Jammed Transmissions: A Star Wars Podcast Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

LiamLogsdon ,

Give Rik a listen!

Rik puts on a good show. He does excellent reviews of the literature of Star Wars as well as presenting his thought on the visual media as well. While I may not always share his, it’s nice to have a different opinion/alternate perspective and I appreciate his honest, from the heart reviews. Truly a good podcaster and worth a listen to gain alternative points of view. Thanks Rik!

piratejj04 ,

Great show for reviews

I love this podcast for the SW book reviews! Rik does well at covering the books in non-spoiler and spoiler ways that resonate with me.

Skymauler ,

Could the host(s) be any greater!? I don’t think so.

Have been listening for quite some time and I have to say, Jammed Transmissions is amongst the best, and my personal favorite, Star Wars podcasts. Both Rik and Pete (now just Rik) have crafted an all-encompassing, fun and positive show. Keeping it honest and engaging, it’s seriously a blast to listen to every episode. Thanks for everything and keep ‘em coming! MTFBWY!

The Bearded Tank ,


Love the Star Wars Content but seriously need to leave the IRL Politics out.

shawnphoffman ,

Quality Star Wars

Love the show and highly recommend it to anybody looking for a quality podcast without all of the drivel. Keep up the great work!

Buck$hot ,

What a happy Star Wars Day

Great energy with this guys. They always make it a happy Star Wars day!

OldManMossy ,

Good Stuff

Positive fans who are very knowledgeable & welcoming. Im binging the backlog & very much enjoying it. If you are tired with how split & negative the fan base has become, this is a nice retreat. They handle disagreements with class & respect & always look for something positive to go along with a negative opinion/critique.

CadBanesBounty ,


A must listen podcast covering many bases. From character deep dives, comics, cosplay and interviews, Pete, Josh and Eden always provide the goods. Cheers , gang. MTFBWY

cinemaisparadise ,

A Must for a Star Wars Fan

Highly recommend this podcast for any Star Wars fanatic. The hosts are super friendly and positive. The topics are interesting and always seem to have an original spin to them. And I can’t speak highly enough about the production quality. Keep up the great work Jammed Transmissions crew!

Ruralfarmboy ,

A Great New Star Wars Show !

I tripped across this New Show in my ‘social media’ feed (funny ‘nuff, only reason I got on there is ‘coz of Star Wars Podcasters).
One of these fine folks put a comment on my feed an’ Now they’re in my playlist.
Get ‘em yers.
These folks Know their Star Wars an’ they talk about in their Own Fun way.

Recommended Listenin’ by me