisher, co-director of Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, co-developer of the Goleman EI, and former science journalist for the New York Times.
    Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to recognize and manage your own feelings and to recognize and respond effectively to those of others. This tool with four domains helps you be more successful in all aspects of your life. 
    Self-awareness (keystone of EI), to recognize and understand how emotions help or hurt what you do. With this tool you have a sense of how others see you, a sense of your strengths and limitations which gives you self-confidence, and clarity on your values and sense of purpose.
    Self-management, to handle your emotional reactions, control impulse, and to recover from life’s upsets.
    Once you have mastered these skills, relationship management flows in naturally leading to leadership and interpersonal effectiveness.
    Some stress is vital, but too much can shut down your brain’s ability to work well. This is a “frazzle state” that can be balanced in many different ways. Meditation is an excellent option. Get your own PSI stress/renewal balance here: ttps://www.keystepmedia.com/shop/psi/#.YVtXJppKi1s 
    Tune In: 
    Welcome Dr. Daniel Goleman to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)What is Emotional Intelligence?:(03:20)The importance of self awareness for EI: (03:46)Venting when you're angry prolonging your mood: (06:41)Performance vs stress levels: (13:51)The importance of focus in present times: (21:23)Moving into self-motivation: (28:50)The importance of empathy: (32:06)Emotional stability linked with focus: (44:00)Different types of focus: (47:19)The importance of mindfulness for self-awareness: (49:27)Deep vs wide approach to mindfulness: (52:16)
    Connect with Dr. Daniel Goleman:
    Website: https://www.danielgoleman.info/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielgoleman
    Join the Inspired Evolution Community:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InspiredEvolution/    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inspired_evolution/  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/InspiredEvolution/  Website: https://inspiredevolution.com/Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/inspiredevolution.

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    Mikey Lee on Harnessing your Struggles to Redefine Success

    Mikey Lee on Harnessing your Struggles to Redefine Success

    In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Mikey Lee, a sales expert, mindset master, culture architect and public speaker. 
    Mikey is a corporate come spiritual, social entrepreneur. Through his organisation, Beyond Success, Mikey is dedicated to his mission, to support and transform the lives of CEOs and executives across the globe.
    He is the founder of Soul’d, culture specialist at Sharetree and founder of Island of Men, a men’s wellbeing charity.
    Mikey and Amrit talk about the importance of coming back to our own spirit and the natural inner perspective that we carry to be able to define our own success so we can move beyond the success defined by others.
    They converse about what it means to be living on a hamster wheel, how to step off it and face the challenges to heal and walk back a purposeful life.
    They dive deep into the meaning of “beyond success”, all that helped Mikey build himself up after breakdown, the resistance that many of us carry to take time to ask ourselves purposeful questions and what the world would look like if it were moving beyond success.
    Mikey spent the first part of his career scaling the corporate ladder in real estate development. He became a top 10 national real-estate agent. All he had and all that he would do defined him in a societal context as a “successful” being. 
    Mikey describes this life as one that would’ve satisfied The Wolf Of Wallstreet. He had everything he wanted, yet that wasn’t enough. He believes many of us live our life on a hamster wheel that turns because of the constant validations and judgements that come from society. 
    But things changed when in 2016 he was hit by depression. Emotionally disconnected, spirit destroyed, with suicidal thoughts, Mikey began his process of recalibrating what truly mattered to him. 
    People appeared in his life and supported him in different ways. Guided by renowned coaches, while immersed in the study of holistic practises, Mikey began to redefine what a successful life truly meant. He realized he wanted to live a life well beyond success as defined by others.
    He connected and participated in men’s well being and health circles that led him to create his own men’s health organization called Island of Men. And meditated to find stillness. Coming into stillness gave him a broader listening and understanding of what truly mattered. His life became more simple, no longer chasing but celebrating with gratitude.
    Ever since, Mikey has been on a mission to inspire others so they don’t go through the pain he went through, and give them the opportunity to explore life in a spiritual, peaceful and blissful way.
    He discovered that absolute fulfilment came from a life of service. The more he shows up and gives, the more he receives. 
    Mike’s life is full but he shines when he has an opportunity to be in service with one of his offerings. And his core offering is “redefine success”. He gets paid for doing what he loves to do the most and this is the expanded life he wishes to inspire on others.
    Fear and beliefs deep within hold you back from making a living out of what you most love to do. It can take a lot of work on yourself, but it is possible.
    This healing journey is about taking time to step into stillness and ask yourself what does a successful life mean to you, and once you have done that, you can start to create ideas of what you wish to do. 
    The whole process involves taking small steps as you continue to step into stillness and learning from the wise who have been on the path before you.  
    Tune In: 
    Welcome Mikey Lee to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)Where “beyond success” came from and it’s meaning:(01:38)What made Mikey successful before his breakdown:(04:17)What helped Mikey build himself up:(09:00)Finding healing in stillness, gratitude and presence:(15:17)The importance of recalibrating success in order to have mental health:(21:47)Resistance to take the time to ask oneself purposeful questions

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    Mickey Space’s Autobiography of a Yogi

    Mickey Space’s Autobiography of a Yogi

    In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Michele Maselli, known as Mickey Space. He is a musician, DJ, artist, Gita Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga teacher, and teacher trainer. 
    He is the founder of Sparkly Yoga and specialises in holding space as a DJ, or as a Yoga teacher. 
    Mickey and Amrit talk about how Mickey started cultivating the practice of yoga, the challenges faced coming from a creative world to a society that is totally structured, and how he feels being in harmony with his passion for music, yoga and his spiritual path. 
    They also cave into how he reconciled the balance of effort and surrender in asana, the evolution of consciousness and enlightenment, the importance of presence on a journey exploring consciousness and finally what Mickey does to keep vital.
    Mickey has a diverse upbringing, both Italian and Australian and is influenced by many cultures; hippie revolution & psychedelic culture, The Beatles, punk and grunge, house and techno, and hip hop.
    While Yoga in the West adopted a physical practice, these western musicians were getting their influence from the East. The use of psychedelics would open their minds to a deeper reality within and seek answers to questions. This experience took them back to India and the essence of yoga.
    Intrigued about this spiritual aspect, Mickey began to do meditation, go to asana practices and learn new concepts while working on visual animation.
    In the mid 90’s he went to India, but following his natural inclination to go with the flow, he stopped off at Thailand on the way and ended up living there for eight years. During his stay, he went on a trip to India and on his return he opened a bar where he was able to perform his profession as a DJ.
    In 2004 he went back to Australia and worked as a Dj for a living, and in 2007 graduated with a 900 hour in depth teachers diploma. 
    He teaches full time from Vinyasa to Yin Yoga and sound healing. Being a passionate DJ, Mickey also introduces music and free flowing movement into his classes. In 2018, he became a teacher trainer.
    His never ending spiritual journey unfolds towards the idea that self realization is the enlightened state of being and that no material wealth can determine that. 
    The yoga asana practice of effort and surrender is the balance to be able to live in this material world. Even towards the journey of self realization a sense of effort is needed as well as a balance of deep surrender. 
    Diving deep into the evolution of consciousness and enlightenment, he realized the age of this physical world travels in repetitive cycles just like nature. Yukteswar called them “The Yugas” referred to a 24,000 year cycle; that has a 12,000 year descending cycle (where man loses touch with the highest teachings) and a 12,000 ascending cycle (where the lost wisdom is relearned again)
    Presence is the essence of consciousness and yoga-sutras are the formula to achieve ultimate presence. In the 2nd “yogash chitta-vritti-nirodhah” yoga happens when there is control of the thoughts, the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Your mind is a tool to reach an enlightened state and operate in the world. It’s the ego that takes you away from the present moment.
    Mickey is vital. He believes it is about having a strong practice and a positive attitude towards life. 
    Tune In: 
    Welcome Mickey Space to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)The beginning of yoga as a cultivated practice: (00:03:47)Challenges from a creative world to a structured society:(00:24:25)In harmony with music, yoga and a spiritual path:(00:31:26)Reconciling the sense of effort and the balance of deep surrender:(00:37:13)Cycles of consciousness vs a linear theory of evolution: (00:43:09)“Presence” on Mickey’s path exploring consciousness?:(00:54:38)What keeps Mickey vital:(01:04:49)Mickey’s last inspiring words:(01:12:04)
    Mentioned resources.
    “The Holy Science” book by Swami Sri Yukteswar: https://amz.run/4vIA “Autobiography of a Yogi” book

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    Commune with Music feat. Matt Coldrick (Pan Electric)

    Commune with Music feat. Matt Coldrick (Pan Electric)

    In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Matt Coldrick known as Pan Electric. He is a musician, producer and coach.
    Matt and Amrit talk about the story behind the breathtaking theme Sweet As Rain with roots in Ethiopia. 
    They dive deep into how music came into Matt’s life, coming home from the east to the west as a major influence in his life, the importance of crafting spirituality in different ways, the pythagorean philosophy and the ratios of music, and how sound heals. 
    They also talk about community, the importance of music within the community and the way they unite, what it is to be disenfranchised from singing your song and the place music holds in our lives.
    A new guitar in hand and listening to a devotional song of George Harrison set Matt’s soul off on a spiritual journey. 
    In the 90’s Matt became a pop player playing in many festivals worldwide. This life soon made him unhappy and he was given an opportunity to do something different that wasn't about money.
    He went to Ethiopia with a film director behind Live Aid to make a documentary to avoid kids reaching an early death. Matt contacted Ethiopian folk musicians to play their music and they were able to get fantastic recordings for the soundtrack. Back in England he finished that song and created “Sweet As Rain”; five years later they combined it with African folk. 
    Matt tried to reconnect with the Ethiopians to honour their work, but it was impossible. Years later in Melbourne, he knew a lady involved in Water Charity connected with Ethiopia. Feeling guilty that he hadn't been able to give royalties to the musicians, he decided to donate the equivalent to Water Charity. It was a relief, but he keeps on donating and trying to find these amazing guys.
    There is a strong sense of connection to spirit in Matt’s story. As a result, he has produced beautiful sounds. Amrit deeply connects to his story and sees the link this sound has with The Inspired Evolution. If you enjoy this music, please donate here: https://watercharity.com/ 
    Matt now lives in Greece because he disagrees with England’s politics - he considers himself European - and he is still recovering from coronavirus. He has done a lot of meditation and is on a journey to use music as a healing tool. He doesn’t know where this journey goes, but he is going to go with it.
    Coming home from the east to the west has been a huge influence in his life. He has the capacity to embody aspects of faith as a result of exploring many others and believes spiritual diversity prevents us from falling into a sense of dogma. He has tapped into Greek origins, discovering with Pythagoras you could heal using sound and harmonic frequencies, Chinese herbalism, and now Franciscan spirituality. 
    Music is being used in many different ways. It congregates people and connects different cultures, promoting diversity and growth. Matt believes context and community are key to living in a more meaningful way. There are many views of ethical value and no human is an island unto himself. 
    There is an emotional context in sound. Music's rhythmic power enchants us into a world that disrupts conventional narratives to be able to tap into our inner narratives and helps us harmoniously connect about things that are not easily said. “We were singing before we were speaking” 
    Many of us feel disenfranchised from the sense of song because it is at the forefront of the commercial process of selling popular culture. 
    Tune In: 
    Welcome Matt Coldrick to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)How music came into Matt’s life:(00:04:09)Timeless quality about music:(00:06:46)What brought Matt to Ethiopia?:(00:12:00)About Matt in Greece:(00:31:06)From east to west as a major influence in Matt’s life:(43:40)Crafting spirituality in many different ways:(00:47:29)Music within a community and the way they unite:(00:53:31)What disenfranchises one from the sense of song:(01:08:28)How Matt and Amrit connected:(01:14:23)
    Mentioned reso

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4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Taos Artist ,

Inspired! Meditation link is broken.

Great show and guests with high energy! The link to learn how to meditate mentioned every episode has never worked, maybe U.S. listeners are blocked? Keep up the good work!

Roman Prokopchuk ,

Great Podcast

Great show, awesome host, give it a listen.

Riley Sant ,

Thank you for the inspirational podcasts

Thank you Amrit for the podcasts. As always these podcasts are informative and help us improve our day to day lives. I love the great stories and the insights that you share. What a breath of fresh air during this time of quarantine. 🙏

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